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LetterTrack provides eBay sellers and other online retailers with the ability to track letter sized mailpieces. LetterTrack Pro prints an intelligent mail barcode above the address which provides the buyer and seller with real time tracking emails each time the mailpiece is scanned at a USPS facility.

Print directly to envelopes or address labels then apply regular postage to mailpieces. It costs between $.18 and $.32 per transaction to send a mailpiece via LetterTrack.

  • API
  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States

Pricing & Trial

From $16 ($.32 per transaction) to $180 ($.18 per transaction)

Trial Length: 5 free transactions

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  • edvalecar

    Overall rating


    Incredible Customer Service

    I've been using LetterTrack Pro for about a year now, mostly because it allows me to send low-cost tracked letters. I thought it was good with fair pricing, and that was about it.

    A few days ago, I asked if a certain feature (a better way to access tracking links) was available, and the customer service blew my mind. Todd got back to me within minutes, and later that day, he let me know that a developer had made a change to make things easier. I asked if it was possible to export the links in a CSV, and he said he would get a developer on it ASAP and that it would be possible in a few days.

    Talk about customer service! This just isn't something you see anymore these days, and was a refreshing change of pace.

  • idtagsonline

    Overall rating


    LetterTrack Pro - new way to track First Class mail

    We just started to use LetterTrack Pro, and we see that it provides great benefits. It allows for cost-efficient delivery confirmation for the USPS First Class Service, which protects sellers from frivolous complaints and improves shipping matrices on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Ebay. We would definitely recommend LetterTrack Pro service for everybody who is involved in online selling.
    You can try to use free trail option to send 5 letters and check tracking . There is nothing to loose, but a lot to gain!
    Victor, LLC, Michigan.:)

  • Weblori

    Overall rating


    LetterTrack Pro is Good to Go!

    I have used LetterTrack Pro for the past few months without any issues (that were not created by me).. 😀

    I use it to allow customers and me to track Letters and Manila envelopes sent in the US and PR. I average 0.24 cents per letter for the scan-able barcode + .55 USPS postage. this is far less expensive than paying almost $3.00 for items that weigh less than an ounce (or add 0.20 for the additional ounce postage stamp).

    I have used it for 240 letters so far. I have had 2 ebay customers state that they did not receive their order - I sent them the LetterTrack Pro information & the address it was mailed to so they know which day the Letter was out for delivery. 1 of the customers actually forgot to update their mailing address in paypal - when I got the undelivered letter back - I resent it to her new address and tracked that too. The 2nd customer was scheduled to receive the letter the next day - they were impatient.

    Just a side note - usps also has a feature called informed delivery - where they post picture images of the letters to be delivered that day. They keep 7 days of history on their website. Your customers can use that feature also to look for the letter on the day it was flagged as out for delivery - so they can see the post office had it in their possession on the day of delivery.

    I have also asked paypal & ebay to add LetterTrackPro as an option to add the tracking number when we mark the order as shipped - no clue yet if they will do that.

  • PopeyesPostcards

    Overall rating


    I've used Lettertrack Pro exclusively on thousands mailings

    I sell thousands of small value postcards online every year. I offer free shipping to my customers and I ship with just a 1st class Forever stamp. I needed a way to offer them (and myself) piece of mind that I shipped their item. LetterTrack Pro sends my customers an email every time their item passes through a USPS sorting center. They can watch their item as it travels to them. They also get emails letting them know that their item is expected to be out for delivery on a certain day. We also get to watch first hand how messed up the mail system is. I've tracked letters going from Maryland to Chicago on their way to Florida. I've watched the mis-routes and delays caused by the USPS on the LetterTrack Pro tracking site. Mail gets mis-routed all of the time. LetterTrack Pro helps minimize both buyers' and sellers' anxiety and uncertainty over "where is the item?" As an eCommerce seller, saving money, while providing a quality service is one of the keys to a successful business. The piece of mind this service provides far outweighs the minimal cost. Their customer service is top notch. They've quickly helped me work through what has always been issues caused by me.

  • Connie Kraft

    Overall rating



    I have been using LetterTrack's service for several months and I am extremely pleased. I sell on ebay and this service assists me with mail that is sent using postage only stamps. This is not tracking provided by or available with usps, but a barcode that with receives scans at usps sorting facilities. If you upload your customers information properly they will receive email notifications each time the item receives a scan. Customers then know there item has been mailed via the scan and not simply via the seller. The service has been great for me, the cost is minimal and my customers can see the progress of their item while in transit. This progress is only visible through lettertrack, not usps. They will need to use the link they receive in the emails. Sometimes pieces will miss scans, and that is to be expected, but the percentage is very low and 99.9% of my pieces have been delivered even without scans. Mail does get lost, this service is not going to prevent that, that is a usps problem. I do not tell my customers about the service in advance. I do not charge them for it and I do not want their expectations to exceed the service that is available. I have received very nice messages from customers who were amazed with the service of lettertrack. Not to mention the customer service provided by the company is outstanding!! So to sum it up: A GREAT SERVICE, LOW COST, HAPPY CUSTOMERS ALL EQUALS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS!

  • Rob Atkins

    Overall rating


    100% failure

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    It could have worked at least once.


    The support gave a fast response

    I tried the trial 5 free trackings- all mail delivered but not one scan or email from them saying it was scanned along the way- 100% failure

    i have an ebay business that could really use this service. I am glad I did not buy anything before the trial. I promised some customers that I would scan these and promoted what they said they were going to do. I got nothing but grief. try before you buy

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