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inkFrog lists to eBay, and includes an eBay template designer, order management, message management and more.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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From $11 to $79 per month.

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • eBay Motors
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify

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  • Mr Inkfrog Client

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Horrible and getting worse in 2020; Had been halfway decent for the last decade plus

    What were the positives?

    None now

    Any negatives?

    Most features no longer work or work sporadically. Support knows nothing about anything except marking open issues as closed without action or resolution. Inkfrog purports to offer contact methods and support through their website but nobody answers emails or the phone.


    Run in the other direction if you are considering working with this company.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Non-working software, total lack of support, huge waste of money and time.

    What were the positives?

    Absolutely none.

    Any negatives?

    Many issues that are not fixed. No reply to messages requesting support. Not worth using even if it was free.


    I have been an inkFrog subscribed user for more than 13 years. When I first signed on it was fun and easy to use their software. I was able to create appealing templates for selling my collectibles on eBay. If I had a problem their support team was quick to reply to a message sent. As the years have gone by inkFrog’s quality and stability have greatly declined. Not only are there major problems with their programing, it takes “their team” forever to fix an issue. Their customer support has become virtually non-existent. They leave their customers in limbo wondering what they are paying this company for. I am writing this review to warn others who are looking for a dependable listing software that you won’t find it with inkFrog. The last 5 years have been an endless process of scrambling to create and correct live listings with their sub-standard programing. I have spent countless hours reformatting all of my listings to remove their embedded html templates in order to ensure that my listings will display correctly. I am truly relieved to finally be free of being ripped off by inkFrog month after month and year after year.

  • John Lee

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    They used to be a great website for photo storage and eBay listings.

    Any negatives?




  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    forget it! customer service doesn't exist!!

    What were the positives?

    before they opened up the Open website everything ran smoothly. then came the upgrade!!!

    Any negatives?

    I already sent numerous requests with no response. Why can’t you guys fix the picture handling problem???? Do you need to hire new IT guys or what??? No one answers my questions or requests for service!! picture handling crashed 6 times in two months.

    Oh and while I’m at it I cannot get answers regarding merging my classic and open account for my husband’s accounts. There is no imaginary merge button like the blanket email states!! And I have questions no one will answer for me! Do I loose his templates on the merge? Do all my profiles remain? Does any of classic merge over to the open account!!!!!!!! And of course no phone help ever!! I will be posting these questions and comments on every social media site the is to review your product. Can you hear me now!!!!!!


    the company has gone downhill in the last few months!! would I recommend them to any one???? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! there are better auction handling sites for a lot less money out there. Run Fast!!

  • lukas

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Bad system, worst support

    What were the positives?

    Easy to set up

    Any negatives?

    If something works, it only works temporarily.
    Most things won't work at all.

    Customer service blatantly ignored 3 emails I sent over the span of two weeks.


    Yes, they seem great, but don't waste your time.

  • Gabe Sotelo

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Insanely Worst Customer Service and NO Support at all.

    What were the positives?

    When the system works and you don't need to speak to them for any reason, that is definitely a plus.

    Any negatives?

    Contacting support for anything. If you should reach someone in support, don't expect much because they won't help with anything. I wanted to include names but I don't think that is allowed. Anyhow, moving on.... They will answer your question with a question in hopes you get tired of asking questions so maybe you will simply just stop contacting them. Their system lags and they often don't know the ETA time. And here is the kicker, if anything should go wrong such as your data being destroyed or somehow your system is compromised by a trojan or some other issue that' costs you thousands, they will quickly point you to their Terms of Service that basically guards them of any wrong doing even when they are the ones doing the wrong doing and know about it but don't really care to inform their customers. I am sure if I dig through my email, I could list a lot more but I think you get the picture.


    Software could be great if maybe someone else owned and ran it. With these people running it, I am surprised they are still up and running.

  • Lance R.

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Slow to respond customer service

    What were the positives?

    Easy to list and copy from previous listings. Bulk editing is good when it works.

    Any negatives?

    Website always down. Support takes a long time to respond and then states "it is working fine for us" Well yeah.. it has been 8 hours I am sure it probably has cleared up by now.


    Need to improve support and website outages.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Works pretty well for a single eBay account with 500-1000 listings

    What were the positives?

    Easy to make mass updates. Good to be able to look at / relist older listings. Customer support is friendly and quick to answer most questions. Reasonable price.

    Any negatives?

    Can't stay synchronized with eBay. 'Something' changes on the eBay side and Inkfrog just unlinks profiles (mostly the return profile, but sometimes shipping). Customer support can't tell me how to fix this and blames eBay.


    Way better than trying to manage >500 listings manually. Easy to collaborate on listings. I just wish it could stay sync'd with eBay.

  • Nicolle Evans

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Terrible Customer Service

    What were the positives?

    The ability to mass inject a personalised listing template to all ebay listings in one move.

    Any negatives?

    Everything else.


    Customer service is terrible - issues with background ebay processes meant that my revisions were constantly being overwritten. When I asked, they are very eager to say that it isn't their problem. I have more issues with them than I have compliments.

    It's a fantastic idea but it's not well thought out, there's a lack of support, there's a lack of ingenuity in the user interface, it's lacking basic features.

    I am extremely disappointed, particularly with the support where they just couldn't care less. In 9 months I have had to contact support no less than 10 times - sometimes it was regarding using their product, but most times it was to do with "syncing issues" which they were happy to not take any responsibility for.

    When questioned that the app was useless if it wouldn't work with ebay's background processes I was essentially told that it wasn't their problem.

  • Gary

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Don't bother, support is the worst and you will

    What were the positives?

    None really.

    Any negatives?

    The support, its the worst. I can't say enough how frustrating the support is. If they ever get back to you its to ask you about a question you already answered. There Amazon features are confusing and don't work, nothing syncs properly, the ebay templates do not convey a professional listing and on top of it you have to pay an additional $10 a month to use them.


    I was hoping inkfrog was going to help me manage my ebay and amazon listings, but I was just disappointed and wasted a lot of time. Look elsewhere for a multi-channel solution.

  • Tamara

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Outdated software with extremely poor service

    What were the positives?

    There are simply none.

    Any negatives?

    Everything. The software first of all is completely outdated. The templates look like garbage, and worst of all, the customer service is abysmal. The owners absolutely do not care and are extremely rude, they act like they do not want your money. So why bother?


    They lost hundreds of listings worth of data and when contacted, they said they couldn't do anything about it and that everything got deleted. As a make good, they were to offer several days extension and as soon as I used it, they canceled the trial. So they wouldn't even honor that much. Dishonest business.

  • Eric

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    DON'T Waste your time with InkFrog as the software does not work well and support sucks

    What were the positives?

    No Positives

    Any negatives?

    Crappy support, Limited and unworking functionality


    Don't waste your time

  • ricardo cardenas

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    So far so good . I like the service

    What were the positives?

    Great communication

    Any negatives?



    So far so good

  • Jerry Bannister

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Easy to use, excellent format, works for me listing in ebay

    What were the positives?

    Free trial, ease of use for scheduling listings.
    Listed flawlessly, still looking forward to learning more of its attributes.

    Any negatives?

    None so far.


    Once Turbo Lister sort of disappeared, I was looking for a new way to list on eBay and found Ink Frog. I appreciated the 2 week free trial to become accustomed to Ink Frog. Once I had it down I subscribed.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    This APP allows Ebay , BIG COM, Shopify Amazon Integrate Prices, Products and Orders.

    What were the positives?

    Affordability, Customer support, integration

    Any negatives?

    small Learning curve


    Great Customer Support , Affordable, Easy to Use Help section, and more. Makes the Process of integration with multiple platforms and selling platform easy. Highly recommend.

  • Elizabeth D Hyde

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Glad to be using Inkfrog - 5 stars

    What were the positives?

    Transferred from another listing site. Inkfrog is much easier. I like the one page feature

    Any negatives?

    No negatives yet!


    5 stars

  • Jamie

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Inconsistent uptime and ability to use the listing function

    What were the positives?

    Easy to navigate and saving profiles is good.

    Any negatives?

    I had ink frog for months and in the last 4 weeks they have had server issues on 5 occasions lasting longer than 8hrs. Thats a 20% down time and when your in business that means money. They state that the downtime is in the terms of service.


    I wouldn't recommend if your looking for a reliable listing company. Not to mention all your photos are stored on their Servers so when they are down what impact does that have on your active products with photos.

  • Melissa Hill

    Overall rating

    Fabulous App

    Inkfrog offers a very easy to use app combined with great customer service and support from the Inkfrog team.

    In my view, Inkfrog offers fantastic value for money for what they offer - from professional ebay templates, training and technical support, customer service support and a workable user-friendly app.

    I am very happy I migrated to Inkfrog. I was able to reduce from using two apps to one app for managing my ebay account.

    I have no faults with the app at this stage and I have been using the app now successfully for a month.

  • JimsCoolComicsAndStuff

    Overall rating

    Great software! Easy to use.

    I have been a very happy and satisfied user of inkFrog from the old Classic to the current Open version of the software.

    I use the software to create listings on ebay. I find it makes creating new listings easy and much quicker than if I were to try to create a listing using ebay directly. The template construction for listings really streamlines the listing process. I like being able to save a listing then return to it if I am interrupted while creating it.

    I would recommend inkFrog to anyone with a need to create market listings for the marketplaces they support.

  • Puyol6

    Overall rating

    Rip off pricing

    Absolutely ripped off by this company. How can you charge 250 usd PER MONTH, its absurd.

    If you're going to change prices drastically, make sure the service reflects this.

    At least allow people to link multiple ebay accounts instead of limiting it to 3 or 4, for 80 USD!!!



    The owner has clearly become very very greedy and this is sad to see. The reason for popularity of inkfrog was due to their price and service, NOW ITS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE.

    FIX UP

  • zjorrisch

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog is the best app I’ve used for listing items on eBay.

    I have been using Inkfrog for years now, and it is my favorite app/website for listing items for sale on eBay. Using inkfrog’s web-based application, listing items for sale is a breeze compared with other listing software that I tried. Additionally, it is packed with powerful features to satisfy both brand new sellers and long time power sellers.

    The company support is top notch. They are very loyal to their customers and will go above and beyond to ensure you are totally satisfied.

    If you are looking for an easier way to list your items for sale, add beautiful templates to your listings, upload/store more than 12 photos to your listing, and everything in between, then the Inkfrog app is is second to none for online sellers.

  • scott442

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service by Krista

    Krista listened to my questions actively and provided clear and concise feedback...

    In addition Krista addition insight on the use of this product...

    I would certainly recommend this product to any upstart needing to get a head start in eBay or any other marketplace that is supported by InkFrog.

    Utilizing a screen share Krista directed me through several setting options that I was not quite sure on how to set up for our business needs.

    Over all I give Krista's service a 5 star ratting.:)

  • lovescotties

    Overall rating

    The Best There Is

    I've been with InKfrog for a couple of decades now, since back in the Spare Dollar days, and have gone through all of eBay's changes with them. There is no way or reason I'd switch. They keep up with all of ebay's necessary changes, helping us all through the changes in spite of it being difficult to learn a new way of doing things. They have the best customer service (Sheryl is awesome), and the interface is easy to use. Believe me, I'm no HTML expert, and if I say it's easy, it really is! Thanks, Inkfrog!! 🙂

  • Gailsplace

    Overall rating

    Great program and best Customer Support EVER

    For me, the program does what it says it will do. My experience has not been perfect, there were a couple of electronic hiccups that were taken care of right away. Between Microsoft, Chrome, Verizon, Google, Big Commerce, Ebay, Paypal, and inkFrog, inkFrog has the best customer service EVER. I can send a quick, description of the problem and have a (human) response with resolution within the hour. Beats sitting on the phone or scrolling through irrelevant FAQ's.

    Could it have better without the hiccups? Sure. But we live in an imperfect world and electronics is no exception. That's why even Microsoft has constant "updates".

  • Tehkony

    Overall rating

    Increased prices out of blue from 29 usd to 500 PER MONTH

    Disgusting service, raised their prices by over 1500%, broken interface, never syncs with ebay accounts, stay far far away. Many other better similar products for a way smaller price.

    Support is terrible, updates are terrible.

    They've just raised the prices out of the blue to even loyal customers, from 29 usd a month to 500 USD A MONTH!!


    They never told anyone regarding these price updates, and just implemented and are making existing customers with annu subscriptions pay for it!

    1. Reply from inkFrog


      Thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to see if we're able to offer you a custom plan option based on the account usage/number of eBay accounts links.

  • coreva

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog raised their prices to a ridiculous amount

    Inkfrog decided to raise their price on me from 29.00 USD per month to 500/month without notice. Their plans and pricing do not even make sense. They targeted people who have multiple eBay accounts linked to one InkFrog and have come up with an absurd pricing strategy. It is not a rationale business strategy.

    What is worse is that if you have paid up to a certain period of time for the older, cheaper plan they do not care. They still lock your account.

    500/month is their only unlimited plan. The next cheapest is 400/month and that only allows 10 eBay accounts linked. They offer to charge you $1 per eBay account linked in bundles of 50 accounts + the price of whatever plan you are on, which is still a ridiculous amount of money.

    The good news? Competitors have an easy in for this market.

  • digitalnomad

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog raised their subscription above 1720%

    We used inkfrog since 2013 only for ebay. First it was ""
    Then they create a new website it calls
    Old subscriber can use still their old ""
    New user not allowed to subscribe to the classic version anymore.

    Inkfrog open is full of sync errors. The only advantage is you can use their ebay message system. And they show you a sale income per day and month and year.
    For create ebay listing we using only inkfrog classic as inkfrog open mixing up listings information. Some of our clients complained that they didnt have the item we pushed through inkfrog open.. so yes inkfrog open advantage is only for see the total amount of sales and the income you made and their message system .. we have to write them weekly to sync the messages.

    Now the bombshell:

    They inform their longterm customer with this popup message:

    "During an internal review, we have discovered that your inkFrog Open account has an significant number of eBay accounts connected to it. Under our new pricing plans, your current billing plan is not sufficient for your needs.
    Your inkFrog account is temporarily locked and may be discontinued if you are not able to resolve this.
    There are two ways to resolve this issue:
    Option 1: Reply to this message. We are willing to work with you to generate a custom plan specific to your needs. This is the most cost-effective solution.
    Option 2: Upgrade to the New Unlimited Plan. You can do this right now by clicking here and selecting the most appropriate plan for your needs."

    Thats how they treat their old customer..
    From original 29 USD per month we need to pay now 499 usd per month (if you connect more then 10 accounts). They even hide it nice.
    That is a increase of 1720%.

    That price you have to pay if you want to service more then 10 ebay accounts (customer). Never saw that greedy upgrade of a company.
    This opens new doors for other competitor.. Good luck infkrog we are leaving! We will inform our ebay customer that we moving to a new 3rd party.

    - Support still bad
    - Sync updates are horrible

    1. Reply from inkFrog


      Thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to see if we're able to offer you a custom plan option based on the account usage/number of eBay accounts links.

  • mbhusing

    Overall rating

    Do not trust this company!

    Inkfrog started out free, then three years ago we started paying $27 a month. It was worth it. Yesterday they froze up our account and told us we must upgrade our plan. We are paid for the month with 6 more days to go and they have NEVER notified us that this plan would need to be upgraded. We asked them to let us use our account through the 18th of the month before they force the upgrade but they say NO! BTW the new price is $149 a month from $27 (400% increase) Ridiculous and NOT worth it! They do not do business in an honest way do not trust this company!

    1. Reply from inkFrog


      You should be receiving an email regarding this momentarily. To continue with the account, would require a plan upgrade because of the amount of listings and eBay accounts linked to a single inkFrog account. If you have further questions on this, please direct them to our customer care team by reaching out to [email protected]

      Thank you

  • playfulgifts

    Overall rating

    Ink Frog has been a ASSET to my Business

    Been ebaying for 18 years & using inkfrog for almost that long. 1600 + auctions going all the time. Inkfrog has saved me so much stress/time with listing, relisting, photos & keeping me organized. Used friendly and secure.

    As many times as ebay changes up I could always count on inkfrog keeping right up with them. Over the years there has been many changes that involved changing all my auctions, it's nice to be able to edit in bulk.:D

    Ive had my share of issues /questions over the year and the support team is excellent and fast to respond with a solution.

    I would definitely recommend inkfrog

  • kneadedfashion

    Overall rating

    Highly Recommend!

    What were the positives?

    Using inkFrog has helped me grow my ebay store much more quickly than if I was listing each item "the traditional way." The tool allows me to be way more efficient with my time and scale my listings. It's super easy and also allows posting to other platforms. Single pane of glass insight into all my ecomm accounts.

    Any negatives?

    They are constantly adding new features so it's always improving.


    Awesome support - prompt and professional with immediate resolution of issues.

  • Jerry White

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog review

    I have been a member of Inkfrog for over 10 years. Have tried several other services over the yrs as I have had 2 different ebay stores. Could not find any one in my opinion that came close to Inkfrog. Always came back.
    Have not had any problems with Customer Service. I would recommend Inkfrog to anyone starting out or would like to try someone different. You can not go wrong.


    PS- Now I am told my review should be 500 characters long. This I do not like as I gave my thoughts for this review.

  • Kevin M

    Overall rating

    Best eBay Lister I Have Used

    I began using inkFrog in their very early days (possibly 2014-2015?) and I've never gone back to anything else. At first I loved the simplicity -- With one simple template creation, I could finally make changes to all of my listings, across multiple accounts, without doing it by hand. Every listing I created, and every photo I uploaded was just there in the library -- forever. This turned out to be huge. Something I haven't sold in a year has come back on the market? No need for new photos, new descriptions, I just pop into the library and publish it.

    Over the years, though, they have added an incredible number of features. From syncing with other platforms like shopify to creating shipping labels, there is a constant introduction of more powerful features.

    Sometimes the simple things clinch it. I sell a lot of items where the product photos I get are 400 x 400 -- too small for eBay. I just click the photo within the new listing, change the canvas size, and I'm done. I had prior done this manually through an external photo editing program.

    The customer support has been superb and personal. I also love that there are frequent webinars so that you can get training/information on the new features they launch (or just get a better understanding of the old ones).

    I have tried an endless stream of eBay/eCommerce software packages, and inkFrog and Shipstation are the only two that I have stuck with since the beginning. Highly recommend!

  • Gary griga

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?




  • sellingonline

    Overall rating

    If you are looking for a listing software - THIS IS IT!!!!!!

    What were the positives?

    Amazing software - It has helped streamline the listing process and it is easy to use. Templates are available and unlimited storage for photos. Inkfrog also offers scheduled listing free of charge.


    The customer support is out of this world. You know when you are working at 2 am and need a little help - well, they are just a call away!!! Yes, no joke, a real live person.

    Five stars are not enough. This software is highly recommended for listing on eBay.

  • Humbolt

    Overall rating

    InkFrog has super customer support

    InkFrog is the best listing service to use for listing on Ebay. They keep up with all the crazy Ebay changes and if you ever have an issue they have Fantastic Customer Support. Their site is intuitive and they provide many tools to make listing easy. There are also tools to bulk edit your listings. InkFrog is the best! I have been listing from InkFrog for many years and they are quick to answer questions and solve issues. They are also open to suggestions. They actually listen to us - what a concept. If you aren't on InkFrog ... what are you waiting for!

  • casinosupply

    Overall rating

    Amazing Customer Support!

    We have been an InkFrog customer for the past few years after operating an eBay store using only the eBay tools online. InkFrog has helped us streamline our listing process and consolidates many of our daily tasks in one easy to use interface.

    We noticed a sales tax issue with our eBay integration and sent a message for inkFrog support. We received a fast friendly reply within a few minutes that sorted out the issue. There was only a small change that needed to be made to our Payment Profile. It's great to have fast friendly support like that!! We happily recommend InkFrog for anybody operating an eBay storefront.

  • Matt -

    Overall rating

    Overall Well Pleased

    What were the positives?

    - pretty robust features for selling on multiple platforms
    - gives me more control over my inventory between shopify and ebay
    - anticipates issues as ebay and other platforms change each quarter
    - great value for the price

    Any negatives?

    - bulk editing for large quantities
    - better ways to weed out duplicate listings or spot potential inventory/syncing issues could be helpful


    So far the support has been spot on, not many issues I've run into over two years of service though

  • victorianauta

    Overall rating

    Great platform for those of us that are not computer savvy

    What were the positives?

    Very user friendly platform that make listings look like a corporate listing and not a one off.
    We sell on a lot of platforms, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Westfair... the list goes on. Using InkFrog has been a great tool for selling on eBay. Everyone in the company was sceptical about selling on eBay. InkFrog has made our listings look professional and sales have increased significantly as a result.

    Any negatives?

    Not at all. I discussed with InkFrog I had 3500 pictures to upload and needed folders in the image platform to organize them all. Within 2 days the platform was upgraded to support my image requirement folders.


    The support was excellent. Templates are very user friendly, did not need any help with them. Listings library, shipping template, company template... so easy to use. I would say listing on so many other platforms that InkFrog is the most user friendly.

  • None

    Overall rating

    Fast and Easy to Use

    Any negatives?

    I would like to see an option to remove photos from auctions after an items has been sold especially in the case of one only items.


    Some of the things I like.
    I used another third party listing tool prior to trying Inkfrog and I am sold on Inkfrog. Inkfrog is super streamlined!
    I like the ability to save customized templates for the various categories of items I sell on eBay. Seamless integration with Dropbox makes attaching photos to auctions easy. No additional fees to schedule a listing start time.

    Support is always fast and right to the point for what I need help with.

  • Jay Wollin

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog- a great 3rd party lister for eBay

    I use Inkfrog for listings on eBay and have been with them some years. I have always been very pleased with periodic innovations and changes that may take a while to learn but all seem to be major improvements when you learn to use them. There is unlimited storage for photos and past listing to be used as templates when needed. They are very quick to respond to stupid changes made by eBay, such as the recent eBay removal of various listing time lengths for fixed price items and made them all "good till cancelled" automatic monthly renewals- before this happened Inkfrog already had a "fix" in place to automatically end chosen listings right before eBay would automatically renew- and charge- for them.

    Some operations, especially with remodeling an old saved listing to be modified into a new different listing are unnecessarily complicated with many extra keystrokes needed.

    Support has always been quick and accurate.

  • gillian635

    Overall rating

    InkFrog is super easy to use

    If you have multiple listings you can get them active on Ebay quickly and easy.
    Save your templates and it will take seconds. So if you need to change things like postage rates this can be done all in one go rather than going into each individual listing.
    Setting up your Ebay store and adding listings can be quite tedious. Inkfrog is much simpler, more professional and easy to work with.
    Inkfrog provides custom templates which will have your store looking very professional similar to visiting a website and you can view each listing template prior to scheduling your listing.
    I highly recommend inkFrog. I have in excess of 300 listing and it would be difficult to manage without it.

  • jcmacy

    Overall rating

    10-Stars are really not enough

    For the last 3 years I've used inkFrog to manage my Ebay store. It does everything I need and InkFrog's customer support is just about as reliable as the customer support I've come to expect from my other favorite provider...Amazon. Both are nearly perfect. Everytime Ebay makes an operational change, inkFrog is right there to make Ebay's changes work seamlessly. I give inkFrog 5-Stars and have no hesitancy recommending it. If you are considering using inkFrog, give it a try. I feel confident that you won't be disappointed.

  • uscgx2

    Overall rating

    I would recommend Inkfrog for Auction Listing

    I have been a user of this site from back when it was Baypal, almost 20 years. I'm a self-taught internet auctioneer, so a program that's too code-heavy would be a bit challenging for me to learn and use. I've been through a lot of service upgrades over the years, and I'm still here, so, the programs are user- friendly. The templates can be a simple or as embellished as you want them to be. The primary reasons I joined this service was for the ability to load my eBay listings for a delayed launch and for picture hosting. The service provided has been very dependable, as well as affordably priced.

  • carolem77

    Overall rating

    These guys are the best-

    I've been with Inkfrog since it was Sparedollar- at least 20 years ago. No matter what curves ebay throws, Inkfrog has been there and stepped up, literally the day before or the same day as ebay decides to make one of its arbitrary ignorant decisions.

    When I can't figure out how something works i send in a support order and within an hour (at most) there's a reply.

    They never crash- they don't lose my photos or my listings- all for a phenomenally inexpensive monthly fee.

    I've been selling online for 20 years - I would never do ebay without them.

  • n2au

    Overall rating

    Use of InkFrog Listing Program

    I am a small time dealer on eBay and have been using InkFrog for many years. It is an easy and intuitive software to use. There are a multitude of templates to use for any item that you sell; InkFrog keeps pace with eBay's listing modifications. Such as all the recent change that all fixed price listing became good to canceled (GTC). Inkfrog installed an app which automatically cancels these listings at the end of 30 days if one so chooses. It is my opinion that Inkfrog is the best for selling on eBay

    As far as service and help, InkFrog has always helped me, with my problems in a fast and caring way.

  • MJ Harker

    Overall rating

    Excellent customer service and a very good listing tool!

    The support is excellent. 😀 They are quick to email you back on questions and are fairly knowledgeable. I would really love an actual physical phone number to call them, there are some situations that you just need to talk to a real person.

    The product is very good, there are a couple of things that could be improved, such as listing items that can only go to the US, and adjustments to your selling totals and inventory when sales get canceled by buyers or if there are refunds, but on the whole this is an great listing tool for sellers. Very easy to use, very easy to do multiple listings and variable listings, very easy to customize and excellent master profiles.

    Inkfrog is proactive on addressing issues when eBay changes policies or listing procedures. All in all, the best listing program that I have tested and used.

  • iitescu

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog works for me

    Inkfrog is an easy-to-use tool to upload your listings to ebay. And Inkfrog is affordable.

    You can build templates and profiles to streamline your work. If you build your profiles and templates correctly, you can build a new listing--start to finish--in two minutes.

    The support is great and super fast. In the three or four years I have been with Inkfrog I have never experienced a down-time.

    There is one feature Inkfrog used to offer but doesn't anymore is feedback.

    I highly recommend inkfrog, even if you are a volume sellers.

  • cmpoppele

    Overall rating

    Love Listing my eBay Items on Ink Frog

    I have been selling on eBay for years and have used eBays various Lister's to list my items and I am now using Ink Frog only! there is several reasons, that I like Ink Frog better,

    #1 Ink Frog has a " FREE SCHEDULING FEATURE " that works Flawless that you can schedule your items in advance when you want them to start! I list around 500 Auctions ever 30 days and there is times when I am gone and it's not a problem with the Ink Frog Scheduled Feature. On eBay you have to pay to schedule items.

    #2 Once you set up your various PROFILES on Ink Frog " Creating New Items " is a snap and so fast. Also updating existing items is also no problem on the Ink Frog site.

    #3 On eBay after a short period of time your listings are deleted but not on Ink Frog they have feature called " LISTING LIBRARY " that saves your listings until YOU want to delete them, I love this feature. What a time saver.

    I could go on and on there is so much to like about Ink Frog. And yes they have a terrific help desk that easy to get hold of if you need support.

    Charles M Poppele

  • Beth A Baldwin

    Overall rating

    Outstanding Third Party Listing Service

    What were the positives?

    InkFrog is available to me 24/7, so I may list items for sale day or night. I am able to quickly list items, make edits and track my inventory. In addition, I am able to make changes in bulk for shipping, price, and other item specifics. I have tried other services over my 20-year online sales career, and inkFrog is the best. The service provides what is needed without bogging down the user with unnecessary tools that can be cumbersome. They keep it simple, saving the user time which allows for more efficient listing.

    Any negatives?

    I am eager for inkfrog to add an additional listing option for Poshmark and Mercari so I may simultaneously list my items across platforms.


    inkFrog customer service is excellent. I receive a fast and friendly response to all my inquiries.

  • lisazamm

    Overall rating

    Use of My Two eBay Stores with Inkfrog

    The ease and creativity of this web service is incredible. Not a lot of materials to go through to get your information up and running. Easy to maintain and little personal messages come through again and again that I am happy to answer. No drama - awesome workhorse to use your artistry and merchandising through.
    I currently am using my original settings but I see there is so much more to grow. Less stress on running multiple web stores. I recommend this service when you have just minutes to keep your web business current daily.

  • timecapsulezsales

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog has helped us increase our productivity and sales

    What were the positives?

    Using Inkfrog provides us with a great way to list and manage our online inventory! We have been using Inkfrog for about 4 years and we are always finding new ways to use it providing us with better productivity. For us it has helped us expand using additional selling solutions, helps us to quickly review our inventory real time and doubles as a pricing tool. We continue to grow with Inkfrog as Inkfrog also continues to grow.

    Any negatives?

    There are always new ideas and suggestions we offer - and Inkfrog listens. They are always trying to better themselves!!


    Support is always there when we need them and they provide excellent response times.

  • semloh

    Overall rating

    We love InkFrog!

    What were the positives?

    We really appreciate the ease of listing items using InkFrog. It is easy to use and really facilitates listing of like items. It moves and arranges photos very quickly.

    Any negatives?

    Not that we can think of. Problems seem to be fixed when discovered. We wish there was a way to speak to a person instead of just communicating by text. Sometimes, issues can be described verbally much better than in writing.


    Every time we have contacted InkFrog, we have received speedy, accurate answers, and solutions to our issues. We really appreciate the level of support given.

  • Recycled Sporting Goods

    Overall rating

    We Love Inkfrog for Image hosting and listing

    We just love using Inkfrog. It gives ups great flexibility in storing photos and listings for retail on ebay. While ebay deletes images and listings after a period Inkfrog does not so you never lose your information unless you delete it.

    This makes listing much faster and easier. We have on average about 500 listings. Inkfrog makes it easy to find and list items.

    We have tried almost every listing program out there and find that for our needs Inkfrog is the best. The manage to keep up with the myriad of changes ebay constantly goes thru.

    PLUS, they offer great and speedy support if you have any issues.

    Thanks Infrog 🙂

  • john399

    Overall rating

    InkFrog is a Top Notch Site For Image Hosting and Listing

    InkFrog is a Great Site for All of Your Listing Needs

    I have 2 Ebay Online Stores and Have Been Using InkFrog for Many Years.

    With Almost 11,000 Listings at any Given Time in My Anchor Store It is
    Always Easy to List Fast and Easy and They Provide Great Templates.

    You Can Save as Many Listing Drafts as You Want and Sort Them by Name in Your Profile.

    On the Rare Occasions I Have Needed Customer Support They Have Been
    Prompt and Efficient.

    There is Also a Link on Listing Area to Contact the Developer and Give Feedback.

    I say, What More Could You Ask For!!!

  • CALLIXTE Shoes

    Overall rating

    Never been easier to list on eBay

    What were the positives?

    Quality of service and reliability of the platform. eBay is a constant evolving marketplace and InkFrog always keeps up.

    Any negatives?

    I would love to meet them in person but their professional - friendly communication breaks the barrier of the internet


    The team is fully dedicated to making our experience a success. We never have a single message left unanswered. Sometimes our questions might be fuzzy to say the least and the InkFrog guys are able to decipher and find a solution

  • lisa graf

    Overall rating

    Love Inkfrog, not sure I could run my business without it!

    What were the positives?

    It is awesome to be able to store so many listings and pictures. It makes running my business so much faster and smoother knowing I have so many listings already made and saved that I can duplicate.

    Any negatives?

    There are a couple features that could be easier to use. For example extending your handling time while your ebay store is on vacation. Right now the feature can be a little tricky to figure out.


    Inkfrog support is always awesome and super fast.

  • JAFager

    Overall rating

    great Program

    Inkfrog is an easy to use program, much better than using the Ebay software.
    It is more intuitive, just makes doing Ebay much simpler

    I love the Library feature, I keep that up in a separate tab at all times.
    When I need to edit a listing, I wouldn't dream of using Ebay to do it; I just punch it in Inkfrog's Library and fix away.

    Personal support is always just a click away. And you get an honest to goodness English speaking rep who is very aware of the program and how to take care of problems.

  • Goody2socks

    Overall rating

    User since 2008 essential tool for any eBay seller

    What were the positives?

    I have multiple accounts and can see the results of sales messages at one location instead of having to constantly go to each individual account. But there are many many things that are essential for any online seller on inkFrog, if a new seller asked me what tools would you recommend I use first it would always be inkFrog for eBay sellers.

    Any negatives?

    InkFrog, since I joined in 2009 has gotten better and better and honed their craft. I don’t utilize all of their great tools but that is what is so great about them no matter what your business model no matter what size business you have they have the tools and the prices to accommodate you. As you grow you will want to use more and more of their tools. When Ebay changes policy or even the format like changing to mobile formatting inkFrog, was there to make the transition easy. The ability to shift inventory around to different eBay accounts is fantastic. Thank you Sheryl and Chris for your help over the years


    I would rate Support as very good. They have a widget on the main area screens that allows you to seek help ask a question and send it without leaving that area. Very helpful. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate them a 9. And that’s a high mark because there is no other site that I work on that I would give higher than about a 7 right now.

  • Bob H.

    Overall rating

    InkFrog is Best for Ebay Listing with a Virtual Assistant

    InkFrog gives you the ability to let your virtual assistant have their own sign-in to your account, where you can limit what areas they have access to.

    We have been using InkFrog for over a year with no problems. The support is excellent. The ability to quickly and easily move listings from one Ebay account to another is a huge plus. Even with all of this, we only pay $29 a month, which is a great price.

    InkFrog solved our problem of listing to Ebay quickly, efficiently, and economically with or without an assistant. Thank you!

  • Rudy Haas

    Overall rating

    InkFrog works very well for our ebay business

    Ink Frog is easy to use, and what few problems we have had, have been taken care of very quickly at about any time of day or night. I just wish we had discovered them years ago. We use them for our Ebay business, their site is easy to navigate, pictures upload quickly and they are always on top of Ebay's changing ways. They seem to really care about their customers and make it easy to contact them for help and support. Their web seminar's are also very helpful. They have several price point levels, depending on how much you use their services. We now use it exclusively.

  • Padunua

    Overall rating

    Great, easy to work with software and awesome support!

    My questions are always replied within a few hours any time of the day:!: Answers are always helpfull and informative. Every time i get new helpful tips from InkFrog support team which make my work easier.
    I've been using InkFrog software for more than three years already and i'm happy with this tool. It's the easiest, eBay listing tool that i have ever used before. It's usability is on the highest level! Easy to work with profiles and templates. Difinitely, the best choice to carry your business on eBay!

  • dulrich

    Overall rating

    Have been a customer since its inception. I am still happy

    I have been very happy with the InkFrog Open product. I have been with them from the beginning and I am still happy with the service.

    Ok so the website says my review must be 500 characters long or it will not accept my Review. I am not sure why this is a requirement but as you can tell I have already reviewed the product in 138 words so I don't know why I need to keep writing I am now at 399. I guess I will write a little more text 444 now and still going. I do wish that this requirement wa... Ha, 508 I'm done finally!

  • FultonImports

    Overall rating

    Good Product to integrate Amazon Inventory to Ebay

    We have multiple brands on Amazon and decided to list on ebay as well. We originally started with Joelister to feed our Amazon inventory and sales, but the program is very glitchy and has non-existant customer service. We heard about inkfrog at a trade show and decided to switch. Starting up the account is easy. Transferring inventory from Amazon to ebay seemed easy, but we found out the hard way there is an issue we didn't realize. Some of our listings imported to ebay, but did not link to an amazon item. We are not sure why this happened, but when we realized (after sales not getting filled for a week by Amazon) we reached out to customer service by email. Our email was answered that afternoon and with screen shots to show us what was wrong. they even created a new search for us to use in the future!

    All in all, it is a very good integration program with EXCELLENT customer service. It can be a bit cumbersome and there is room for incorrect listing and implementation, so you need to be careful with importing. That's where the excellent customer service comes in. There aren't many programs that pull from Amazon and link to ebay, and they definitely aren't this reasonably priced. It's worth a try if this is what you need.
    We recommend.

  • Scottsdale Wholesale

    Overall rating

    Terrible customer service, charged me for closed account

    Inkfrog refused to close my account despite my request to close it. I do NOT have an ebay seller account, no possible way to use Inkfrog account. I cannot log into my trial account to further request service. Inkfrog keeps trying to bill my Paypal account even though by Inkfrog and ebay accounts are closed.

    The Inkfrog template price is far too expensive for the provided templates. Managing the templates for each SKU is cumbersome and takes far too long to update the template for individual listings.

    DO NOT USE Inkfrog, their customer service clearly does not care about helping the clients.

    1. Reply from inkFrog

      @Scottsdale Wholesale

      I would love to understand your situation better and see if there’s any way we can help.

      If you would like to reach out to me directly ( [email protected] ) I can review the billing situation. If the account is closed, the billing should be automatically canceled. However, we do run into situations from time to time where PayPal doesn't automatically stop the recurring subscription and we have to go in and manually cancel it.

      Since I don't have any type of account information from this post, I'm unable to locate a previous inkFrog account or whether you were using inkFrog Open or inkFrog Classic. If you can provide the following information should you reach out through email, that will help

      inkFrog Account Email Address
      PayPal Account Email Address

      Alternatively, you're able to reach out for support at any time by emailing [email protected]

      When using a template designed within inkFrog, the template may be assigned individually or in bulk to your eBay listings. There should be no reason to have to update the template individually since the listing details are pulled into the template (per listing) automatically once the design is assigned.

      Thank you for giving us feedback on your experience using inkFrog.


    Overall rating

    Nice App

    InkFrog is superb and powerful eBay listing app for BigCommerce store. Its very easy to setup to link our BigCommerce and eBay store. So far its working excellent. One thing to note here is that inkFrog is little bit of a learning curve for newbies. Hope the interface improves over the time. Lots of hidden menus is what makes it hard for starters. The support team is excellent be it via email or Phone. We are very impressed with inkFrog and the seamless importing to Big Commerce while it is still a stand alone app.


    Overall rating

    Great App and ...

    Everything worked as advertised and in some instances better than expected, Great dashboard interface. Hooked seamlessly with eBay and imported things from Shopify easy peasy. Support is fantastic. Value is great!

    I sell on eBay and I have a Shopify store.I fed inkFrog from Shopify and fed eBay from inkFrog. The issues I had problems with ere these:

    a) There is some kind of disconnect when I get an order on eBay where it generated 2 orders, one to inkFrog and one to Shopify. Support said to disconnect eBay as a sales channel on Shopify and I should get one order and it would be on inkFrog. Then I can push the order on Oberlo.

    b) I was constantly have products unsynchronized, which caused orders to stop on both inkFrog and Shopify and then I have to create a new order to be able to get it to Oberlo.Either that or I would go direct to the vendor and order it manually.

    c) Not sure whose problem this is, but if I edit a product on inkFrog and then save and then list/re-list, I get an error message from eBay that tells me I can only edit from the app that originally created the listing. In 99.9% of all products that would be Imported from a dropshipper (Oberlo, AliExpress) to Shopify. Therefor all products have to be edited on Shopify.

    I cancelled my subscription yesterday because it's too much to deal with.

    1. Reply from inkFrog

      Everything worked as advertised and in some instances better than expected, Great dashboard interface. Hooked seamlessly with eBay and imported things from Shopify easy peasy. Support is fantastic. Value is great!

      Thank you! 😀

      I sell on eBay and I have a Shopify store.I fed inkFrog from Shopify and fed eBay from inkFrog. The issues I had problems with ere these:

      a) There is some kind of disconnect when I get an order on eBay where it generated 2 orders, one to inkFrog and one to Shopify. Support said to disconnect eBay as a sales channel on Shopify and I should get one order and it would be on inkFrog. Then I can push the order on Oberlo.

      This issue could have been caused by using both apps together, both can create orders in Shopify. It is best to disconnect any other app that can sync with your orders if you choose to order sync using inkFrog.

      b) I was constantly have products unsynchronized, which caused orders to stop on both inkFrog and Shopify and then I have to create a new order to be able to get it to Oberlo.Either that or I would go direct to the vendor and order it manually.

      This sounds like it could be related to listings that were not yet linked through inkFrog. Once a listing is linked, there is no reason for it to become unlinked from the store product generally.

      c) Not sure whose problem this is, but if I edit a product on inkFrog and then save and then list/re-list, I get an error message from eBay that tells me I can only edit from the app that originally created the listing. In 99.9% of all products that would be Imported from a dropshipper (Oberlo, AliExpress) to Shopify. Therefor all products have to be edited on Shopify.

      This is actually an eBay API problem. The eBay channel in Shopify uses a different API than most other 3rd party providers for eBay, including inkFrog. In order to sync properly with inkFrog, any listing launched to eBay from the eBay channel within Shopify would have to be ended, then relisted from inkFrog to eBay. 🙁

      I cancelled my subscription yesterday because it's too much to deal with.

      Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention. We would appreciate another chance to earn your business. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] and we'd be happy to extend another 14 day free trial if you're interested in giving inkFrog another try! 🙂

  • AgAuCaliente

    Overall rating

    Speeds up Ebay, controls workers, great customer service

    What were the positives?

    The product really saves a lot of time and is great for listing many similar items with small variances. I also use it for having workers help me take pictures without having access to all the sales data/pricing etc. I love the master profiles where I can create a new listing with just a few clicks.

    Any negatives?

    I'd like to see the ability to handle shipping without signing up for another service (i.e, connect to Ebay labels to streamline the process and not have to switch back and forth). The price is a bit steep, but the value is great.


    Customer support sets the standard for all businesses. I have had 3 questions and they answered each one thoroughly, quickly, and in a way I could immediately put it into action.

  • MainLineHobbies

    Overall rating

    New to inkFrog

    We just got started. We found it easy to get items listed. We had a few questions from the start but they were answered very fast.

    Great support!

    Some of the features I have been playing around with and found them easy to learn and I am not a computer literate person.

    It has more features that are easily bulk listed.

    Not even 3 weeks and we went for the year round billing. We are going to stick with them. We had used a competitor system but this cost less and has more features. It was a no brainer to go with the year billing.

  • ascot

    Overall rating

    Love Inkfrog!

    I've been on InkFrog for many years, never had any issues. The site is always top notch, and you can't beat it for the money. Excellent photo hosting with simple tools for editing, resizing photos, etc. Very easy listing with plenty of customizable templates insure that listing always look professional. Great reports to keep track of everything. Site even offers shipping discounts. In a nutshell, everything you need in one easy to use site.

    Support is great, prompt, responsive.

  • Anis

    Overall rating

    I highly recommend inkFrog to any eBay seller

    inkFrog is amazingly clean and powerful eBay listing software. I have ordered few hours ago. In short time, I was able to link my Shopify and eBay stores. I have used one of the services of inkFrog to import my articles from Shopify and to list them on eBay. In addition, I am enjoying many synchronisation options to track my inventory and synchronize my catalog between my online stores!

    Of course, I was bothering the customers service by reporting to them some issues that I had with my eBay account 🙂
    So I was taking some screenshots of messages in German that I was not able to understand and sending them to inkFrog support team using the Chat agent. They have nicely guided me and they helped me to solve all my issues immediately.

    Honestly, I am really excited to have inkFrog in the list of my tools, and I highly recommend this software to any eBay seller.

  • bluedaisyclippings

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog is awesome!

    I've been using Inkfrog for more than a decade. I moved with them when they were called Sparedollar. I'm easily confused by technology so I really appreciate the way they make everything so easy for me. Ebay upgrades are a breeze as Inkfrog adapts to the changes usually before I'm even aware a change is coming. Customer service is always fast and friendly though rarely needed. The scheduler allows me to list at intervals so I can space things out to boost my search visibility. They save me time and money. I can't say enough good things and wouldn't sell on ebay without them.

  • Eric Robb

    Overall rating

    Ebay Shopify Issues

    Ebay has about an 80% success rate with importing products from shopify. As soon as i switched over from shopify's Ebay sales channel to InkFrog i have next to zero upload issues. At first i had both the Ebay channel and InkFrog going at the same time which ended up showing double on my orders but InkFrog has walked me through the steps to correct it within minutes. They have been there when any issues have come up and their knowledge of their product along with their linked partners (shopify, ebay) is very impressive. Thanks to your outstanding/fast/professional customer service!

  • Bryan Lewis

    Overall rating

    Great Service - Excellent Support. Turbo Lister Who!?

    We migrated from TurboLister and the transition was smooth. I know it doesn't take much to be better than TL but we have around 11,000 listings and the the thought of a smooth transition scary. We had lots of questions during the process and their support was really fast and very knowledgeable about the platform.

    I wish I had spent more time with them developing our template but at the time I wasn't sure what we needed or how it would work with InkFrog - just needed to get away from TurboLister.

  • americanedge

    Overall rating

    Very easy to use and all the features you need

    What were the positives?

    The product is easy to use to load products from my site directly on to eBay. The category mapping is very accurate. It has a feature that I needed which allows you to add a percentage to the price of any items which allows me to sell items on eBay and still end up with the same profit that I would on my site. Very slick!

    Any negatives?

    I have not found any issues or complaints about the application yet if there are any.


    I have not had to use their support system at all yet but they did reach out to me to make sure everything was working as expected.

  • Laurie Stevens

    Overall rating

    Great product, amazing customer service!

    I have been selling on Ebay since 2003, and Inkfrog has been with me every step of the way. I tried many listing services before I found Inkfrog, and it was hands down the best service offered in my opinion. They have never disappointed me.

    The lister is very like Ebays, but with the ability to customize and create larger photos than Ebay offers. All listings can be saved, and used to create new similar items, making listing much faster than using Ebays form each time. You can also create prefilled auction listings, so you dont have to enter the same data over and over

    The pricing is excellent for the value,and the customer service is always quick, helpful, and super responsive.

    In case you cant tell, I am an Inkfrog fan! 8)

  • mocollc1961

    Overall rating

    Great listing tool for ebay, Helped create professional lis

    What were the positives?

    Ink Frog helped me create professional listings in less time. Ink Frog has a good photo editor and creating various shipping, return, and payment templates helps save time. I am currently using the basic plan and am considering upgrading to the designer plan.

    Any negatives?

    Easier access to personal coaching and support.


    Good email support but would have liked to have had the ability for quicker real time personal coaching and support.

    1. Reply from inkFrog


      Thank you for the review!

      I wanted to let you know that we have multiple ways to reach out to our team for support. 😀

      Submit a support ticket
      Email [email protected] which will open a support ticket for you within our help desk.

      Within your inkFrog account, select the person icon towards the top right of the screen and choose support

      Our customer care team is available through support tickets 7 days per week and generally reply within the hour.

      Schedule a one on one meeting
      If you're new to inkFrog or need a little help with your account and would like to set up a 30 minute assistance meeting, please visit our calendar to schedule a time

      Call or Chat with us
      Call us: (855) 546-5376

      Chat with us by selecting the chat bubble icon in the lower right corner of your screen when logged into your inkFrog account

  • Yossef

    Overall rating

    Not recommended to anyone,

    I had 4 eBay accounts and all my eBay accounts suspended because of inkfrog, the app made ebay to connect all of them,
    if your ebay is important for you, stay away from inkfrog,
    also, they do not accept PayPal, the only option for payment is by a credit card which is very bad and many other apps can use PayPal,
    Overall I don't recommend inkfrog to anyone, and the price is a little bit high than other apps, the customer support also took them forever to reply my messages, trust me and search another app.

    1. Reply from inkFrog

      Hi Yossef

      It is not against eBay policy to operate more than one eBay ID as long as they don't interact with each other or violate any other eBay restrictions.

      inkFrog's software was not built to hide information from eBay, we cannot guarantee that eBay will not be able to link the accounts. They have many tools at their disposal on the eBay side to link accounts, even without using inkFrog's software.

      I'm sorry if support didn't assist you in a timely manner, we do run a 24/7 support team and generally respond within the hour. If I can assist you in any way at all, please feel free to reach out to me directly at sheryl @

  • junkcollector

    Overall rating

    Blocked me on Black Friday Weekend and Removed Photos

    If I could give them a 1 I would. I have been a customer for many years. My annual plan expired and I decided to re-enroll on the Monthly plan. They stopped taking Paypal and I had to enroll with a new credit card. I did so and then got a message saying there was a problem with my card and put me on the free plan which does not allow you to list new items. I thought maybe I transposed a number, enrolled in the monthly plan, and the same thing happened. This time I took a pic of what I put in and even used my card to purchase something else. Still declined. This was the BLACK FRIDAY weekend that I was not able to list anything in Inkfrog. I had to quickly pick another lister because I could not list anything in Inkfrog. Monday after BF weekend I again was told I had to enroll with my credit card for a THIRD time. No way. They wouldn't even tell me why it declined. No way to contact anyone other than to get the same generic email message. Then, I look at my credit card and I not only was billed TWICE I was also billed $140 for the annual plan which I had no intentions of doing. I had been having difficulty with using the plan I was on because I couldn't edit and had many other system issues. No issues with anything else I was using, just Inkfrog. I have moved onto to another lister. NOW ALL MY PHOTOS in my Good til cancelled ebay listings are gone.

  • buystuff21

    Overall rating

    Misleading Advertising, Functions don't work, Poor Support

    Half of the functionality of this service doesn't work and the customer support will not help. They give you a run around and tell you not to use the functionality that doesn't work - WHY WOULD I PAY YOU FOR IT THEN, IF NOTHING WORKS?

    1. Mobile eBay summary doesn't work. Support won't help. I googled my own solution and fixed it my self (I'm no programmer but was able to fix the issue). Inkfrog support said it's an eBay issue and gave me a run around.

    2. Cross Sell section doesn't work. This is a very important feature to promote more sales on eBay. eBay listings won't upload if you have the cross sell functionality in your listing. InkFrog again says that it's an eBay issue. SO WHY OFFER AND PROMOTE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T WORK?

    3. The overall quality of technical support is HORRIBLE! Unprofessional agents somewhere off shore who are dismissive, unwilling to help, point fingers at others, and just tell you to create a simple text listing (without using a template at all, because they don't work) - AREN'T TEMPLATES ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS PEOPLE PAY FOR?

    Very dissapointed in this service. Don't trust the 5 star reviews - probably paid reviews.

  • harley

    Overall rating

    Waste of time and money, lots and lots of time and money

    What were the positives?

    ( A) Nothing was good about this service

    Any negatives?

    (A) Yes everything could be better when you cancel your subscription all the inkfrog advertising stays on your listings


    (A) The support is non existing they do not help at all, they just care about monthly payment

    I spent a small fortune with these people when i needed help there was none, i has to sign up just to remove the logo from all my listings they would not help at all. Hours and hours of time trying to fix all the problems i had

  • pbteam12

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog best eBay listing tool for the money

    What were the positives?

    Our company did alot of rsearch for a eBay app, and decided to go with Inkfrog.

    Overall Inkfrog does the job from listing entry and connecting with eBay and discounted shipping supplier.

    Inkfrog does an excellent job customizing the listing template and photos.

    Any negatives?

    As with all apps there’s room for improvement. The text editor should have an undo and redo button. You can undo by using Cntrl Z but we have to get that from support.


    Support is very good, and usually get feedback in a few hrs.

  • Overall rating

    My experience has been great. Helpful customer service. Qui.

    What were the positives?

    It helped me be an effective seller between Big Commerce and eBay. Customer service was very helpful in getting set up with the least amount of time involved.

    Any negatives?

    If I was a better computer guy I would not have needed the type of service you provide. That makes you very good and valuable to people like me.


    The support was excellent and friendly with no complaints. Everytime I called I felt I was being a pest. Your staff put my issues to bed quickly. This takes a lot of pressure off of an older person who is not as computer savvy. All in all very happy as a Big Commerce member.

  • Mspence16

    Overall rating


    The interface is simple enough however not all out items have synced and we can determine why. The platform breaks into categories but many items listed as sync failed show up in. eBay and of course the exact opposite occurs as well. Additionally the inventory management doesn’t sync back with our site requiring a manually stock adjustment with every order which is cumbersome and defeats the purpose of using a service like inkfrog in the first place. There needs to be better support. We were forced into inkfrog to manage eBay product listings from our Website.

    1. Reply from inkFrog


      Sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with the inkFrog software. Our team would be happy to go over the account and settings with you and take a look into any sync issues you're experiencing.

      We offer support a variety of ways, we can jump on an online meeting with you at your convenience. Feel free to schedule by visiting our calendar or give us a call at (855) 546-5376. Our customer care team may also be reached 7 days a week by emailing [email protected] or selecting the person icon within your inkFrog account.

  • frappaccounts

    Overall rating

    LOVED IT! With Marcella!

    What were the positives?

    😀 150% Service is very good I like it. It's very popular on a site so that's why I did get it for myself.

    Any negatives?

    150% very fast and helpful within minutes. Not really everything is already super good as it is. Just maybe technology online and bugs with glitches other then that super great and amazing!


    I wish I could hire the support staff! They were so quick and fast that I wish I had customer service that quick!

  • brewcustom

    Overall rating

    Tried to use multiple times and failed

    I tried to use this app to integrate BigCommerce with eBay. The bigcommerce integration was already pretty good but I felt it could be better. Initially I did not change my bigcommerce integration so once inkfrog was setup it would duplicate orders. I closed out my built in integration to only use inkfrog. This was a bad idea! Orders were not coming into big commerce and I almost missed some orders. I tried to contact support but they did not help me. I searched and searched but I could not find the answers that I needed to make it work. Most of the examples had howto images that were for a different version as I did not have those options in my setup menus.

    I have deleted the app and gone back to bigcommerce's built in integration with ebay. It works well it just doesn't have the features promised by inkfrog.

    1. Reply from inkFrog


      Thanks for the follow up response and we appreciate the feedback, even though it's negative, we learn much from our negative reviews. We'd be happy to work with you to get inkFrog working successfully for your business and would love the opportunity to earn a positive review from you. 🙂

      I've emailed you directly, feel free to reply back at your convenience or reach out to our team by emailing [email protected]

  • Bluebeard Books

    Overall rating

    Great product for Amazon integration to Ebay

    I was surprised at how easy it was to list my amazon items to eBay. The integration has worked well. It keeps track of inventory on both platforms. I haven’t had any issues with overselling on either platform. You are able to filter your amazon listings and list just what you want. Overall inkfrog has been able to do everything I wanted. I have seen increased sales and I am also able to use the eBay scheduling function. I searched a ton of different products and inkfrog definitely was the best bang for the buck. Highly recommended.

  • boukshatrading

    Overall rating

    Great App for Amazon to eBay

    What were the positives?

    Kept FBM products in sync as well as imported the listings saving time.

    Any negatives?

    Add more free templates


    Overall this is a good app for the money if you have a need to import from Amazon to eBay. Have had no issues to date. Fairly easy to use. Keeps product in sync to prevent over selling.

    Have not had to use support yet

  • Danny Lee

    Overall rating

    Great experience with them.

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?




    At first, I had an issue with the payment, but they fixed the issue so promptly.

    Their program is so easy to use and their support is so quick as well. It seems like there is always someone available to answer or help no matter what time I inquire. I would recommend this program to everyone.

    I just hope you guys will create a new feature of creating a SKU ebay in bulk.

    Thanks again. JOB WELL DONE!!!

  • TheOldSeller

    Overall rating

    Terrible, Unresponsive, Support

    Been having a problem with my images not displaying in inkfrog. Page would time out displaying them. There were too many to display on the screen and their pagination functionality must have been crap. Anyway, this problem existed for over a year.

    The last time I reported it, the development team was going to look into it. I provided the error message, and the step by step on how to reproduce the problem on my account. 5 days later, I asked for an update, suggesting I'd close my account if the problem wasn't fixed, because there isn't any way I can use my account if I can't see my my auction images.

    Support then responded right away said they would cancel my account, which they did. So that was nice. It would have been nice if I could have downloaded my existing templates though.

    After after account deletion, I still get spam from InkFrog. they don't seem to follow the CAN-SPAM act guidelines, or use a one-click unsubscribe. They require you to sign into your account to update email preferences, which doesn't work well on a cancelled account.

    Oh well, maybe we don't need these 3rd party eBay service providers anymore?


    Overall rating


    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?





  • Kostricani Technology

    Overall rating

    I really love the Inkfrog, it is exactly what I want

    I really like this software, is really easy to use and the synchronization with eBay needs just few minutes.

    The other best feature is that we can limit unlimited eBay accounts and unlimited products.

    I have tried several third party software I can only say that inkFrog is the best, and also very clear on the computer screen ,also not to mention that is very user friendly.

    The only feature that I think will be useful is adding the option to give the staff accounts limit by eBay usernames.

  • Imstillhere

    Overall rating

    I've been pretty happy.

    I'm a full time ebay seller and I have been using Inkfrog for many years. Easily the best for the price so folks should keep that in mind when comparing the various apps. There is a balance to be expected. They are better than the apps I used prior to switching to Inkfrog and every so often I poke around for alternatives yet I stay here. No app is perfect and anyone expecting perfection will be disappointed. No app can fit every type of seller either. The things I like about Inkfrog overrule my 'dislikes' as I can see how my 'dislikes' may be beneficial to other types of users. I get help from tech support when I ask. Most of the time it's my own ignorance of knowing where to look within Inkfrog for the option. I actually do most of my listing uploads via File Exchange because it is MUCH faster than any app can be. Likewise some of the complaints I've read about some of Inkfrog non-working features tend to be things I don't use any way. If I was to suggest anything it would be to focus on efficiency, flexibility, and control for the user. Excessive scrolling and clicking is NOT efficient. And fire the millenials. They'll take any company down. Why do you think we are dealing with this trend of low contrast colors? You really do have to be a self-absorbed moron to dismiss every study and years of methodology. millenials. smh

  • Tparon

    Overall rating

    Efficient & Helpful

    What were the positives?

    This service has improved my eBay listing efficieny and professionalism ten fold. The integrated options for a custom template is very intuitive once the small learning curve has been conquered. Syncing with eBay is also instantaneous!

    Any negatives?

    I believe the custom template interface could be tweaked a little so that it is more user friendly and snappy.


    The customer support I have received is the main reason for me signing up with Ink Frog. Every question I have had has been answered promptly and correctly. It seems like there is always someone available to answer or help no matter what time I inquire. I have never experienced this before and it is extremely impressive!

  • Anthony Wilson

    Overall rating

    Great response time and knowledgeable staff

    Have been using inkfrog as a tool for eBay for about 10 years. Interface has always meshed well with eBay, and image hosting is great.

    Felt that their response time and support in the past was lacking without a phone number, but have found that as of late they are extremely fast to answer questions, and solve problems via their support system.

    Support staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They answer questions quickly, and keep up with the consistent changes eBay makes. I especially enjoy their new system and layouts.

  • TheCollectibleNerd

    Overall rating

    Love the product!!!!!

    I’ve been reading the negative reviews and I don’t get it?!? Then I realized none of them were from 2018. I’ve only been using it for a couple months and I LOVE it. Was using turbo lister which was just slow as dirt. Love that I can update auctions on any of my devices. I don’t mind paying for a service that works and Inkfrog has been tremendously successful for me. It takes a little bit to learn it but once you do it should be very smooth to use. I have had no issue getting hold of anyone by phone or by chat or by email.

  • Trade

    Overall rating

    Great listing and ebay manager

    I have used this service for the past 4-5 years to manage listings and messages on more than 1 ebay. This platform does exactly what I want from it. Great product and easy to use.
    Take control of your eBay business!
    inkFrog gives you the freedom to manage your eBay business like a pro
    Sync your multi-platform business with their exclusive tools. List to eBay faster than ever before and also you get free scheduling instead of paying 10 cents each time. If you run auctions frequently the cost of scheduling can pay for your usage alone.

  • ElizabethTrailDesign

    Overall rating

    Really impressed with Inkfrog

    I'm setting up my dog, cat, and equestrian jewelry business again after over a decade away doing something else. That means recreating my templates, listings, inventory -- it's a formidable job, and I've forgotten more than I likely ever knew. Not to mention the huge changes in online marketing while I was away.

    But with all that, I need to start selling ASAP. I don't have time for a long steep learning curve. Some of the management systems are just too complicated. A business owner could spend weeks learning how to use them and entering all of the possible options.

    I found Inkfrog to be simple and for the most part intuitive. After spending a couple of hours (literally) setting up my templates, profiles, and preferences, I was able to start listing. The questions that I had for customer service were quickly explained to my satisfaction. Also, since I'm doing this on the fly, I keep seeing tweaks I'd like to make. It's good that revisions to any template or profile are immediately updated on eBay.

    I quickly surpassed the number of listings for the free trial, and moved up to the Basic Plan ($8/month.) Most of the lower cost plans on InkFrog offer only a few templates to choose from, but I found the template I chose easy to customize to match the look and feel of my web site and other marketplaces. I particularly like the tab option to make my "about the artist" and policies easy to navigate without making my listing too long.

    Right now, I'm mostly creating 30-day Buy It Now listings. If I do what I used to do when eBay was my primary marketplace and also run a pattern of shorter "On Sale" listings, I'll need to subscribe at a higher level to be able to apply a lot of scheduling rules. But that's for the future.

    Functionality to manage inventory across platforms is somewhat limited, but a lot of the listing and management software out there is too expensive for a fledgling business. Inkfrog will import listings from several other store platforms to expedite setting up eBay listings. I'll worry about that when I get there.

    Inkfrog's prices are very reasonable and I don't think it will be too onerous for the time being to get my eBay listings set up so that they will pretty well run themselves. Since most of my work is custom, tracking inventory across multiple platforms can be handled manually with a spreadsheet at this point.

    I give InkFrog five stars for ease of use, simplicity of setup, and customer service.

  • Pkb vape

    Overall rating

    Does the job I want it to do!

    I installed inkfrog as I was looking for a solution to manage stock levels across shopify and eBay. There are some great features which I am taking advantage off but they were not the main reasons for installing inkfrog.

    The inventory syncs smoothly for new listing or re listing products, it was easy to setup. It has enabled me to reduce stock holding increasing my product range and I no longer need to worry about over selling.

    I also take advantage of the auto listing tool which is a real time saver for me, it is also editable so that my listings can differ in price title descriptions etc between eBay and shopify. Intially I had some teething problems with titles automatically changing but inkfrog support helped me to put the issue right, (I had checked a box I shouldn’t have)

    One feature that I absolutely love is the ability to fur fill and add tracking information on eBay orders directly from my shopify app, the customer then recieves two emails one from eBay with the standard eBay email, and a nice little email from my website with my website branding on it. A nice marketing touch.

    In summary inkfrog does what I want well with some unexpected bonuses, I am sure as in continue with inkfrog I will find more features to take advantage off

  • cricketlady

    Overall rating

    I Love Inkfrog!!

    I'm a full time seller on eBay and have used inkfrog everyday for the past 7 years. I've always had any questions answered right away, they are very helpful and nice.

    What I love the most about Inkfrog is that it is set up so much easier than listing on ebay. All my ended auctions are all in one place. I have three stores and I can quickly see them all in one place. I don't have to log in each one. I list for each store using a template that I created which cuts my listing time down by 1/2. Then I schedule my ebay auctions to go on each night, when everyone is getting home from work. This has really worked great for me. I set it and forget it!

    The next day I see all my ended items and so much more! I relist them so easily. Working straight from eBay is a nightmare. I've never had a duplicate listing when using Inkfrog. With eBay it's so confusing that I end up listing my item over and over because it keeps all my items in the ended, then I have to delete each one. Super confusing. I can even answer any email from all three stores in one location and as it is asked. Which is Awesome not to have to log into each store to answer the question.

    Inkfrog has made me so much money. I would never sell on ebay without it. Plus later down the road if I want to have a shopify website. I can easily use inkfrog for that also.

    I would highly recommend inkfrog to anyone selling on ebay. Many times others complain because they can't list on ebay because of a glitch. But not me. I list on inkfrog while others are losing money. Then at night my listings go on eBay without any problems. Plus ebay charges you extra if you want to schedule them for later. Not inkfrog it's free!

    If you want to have your items go on at night, then you have to pay extra or list then or you have to go into your drafted listings one at a time and list them by hand. Total waste of my time, when I've already done the work during the day. I don't want to spend another hour or so listing my 20 or so drafted items so they go on from 7pm to 9pm.

    Inkfrog does that for me for free any time of the day I want my listing to go on ebay. I love that! Don't let all these 1 and 2 stars fool you. Inkfrog is one of the best companies I've used. The costumer service is on top of all of ebay's constant changes and glitches. They are nice and they answer all the questions they are asked.

  • Unhappylarry

    Overall rating

    Steer Clear

    Whilst the idea is great, and generally, provided you follow their best practice, the software works, if you hit a problem, good luck !

    The support you will receive from Inkfrog is shockingly bad, it was better during late 2016/early 2017 when I signed up, but now its terrible.

    When you open a ticket, you will be sent responses that are cut and paste jobs designed to make you go away. If you persist with the query, every message will be met with a response, but it normally comes from a different person at support, and quite often they will not have read and understood your issue so you go around in ever decreasing circles.

    I have been left without a solution multiple times, having to cobble things together or having to change elements of my business in an effort to sidestep the issues.

    It is also very common for support to suggest that you as the User are at fault, and/or that the fault is with E-Bay, Shopify, or anyone else. They are not above trying to stick you in the middle of it when their interfaces don't work either.

    In short, if the software works for you, great, if it doesn't work, then you can be certain that you will waste a load of time engaging with their support team, but you will get passed around, and brushed off. Your problems will not be resolved. This is particularly problematic when you are using Inkfrog as your integration software between E-Bay and Shopify, rather than just as an E-Bay listing tool.

  • inkFrogGrandfather

    Overall rating

    inkFrog is a rudderless ship

    inkFrog has slowly declined in terms of usefulness.

    Communication - No communication unless you open a trouble ticket. No error status, no community boards, information from technical can be rude or worse, totally nonsensical.

    Documentation for Open - It is very sparse or nonexistent. Promised tools never appear, even after years.

    Errors/Downtime - This is becoming a huge issue from days with very little site downtime to a recurring event.

    Open - Is poorly designed and when forced to use it during the days long Classic outage, listings failed every single day.

    The bottom line is Greg and his team do not have the vision or the skills to make a good polished product in a timely manner. He needs to hire someone who can push the programmers with a vision towards efficiency, speed, effectiveness, common sense, flexibility and design.

  • John N

    Overall rating

    No assistance for pass few days

    Been using Inkfrog for many years now and they have no contact besides emailing them. There service has been down for the pass 4 days with no solution for inkfrog classic. I can't list or edit any of my listings. Horrible service and inexperienced developers! It shouldn't take days and no estimated time to fix an issue like this.

    The Inkfrog open has been an even worst experience since it isn't as clean or organized as classic. I may have to look for a new listing service since this company cannot keep up with the current times! SMH

  • JIM1024

    Overall rating

    What an absolute sick joke of a site

    I started using this site back in late 90s, when it was called something else, baypal & something before that I forget the name, stuck with them ever since.

    Today, their inkfrog classic site is down & has been since sometime yesterday, inkfrog classic worked great for me & I would continue to use it if I could. I submitted a ticket today for a problem & they tell me to try IF Open, which I had looked at sometime last fall & was shocked at how worthless it was & just never tried it again & continued to use Classic as it is great & easy to use.

    IF Open is beyond horrible, images are a jumbled mess, not separated into files as classic was & I have no way of knowing where my newest images are as they DO NOT SORT by uploaded date or any other filter.

    At one time I had 3k+ items on ebay, I now have less than 250 & continue to move my business to Amazon as they are so beyond the junk store ebay has become, easier to use, less labor intensive & I do not need to deal with a listing service.

    I should be able to rate it zero stars. Done venting, do not subscribe to IF Open, it is horrible.

  • Fed Up

    Overall rating

    Disaster of a company!

    This company is a joke. Nothing works as it should. Utterly incompetent sh*t for brains support staff who do nothing except spam irrelevant stock responses in circles. Services constantly going down without explanation. Recently they added code to everyone’s listings that are against ebays new policies! They’re reply when called out ok this? For me to go in and manually remove their disaster code from thousands of my listings!!! Just a neverending headache. Do yourself a favor and avoid these clowns like the plague!


    Overall rating

    Irresponsible, Incapable, useless.

    This team is completely unresponsive whether because they are unwilling, incapable, unknowledgeable, or some variation thereof. Their latest software is now included as part of Shopify. What a terrible decision somebody there made (yes I will be reaching out to them as well). A TON of missing orders, incorrectly transferred product listings, sync issues. Asking them for help gets you a reply that they are looking into the problem and then they go back to doing whatever it is they do which is probably ruining other people's lives and businesses.

    You are seriously better off using eBay directly or another tool. If you care about your business and time, stay away from anything remotely related to this team and their products.

  • tw85382

    Overall rating

    Cancelled account due to terrible customer service

    I was a customer for many years and just cancelled my account. I had a technical issue, inkfrog was sending my listings to ebay with an international site option fee that I didn't choose. I was charged hundreds of dollars in fees from ebay. They blamed ebay and ebay blamed them. Their customer service dept is terrible and kept going back and fourth with emails and never resolved the issue. It would have made things easier if I could speak to an actual person but they only have email customer support. They don't help when a customer has a real technical problem, even when it's inkfrog that is causing the problem. Ebay told me they had the same issue with other customers but only customers that were using inkfrog.

  • calgal27

    Overall rating

    After 18 years.. it is time to rid myself of Inkfrog

    I have been with Inkfrog since the beginning. You would think that after being in the business as long as they have, they would have a top of the line site to list on ebay. However, it is the complete opposite. The straw that broke the camel's back was this BS ebay implemented that does not allow active content in the listings.

    I started using a new template with Inkfrog that said it does not have active content in it. However, ebay has informed me it does.

    Inkfrog says they have a tool that will get rid of the active content, because in reality, who has time to revise over 1,000 listings? I used it. IT DID NOT WORK!

    Also, why do they continue to have a scrolling page to list? Shouldn't everything be on one page without the need to scroll.

    God forbid if you have an issue. You can explain to them step by step on what is happening and they will reply asking for steps. Seriously??

    The have inkfrog classic and the new version. The new version is just as bad and clunky as the old version. I am grandfathered in at the low price but would gladly pay more for a speedy and efficient way to list. They still don't have it even with their new roll out.

  • jko

    Overall rating

    Not very good

    The website does not update the listing properly. I also think it is missing basic features such showing how many bids the item has on the listing page. The price for items on the listing page is also shown wrong. The templates are a bit confusing. I don't recommend this service. I didn't try their customer service more than I sent feedback about the above and no one replied. So can't say much how it works as it didn't. Going forward I will keep on searching other service providers that are better than this.

  • Theyreallyarethatbad

    Overall rating

    Do any humans work at inkfrog?

    I first want to say the only reason why I still use this awful site for my listings is that I have over 5000 auctions in Classic. I have been slowly revising those auctions into the Open format and don't want to lose all my previous years and years of work.

    But, I can't even begin to describe how utterly worthless Inkfrog help has been as I have wrangled through this process. The latest problem as been a notification from eBay that 605 of my 650 current listings on eBay are insecure based on Chrome HTTPS standards. Now keep in mind that I have been working to convert all of my active listings over to the latest Open format. There's no way in the world that 605 active listings could have HTTP instead of HTTPS standards. Isn't that part of what Open was supposed to rectify or is this yet another thing I will need to spend countless hours working on (instead of actually SELLING things)?

    Multiple contacts with Inkfrog customer service has led to nothing. They are of no help whatsoever and just seem to want to provide obstacles rather then assistance. This is common. Over the many years I've been a customer I have never gotten the help I needed. I've always been forced to resolve whatever issue I was dealing with on my own. Frankly, it's ridiculous.

    So, I've been looking at a sizeable number of my listings through Open and the majority appear to be fine. HTTPS seems to be present in the majority of the listings. The few that don't have HTTPS I have been able to resolve. Again, through NO HELP FROM INKFROG WHATSOEVER.

    I still don't have an answer as to why eBay told me that 605 of my active listings are insecure when I've only found about a dozen with HTTP so far. I'm waiting for a callback from their tech department. I'm not holding my breath.

    In the end, all I can say is if I ran my business the way Inkfrog runs its business, I'd be out of business. I'm a top rated seller on eBay and have been selling on that site for almost 19 years. Between eBay jerking sellers around and companies like Inkfrog providing NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL, it just seems to be getting harder and harder to remain productive.

    On top of all the nonsense, Inkfrog is telling me I need to revoke my Classic token but if I did that I would lose 1000's of auctions. Inkfrog says that removal of the token would make the 1000's of auctions I took great pains to create would be permanently erased. I've been on InkFrog long enough to remember when they wiped out auctions I created when the forced us to use Classic years ago. In the words of Frank Zappa, "The torture never stops."

    In case you haven't gotten the drift yet...


  • Jermaine Carty

    Overall rating

    Wish I didn't even bother

    Do not use if you sell across multiple ebay sites where you require your SKUs to remain the same. Inkfrog will revise all the SKUs for eg a SKU which is 1234 it will revise all the SKUs as 1234-1, 1234-2, 1234-3 across all your ebay sites. This has caused me no end of bother remapping skus and it never ends. Is ok if you only deal on one ebay site ie But do not use if you have, etc. Waste of time and am seriously considering going back to Auctiva as this issue doesn't happen using that platform.

    The site is extremely slow.

    Inkfrog customer support is very limited and they really couldn't care less about you.

    Overall I am very disappointed with Inkfrog.

  • doug_poulton

    Overall rating


    One star because it wouldn't allow me select zero stars. I use ebay a lot. I have made several purchases where the seller sent me an automated email saying my item has been shipped. When I click on the tracking number I get a page pop up telling me to "join" inkfrog. WTF? I'm not joining anything to pay for a tracking number. Point being the tracking is not available so I don't know when it will arrive until it does arrive. Anyone that joins this "service" thinking it will provide them service is mistaken.

  • lucasmccoy

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    Can't think of a thing!

    Any negatives?

    Where to start??? Biggest pain is that every time I've signed in to Inkfrog Open (22 times) I get a "wrong password message (22 times). I dutifully change the password (22 times) but the next time I try to log in, guess what? Wrong password again (22 times). I finally just go back to Inkfrog classic, which doesn't give me a problem.


    There was no support. I sent a message with my problem after the first 7 or 8 times, got a "copy and paste" response about how to change my password. Duh!!

  • Jeff.Smith

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    Better hardware. Obviously, they do not spend proper money into good hardware.


    The support was good at copying and pasting standard answers.

    I signed up with them and have from the beginning problems with their server speed. Sorting listings, copying listings, etc. take more than 60 minutes for just 50 of them, if it works at all. Loading keeps spinning and spinning. Not recommended for doing serious business.

  • Love and Design

    Overall rating

    Using for -

    Support : very quick

    I'm not sure why people have a problem with this software - it takes some learning but I've been using it now to list my over 1000 products to ebay without a problem.

    It hooks up to our back end shopify databases very fast, if I delete a product in shopify it's off of ebay in a second.

    It worries me when I see people writing terrible reviews but I like it.

    You do have to be careful with profiles, but I tend to send the products to ebay THEN assign shipping and template profiles.

    Love and Design

  • Fortran

    Overall rating

    InkFrog is not for people running a business

    We've been using inkFrog at least 5 years and the only consistent thing about them is that they get worse every year...glitchy software and no support

    Some of the issues have been around for 3 - 4 years. Listings showing live that are not and live ones showing not live causing us to launch duplicate listings. I've opened so many support requests just on this issue I've lost track on how many request I've made. Each time it's the same, a few canned answers for things to try that don't address the problem then they close the request as solved...even when we reopen it saying it isn't solved. We spend lots of time every week trying to figure out which listings are actually live, a huge waste of time.

    We should have dropped them a long time ago but we've been busy growing our business. Who knows where we'd be if we hadn't wasted so much time with inkFrog. Now we're finally looking at some alternatives.

    I would only recommend inkfrog if ebay is a hobby. If you're running a business stay away from this mess called inkFrog

  • flsailingirl

    Overall rating

    Not ready for prime time

    InkFrog came highly recommended to me by eBay as a new seller. It is now my opinion that InkFrog is clearly not ready to handle the influx of new customers being pushed to them by eBay. I have had constant problems with inventory not syncing from my BigCommerce store to eBay. Despite their assurances that the sync should take place in "near real time", it can take hours or sometimes even days. This has caused me to oversell items on eBay on multiple occasions. About a month ago, InkFrog blamed this issue on the fact that some products did not have MPN and Brand, which caused eBay to have an API error. That caused me to ask, why do those parts not have MPN and brand? That product data is in the correct fields in my BigCommerce store, but InkFrog failed to import it correctly. When I asked them how to correct this issue, the best answer they could give me was "you just have to go into each individual product and manually enter the MPN and Brand"...for almost 10,000 products. I finally corrected all of the MPN errors in eBay and am still having inventory syncing issues. As of the time of this review, it has been over 20 hours since InkFrog has synced any inventory at all to eBay and I have had several orders in that time for items that are out of stock but still showing inventory on eBay.

    Their support is absolutely useless and eBay clearly doesn't care that they are pushing a shoddy product on unsuspecting new sellers. If you want to know what kind of company you would be dealing with, all I can say is that their Facebook page allowed reviews this morning and then conveniently after I left a 1 star review detailing my experience with them, the reviews section has been removed. I'm guessing that is standard operating procedure for them since when I left a review this morning, it was the only one there and I'm sure I'm not the first person to ever leave a review (positive or negative) for InkFrog on Facebook. Apparently when they get too many negatives, they just delete the whole thing. They also delete negative comments from their page. They are obviously more concerned with covering their behinds than they are with addressing actual problems.

    Bottom line: InkFrog fails to provide even the most basic function of the service they claim to offer, which is keeping inventory in sync. Their support is non-existent. I would not recommend this software, even to my competitors.

  • Daniel Gates

    Overall rating

    The only 5 stars are coming from failing employees

    The only positive is a template that saved me 10 minutes at most (quite primitive).

    The inventory had auto listed another person's account items which in turn gave me my first negative feedback EVER!! I don't know why I didn't trust my instinct. This was the most horrible blunder I have ever made and I'm not one to be have been taken for in the past.

    To this day, all my attempts to contact anyone by phone have fallen on blind eyes and deaf ears. Email after email to phone me with excuse after excuse.

    Do yourself a favor and DIY just as you did to get to where you're at. I guarantee you the only idiot that would rate 5 stars is an employee or the CEO as he drowns with his ship. Good riddance when this is a distant memory.

  • dkiley

    Overall rating


    I don't really understand all the negative stars. I've been using inkfrog open since almost the start and it has been very stable for me and saves me a huge amount of time.
    I recently tried to switch to Vendio since I wanted to try some multi platform selling - and their system was so buggy in comparison. It was such a huge waste of time that I have never experienced with Inkfrog.

    I suspect people stop appreciating what they have until they lose it, like I did.

    Anyways I can't recommend Inkfrog Open enough after that experience.

  • Markyb

    Overall rating

    Blaming Amazon servers for their outage

    This is the message they are currently showing at the top of their home page :

    Amazon, our hosting provider, is experiencing an issue which is causing problems with our site (and many other sites.) It's noted on their health check status page here: They're usually pretty quick about getting things fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience!

    Bearing in mind their classic service is still working fine. The Open service has been down since at least 1pm this afternoon, maybe earlier. So they don't normally fix things quickly.

    I will say that I've normally had very good customer service from Inkfrog. They've usually answered me within half hour of my emailing. However this time I've not heard back from them in nearly 2 hours.

    Sadly there are no other services out there that offer the same service the Inkfrog does, at least not if you are a Mac user. (Free image hosting with unlimited storage, scheduling etc ) So I really have no choice but to stick with them.

  • Inkfrogbeware

    Overall rating

    It killed my Ebay store.

    What were the positives?

    Nothing except ease of listing when it does work.

    Any negatives?

    Inventory sync constantly showed stock we did not have and did not sync timely with our BG store. This resulted in out of stock items showing in stock. Like others lots of listings failed despite being able to be listed with other platforms. Sync was good initially but then got really slow and I learned they can actually throttle you so to speak and thus to update one product and resyc to store takes hours. Who has time for that?


    The support was terrible and accusatory. They blame ebay for failed listings, and you for everything else.

  • Beth Hessel

    Overall rating

    Bloody Forehead

    Inkfrog has been working at 1/3 of promised performance. Items specifics are missing from listings, duration, etc. This has been an ongoing problem for more than one week. Customer service (when you can talk with someone) makes empty promises. The CEO, Greg, is completely UNRESPONSIVE! This company is the worst - stay away - far far away. We would leave today but have 1500 listings waiting to be verified and made live - impossible with the issues. Errors, information missing, failed uploads.. the list goes on and on. Worst customer service, worst listing platform for ebay.

    My forehead is bloody from beating against the wall...

  • cs_cs722

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    No down time

    Any negatives?

    better technical support; more qualified technician,; technicians not afraid to talk to customers and not hiding behind emails
    Technicians blame customer and eBay for the failure of Inkfrog's app to recognize eBay payment, return and shipping policies. We copied and paste them from eBay to Inkfrog to make sure they are identical in both apps. The problem is still not solved. We waste half an hour a day to correct the policies that Inkfrog creates when it cannot recognize the existing eBay policies


    The support was poor and incompetent

  • nsingh1249

    Overall rating

    inkFrog Open helps us grow rapidly! Powerful app, good price

    inkFrog Open has been by far the best choice for our high-volume and rapidly-growing eBay store.

    We decided on them after spending months trying similar apps. Other services tend to lack key features, or their interfaces are clunky and difficult to navigate.

    inkFrog Open provides powerful tools through an intuitive interface, with flexibility for customization, as well as easy management of listings individually or in bulk. It's a unique and well-executed combination of features that we are just thrilled to be able to use.

    We run an eBay anchor store currently managing several thousands of listings, and we continue to add hundreds per week (at least). To get where we are, we have depended EVERY SINGLE DAY on inkFrog's powerful tools like: CSV bulk uploads, listing profiles, customizable templates, listing editor, image hosting/editing, in-app category lookups, folder management for listings/photos, bulk editing tools, bulk listing, staff accounts... and probably more that I can't think of at the moment.

    Also, they quickly develop tools in response to eBay changes, such as the recent requirements for product identifiers. It is nice to know that their team is looking out for these changes and keeping up. Very important for marketplace sellers!

    At the end of the day, different folks are always going to need different features. inkFrog Open is not a "cure-all" for us, but we are very happy with their tools, services, and interface. And we feel it all comes at a competitive price.

    We enthusiastically recommend that you give inkFrog Open a try for a while. We wouldn't be where we are without them.

  • PARAGON2010

    Overall rating

    lack of support

    impossible to call them; They hide behind email communications Their answers to specific questions are always approximate.
    When their app crashes, there is no way to contact them.

    After 10 days using them, we quit.

  • musicman

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog support is nonexistent !

    Like so many others on here, I've had nothing but problems with inkfrog and their lack of customer support. Apparently, "Char" is the only customer service rep there and unfortunately, has been absolutely useless! My latest problem involved the new Inkfrog Open which is an absolute nightmare to work with! Char's response to my multiple requests for help (since they didn't respond to the first few requests), was, "I'm sorry, we do not provide any technical assistance." When I asked about a free trial of Inkfrog Open, I was told she wasn't allowed to offer that either.

    Inkfrog Classic is an absolute nightmare to work with as well. Nothing but problems. Our ebay listings disappear, images are missing, product information is missing, bulk changes don't work many times, website slows down to the point it's impossible to work on, and again, customer support is a joke!

    My advice, save your time and money and find a better solution! There's plenty of companies out there that care about our business and will provide excellent customer service and support and Inkfrog is simply not one of those companies!

  • Joseph K. Levene Fine Art Ltd.

    Overall rating

    InkFrog won't go away even if you delete.

    InkFrog continues to breach eBay security even after you have deleted your InkFrog account.

    How InkFrog does this seems inconceivable.

    You have to constantly monitor ALL of your eBay LOTS, and when you make revisions to any eBay lot, InkFrog somehow figures out a way to REVERT all information to the respective lot's default listing, thereby ERASING all your revisions.

    Worthless eBay Application; do yourself a favor; DO NOT get an InkFrog account.

  • Stig the Wonderdog

    Overall rating

    Non existant customer support - buggy software -

    Only slightly better then turbo lister. No customer service of any kind, no phone number to call.

    Stripped . . . . . not equipped.

  • ebayseller

    Overall rating



    WARNING! - Never use Inkfrog or InkfrogOpen.

    First of all they put code in all your listings, that who knows what they do with.
    Probably sell it to your competitors.

    The software is always broken.
    There is no CANCEL button if you pay for inkfrog, and it was the worst experience of my life trying to cancel!

    Don't ever give them your CREDIT CARD!


  • Asmith21

    Overall rating


    It has it's up and downs. Everything is always going to be a double edged sword, but I prefer other options

  • starnow22

    Overall rating

    Program Full of Bugs - Uploads the wrong photos - Non-Existant Support

    Beware of joining InkFrog. The program is totally unreliable. It uploads to your listing other photos you have from other listings, NOT THE ONES YOU UPLOADED for that listing. In other words, you could have a totally random photo for the listing.

    There is a supposed Chat room. But they are either off line, or if it shows they are online, they mail back a link to the Support Tutorials. IN OTHER WORDS NO SUPPORT AT ALL.

    The Showcase, which is one of the reasons I joined, NEVER updates. It keeps to 4 listings no matter how many you have.

    OF course they don't return phone calls, there is no one there. And the program is full of bugs, and no one is there to fix it. TERRIBLE PROGRAM

  • allang

    Overall rating

    Stay away!!!

    I have been with inkfrog for years and years - customer service is simply brutal. Their "support" staff is consistently low on the customer care scale. A repetitive answer is "log out then log back in again"
    It seems that they make system changes, failing to think about what else that change may affect.
    When listings fail (common by the way!) they always tell you that it must be something you are doing - yet when you go in to the failed auction screen, change nothing and click "launch", listings almost always go through.
    Interestingly, many of the problems occur shortly after, or around the beginning of each month - coincides with the day they take out their monthly fee. (I've long wondered if they all go on a bender when they get paid, then start working again a few days later)
    It is real sad, because this software could be awesome - but heaven forbid that you have a hiccup - as it is never a hiccup, rather a full-on illness on Inkfrog that totally infects your business
    Maddening, especially if you make a living selling on line.
    Zero stars !!!

  • 1000jewels

    Overall rating

    Agree with So Many Others -- IF has gone downhill

    Their software has become increasingly glitchy, support is becoming non-existent, and their primary focus has shifted to finding new ways to separate you from your money.

    They've pretty much killed the forums (used to be a strong network there) and they'll erase any post that's remotely critical of their service (many of which they deserve).

    I used to recommend IF to people, but no more.

  • lasvegasdvd

    Overall rating

    2 Stars Down from 5

    Let me first state that if I wrote this review 18 months ago, inkfrog would have gotten 5 stars. Best service for a very reasonable price.

    I was an auctionworks user for years. When I took time off selling on ebay professionally, I returned to find that auctionworks was now a channel advisor and the pricing had gone through the roof. Since I sell on ebay only (Not amazon, not, not webstores,) I started looking for a new management software. My major critria was scheduled listings. I list over 200 items per day and wanted a service that allowed me to space the auctions every few minutes so I always had auctions starting and ending all day long. While inkfrog wasn't perfect, it allowed me to do that.

    On occasion, an auction would fail for some reason or another but it wasn't that big a deal.

    Then what started happening was that I noticed that their software was delaying the relaunch of items. It wouldn't relaunch auctions for three hours, then launch the whole backup all at once. Defeats the purpose but for only $9.95 per month, I wasn't complaining.

    Recently, about 50% of my auctions have been failing or getting launched up to 6 hours after they were scheduled. Any attempt to solict customer service is met with a short "The problem is with ebay not us." and no suggests or solutions. I have started looking around for at other management software but everything either doesn't have the features or is priced in the several humdreds of dollars (if they give a price at all).

    Anyone have suggests on where else to look?

  • babyboomer

    Overall rating

    inkfrog failing??

    We are now getting error messages at every corner, video's no longer operative, tokens need to be updated frequently, security documents not current, slow or no customer support, rude brash comments by csr's, can't link with highwire. I don't know what is going on here. I am not the smartest guy on a keyboard but this can't all be me. I am questioning the health of this company is it now beginning to fail? Does anyone have any info?

  • newbie123

    Overall rating

    After reading about the problems on the other sites, even the biggest ones, I guess it's pretty good

    We used auctiva for a long time, and have used Inkfrog for about a year and half or so.

    It has it's issues, but we haven't encountered anything major. Their lister is easy and most importantly if you list one of a kind items, it's fast. This was very important to us and they have been updating throughout the time we've been with them and making things even more efficient on their lister.

    The Highwire store we have is on our own domain, and I like it a lot. There are a lot of issues to work out with this end of things, not glitches, just functionality like to check out you have to fill in every single field and if a buyer leaves on blank it won't go on and it also won't tell him that he needs to put in a phone number. That stinks. Also when searching our store it searches item & descriptions which is really dumb and serves up irrelevant results.

    Also pictures are slightly fuzzy but when you click to make them big they are clear (thank goodness). This is not a problem on our end, we have had it checked out. So those issues are there, but I can't really think of anything other than that.

    I cam on here to find a new place to go, but now I realize I might be being way too picky since none of these places seem to be GREAT no matter how much you pay.

  • kristinelark

    Overall rating

    inkFrog from buyer's point of view

    I got a notice from inkFrog giving me an insurance number. There was absolutely no information that indicated what purchase it applied to. I emailed inkFrog asking for the information. Heather responded within minutes, saying I should contact the sellers I'd purchased from recently. Case closed.

    If she thinks I'm going to contact a dozen or more sellers, she's nuts. I'd rather not have insurance anyway. On average it is never worth it. If I do figure out which seller it was, I'll think twice about buying from them again.

    kristinelark on eBay

  • PLenn

    Overall rating

    Nothing But Headaches!

    I moved to Inkfrog when Auctiva couldn't decide what they were going to charge. I gave it some time - been there a year. And I have had enough! I constantly have error messages. And when request help, I am told to log out for 5 minutes, and log back in. Then 10 minutes, etc. Before the problem is ever solved, my ticket is closed and Heather deems it solved. I stayed so long because I have the website for free still. I am so willing to pay any amount just to have something work for once!


  • rachelnine

    Overall rating

    The best out there

    I was originally with Sparedollar, and migrated over to Inkfrog when they acquired/combined businesses.

    This is going to be short and sweet just like me.. hahahahah.

    Why use Inkfrog? These are the few things I like, and I use.

    Customer support is phenomenal. I get personalized attention, quick, easy responses.

    From their "eBay Quick Lister" to their Picture Hosting..all so easy to use. Being able to EDIT LIVE LISTINGS within Inkfrog is amazing! (Also the BULK EDITOR is excellent!)

    Globals ROCK!

    Great fun, current, professional templates to use.

    Log in sessions never time out.

    Schedule listings (saves you money you don't have to pay on eBay).

    Unlimited photo insertion.. (Image management) by far the best I have ever used.

    MULTIPLE eBay ID'S! You can have more then 1 selling ID and you aren't charged!

    Auto Emails and Auto Feedback.

    Not to mention...the PRICE is unbelievably low and for what you get it's incredible!

    Sales Manager and Post Sales Rules

    I cannot imagine using any other service. EVERYTHING you need in one convenient location.

  • toobusyforswapmeets

    Overall rating

    Better Than The Others

    I migrated to IF with a huge influx of Auctiva refugees. If one considers the almost immediate growth IF experienced and the solutions that were quickly offered to us refugees, all in all I think IF has handled it very well with few problems. While I'm aware that the original IF1 users were not happy with IF2 when it rolled out, having never used IF1, I found IF2 pretty user friendly and the old forums were a great place to get help and make some friends and share experiences and sometimes life in general.

    Things have changed, the forums are not as community oriented as they used to be, new changes are being rolled out, things are being worked on in the background but most of the functions still function while some new features being rolled out.

    Communication between the site owners and users could be better, live support is sometimes not as helpful as we'd all like, but again, you can go to the forums for assistance as well unless it's a development problem together we usually get through. While feature requests are being made on the forums, again, lack of communication between the site owners and members leaves us wondering if we're being heard or if anyone is reading our requests. Again, my biggest "complaint".

    Auctions not launching? Unless there's a problem with ebay, new changes, etc. that error check doesn't catch before you schedule the listing, in almost a year I believe I've had two auctions fail to launch and those were "operator error", my own, easily found by looking at the API error, no rocket science or support tickets required. No fees to schedule the listing for me is a big plus and I don't have to be stuck at the keyboard to make sure my auctions get listed.

    All in all, IF, as compared to other third party listing services I've tried, IF meets and most times exceeds my needs although others may have different needs for their particular business model, I'm quite happy and will be staying put. For the price, it's a hard deal to beat.

  • Christy

    Overall rating

    So long InkFrog, it was YOU, not me

    Recently gave InkFrog a test drive then paid for one month, cancelled after two days. No customer service via online chat, just really an e-mail server, and they never responded! Scheduled numerous items to launch and they all failed! When tested for errors, prior to scheduling, all checked out fine w/o error. I later (after failure to launch) found by checking failed listings I may not be good standing with Ebay?! Checked with e-bay, I am completely compliant with their standards. Perhaps InkFrog has hopped on one of Ebays toes? Quirky and non functioning once you are past your trial period. I would warn folks to stay away if you have not already hopped onto their lily pad. Waste of time and money for me.

  • galvez_chucke1

    Overall rating

    Is InkFrog about to Croak?

    Features no longer work and no one will say when they may work again. I was really happy with them in the beginning, but they have recently been going downhill. All you have to do is read their forum for feature requests and you can see that users are becoming very frustrated. I am now shopping for another service and will move if things do not start changing very soon.

  • jdking888

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog False Advertizing?

    I was not sure what to say in the summary as I had a very strange and negative experience with Inkfrog.

    I joined Inkfrog in September of 2009. I selected them over SellerSourceBook due to the free BISI store offer. In November I opened a ticket about how to set it up and got a nice reply telling me to go to the BISI site. I did not have time to set it up, at that time.

    So I opened a new ticket the other day for information about how to set it up, especially after going to BISI and finding it was renamed to Highwire.

    Inkfrog responded quickly that the offer expired in July of 2009. This began a series of exchanges that left me feeling as if I was misled by false advertising.

    I replied that I signed up when it was still valid and requested the offer be honored, and asked this to be escalated. This seemed reasonable as my understanding is the owner of Inkfrog is also the owner of Highwire (BISI).

    The response was "I am head of support and the rule is that if the buyitsellit - highwire account was not made by July 2009 then the offer is no longer valaid. " So, no escalation. In one of the replies I was told there was no one to escalate this to. Is there no management above the head of customer service?

    I asked how customer's were notified of the expiration date and if an email was sent out. I checked my emails and added that I signed up in September of 2009 and why was the offer still on the website? All I received was "It was stated on the site that the store had to be open and linked to your inkfrog account by July 31, 2009 for the free store. "

    Notifying customer's by a post on a website, instead of sending them an email, is very lame in my opinion. Its strange how they don't have a problem sending an email when they charge your credit card. This sort of lines up with there being no written documentation, when i signed up, on how things worked or how to set up your listings. Just a video or two, if I remember correctly. How hard can it be to do a doc with a procedure to setup the system and do a listing?

    Part of my effort was to understand where I might have been mistaken. But the responses were not helpful and a little frustrating.

    Continued exchanges, in my opinion, only confirmed more of what I experienced and confirmed the decline at Inkfrog and their customer service, as noted on this site.

    My old tickets disappeared when they installed new software and did not migrate the existing tickets. When I commented on why I was getting 404 errors for complaints on the community forum, I was told it was because they installed new forum software. I think they need a database person to help them migrate data.

    Based on my experience, I am canceling my account and recommend that you find another service. SellerSourceBook seems to have good reviews here. I will try them.

    I have benefited from honest reviews for the last two years and felt it was time I contributed my experiences to help someone else make an informed choice.

  • Jimbo1948

    Overall rating

    Used To Be Great, Now Pretty Sad

    Like a couple other folks, I'd been an IF user for a few years and really liked them compared to the "free" Auctiva and Turbo Lister. However, they have gone downhill big time in the past 12 months. Perhaps it was the inflow from the Auctiva refugees, I don't know. Many of us have had problems where all or most of our uploaded images simply disappear. Tech Support has been of very little help. They have a user forum with one thread for "Announcements from management". You'd think that SOMEONE in management would make an entry regarding image loss issues. Nope. Silence. Direct email messages to Greg, the CEO, go un-answered. Didn't use to be that way.

    There are small things in the IF system that could be considered broken or maybe simply annoying. As a retired IT professional with 40 years experience, I KNOW that correcting some of those annoyances would take no more than 20 minutes of programmer effort. But, do they work on fixing these problems. Nope, they keep rolling out new features and new templates. Why not make the existing system easy to use and less annoying instead of all this new stuff?

    Well, I've had it. My auction listings are now being built on Seller Source Book, and I'll bid Adios to Ink Frog in a week or so. I don't think I'm gonna be alone...

  • EbayMaster

    Overall rating

    Best Bang For Buck Anywhere For Selling On Ebay But Templates Butt Ugly

    Title says it all.

  • purito

    Overall rating

    Long on Promises, short on delivering

    Started out with Vendio. Really expensive and when I called to ask why my bill went from $20 (150mb) to something like $40 and they charged me $7/ea for every call to Tech Support. Vendio is owned by Ebay and treats their customers even worse than Ebay does.

    Signed up at Image Viper. Inexpensive but they have this Rate This Picture insert on all photos which makes listings links look cheesy.

    Signed up at Inkfrog. Long on promises, short on delivering. Advertise $9.95 a month/monthly billing through Paypal. Didn't work (I think they make sure it doesn't work because they know people will bail out once they find out how badly they suck). Greg Sisung (President) said bi"Strange, I noticed PayPal has been doing this lately. Have you tried contacting them to see if they can get it setup for you? Do you have another browser you can try maybe (or another computer?) - i wonder if it's a browser issue."/i/b I called Paypal they said it was a Inkfrog issue. When I emailed Greg again he said bi"...unfortunately we have no contacts with PayPal to get any of this stuff resolved :-("/i/bThis is NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Anyone with an account can call Paypal Support for free. I even provided him with Merchant Account (and regular account) contact information. So I ended up having to sign up for 3 months. BIG MISTAKE.
    Their Tech Support is pretty much non-existant and once you sign up they string you along with excuses. Their uploader doesn't work and software is Apha or at best Beta. Don't fall for their hype.

    Finally signed up at Seller Source Book. They seem to be the best. Not perfect but close enough. I will be using a combo of Image Viper and Seller Source Book. It's still cheaper paying for both than using Vendio. I'll cancel Inkfrog shortly.

  • spirit

    Overall rating

    Inkfrog supposed to save seller's fees on ebay

    I am still waiting for word back from Inkfrog, but I just started with them last nite after also started to work with Auctiva and that not working out either. I was told that if we listed items on ebay through inkfrog we would not have to worry about ebay seller fees except the final value fee? Well that does not appear to be true. I got two listings done and they charged me $2.35 to do the listings! So I had to immediately end the listings and contact Inkfrog to find out what was going on. When I got their response this morning, they said I would still have to pay listing fees with ebay whether I used them or not! I emailed them again to ask if this is just during the trial or all the time and am waiting for a response. What is the purpose of inkfrog if ebay Still charges listing fees even when you use Inkfrog. The whole premise of the company from my understanding is so we Won't Have to Pay Ebay's High Listing Fees! If they don't help with that, then it seems like a scam and fradulent advertisement. I will get back with you after I get their response.

  • hechto

    Overall rating

    Beware the current culture

    I was a happy Inkfrog customer for many years. Recently they started a new version IF2.
    It stinks. Much harder to work with. I am not talking about resistance to change, I am talking about bad programing.
    The tech help has also deteriorated recently.
    Today I went to log onto their forums. I got a message that I am banned.
    Reason, NO REASON.
    Until, FOREVER.
    This seemed a bit untowards so I wrote a support ticket asking what was going on.
    No answer, ticket closed.
    I wrote a second ticket, stays open no response.
    This is the kind of attitude the owner Greg has been dispalaying lately.
    It seems that if someone has been using the forum to say the Emporor has no clothes, they get banned.
    They have been claiming that the first version is dangerous to use for months. I use it every day and it works fine.
    The site was as good as the other reviewers say, Beware the new version, beware management.

  • stmoritz

    Overall rating

    so far the the best that i ever had experience ,after tryng multiple solutions

    I have tried several third party software like vendio platform or Auctiva,selling manager pro,
    I can only say that inkfrog is the best, and also very clear on the computer screen(to see),also not to mention that is very user friendly,also i liked because it update everything from my ebay status from payments to feedback and since i used shipwork for sending packages ,once you update shipworks ,it sends all the info to myebay and the in to inkfrog (this amazing and is not working with vendio),also when you list a auction ,you can check the price before lunching(also not in vendio)also vendio charge final value fee of 1.95% to 1% depends on sales valumes(yes, its free for now till the of 2009, but what for later..,and once you use vendio , some people are not interesting to try a new software..after much time spend with vendio... ) also you can revise active and non active auction(yes vendio has the feature but you will pay extra for it and if you revise more than 100 ,it will cost an additional fees extra for each listing,its is ridiculous),the only avantage with vendio that you can send listing on multiple channels,and also that you get a free store(but inkfrog also offer a free store)(but no really an avantage,because for instant,if you have a single item to sell,yes, you can send the item to amazon and ebay ,but beawere!!! that if it sell on ebay in will not take down the item form amazon automatically and same goes for amazon(by the way ,the same goes with vendio store)
    ,you have to do it manually, so it very hard to remember this all the time,so what am suggesting to all to ebay users to use inkfrog for ebay listing, and use is an an ebay company )to sell on other channels .like shopzilla or prostore synchronize directly with ebay,so if you sell on prostore,it will automaticly deduct from ebay and end the item ,that goes also if it sells on ebay it will take the item down from the store

  • tradeit4you

    Overall rating

    Brilliant Image Hosting!!

    I use BTpro for listing management, which works really well with Inkfrog, it is so easy to use and quick for hosting images well worth the money, although i re-size all images in Corel, Inkfrog can also do this and more, if you want a cost-effective image host, seriously, go for this one.

    thanks -

  • GDI

    Overall rating

    This software is a must have for serious sellers.

    I have used free auction management software in the past, but they do not have half the features that inkfrog does. This software will cut your work load in half and make selling on eBay fun and easy again. The customer service is fast and friendly. Don't waste your time and money with another service. Save yourself the hassle and just go here first.

  • johnmaster

    Overall rating

    So far so good!

    I originally wanted a desktop listing management application, this web based app far exceeds my expectations and it is fast. Cost is low, it is state of the art and fast and easy to navigate. I have pretty basic needs, I tried 4 other services and i think this is the one. Lots of sweet features without the complication. The built in photo resizing/placement/hosting/showcase is worth it alone. 14 day free trial without giving CC info and no software to download. You would be foolish not to at least give it a test drive.

  • morcowbel

    Overall rating

    Don't use inkfrog

    I have been using the service for awhile and was ok with it. Recently I had a problem with the software not working as it was supposed to. I opened a support ticket. They emailed me back not answering my question. I tried again.


    hello.. hmm.. so changes you've done to these listings are not showing at eBay? like best offer and 10% price discount?

    kind regards,


    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: SBQ-701302
    Department: all support
    Priority: Medium
    Status: Closed

    NOTICE THE STATUS "CLOSED". Obviously I am in the market for a new management service. Don't use them!

  • bdjolie

    Overall rating

    Simply Wonderful!

    After Mpire made the announcement of closing their doors, I started looking for another auction management tool and came across this little gem. Although inkFrog isn’t a total auction management solution, they do have a great listing tool and no one (I really mean no one) can compare to their image hosting service. Here’s why:

    - My login sessions never timeout!

    - All listing options are displayed on one page in logical order including the input fields for eBay’s “Shipping, payment details, and return policy” section.

    - Not only do I save a ton of money by having a flat $9.95/month fee, but I also save an additional $0.20 with my gallery and subtitle combo listings. inkFrog does this by taking advantage of eBay’s Value Pack (gallery, subtitle, listing designer) upgrade by using my own listing design verses eBay’s listing designer. Ebay nor any other tool I know does this. This is huge savings for me since I list most of my items this way.

    - My images are always up and running on my auctions!

    - They are the only image hosting service that doesn’t assign a long list of numbers and letters for my image’s URL. They keep it simple by maintaining the integrity of my image’s filename ( vs. ( This way I don't have to sort through a list of thumbnails to find my image URL.

    - Also, if I want to update my photo and replace the original for whatever reason, I can do it by uploading the updated picture and overwriting the original. This of course, dynamically updates all my listings that contain this image. I may use this feature during the holidays when I want my listing’s clipart to reflect the look and feel of the holiday. When the holiday is over, I can then change it back to my original template design with a simple upload and overwrite.

    It is a very reliable tool that has been around since 1999. Therefore, I can trust my business with this company!

  • sky1

    Overall rating

    5 STARS... wish I could leave more!!! I am so happy...

    I finally found an excellent auction listing service in web based inkfrog!
    I have tried several desk top and web based services for my small ebay selling business over the years and have not been very impressed with any of them. Most recently I used web based auctionhawk which I liked but it turned out to be very un-reliable and frustrating to use (when I could access their site) do to constant bugs and poor customer support. So once again (a couple weeks ago) I ventured out to try and find a reasonably priced service that would host pics., list / launch / schedule auctions, keep track of closed auctions, with a customer / shipping database etc.. That’s when I found inkfrog and it has been absolutely perfect so far! It has so many great features and is so well organized and designed that it's now actually a pleasure for me to sit down process my ebay auctions! The best part is that it's simple to use and so far has been extremely reliable! All for a flat fee of $9.99 a month for unlimited use. I hope that I am not just dreaming and will wake up to discover that I am still stuck using some other crummy auction listing service... I love inkfrog and strongly recommend it to everyone, try them out, its free for the first month of unlimited use. Even if your using another service, it's truly worth checking inkfrog out, I'm so glad I found them!!! Thanks inkfrog!

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