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Kyozou is an end-to-end inventory management software solution handling the day-to-day operations of online sales.

With integrations to Amazon, eBay, Newegg and seller's own webstore, Kyozou helps online sellers manage stocking multiple warehouses, multi-channel listings management, inventory management with quantity synchronization across all channels, shipping with several carriers and feedback processing

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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Trial Length: Free trial available for sample data.

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • Newegg
  • Reverb
  • Canada Post
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Shopzilla
  • Authorize.Net
  • PayPal
  • Yahoo Stores

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  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    Exactly what I wanted

    Any negatives?



    Thanks for being so awesome

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Bummer what just happens

    What were the positives?

    everything used to be positive when something went wrong it was fixed got a reply the day of or the day after

    Any negatives?

    my listings aren't showing the description, I messaged them multiple times it takes for ever to get a reply. this is horrible


    bummer it changed on my in November

  • Keifer27

    Overall rating

    Loving Kyozou

    I am loving Kyozou. There is so much the software can do! The one on one setup help and training was amazing. Answers to questions and support is just an email away and answered in a timely manner. I really love that you can create just one listing and then launch it to multiple site and venues with just a couple clicks. The only con for me is that I would love to have more instructional videos or even some webinars about the many different features of the software. I learn much better from videos.

  • Coastmountaindiesl

    Overall rating

    Unparalleled Service

    Seamless integration, allstar support team. If you sell on multiple platforms, this is the most important tool in your arsenal.

    The support team has been quick to come.up with solutions to all new business problems. It is almost instantaneous to get help when you require it. The team is patient in training, and works behind the scene so everything is easy and tailor made.

    I have been impressed by their willingness to work with our budget, suggestions for growth, and willingness to go the extra mile for our company.

    My only concern is occasional connectivity issues on the back end, but we are in a rural area with slow internet so that I'm sure comes into play.

  • Amy Cool

    Overall rating

    I couldn't run my eBay store without Kyozou.

    I have a jewelry store on eBay with about 12,000 listings and couldn't run my store without Kyozou. I did look at some other listing tool companies but found that they were either outrageously expensive or not set up right for a company like mine, where each piece is an individual listing. I don't sell multiples of a single item. I only have one of each thing I post.

    Kyozou is always a step ahead of me. When eBay issued new rules about picture size, it would have been impossible for me to resize the pictures on 12,000 listings. Changing each picture individually would have taken me 6 months and could have put me out of business. Kyozou was there with a program prepared. They ran my entire store- all 12,000 listings- through their program in a single day and resized all my pictures. It was literally 6 months worth of work for me that they did in one afternoon.

    I could go on and on. The service is great- it is personal and professional.

    I am not a high tech person. Kyozou taught me how to use their system and any time I have a question or need help, the tech people are right there to walk me through.

    The fee I pay is totally worth the service.

    Absolutely. Five. Stars.


    Overall rating

    A great partner for our business

    We have been with Kyozou for 8 years now and could not be happier! We've tried several other platforms and without any hesitation can say that Kyozou is the best online cloud inventory management and order processing system. We manage more than 60000 products in 10 warehouses! More than 10000 live listings on Amazon, eBay, Newegg and our own Kyozou eCommerce Webstore. 100s of daily orders processed and shipped daily right through their platform. Lots of other useful features and integration options. THANK YOU! ?

  • Buyjjsstuff

    Overall rating

    Awesome support

    What were the positives?

    Excellent onboarding training program that ensures you have complete understanding. Also the continued support is awesome and helps to ensure success

    Any negatives?

    I am happy with everything. The software has organized my inventory. This was a huge time savings with pulling orders. I also love how it allows me to ship orders from all sites on one platform


    Awesome support that goes above and beyond to ensure your issues are resolved promptly.

  • Ming Foong Kow

    Overall rating

    Best Listing Tools for Ebay

    Have been using Kyozuo for 2 years and it is the best listing tool for ebay. Comprehensive and easy to use. Support is very good. Solve many of our issues and trouble for handling multiple account especially in stock control.

    They support response time is very fast. Always willing to help to solve our issues and always keep us updated. Support staff is very friendly. Every now and then they will provide us our acount review and performance. Will keep us up to date on ebay new rules and assist us to change our listing accordingly.

  • werdvds

    Overall rating

    Has helped my business for over 10 years

    I have used Kyozou for at least 10 years. Their support staff have always been quick to respond and very helpful. Their program has made it very easy to keep all my inventory organized and I have saved a lot of time by using them.
    I do like that I can keep my inventory organized across several selling platforms. Using just Kyozou to adjust things in each selling market makes things quite easy to update.
    As far as Cons go, I feel like the price is a little high, but when I compare to their competition I find that they are one of the cheaper options so have settled on accepting their billing. I also feel like their UI is not the easiest to navigate, but once you figure it out, it comes second-nature to navigate.
    Also, I don't rate anyone 5 stars unless it absolutely blows my mind!

  • ageassets

    Overall rating

    Kyozou is simply AMAZING!

    I have used Kyozou's products and services since 2006 and I can truly say there aren't many companies that can compare in price and service! They are an AMAZING VALUE with a superior product and customer service!

    Their system is easy to figure out and they have become better and better with every year! Being able to have FULL CONTROL over Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, Creating Listings and Templates, and Order/Shipping/Fulfillment across multiple platforms is just AMAZING!

    Get EVERYTHING you need to take your online marketplace business sales to the next level with KYOZOU!


  • CalebBay

    Overall rating

    The only solution that actually works

    I have used e-com dash, sellbright, sellervantage, crosspostit, sifm, and other solutions that do the same thing. NONE of them do it right. Kyozou is the only solution that does what it says it does, right, the first time. They didn't build a solution, sell it, and move on to other projects. The software is maintained and updated with ever changing rules of the sales channels it utilizes. Great support and training are also part of what makes this solution work well. This started paying for itself before I had to start paying for it. I can list more items, to more channels, faster, with less mistakes. If your not using this software your doing it wrong

  • julie587

    Overall rating

    Kyozou, a Professional Company To Have Behind You!

    We have been with Kyozou since 2013! 🙂
    It has been a great 5 years! Kyozou has helped our business grow, and we are now branched out in many different market places. This is due to their professionalism, integrity, honesty, and their passion in helping our company grow strong!
    Most companies are all about the money and how much will they make from you. Kyozou has been fair in their costs. They dont gouge you with extras.
    All businesses have there problems and issues, and we have had them too, this is all part of doing business and growing a company. Any company saying they dont ...well there just not being honest.
    Kyozou has strived to go the distance when there is a problem. They will email us with responses to the issues and even phone us, they are right there to help us work out the problem, and any problems or issues have been taken care of in a timely manner.
    With the new system improvements for being PCI Compliant over the last year they have continually helped by improving there system so our Web sites can be a safe place to shop. Being PCI compliant is very important to us. We want our customers to know there information is protected and can safely shop our web sites. All online businesses take time and dedication, we are very pleased to have Kyozou behind us helping our business grow.

  • Wes Rehfeld

    Overall rating

    Great warehouse mgmt system with multiple selling platforms

    Customer service has been great, from start of the onboarding program to the end we were handled by a single customer service rep, Reid. Onboarding and training were done when it worked best for me. We have been with Kyozuo for over 3 years now and I have enjoyed their continued product updates and support. Our current rep is Dave, we Skype any issues or problems and they are addressed asap.
    I look forward to their continued growth to other seller platforms. The ease of loading on my webstore, eBay, and Amazon, all at the same time is a great time saver.
    We look forward to may more years with Kyozou.
    Wes Rehfeld
    Vice President

  • sponga84

    Overall rating

    GREAT platform for Mid-Large sellers

    Very capable and extensive software, available from everywhere as it is a cloud service.
    Lots of features, including inventory management, bulk editing, spreadsheet import and export, all major venues supported and quantity is shared among them, and also build in e-com capabilities supporting multiple templates, no more separate payments to magento or shopify for same service! 😀
    They've been around for many years, so the team is very knowledgeable and also they provide your own rep to handle the onboarding and training for the fraction of the price of an external integrator.
    Support team is available via chat, email or phone
    The only drawback is that the system takes some time to learn as it has lots of menus, but it is definitely worth the time.

    disclosure - I was involved with Kyozou in business activity in the past, therefore I know the product and the company from inside out, however I still can assure that my review is genuine and accurate.

  • alongtimepoweruser

    Overall rating

    An extremely unprofessional company with poor systems

    Kyozou, on the face of it offered a good, feature rich, back office system, integration with marketplaces (eBay, Amazon and ecommerce site), personalised customer service at a mid range price.

    Unfortunately, in reality, this was not the case:

    Initial promises were not kept:
    •There is no turnkey ecommerce site, while some extremely dated templates exist, an ecommerce website must be created from scratch.
    • Implementation of an ecommerce site didn't occur despite waiting over two months
    • Importing of items missed a lot of photographs and text formatting was lost

    The back office system was extremely buggy:
    • ActiveX makes the system very slow
    • Kyozou is only compatible with IE on Windows (it is not Mac compatible)
    • Poor design: The checkout system is very awkward to manage, several lists have overlap, the listing process is overly complex, very minimal amazon support, non-standard terminology, outdated templates

    The turnkey ecommerce solution promised did not exist:
    • The ecommerce solution is non-existant and has to be built for you by Kyozou, they will not accept an ecommerce template developed for you by someone else and will attempt to sell you their service for a high fee (over US$1000). I should point out that all of the example customers they showed me did not rank in the top 100 hits of a google search when I tested their search engine visibility using some pretty specific key words. They claim to provide SEO for an additional fee of several hundred US$ a month.

    I was also assigned an account manager whose approach was one of the most unprofessional I have ever encountered. Apart from some off colour racist comments, unclear, overly lengthy discussions and general immaturity, he decided, without authorisation, to insert a Kyozou checkout link at the bottom of my listings. When I asked him to remove it he revised all listings with incomplete data as had been imported to Kyozou. This meant incorrect prices and descriptions on all listings. I told him in a professional manner this unauthorised activity was unacceptable and that there could be no further miscommunication, he proceeded to berate me and wrote that I should be thankful to him as my old templates were 'horrid'. After trying to salvage the situation several times and receiving childish vitriol back, (I have the emails to prove this) I ended the relationship. I was then left to salvage what was left of my business, fortunately I was able to do so in time for Christmas.

    Slightly off topic, but Kyozou also has no method to open a facebook store (they suggested a third party option) or have a mobile compatible store.

    To be fair they did implement, after several weeks, correct shipping label sizes at no charge.

    My experience has been that Kyozou has little control over its employees and internal procedures, furthermore I have seen little evidence to suggest they have upgraded their systems in years apart from general patching (no one uses ActiveX any more). This I can deal with, but the authorised revision of listings on eBay has a material cost that is unacceptable to anyone who is in need of an inventory management system. If Kyozou cannot ensure their staff abide by this simple premise then they have no business providing this service.

    Avoid at all costs.

  • Buyer

    Overall rating

    Horrible experience

    Horrible experience, absolutely horrible, I was promised Amazon when their Amazon capability virtually doesn't exist. They lie to your face and pretend that they care. Their Support services are terrible, it seems like they don't know their own program. Unless you liked being lied to don't waste your money! Would give them 0 Stars (one is too good for them)

  • Platinum-PowerSeller

    Overall rating

    Kyozou was not right for me, but it may work for you - Do your research, start here...

    After months of research into various selling solution providers & numerous phone calls, Kyozou seemed to have all of the features that I wanted, such as multiple marketplace management, inventory control, automation processes, and an eBay certified provider. Kyozou’s software platform looked good on the surface, but had technical problems & lacked many features for eBay, Amazon, and e-commerce (website) integration. After my ~2 month experience with Kyozou (Aug 2010 – Oct 2010), I canceled my service on bad terms. However, a representative from Kyozou did contact me to bring me some satisfaction after canceling.
    Here are some things which you should check prior to signing up with Kyozou (note: some of these may have been changed since I used the service):
    • Kyozou has one of the best web interfaces for adding/editing products. However, ActiveX plug-ins do slow it down
    • eBay item specifics are set at item level (versus template level), which is good for anyone with a lot of varying item specifics
    • No Contracts, but a terms of use exists to which you must agree to login to the site
    • USPS shipping options are:
    1. Pay $0.20 per label for direct Endicia integration.
    2. Bulk label processing through import/export from Kyozou to Endica Dazzle
    3. Manually add tracking number, shipping carrier/service, & shipping cost
    • Best Offer – if you use best offer, YOU CANNOT SET AUTO ACCEPT/DECLINE LIMITS PER ITEM. Kyozou has a GLOBAL setting, which can apply the limits based on a percentage.
    • Generic Shipping options – If you like to use Generic shipping options, such as ‘Standard Flat Rate Shipping’, Kyozou did not support this. The closest they had was to choose ‘other’, which maps to ‘Economy Shipping’
    • e-commerce (website) is extremely basic & lacks many features such as Checkout with/without account, wish list, display shipping charges in cart, site-specific shipping/images (uses same as eBay), etc. Kyozou can customize this for you at a price
    • Amazon integration was very basic. At that time only listing against ASIN – this should now be improved…
    • There is a hidden features of Kyozou called ‘Virtual Products’ that must be enabled on their end. This is useful for creating multiple eBay titles for the same product.
    • No automation for unsold items to be put back into inventory
    • No apparent way to export product data (all exports tested only provided partial data)

  • levmans

    Overall rating

    Kyozou is a awesome software, don't be fooled.

    I been reading through some of the reviews here on this site about Kyozou and i must say that some of you are totally mistaken, i been using Kyozou now for about a year and i am very happy with the service, customer support and software. As an ex eBay employee i knew there was a lot of options for software, but i did not just want any software, i wanted a software that was going to make me successful on eBay and various other channels including my warehouse, i had talked to many power sellers over the time i worked at eBay many which used Kyozou and loved it, when i went into a demonstration of Kyozou i was treated as if they really cared about my business and making me more successful by pointing out the holes that i had in my business and how their software was going to make me more efficient and profitable. Since that day i signed onto Kyozou i had no regrets and must say my business runs smoother then ever. Once in a blue moon there maybe a problem with the software but they are quick to resolve the issue when i call, besides what software do you know that does not have a glitch of two that has to be fixed.

    We probably sell and ship around 80 packages a day, having Kyozou has made that possible, we know that the longer we sell online with the right tools the better our business is going to get with traffic and sales.

    You can always go out and find a solution for your business, but at the end of the day you need a solution that is flexible for your business, the is cost effective, and great customer support. As an Ex-eBay employee i'm telling you 110% Kyozou is the right choice for any online seller.

  • Dan_the_man

    Overall rating

    Been on board with Kyozou for just over 2 years now and I gotta say - don't listen to these haters!

    We've been on board with Kyozou for just over 2 years now and I gotta say - don't listen to these haters!

    One of my workers came by today and showed me the bad reviews Kyozou's got and I had to reply.

    Let's put it like this:

    Yes, we've run into some bugs using the Kyozou software but all of them were fixed in a timely manner and nothing was ever that drastic where it really impacted us on a big level.

    Yes, we've seen the occasional error screen when trying to load a page - but the last time happened was over a year ago. I think Kyozou was growing so fast that they needed to update or increase their server bandwidth, and they did - I noticed a difference in speed too, it's real snappy now.

    Yes, Kyozou does not do EVERYTHING! This is the one thing I never get.. Folks expect to sign up for a service and have it fit them like a glove. WAKE UP PEOPLE, NOT GONNA HAPPEN! You want something that fits you like a glove? Shell out $100K for a custom software (like we were about to do) and then pay another $15K every 3 months when eBay makes updates to maintain it.

    When we started with Kyozou, our eBay department had 2 employees (me being one of them). We were listing 20 items a day, and shipping about 80 orders a week. (We sell high-end sports apparel and gear so that was a pretty good ratio for us). Now we got 7 employees (2 shippers, 3 listers/inventory people, 1 customer service/email, and me) and now we're doing about 150-200 listings a day, and shipping 500 orders on a bad week.

    All I know, is Kyozou did us a lot of good - we have our Kyozou account manager to thank for a lot of it too. He knows what he's talking about, when he tells us to jump - we ask how high?

    Anyways, as you can see by how long this post is - I really feel strongly about Kyozou, their level of support, and the way they treat us. In the last two years, I've been promoted 3 times, we've tripled our staff in the eBay room, and the owner bought a Ferrari (no joke!).


  • yoyo

    Overall rating


    As a current Kyozou customer (for 3+ years), I have to agree with the two most current reviews. Kyozou says they are integrated with Half and Amazon? That is a bold face lie! They are partially integrated with Amazon, and not at all with half. The Amazon integration is really frustrating at times and really needs a complete overhaul. Of course, they say they are "working on it"...

    The customer support is really our main beef with these people - they have NO support. I honestly believe that I know more about their platform than their tech support people. I am no developer, but it appears that the architecture was put together over a number of years by different people with widely varying mentalities and abilities. This gives us a product that has no continuity, and is hard to figure out. Also, we deal with repeat problems over and over and over...

    One star - that's all they deserve

  • labelleschina

    Overall rating

    If you are considering using kyozou............RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!

    Horrible...we were with kyozou for almost 2 years. Not only is it fairly expensive, we were paying over 500.00 per month, but tech support is virtually nonexistent. If you love to be told that it is 'user error' over and over again, then by all means go ahead and sign up. Their promises are worthless. We were told that they could track everything that a user did, well that simply is horse patoties. Their last major screwup cost us several hundred dollars, when we asked them to provide the data to support their position that it was, yet again, supposedly user error, we were advised it was not possible, there simply couldn't store the data on their servers.

    Even when they actually admitted the problem was on their end, they then tried to convince us that the restored data was current, again, horse patoties, the data was a least two weeks old. It was a disaster...

    During the two years, at least 5 MAJOR screw ups and each and every time, WE had to mange the 'fix', costing us countless time and expense.

    RUN, Run, run

    1. Reply from Kyozou

      Hello Susan,
      I am new to Kyozou and would like to talk with you regarding your feedback on this forum. I have sent you an email to invite a conversation and hopefully understand more about your thoughts on this posting and where we may have failed you as a Kyozou client. You can reach me at 1-877-596-0081 at your convenience and would appreciate the opportunity to hear your side of this situation.
      Best regards.

      Chris Jordan
      Sales manager
      Kyozou Inc.

  • marc

    Overall rating


    i have spent the last few months working with kyozou on a business web site that i work for..believe me when i tell you..they are the BEST!! Kyozou rocks!! nothing like them and their entire support team is just beyond par!! WAY to GO!! and thanks so much for all of your help and continuous efforts in upkeeping the business web site!! highly reccomended!!


  • goldseller

    Overall rating

    Saves time moves more volume

    We have over 10k sku #s their system helped us out! Give them a try you will be happy! Call in let a rep give you a full demo. Then play with this demo for a few days its easy to use but over whelming at first. Tech support has always resolved our issues quickly.

  • allstarsalez

    Overall rating

    Kyozou helped us successfully boost and manage our eBay sales

    We've been using Kyozou for over 2 years now to sell motorized vehicles on eBay. In that time, Kyozou has helped us become the largest seller four wheels, bikes, dirt bikes, choppers etc in the country.

    Before Kyozou, we were all over the place, it took us at least three times as long to get things done as after we started using Kyozou. Kyozou gave us inventory control that allowed us to track and find our stuff in the warehouse.

    Kyozou gave us automatic listing management without which we'd still spend hours every day to post and re-list our items. We now ship everything through Kyozou (automatically), no more copying and pasting into the UPS program to ship stuff. We get all our reports from Kyozou too and now know just what sells and what to promote.

    Also, in the next short while, Kyozou will be building our website for us and doing the search marketing for it as well. In our experience, it's a great system from people who really know their stuff.

    Do not listen to these whiners, KYOZOU guys are the best in business PERIOD.


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