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JPEGbay offers image hosting for eBay.

Simple to use, generates HTML code, supports image manipulation (rotation, watermarking, caption), tracks usage, and more.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
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$9 for 3 months or $19 for 12 months.

Trial Length: 1 month

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  • Serban

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    So good! Simple & fast!

    What were the positives?

    Very fast upload, very simple interface, links work perfectly on eBay. Pictures load up very fast.

    Any negatives?

    None. Very happy for now at least. I am yet to see if/what the adds in the free version are.


    I think this is the best eBay photo sharing option these days (February 2021).

  • Charles W Dorst

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Super simple to use and you get a 30 day free trial.

    What were the positives?

    The simplicity of use coupled with great instructions.

    Any negatives?

    None so far.


    Appears to me to be a great addition to Ebay auctions.

  • nigel.dicks

    Overall rating

    Excellent Support Staff

    I am a big seller on eBay and Amazon and have been using JPEGbay for years with nothing but praise for the ease of use of the website in general but more importantly the Support Staff. Yesterday I asked if something could be made better and today it was changed. Nothing seems to be too much for these guys. If you are reading this and are wondering if JPEGbay is better than the others, let me tell you. If I take a load of photos on my Iphone and then open JPEGbay on my phone, I can press Add Photos and then select the photos in Bulk which I have just taken, JPEGbay then uploads them so I can then pop onto my Laptop when ready and use the Links to add into the relevant listings. No downloading the photos from a memory card or waiting, all my galleries are organised online forever when I ever need them. Thanks Guys. Nigel.

  • kevbignob

    Overall rating


    Brilliant, easy to use and really effective. Thanks guys, no need for me to mess about with uploading pics to my website to be able to use them on eBay anymore, simlpy upload to JPEGbay, copy the html and Bob's your Dad's Brother...

  • nanlew25

    Overall rating

    Awesome Deal, Easy to use, no pressure!

    It is rare indeed that one can actually find a site that actually does for free exactly what they say they'll do and they do it with NO PRESSURE, NO SIGN UP. Of course we have an option of signing up and also getting a very inexpensive, perk filled premium type of plan. I feel, by the way I was treated so well, that if I ever need this type of service, JPEGBAY is the one that I will permanently hook up with.

    Even Better, The experience of viewing the images is very simple and direct. They don't clutter up your auction listing with a bunch of advertising and page redirecting designed to lead your buyers away from your listing.

    The Best Part? Even a 7 year old Kid could do this in 3 minutes or less. I just now added 31 Extra images to the bottom of one of my Ebay listings and I was done and had my code in under 2 minutes and I am not, -in any way- a computer whiz.

    Thank YOU JPEGbay!

  • stefano5981

    Overall rating

    spettacolare!! great, 5 stars

    bellissimo e utilissimo sito per caricare in un attimo le foto da usare per la inserzioni ebay.

    beautiful and useful site to load photos to be used for the insertions ebay .

  • oldcostumejewelry

    Overall rating

    Best Best Best

    I've used JPEGbay since Village Photos crashed years ago. Though I was upset about VP it was actually a good thing because I found this site. I researched many photo sites, especially the ones used for ebay, but this one is by far the easiest to use and also the best value. I am paying WAY less than I was with VP and believe I'm still paying less that the other sites (though I haven't checked in years now). You can see my photos on ebay or on my website oldcostumejewelry.com to check it out. My user ID on ebay is oldcostmejewelry.You really need to check this out, you'll be pleasantly surprised if not amazed at the ease of use here as well as the cost for upgraded paid accounts. $2 per month is awesome! By the way, They have never been down since I've been with them, about 4 years.

  • nouveaunell

    Overall rating

    I LOVE JPEGbay........xxx

    JPEGbay is soooo simple to use, I have tried the rest now I use the best.

    It has got lots of features, its format is clear, the instructions are good and best of all its reliable. Its always there for me, I have used JPEGbay from the start and never and problems...I LOVE JPEGbay.

  • sigasco

    Overall rating

    Absolutely Fantastic

    I use JPEGbay for my eBay listings and am very happy with it.
    Very quick and easy to use.
    Often I was finding that with cetain listings 12 photo's (ebay' max) was not enough, but now I can insert/embed as many as I like directly into my listings.
    This has the added bonus that any potential buyers dont have to keep scrolling up to view ebay photo's again and again as they decide if they want the item I am selling, they can view it at the same time as reading the description.
    Also I get enlarged photo's with jpegbay whereas with eBay I woud have to pay silly prices for LARGE photo's.
    I would recommend jpegbay to anyone and often do!
    If you havent got it...GET IT!!!

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