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logicsale scans every 3-5 minutes via Intelligent Scan Manager. Win, hold, and increase prices in the BuyBox with BuyBoxCatcher feature. Potential View analyses the shop's current position on the market and identifies opportunities to gain more margins and sales outside of the min and max ranges. List items under all existing ASINs with ASIN Multi Link. Unlimited strategies such as exclude competition and compete FBA vs FBA. Personal service specialist by phone and email. ERP system compatible.

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  • Worldwide
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Pricing & Trial

Prices range from £0.06 to £0.26 per item on the 3 month contract, depending on the number of items.
The minimum monthly payment is £47.50.
Plus handling fees.

Trial Length: 10 days

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    Ease of Use

    Time lost

    What were the positives?

    The software worked fine for 2 months. But at the first problem with Ebay, everything froze. They failed to resolve!

    Any negatives?

    They dumped the responsibility on Ebay, we had to terminate the contract. As a seller, I lost 2 months of work due to having to manually associate hundreds of listings.


    Sorry, but they are unreliable and inexperienced

  • Karen @ Glue Galore

    Overall rating

    Great software / great staff

    As with anything, there will always be good and bad reviews. I have seen negative reviews because amazon now offer a free re-pricer and Logicsale charge. Feel free to use the amazon repricer - all it will do it is price all your items at the base price and loose you margin. I have used several re-pricers over the years and have stuck with logicsale for 2 years now. Logicsale will move your price up and down to get the buy box...unlike Amazon free repricer!
    Other negative feedback concerns their cancellation policy i.e. a physical letter delivered to their door - as a customer I fell foul of this and agree it was wrong. However, Logicsale have listened to their customers and you can now cancel via email.
    The logicsale system is really flexible and allows you to set up specific re-pricing rules to run however you want them. It is a great price of software. The staff there are really knowledgeable and have assisted me in all sorts of different areas concerning my business - not just repricing.
    If you are looking for a good re-pricer I would really give Logicsale a try.

  • Kevin Smith

    Overall rating

    Horrible! Please don't make the mistakes I made!!!

    :evil:I got a call in Nov 2016 to sign up with LogicSale to help with my Amazon sales in USA. I was skeptical but the sales rep was nice so I have her a try. She made me send her and email that I agree for 12 month at $290/m fee. In summer of 2017, I saw that amazon provides the re-pricing for free. I asked to cancel my LogicSale or at least to hold it so I try amazon. I was told that I must pay until Nov 2017 and than it will be canceled and the rep promised to put notes into my account. In Oct/Nov, the rep kept lying to me that amazon is horrible and they re-price once a day, or once an hour, and if I switch, I will lose my sales. I kept paying each month but I was getting very few sales now. I saw that my competition on amazon is always in the BuyBox and I'm not. I kept calling my sales rep and every time I was told that IT people are looking into it. Than, I finally got fed up with this ***, and I set up the re-pricing on amazon. OMG: my sales went up 10 times or more, I was in the BuyBox all the time, and it was free. I saw for myself that once your competition lowers the price, amazon reprices in few seconds and lowers the price for you, until your minimum. With LogicSale, it took them up to 6 minutes or more to update the price, just to have amazon update right after in few seconds and now my competition was in the BuyBox for another 6 minutes, and so on...That's the reason I was not in the buy box. They keep lying to me about amazon re-pricing because it's free. When I called and complained, they offered me $150/m stay on. WTF???
    They demanded a written notice for cancellation. When I did that, they said I sent with 26 or so days notice to cancel, not 30 and now are demanding to pay for another month. When I refused, they called my cell phone at home 5 times, yelling at me to pay and not to file claim with my credit card.

    Horrible!!! Who does business like that??? After being a loyal customer and overpaying for something that didn't work and I didn't need go after me with evening and morning calls to my cell??? Nasty emails with demands??? They kept saying "We are number 1 in Europe". I don't understand how that is possible with such horrible customer service and dealing with customers.

  • chris777

    Overall rating


    I have been with them for 12 months now and very impressed. The pricing tool is helping improve and maintain sales. The system can cater for a number of different pricing strategy's and they are always willing to listen to what you are trying to achieve.

    The customer service is second to none they are always happy to go the extra mile and solve any problem or question that I may have. They explain everything about how the system works and give you as much time as needed to get used to the system.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Chris Hill
    Finerfilters Ltd

  • JHC

    Overall rating

    Great tool great support!

    A great tool that provides the basic of the repricing tool for Amazon platforms. Therefor the support team is there for you when you need them.

    This tool will help you with optimizing your Amazon accounts. The tools that Logicsale provides are innovation, therefor Logicsale also listen to wishes of the customer.

    The terms and conditions are clear in the beginning of the contract. Pick between monthly and year subscription.

    A tool that is great for what you need, i would recommend it!!

  • amazonian

    Overall rating

    Logicsale, A CON or a TRAP, Constant Harrasment

    It seems impossible to cancel if you have fallen to sign with them at the first place. The contract is weird. It last for 12 months and if you do not cancel it via sending post to Germany in the 11th month, it will auto renew to another 12 months and you will not be able to cancel it and this cycle will repeat again next year.

    In the UK, after initial length of contract say 12 months or 24 months, it auto becomes monthly rolling contract. So you can cancel anytime giving one month notice. If you don’t cancel it will roll on monthly basis. But with this CON company it auto renews to 12 months with no option to exit. Their service has been to lowest level in the recent past 8-10 months. Orders has been constantly dropping to alarming level. We switched off there repricer for a month and we see no difference in orders. So what exactly they do? Pay £££'s/month for ??

    This is a repricing company and they do not accept emails or other electronic medium to cancel your contract. Secondly make sure even if you send it by post, make it a signed for as they will say that they never receive it.

    They are only concerned with their monthly fee. You pay them for years and you will never get a call to discuss the performance issues. You dont pay for a month or try to cancel, you will get 4-5 calls a day followed by 2-3 emails demanding money.

    Think 100 times before signing it to them. It's a One way contract. Once entered, You have 0 doors to exit.

  • Dave arthur

    Overall rating


    tried the free trial and now they wont cancel service and keep harassing me. I'm sick of it don't fall into this trap I give them a F- I will report them to everyone I can. They act like they are with amazon then say they are not I was dealing with to deaths in my family and I said to cancel instead they extended free trial and have been trying to bill be every sine at the time and they still wouldn't leave me alone . they said they would turn me into a collective agency . again don't fall into this trap

    1. Reply from logicsale AG

      @Dave arthur

      Dear Dave,

      Thank you very much for your input. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, we always try to create the best possible customer experience.

      Regarding your issue, there's no way we can extend the complimentary 10-day trial into a contract without your permission. Right before ending the trial, our customers are always asked whether they'd like to continue using our software. This was also your case, as we are not allowed to sign any contract by ourselves. Once you accept the contract you are also accepting the GTCs, which includes the whole termination process.

      Unfortunately, it's not possible to terminate the contract verbally, as we have a cancellation process which is in the GTCs you signed.

      Regardless of this, we would like to work together with you to find a solution.

      Best wishes,
      logicsale ltd.

  • Susie333

    Overall rating

    Logicsale review

    We looked at a number of different systems and all appear pretty hefty on the price so choosing the right tool for you is an important decision.
    We were invited to trial Logicsale and haven't looked back.
    We are not too good on the IT front but we have been carefully guided through how to manage the system in bite size chunks, so as not to outface us. Edipo, our Account Manager has patiently supported us every step of the way.
    Don't be fooled into thinking that you can just hand over the pricing to any tool, you will have to put in the work to reap the benefits but using Logicsale is pretty straight forward to use and has some pretty nifty tools which helps you to manage your inventory pricing.

  • StorageDepot

    Overall rating

    OK product, but unethical trading terms

    I used this company for just less than a year. Their re-prices works quite well, the only complaint I had was it would reprice every item in my stock. You cannot exclude items (so you pay for low priced items that don't need repricing.)

    My complaint with the company is their termination procedure. I found out that I had to notify them a MONTH in advance, before the end of the years contract, in WRITING (not email, via the POST), that I wish to terminate my contract. Can you believe that? Its so backward, I would laugh if it weren't true. But, they carried on billing me and now I owe them €500.

    Its an awful, unethical company that should be avoided at all costs. There are plenty of repricers and I doubt any would employ such dodgy practices.

    1. Reply from logicsale AG

      Dear StorageDepot and plumbforfun,

      Thank you for your comments on the termination procedure with logicsale. Please let us try to clarify the situation.

      Before starting a contract with us, it's always pointed out our cancellation process that must be due with notice via post 30 days in advance before the contract renewal. Additionally, once you accept the contract you are also accepting the GTC which include the whole termination process again.

      You have been informed about the contract details several times and we, unfortunately, cannot make exceptions for each client.

      We have this process set in place only to ensure the best quality and service for our customers. We do not mean to be deceptive about it anyhow. We really do wish you the best with your future endeavors.

      Best regards,

  • BossBottle

    Overall rating

    Works about 1/2 the time:(

    We are in a contract with this company for a year and it is not repricing our items correctly. It is not responding to sellers that are out of stock. It is running our price much lower then it needs to be. It is not a good repricing program. It worked great during the trial period, now is not working right. We have now move to a new re-pricer and they still want the money for the broken program. I have about 15,000 feedback on amazon and treat my customers right. I strongly suggest you think twice about using logicsale for repricing.

  • JonGaze

    Overall rating

    Revised review - 5 down to 1 star

    I had been using Logicsale for a few months and I provided a 5 star review. That review is below.

    I have revised my review to 1 star.

    I used them for over a year (my contract period) and have since found a much better system. It turns out Logicsale wasn't performing as well as it could have (sales up by 50% since moving - during historically quiet period).

    However the real issue is terminating the service. They require notice in writing to Germany and then attempt to hold you to a number of months beyond anything contracted. Deeply unethical. If I'd have known about this treatment I'd have never signed up.

    Don't get involved with companies such as this who attempt to impose sharp contractual practices - keep looking, there are better repricers out there.

    Previous review:
    I was asked to provide a reference for LogicSale. My initial reaction was no way! Not because I dislike the system (I think it is brilliant), nor that I think that it is too expensive (used correctly you’ll reap the rewards again and again).

    The reason I didn’t want to give a reference was that I believe this system is so good that I want to keep the competitive advantage to myself. This system can achieve things I had assumed were not possible. We have increased our Amazon listing count by at least 50% without adding any new lines, the items sell more and more profitably.

    Why have I given the reference?

    They deserve it: The system they have built and the support available is superb;and
    Competitors will hear about LogicSale with, or without my help: Much as I’d like to, I cannot keep it all to myself.

    1. Reply from logicsale AG


      Dear JonGaze,

      Thank you for your revised review and criticism regarding the termination process.

      When starting a contract with us, our cancellation process is always pointed out several times. It must be due with notice via post 30 days in advance before the contract renewal. Once you accept the contract you are also accepting the GTC which include the whole termination process again.

      We have set this in place only to ensure the best quality and service for our customers. We do not mean to be deceptive about it anyhow.

      We wish you all the best.

      Best regards,

  • wireless-madness

    Overall rating

    Great repricing tool!

    Fantastic clever bit of wizardry

    Initially was very reluctant to join the programme thinking it was going to be hit and miss. We were pleasantly surprised how effective this tool was overnight, with the surge of new business and the "fierce" method it challenged our competitors.

    Overall the re-pricer we have found easy to use and straight forward to manage. The add-ons can be a little bit pricey however you can easily justify and manage budget with an account manager. Market Spy in particular was very handy in helping us researching new and popular items.

    Another great feature is the Buy Box Catcher ensuring you gain maximum exposure for your listing and where there is not much competition we can even see the greater margins that are possible.

    Setting prices is easy to do and often big changes can be reflected within a few clicks. This has been a great way to increase our presence on Amazon and ultimately gain new business.

    You can almost set your prices and margins and forget about the tool, it will carry on working wonders for you and a friendly email / phone call from your account manager will guide you in the right direction. Logicsale team are a friendly bunch and very easy to contact, always available and more than helpful 😀

    Would definitely recommend! Be sure to try them out.

  • Dave Stubbs

    Overall rating

    Clever Tool for my Tool Box

    I've been using Logic Sales now for just over 3 months and it is a great tool for keeping an eye on prices and the competition, to see if I'm wasting my time on an item and to spot great opportunities.

    Plenty of pricing plans and options and great support on the phone.

    Highly recommended

  • Dany

    Overall rating

    Excellent Repricer

    Since we started to use Logicsale we can see an increase in sales as well as our margins. It really does the magic and improve your sales without any frustration checking your prices all the time.
    Best bit of Logicsales is its Customer service and they are just a one phone call away. They always check on me to see if I am happy and need assistance.
    It is the fastest repricing software you can find in the market with other great features like buybox, night vision and market spy etc...They are continuously improving and updating their software. We look forward to continue business with them in future.
    Must software if you need to improve your sales.

  • Rob73er

    Overall rating

    Awesome!! Logiscale RePricing Programe

    What can I say-must be the best repricing program out there. Tried many over the years, nothing comes close.
    This repricing plug in is the perfect set of extra hands and eyes you need to explode your online turnover...NOT FOR THE LAZY!!! you'll have to keep up with the your online SALES here.
    Greatness all round.
    Love it


  • Jonny

    Overall rating

    Logicsale - a great repricer

    Fantastic company, Logicsales ease of use and excellent customer support makes them the best choice around. We trialed a number of different repricers but in the end made the decision that logicsale was the way to go, many more features than others and the customer support makes them stand out from competitors. Would definitely recommend.

  • grippuppy

    Overall rating

    Logicsale - works for me!

    A part of me wants to keep this myself! It's only the human relationship you have with the staff at Logicsale (Annushka is just marvelous) sees me agreeing to share my secret with you.

    Logicsale has seen my sales increase by 30% +.

    It's that simple. I don't have the time to be constantly monitoring and tweaking, I'm sure if I did, my results would be even better:-) I simply rely on Logicsales magic and my relationship with my human accounts manager to keep the performance up where it needs to be.

    I certainly would recommend you give it a try.

  • kev

    Overall rating

    LogicSale is the way forward to increase Sales

    Ever since we started to use Logicsale I can see a increase in sales as well as our margins. The customer service is one of the most outstanding in current day and was one of the reasons why we decided to go ahead, Mariana has been exceptional and is always there to help working together to achieve what all companies want. They are constantly updating and improving their software, buybox features, night vision, marketspy etc... I look forward to the future with Logicsale 8):)D

  • Robson Lopes

    Overall rating

    Couldnt find a better...just Fantastic

    Every day I spent hours by accessing my Inventory in Amazon trying to match prices with competitors and got only frustration...used to do it at night hoping that I would have a better chance...nothing changed until I found Logicsale...It made my day, my month and is been FANTASTIC since I joined. Customer service is Brilliant and couldn’t have asked for more...They always check on me to see if I am happy and need assistance.
    I recommend and would give more than 5 stars...and it proved to increase my sales by 35% on the first month. I am so grateful, really am.
    ..:D:D:D:D all the way!;)

  • Gifteasy

    Overall rating

    Useful technology that gives you an edge over competitors.

    When I was initially approached by Logicsale I was apprehensive and grounded.Yet I was open minded to give them a trial run. I also spent a lot of time researching Logicsale competitors to make sure I was receiving the best value for money regarding this sort of software that gives you an edge over your competitors. Logicsale easily came out on top. I have been impressed with the flexibility of the software that gives you a good choice of minimum and maximum prices, the buy box facility, and the optimisation option for the best price when you are in the buy box, the way you can check out the ratings of your stock against competitors, and I think at times the market spy is useful. Another feature that sold Logicsale to me was the speed of the feed to Amazon. Being completely honest I think you have to watch that you don't put your maximum price too high out of the range of the market because it does as it says and will optimise your prices whilst in the buy box. When you get to know your way around the software it easily covers it's cost and will increase your profit. if that is not enough I am lucky enough to have one of the nicest people I have had the privilege to talk to as my support service representative. A few months back I hadn't heard of them now I am so grateful I was approached as they have increased my profits.:)

  • Cyprian

    Overall rating

    Simply the best

    Logicsale is simply the best and I highly recommend it to anyone that is serious of doubling their sales and winning the buy box. My sales tripled within the first 14 days of trial and I happily signed up for 12 months contract on my own before the end of the trial period. Great machine and great customer service. Thanks to Neetu for introducing this software to me and for walking me through the setups and getting the best deal for me.

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