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Large liquidation marketplace. Registration includes option to join sister site Government Liquidation.

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There is no registration fee for buyers. Winning bidders pay the final auction price, the buyer's premium, applicable taxes, and appropriate shipping fees.

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  • AJ

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    Pictures show 8 oz received 2 oz

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    The auction had a manifest: 50 pcs of Bliss Fat Girl Scrub New. Issue #1: Received 50 pcs and they were the trial size 2 oz which is normally sold in a box with 2 bliss 2oz products, not the full size 8oz as shown on the pictures. It also did not come in the box. Any item considered "new" must have all pieces including the box if applicable. Pictures and research show the item is sold in a box. The seller misrepresented the size of the item and condition. I received like new condition not new. Issue #2: Received 25 pcs of Bliss Fat Girl Scrub and another 25 pcs of some other Random Bliss Fat Girl Sleep product. Not included in the manifest. Missing other 25 pcs of Bliss Far Girl Scrub. Issue #3: Photos under in the listing were extremely blurry and did not show the FL oz. The listing has photos of the full 8oz size with the box. However, I did not receive the full size instead received 2oz without the box. failed to grant a full refund due to the multiple deceptive practices used by their third party seller and failed to provide a full refund. I disputed the charge with my bank and will be deactivating my account. I knew this prior to dispute and I am okay with never using the company again. Reporting to proper authorities for the failure to do the right thing when I express concerns regarding the falsely advertised and deceptive transaction. Which btw is illegal and I can sue and request treble damages! Tip: Learn about the deceptive trade practices act before conducting business.


    Overall do not recommend. If you suffer worse issues please sue them.

  • fullbins

    Overall rating

    Avoid at all costs

    I have purchased some good products from them and as long as you can pickup you are relatively safe. You need to inspect your items carefully. Do not accept them if you are not happy. The descriptions from one warehouse to another are very different. I do not think any training went into the grading of the products. If you run into a problem look out! The customer service is poor at best. I am shocked by the rudness and horrible attitude of them. Like the other reviewer wrote "they make a decision and thqat is it". Well it does not have to be but if you dispute it on your credit card they suspend you from the site. The decision makers hide behind email addresses and get to you when they feel like it.. There professional packing is a joke! Don'ttake my word for it but watchout if you don't you'll be in hear sharing your experience next. Good Luck

  • ddarreng

    Overall rating

    Highly accessible yet buyer unfriendly bulk auction site.

    I have been using for more than a year with mixed results. I tend to be a conservative auction attendee, and yet still manage to be on the losing end of this auction websites decisions during dispute processes. Of the five auctions I have won, I found that two where not as advertised/missing items. That is bad enough but the resolution process was slanted in favor of the seller both times. If you plan to bid be sure to keep in mind the quantity variance listed on the auction, because if you have a quantity dispute the variance will be taken into account against you automatically. That means you (the buyer) are never going to see this merchandise. The process also has no appeal so once makes a decision you are stuck with whatever they decide.

    On the pro side you do not need a resale or tax id number to make purchases like some wholesale auction websites. The website is easy to use although the search software is a bit quirky.

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