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OAGenius helps arbitrage sellers discover opportunities, list products, manage inventory, monitor prices, and dropship orders. They have two products which can be used separately or together.

Sage monitors prices and stock levels, reprices listings and adjusts the quantity available as needed. It also has auto ordering capabilities.

Gravity is a product sourcing extension which helps customers to find profitable products and analyse viable products in bulk. It works for both FBA and FBM.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

Pricing & Trial

Sage plans start at $175 per month.
Gravity plan starts at $29 per month.
Sage and Gravity bundle starts at $224 per month.

Trial Length: 7 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • Overstock Shopping
  • Wayfair

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  • Jesen Preche

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    This software saves me time and money. Instead of hiring a VA to fulfill orders (which can be sketchy) OA does it for me which removes all the stress and worries when it comes to my credit cards!

    The fact that it confirms every order for me as well saves me countless hours!

    The software is also very plug and play. It wasn’t hard to navigate the software when I first invested in it.

    Any negatives?



    Would HIGHLY recommend to every Amazon dropshipper out there.

  • Frances M.

    Overall rating

    Amazing Software

    Any negatives?

    The software is great to use in placing orders and listing products. OAGenius is a price tracking & repricing application that supports multiple suppliers without glitches. Very amazing to track the shipments itself. Updates in every 3 to 4 hours so no need to worry about OOS item getting sold. Very accurate on updating source price. I am working as a VA and happy to find this software. During my first day, I was amazed by the software.


    Customer supports a bit faster and they are very attentive to the customer needs. Always responds to questions and is always willing to help

  • Carry

    Overall rating

    Awesome Software

    What were the positives?

    Oagenius has saved me and my business from tons of headaches. I was using webscraperapp previously and it’s just a different league. Price monitoring and stock is super accurate, order tracking and automation saves my team from tons of manual work. Increase in sales and organization. This software is the backbone of our business and could not recommend enough.

    Any negatives?

    Amazing software


    Reliable customer support

  • Sahaya

    Overall rating

    Love the software!

    Thanks to its very helpful features, I have saved a lot of time with OAGenius! When adding listings, I don't need to go to Seller Central since OA itself automatically sends the details to SC. When processing orders, I don't need to fill out the required areas since it will also pull down the corresponding information from the linked email ad. It also confirms shipment in SC automatically when the order is shipped so no need to worry about late shipments and valid tracking. I also love it giving me heads up on back-in-stock orders.

  • jb_amazonVA

    Overall rating

    Order Processing has never been easier!

    User-friendly for order processing as you can easily change the order status and can add and edit order information easier. Its automated shipment tracking and shipment confirmation features eliminates the need to confirm shipments manually.

    It also scrapes orders quicker than other inventory and order management tools, so you can process orders faster.

    I also like the gmail sync feature which eliminates the need to input order numbers, order cost and shipment tracking numbers.

    Overall, it's a 5/5 for me!

  • Rovern

    Overall rating

    Friendly User app

    What were the positives?

    its a friendly user product, very updated and accurate. Hassle free

    Any negatives?

    No more changes, Everything is perfect and detailed. I call that GREAT SERVICE!


    I am so glad working as a VA using this app. Its very convenient and easy to place an order.
    You can easily save notes, the tracking will be automatically updated in the system, and if there are items that are back in stock it will help you notify. I would recommend to use this app for those seller to keep their orders on track.

  • Jrod14

    Overall rating

    So Happy I Found This Software!!

    Love how they automatically upload my tracking number. This alone has saved my VA's hours of work. Now they can focus on more important tasks.

    A+ Customer Support. They walked me through everything I needed to know about their software on the Demo Call

    The best part is honestly having my Inventory management and order management in one place.

    I also like how fast they take me in and out of stock. I used to get tons of OOS orders,

    Their price monitor is super fast too and they have a direct API with

  • JoeT

    Overall rating

    great for drop shippers

    awesome service. a nice touch is the g-mail sync to pull in order IDs, order cost, and tracking numbers so they can basically confirm shipments on amazon for you. also like being able to control how much inventory to list based on my sourcing site’s availability.

    support was good, lots of walkthrough videos you can watch on your own and I got a fast answer whenever I had a question that wasn’t covered in the video.

    platform seems relatively new, so I'm excited to see what else they add to it.

  • GetMyLoot

    Overall rating

    So fast it helped increase my sales and lower my OOS

    OAGenius is fast and accurate that it helped me increase sales while keeping out-of-stock issues low and also keep my pricing changes in check. Price history is a great feature to see changes and also find problem items from sources.

    I've worked with support a few times to help me figure out what the system is doing but I've never had an issue with the software or my store since.

    The import feature is great for making bulk changes.

    Another great feature is the notes everywhere. My VAs can makes notes on items and orders to help me understand what happened in case I need to review something.

  • HunkyPunky

    Overall rating

    This tool is so awesome! I’ll give it 10/10 for its service.

    This is the most reliable and perfect tool I’ve ever used! I’ll give 5 stars for the service and also do the quality support and assurance. I’ll recommend it for all dropshippers like me to use this tool ???

    It’s fast and more convenient to use and you can adjust the settings to review your listings very well.

    Customer support is fast and you can have more updates about the tools and more information!

    I personally used this tool for over a year for my dropshipping business and so far this is my favorite one!!

  • Tom L

    Overall rating

    Amazing software! head and shoulders above the competition.

    What were the positives?

    I have tried all of the solutions out there and this one is head and shoulders above the rest.
    OAGenius helps me manage all aspects of the online arbitrage drop shipping business.

    I create listings that post to both Amazon and OAGenius simultaneously, they then are tracked for inventory and cost of the product. They sync with Amazon and my repricer and they help automate the ordering and tracking numbers for each order and sync it with Amazon.


    Support is great, always get an answer, and a detailed response with resolution.

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