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Marketplace management solution for high volume sellers.

Monsoon Marketplace is a complete solution for multi-marketplace listing, repricing, and automated order fulfillment for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and others.

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Pricing is based on a percentage of monthly sales, starting at $99 per month.
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  • Alibris
  • Half
  • Endicia
  • UPS

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  • PlumCircle

    Overall rating

    Software that fits the bill for many types of online sellers

    We have been using Monsoon for approximately 10 years at this point. There exists no perfect software for online selling, but here’s what we like about the Monsoon platform: It’s very reliable. It resides on our own server rather than on the web. There’s plenty of settings to help price inventory depending on age, weight, MSRP, etc. You can be very marketplace specific. As your company grows, you can build your own software to integrate with Monsoon. If you’re picky like me, you might secretly wish to handle the whole thing yourself, but honestly that is not practical for most of us. If you’re frugal, Monsoon may appear expensive when first meets the eye, but for me the flexibility more than offsets the extra monthly spend. It takes time to get your settings in good order, but once you do, you will sleep better. With that better rest you might personally perform better (attend to your purchasing responsibilities, warehouse optimization, business finances, of course tweak those settings!) and grow your business to the size that is right for you. --- Paul Thompson, PlumCircle

  • mondazzi

    Overall rating

    Monsoon Software

    What were the positives?

    This software is awesome. The updates made all the time shows that Monsoon is always on top of current changes in the On-Line industry.


    My support from tech is awesome. They are SMART and are all knowing, Very impressive and FAST too. My rep Genny is always touching base with me and always asking me about the new updates etc. She is extremely knowledgeable of the software the online selling and if she feels tech or other departments need to brought into the mix - it is away available to me. Great Company. Ed Mondazzi

  • stephens.jeff3

    Overall rating

    Review of Monsoon Commerce

    Monsoon Commerce

    Several years ago, we began a business that sells books on the internet. At that time, we recognized the need to have our listings re-priced on a regular basis in order for us to be competitive sellers. After investigating several companies that provide these services we settled on Monsoon Commerce. This partnership has been critical to the success of our company and now the services that they provide are the foundation of our operational model.

    There are several elements of the Monsoon system that are especially helpful to us. First, their dashboard structure is easy to learn and use. Listing new products, utilizing the search capabilities, and using the report functions are tasks that we perform on a daily basis. The ability to handle these task with ease is important to us.

    The flexibility of the Monsoon system is another advantage to us. The ability to set pricing rules and parameters is more extensive with Monsoon than what we have seen with other competing systems. Because we are sophisticated with our pricing rules, we need a system that gives us the maximum number of pricing scenarios from which to choose. Customization is important. With other systems, there seems to be gaps in critical information that is not provided. For example, Monsoon understands that in order to list books and price effectively, sales ranks on Amazon must be provided with all of the other data. Monsoon provides this information while most other companies do not. This tells us that Monsoon has a thorough understanding of how on-line sales platforms work and, more importantly, how we as sellers operate.

    The reporting functions that are available with Monsoon are also more extensive than what we have seen with other systems. This is critical to us. In our business, we have the need to constantly evaluate our inventory, measure our sales success against historical sales data, and perform forecasting. All of these task are made easier because of how extensive the report functions are within Monsoon. Again, these options make it clear to us that Monsoon understands our needs as professional sellers and provides us the tools that we need to be successful.

    Finally, the customer service that Monsoon provides is second to none. They are quick to respond to our questions or any need that might arise. Monsoon also has a sales specialist that we work with often. She is very knowledgeable about Amazon and other sales platforms. On several occasions, she has helped us to design sales and pricing strategies that have resulted in sales increases for us. The value of this cannot be understated.

    In summary, working with Monsoon has been a very positive experience for us. There is no question that our continuing sales success is a direct result of our collaboration with Monsoon Commerce. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2016.


    Jeff at T-F

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