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Jazva is multichannel software designed to streamline and optimize the end-to-end operations of ecommerce businesses. Built for high volume, merchants can manage listings, orders, inventory and shipping, all from one platform.

Jazva is integrated with the world’s most popular marketplaces, shopping carts and shipping providers, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, UPS, FedEx and Endicia.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States

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Integrations & Compatibility

  • eBay Motors
  • Jet
  • Overstock Shopping
  • CommerceHub
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Authorize.Net
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Shopify POS
  • Stripe
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • QuickBooks

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  • Frank

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Bad faith company That We Had To SUE To Get Our Money Back

    What were the positives?

    None whatsoever other than the sales team at Jazva that lied to us about just about everything. They promised us compatibility with the Amazon marketplace which was a lie as it ruined our Amazon inventory, they promised us integrations with other marketplaces such as overstock through EDI connections which was a lie as they had nothing in place for EDI connections and so on.

    Any negatives?

    Bad faith company after more than a year of waiting and suffering I am now writing this review, Jazva promised us a working inventory system with connections to our marketplaces and I do not know how they can even sell this software, nothing works. Not even their staff knows how to use their software and it's obvious why because they are constantly going through employees.

    Jazva's inventory system is so bad that it caused us to lose thousands of dollars in revenue and lost sales as it cannot even track inventory properly across all the marketplaces they promise work.

    After several months of our time wasted and thousands of dollars gone, we finally had enough and asked for the money we spent back from Jazva, they ignored us and we sued Jazva and WON, Jazva was ordered to pay back the full amount they owed us.

    I wish that was the end of that but Jazva doesn't even respect the justice system as they still wouldn't pay us after we won the court case against them and we had to involve the Pasadena Sherrif's Office. The Sherrif had to put a bank levy on Jazva's bank account just to get our money back. The CEOs of Jazva should be ashamed of themselves.


    You have many options dont work with Jazva, by far the shadiest and worst company we have ever worked with.

  • qax2013

    Overall rating

    Terrible application, do not use Jazva! -1star

    We couldn't agree more with other reviews! Don't use Jazva! It is so hard to use, so hard to understand the "mapping", not user-friendly, wasting your time and money. We've been using Jazva since 02/2019. We were fooled by the salesperson and their online demo. They were super nice and responsive in the beginning. But you will never get what they promised. We sell stuff on amazon and ebay, the only thing Jazva can do right is print orders. We signed a year contract and hoping to use Jazva to streamline our tasks, which obviously the opposite. Our inventory was a mess when we do FBA plans. It takes so many steps to list one item, if you don't do it their way, you will end up with duplicate product IDs, then you have to figure out how to merge them or delete the original listings. It normally takes a couple of days to get one question answered. You must be extremely patient, otherwise, you will be called unprofessional. Long story short, we were forced to learn the application, had to get used to it to be able to run our business. The reason why we are still using Jazva is that we stuck, because we shared our data with them, and pretty much the back end of our business. Before we find a better solution, we have to use Jazva. But if you are still shopping around, stay away from Jazva, don't even let their salesperson get your emails! If Jazva had google review, they would have been out of business now!

  • Trampoline Pro

    Overall rating

    Not recommended in current state

    Not recommended in current state

    We’ve been with Jazva since October of 2018. We started using them because they advertised having a few key features that we could only find with a few other ecommerce software services.

    Some of my complaints detailed below have only recently begun. It seems like maybe an update around late March or early April is causing these issues, since they did not happen from October thru February. As of 5/29/19 none of these new errors has been fixed despite multiple requests. I will update this review if a new update fixes any of the errors.

    Pricing: For the 5000 orders per month package we pay under $2000 per month, which is fairly competitive for the features offered. The startup fee was $4000 which was a pretty big hurdle, but they did let us split it up. That being said, the $4000 was supposed to cover importing our SKUs and training on the software. Our SKUs did import, but training was woefully inadequate. Our “Onboarding Specialist” missed multiple scheduled meetings, and was incredibly unprofessional. The training he provided was the barest possible minimum, and I’ve since had to spend dozens of hours learning 90% of Jazva for myself.

    The Good: Jazva has a few things going for it, that we really like.
    • Rate shops the cheapest shipping option between UPS, FedEx, and USPS
    • Integrates with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (but errors out frequently, detailed below)
    • Allows multiple different SKUs to be grouped together under 1 master SKU
    • Kitting and inventory tracking work well
    • Location based order fulfillment for 2 or more warehouses works perfect. It correctly chooses the closest warehouse to the customer, and subtracts inventory correctly.
    • Handles orders between multiple channels (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc)
    • Warehouse system allows multiple companies and/or warehouses to be somewhat independent
    • System user restrictions are nice for limiting access for employees or contractors

    The Bad: These are things that are inconvenient, but we can live with them.
    • Reporting is next to impossible to navigate. If you want to download and excel spreadsheet of your monthly sales based on sales channel, or date, or any other metric, you’ll need a Jazva employee to build the report for you. It’s taken me hours of experimenting to understand the basics of their reporting system, and it truly is a nightmare. Even their own employees struggle with it.
    • QuickBooks integration is still very sparse, and does not work as expected. It took us months of back and forth with Jazva to fix a few problems. We’re still having issues with several QB related items, and Jazva has stopped responding to these requests.
    • Jazva’s servers are pretty slow. Searches, creating batches, requesting labels, etc. all take a second or two longer than you’d expect. This isn’t terrible, until you’re trying to fix major errors (detailed below), and those few seconds really start to add up.

    The Ugly: These are the errors that will drive you crazy, and make you not want to use Jazva
    • When printing a batch of orders Jazva will skip printing orders at random. If you’re only printing a few labels at a time it’s easy to catch, but when you’re printing 250 orders in a batch you have to do a count for every single batch. It’s incredibly time consuming, and there’s no way to selectively re-print multiple orders. You have to do it one order at a time. This has most definitely gotten us bad feedback, and 1-star reviews on Amazon.
    • When requesting Seller Fulfilled Prime labels from Amazon, Jazva sometimes does not retrieve the tracking number from Amazon. This errors out the entire batch, and you can’t print any labels after that error. You either have to wait for a Jazva Developer to manually reset your batch (usually several hours), or you print them directly from Amazon Seller Central.

    Hit word limit, but other issues exist.

  • lprodusa

    Overall rating

    Do Not Purchase

    Wow. Don't even know where to start. We were a little hesitant to choose Jazva at first because of the high setup cost. They promised us great features and even better results for our company. At first, they told us we were ahead of schedule to push live. This was only because our team was spending 9 hour days doing everything we could to get our products onto their platform. Once all our products were up everything crashed and burned. This is because they couldn't get our account to effectively connect to the apps, programs, and channels we needed most. We were so excited about the QuickBooks connection. When the time came for us to connect to QuickBooks, they told us that the connection was actually in BETA and that we couldn't use it. (ARE YOU KIDDING). This was not mentioned to us before we signed up and QuickBooks was the most important connection to us. If this were the only thing that went wrong we may have stuck with Jazva. The next issue was that we could not manually update our Amazon listings from Jazva because their developers had not mapped out the Beauty category. YOU THINK THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD US THIS BEFORE WE PAID SETUP COSTS!? So now we couldn't use the Amazon connection because all our products are Beauty products. I wish it would've ended there as well. Come to find out our Walmart connection didn't work either. At this point, we had enough. Literally, the only features we wanted were the ones that absolutely did not work. I don't know how they can sell this software if it does not even work. When we told them we were done and wanted a refund they stopped all communication with us. They literally went MIA for 3 days until we kept following up with them. When they FINALLY replied they told us our account had been terminated but no refund possible. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME AND FIND ANOTHER SOFTWARE SOLUTION.

    Update: Jazva did reach out to us and amend for the damages they caused us. They worked with us to find a fair solution.

  • annoyed

    Overall rating

    False advertisement of features, Customer support is worse!

    Nothing good about this company. Software is cluncky, not User friendly, does not do anything automatically accept sync inventory. Don't let them lie to you about listing to marketplaces, as it is sooooo restricted, and repricer?? doesn't work!, Can't update pricing without clicking marketplace, changin price, then clicking to push the update drown menu, then can push. And this is same process if you need to adjust inventory. Can't edit listings, even the blogs are lies on the comparison side.

    Can't delete products from system, warehousing?? simple program that doesn't even do it well... Can't even delete a PO, the ones to create for practice in the beginning if you mess up that's it.

    Support is obsolete. Sales will lie to you about features. Account managers goto school M-Thurs, so no support given, as all the support team goes to ask that person, as the support team only knows how to navigate the system, not fix problems... Terrible!

  • rdubach

    Overall rating

    Customer support is terrible

    What were the positives?

    In theory this should make our lives easier and I can see where it might should we ever get enough help to understand where the bugs are creeping up.

    Any negatives?

    CUSTOMER SERVICE. I'm sitting on customer service chat right now and it's been over two hours to get an answer to a simple question. If you are like me and a small business owner you need solutions when you have time to work on the problems. Asking a question and getting a response 10 hours later doesn't really work. More often than not I get the dreaded, "We are researching your problem." I've learned that's code for we don't know how to answer this so let's see if they just forget to ask us again. In the meantime I lose thousands in profits on missed sales. NOT COOL.


    The support was terrible.

    1. Reply from Jazva

      Dear @rdubach
      It is only through feedback such as yours that we are able to maintain and improve, where necessary, upon the service that we provide our valued clients. We do want to extend, with all sincerity an apology, although we acknowledge that it will not alter the outcome of your experience on this occasion. While your issue may not have been fully resolved within an acceptable timeframe, our employees do take into consideration that your time is valuable and are expected to respond in a timely manner to acknowledge your concern and/or issue.

      With that being said, some cases do require our developers or product team to do a thorough analysis of the case at hand, and rushing through this process is not something we can jeopardize for the sake of providing a quick resolution. Again, please accept our apology, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

  • belle950

    Overall rating

    Logistics made easy!

    What were the positives?

    We like that it's an all inclusive system that allows us to do everything we need to operate in one Warehouse Management System. We can receive, inventory manage, process orders, ship, etc. We are very happy that we found this solution and highly recommend this system for mid-size+ companies.

    Any negatives?

    Theres always room for improvement, and Jazva is always ahead of the game, implementing improvements that we having even thought of yet!


    They have immediate support and will help and fix minor issues quickly.

  • eecenterprises88

    Overall rating

    EEC Enterprise

    Great system. I am able to run with 1 warehouse person to get all my shipments out within that day. I am also able to have an accurate inventory and also able to see my sales on opertions remotely. Since it is a web based program. Give it 5 stars

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