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Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
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+All-In-one Platform
+Easy Platform to Use (Good UX)
+Affordable prices

Product Details

Helium 10 tools are designed to save time, find profitable products, discover profitable keywords, remove unneeded keywords, identify FBA reimbursements for damaged/lost inventory, and optimize product listings.

Helium 10 monitors competitors and analyzes product trends to create opportunities for merchants to expand their Amazon private label business. 

PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
 Customers SupportedWorldwide

Pricing & Trial

 Price Range
Paid plans from $39 per month.

Integrations & Compatibility

 Amazon SitesAll Amazon Websites
 Shipping & FulfillmentFBA

User reviews

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Ease of Use

Jordi Ordonez

Jordi Ordonez

2021-12-14 14:52:21

My swiss army-knife to sell on Amazon

What where the positives?

Helium 10 has more features than any other tool to manage your daily tasks on Amazon Seller both for Private Label or agencies. I particularly love features such as - CEREBRO: the Reverse ASIN search - the new LISTING OPTIMIZER tool: you can compare ASINs Listing Quality Scores and get tips to improve them - PORTALS: to create landing pages directly from your ASIN's contents - ALERTS: get real time alerts for your listings (marked as adult, buy box lost, Amazon Retail has joined the listing...) - The smartphone app: check orders, profits, get real time alerts... - ADTOMIC: the new advertising manager to create and optimize campaigns - The INVENTORY PROTECTOR: to stablish limits on how many items a user can order for an ASIN so you prevent coupon abuse and running out of stock Another thing I love about H10 is that they're adding new features every 2 or 3 months and, normally, for the same price.

Any negatives?

As a seller based in Spain, I'd love to have support in Spanish. Also, the PROFITS tool it is developed thinking, above all, of the American seller, so when using it in Europe there are certain discrepancies in terms of the tax breakdown


I think Helium 10 is a must when it comes to Amazon Sellers. For around $100 a month, you can get your hands on +20 tools and access to FREEDOM TICKET, a complete training by well known sellers as Keving King or Bradley Sutton. The course is updated every year.

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