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Payability is a financing company that provides high growth Amazon and marketplace sellers with daily cash flow. Daily payments help give sellers speed and scalability to buy more inventory, shorten lead times, stay in the Buy Box and keep up with demand.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
90 days of sales history, more than $2,000 in monthly revenue
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Instant Access: 2% flat fee on gross sales.
Instant Advance: fees are typically 0.5-1% per week.

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    Ease of Use

    Do not use Payability

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    They are very good at talking up their service and playing on seller’s frustration over Amazon’s reserve amount but BEWARE, they do not help you like they say they do!


    Do not use Payability. Their business model is confusing, their agents double talk and give you mixed information, not all payments due to you show up on their dashboards, and they also keep a reserve!!

  • jordietx813

    Overall rating

    avoid this company at all cost!!!!

    Payability is a *** don't believe the hype. Yes they charge you 2 percent to get daily access to your funds. It started out great until I noticed overtime that I paid a tremendous amount in fees that were not adding up. What they don't tell you is that they charge you 2 percent on all gross sales, refunds, shipping credits and chargebacks since the start of your seller account. I was under the impression I was paying for daily sales but I was being charged for sales way before i signed up for their services. it is an abosolute *** DONT DO IT!!!

  • Kenneth Mccowan

    Overall rating

    Happy consumer!

    First and foremost I want to compliment the customer service. I've not had to wait extended times to speak with someone. Everyone has been pleasant and understandable on the phone and emails. All my questions have been answered fully.

    The service itself has helped my small business tremendously. Part of the services I didn't think I would use I have found very helpful

    The reporting has been clear, understandable and in a format I can read on my mobile or desktop.

    If I have an opportunity to recommend them, I will absolutely do so.

  • ricardofernandez

    Overall rating

    Disgusting Company

    What were the positives?

    Nothing. Poor service, higher fees than advertised, and complicated reports making it really hard to follow fees and charges deducted and taken out. Effective rate you'll pay for recruiting is 6% not 2% as advertised... Don't be fooled by this shady company.

    Any negatives?



    The support was horrible, insulting.. overall worst commercial experience ever. Please do yourself a favor and don't do business with them.

  • zachrosas95

    Overall rating

    Getting ****med

    Used it for 3 months and didn’t seems to have any problems until I put in my 30 days cancellation notice. My 2nd to last payment was supposed to be $5k. Only received $2k. They said it was because of some hold on my account where I owed money and would be corrected for the next payment. I DIDNT EVEN RECIEVE MY LAST PAYMENT AND NOW HAVE OVER $6k JUST “MISSING”. I highly do not recommend using this service. I should have checked my account closer, who knows what they did before. Very shady and unhelpful company.

  • Randy Jones

    Overall rating

    I hope you are checking your accounts with them

    For all of you giving them a 5 star I truly hope you are checking your accounts regularly. I have had several issues with them and none of them have been in my favor. They have acknowledged there is a problem with loan reserves working correctly and are working to correct them. I went back thru my account and it has happened before.. It has been a nightmare trying to get in contact with them. I am going to cancel as soon as I can get a hold of someone but I have heard that even that is a nightmare.

  • DavidB

    Overall rating

    Great Service and kind and happy people

    I hate waiting two weeks for a paycheck. I know its the standard but it sucks and more people should be against it. Payability made it so that I could easily get all my money immediately and keep reinvesting it to grow way faster than if I had to wait two weeks.

    I've only had positive experiences with their CS and I love that all my emails are answered by a real human and always promptly. Although it's not for everyone if you have no credit history or your payout is too big then this company is for you.

  • thebrittlebox

    Overall rating

    THE service to have for all amazon sellers

    What were the positives?

    The instant daily deposits for small businesses is a HUGE part of the success of our candy company . This service lets us increase inventory, pay bills, and simply grow faster! The fee of just 2% is well worth it

    Any negatives?

    none I find the interface and site easy to use and understand


    I have ALWAYS reached help when I need it, and response time has been fast and friendly. I have spoke to numerous associates over the months and all have answered questions professionally and quickly.

  • info549

    Overall rating

    Really Helping Cash Flow

    If you believe consistent cash flow can help you grow your Amazon business, like it did my company, then Payability is your answer.

    We were struggling to keep products in stock and to add new products. It was all about cash flow. I heard about Payability and was very skeptical at first. I wasn't sure if these guys were real and was leery about giving them access to my bank account.

    But everything has worked out great. Everything they claimed was accurate and the support is terrific. Plus the consistent cash flow is really helping to build our business.

    Just be aware that their 2% fee is on your total Amazon sales, not on the funds that Amazon actually pays you. Still worth it.

  • jcolson222000

    Overall rating

    Unethical and shady!

    What were the positives?

    Nothing. Headache from day one

    Any negatives?

    All of it. They could have 24 hour support. They could make things simple to see where money is going and coming from. They could fix there system so your money was available when they say it will be. They could use an actual bank so your money was available 24/7.


    Do not trust these people with your money! There system has lots of glitches and they make it as difficult as they can to see what money comes out of your account. Shady shady shady!!!

    Takes days to get support. They don't work past 5 pm, or in the weekends. When you call there is no way to leave messages their machine just hangs up on you.

  • Growler Republic

    Overall rating

    Payability is a great resource.

    Payability is a great resource for new, cash-strapped sellers. It is easy to setup and use. The next day access to funds really makes it easier to pay for expenses and purchase new inventory. It would be better if the minimum monthly fee was lower for new sellers that make less revenue. As a new seller, the minimum motnhly fee of $250 significantly impacts my monthly revenue. I think it should be a fixed rate fee regardless of monthly sales. The customer service is excellent. I highly recommend Payability.

  • Leny

    Overall rating

    Great way to grow a business

    What were the positives?

    Ease of use

    Any negatives?

    Not in my experience


    Payability has excellent support.

    Because I've been able to access my money quicker using Payability, I've been able to reinvest in new products and bring a new brand to market. Payability has helped me grow my business threefold in just a couple of months, with nothing but more growth forecast for the future. Payability is Great! I would definitely recommend it to any Amazon seller

  • jean242

    Overall rating

    LOVE Payability!

    I've been using Payability several months now and have nothing but god things to say about this service!
    Having daily deposits based on my Amazon sales allows me to turn my inventory over much faster, which, in turn, increases income potential. And all for the same cost as typical PayPal charge fee of 2.9%.

    Second, their customer service people are extremely responsive and helpful.
    Whenever I send a question, I get a response very quickly, along with someone I can call if I need to to further discuss my concerns.

    What more could you ask for?

  • blakebaron1

    Overall rating

    Payability delivered above and beyond their promises!

    We've been a customer of Payability for about 3 months now and by having access to our Amazon Sales on a daily basis it has allowed us to better position, market and make available to our customers even more choices. Due to our purchasing power in the marketplace because of Payability freeing up capital on a daily basis our business has more than tripled in 3 short months. Thank you again Brent, and the entire team at Payability for delivering above and beyond our expectations!
    The Clothing Baron

  • brimsgoods

    Overall rating

    I am a newbie to e-commerce...

    I am a newbie to e-commerce, but have enjoyed quick success with it. Payability opened a new door for me and my business by giving me access to my sales proceeds sooner. I love the quick access to my money and their great - human person - customer service! As a newbie to their service I've had a few questions that I called them about and each time I've had an actual human answer the phone and address my questions. Aside from calling and speaking with customer service, they are very thorough with responding to email, as well.

  • gamingfactoryllc

    Overall rating

    Making small business great again!

    Cash flow has always been the hurdle that businesses struggle to overcome, especially in an economy where there is limited credit sources, or those sources cost a fortune to where profits cannot be made.

    When I stumbled across Payability, I thought it sounded too good to be true! This has been an answer to my prayers. Amazon is a great place for third party merchants to sell products and receive a lot of exposure, but the 2 week disbursements often hinder growth and limit the amount of products that can be offered. Eventually you find yourself spending more time working out cash flow scenarios than you do working on growing your business.

    Payability does exactly what it promises. It pays you daily for your Amazon sales. Previously this was only attainable via selling on your direct website, in which you were dealing with a merchant processor. The catch 22 with that, is that a well maintained and optimized website can cost over 6 figures, and show a slow return on investment, where on Amazon you can piggyback off their success and see instant sales.

    I look forward to seeing how Payability continues to grow, and other services that they offer. I should also mention that their fees are negligible in terms of the increase in profitability. I feel as though conventional lending and small business growth is back!

  • mbarichello

    Overall rating

    Payability review

    What were the positives?

    This service is great! Instead of waiting two weeks to get paid, I now get paid every day. This is of tremendous help to improving our cash flow.

    Any negatives?

    So far I have had no problems with anything to do with Payability.


    I have only had to call for support once, and they were very helpful. It was also very easy to find a phone number to call for support whereas some sites you really need to dig to find the phone number.

  • rebekahncornell

    Overall rating

    Payability changed my business!

    Payability gave me the cash flow I needed to take my Amazon business to the next level. Before Payability I was using credit cards to fund my Amazon business. I did not have the best credit score and my credit limit was only $3000. No one was going to give me a large loan. Payability solved the problem of having enough money coming into my business to launch more products. Before payability my two-week payments from Amazon were always around $3000 because that was the limit of money I had to put into the business. After Payability my two-week payments were $11,000 to $16,000 and growing.

  • elfworks2

    Overall rating

    A Big Fan

    What were the positives?

    This service really outperformed what I thought the benefits would be.

    Any negatives?

    I can't imagine them being more efficient, but I suppose there is always room for improvement, and I'm sure they'll figure out how to improve.


    They are very responsive and eager to assist. Everything you want and need in a service that helps you with your money. Refreshing, really, how friendly and helpful they are.

  • Alfies Designer Shoppe

    Overall rating

    Great Company

    Great company to work with. You will definitely receive your pay every day if needed. If you are a seller on Amazon, you are aware that you will not get paid up until 14-17 days. With Payability, you can retrieve your hard earnings a lot faster. Give them a try and you will love them! Payability also has awesome customer service...ability to get paid before my Amazon seller account. Payability will work with you to resolve any issue(s) that may arise and will find a resolution to meet your needs. Customer support is always available for any questions, concerns, and/or feedback! 🙂

  • j.rush

    Overall rating

    Great Resource!

    Using Payability advance funding has had a huge impact on our ability to purchase inventory faster during the busy holiday shopping season and throughout the year. Their service has also reduced our interest expenses from more expensive credit lines. The combined increase in revenue and reduced cost of cash makes the decision to use Payability a no brainer!

    It is a very simple process and works just as they describe. Our support rep, Brent Cohen is amazing and he responds to our requests for support almost immediately! Very much worth the cost of the service. Highly recommended!

  • service487

    Overall rating

    Payability helps grow my business at light speed

    Having this payability account has really sped up growing my Amazon business. Instead of sourcing inventory every two weeks I can source fast selling items daily. I'm also ready when Awesome One time deals come my way (which usually happens in between Amazon disbursements).
    Joining Payability has been the best business decision I've made since I started selling on Amazon four years ago. I've grown my business year over year getting the bi-weekly disbursements, now I can accelerate that growth rapidly without loans or running up tabs on my credit cards. Payability is great!

  • dealzandmorestore

    Overall rating

    Good cash flow

    What were the positives?

    - Overall the service has been very helpful in regards to freeing up much needed cashflow for my business, allowing me to focus more on expanding my product line.

    Any negatives?

    - The only thing that could be better is the dashboard with knowing my debit card balance, but i understand they are working on implementing this feature soon.


    - Support has been above board so far. Very responsive to my questions in a timely manner. No complaints here.

  • pheephee85

    Overall rating

    I Am Grateful

    I'm on a sales high and I can't say enough good things about Payability. I am an Amazon seller and it has taken up to 17 days for me to get paid from Amazon without Payability, and I have heard horror stories of fellow sellers who sold so much so fast that their accounts were temporarily frozen which meant longer holds. So I am really grateful to Payability for making my payments quicker. When you have fast moving items, the lag between needing to buy inventory and getting the money from Amazon, necessary to buy more inventory, can be a nightmare for my bottom line. So far I noticed a 4x increase in sales since I began using Payability. I'm a small business owner and this helps me compete with some of the bigger players because I have more capital to play with when it counts.

  • commandernate

    Overall rating

    This service is great.

    What were the positives?

    They fill the most important need for anyone selling on Amazon (or other sites that don't pay immediately.) Instead of having to wait 2 weeks for payment from Amazon, you can get paid almost every day. It works great!

    Any negatives?

    Their fee is 1%, easily worth it; however if you don't meet a certain sales threshold, there is a flat fee (currently $250) that is more than 1%. It would definitely be better to keep the fee at 1% regardless of your sales. Lower-volume customers still need this service!


    Top notch support - their staff has been very responsive and professional. Much better support than Amazon, ironically.

  • 808innovationsllc

    Overall rating

    Yes to Payability

    Yes the costs are worth it.
    Yes the transition is seamless.
    Yes they have great customer service.
    Yes the deposits transfer same day you request.
    Yes Your business will Thank you.
    Yes unexpected things come up that is why they are called unexpected.
    Yes C.O.D. order come in 2 weeks early but still need prompt payment.
    Yes you will have the next step up funds in your bulk buying.
    Yes you can have inventory before the day you run out.
    Yes you can sleep at night knowing your funds are easily accessible and you are ready financially for all the joys of a business owner.
    Yes Payability will give Your business the Ability to Grow.
    Yes Payability will help elevate Your business new levels of success.

  • tellers77times

    Overall rating

    Great opportunity with payability

    What were the positives?

    The fact that i can get my funds in 1 day. Also i can reinvest the fund more then once

    Any negatives?

    get funds within 1 hour would be awesome.. Also fee could be a tad bit lower ,However im satisfied with the offers they have


    support is steller. anytime i have an issue a quick chat will be ready anytime. You will have a personal rep. he or she will help with any issues asap

    i highly recommend giving payability a shot to see if it works for your business

  • SamCross

    Overall rating

    Very helpful

    When I was considering using Payability's services, I searched online for reviews so I thought I would share mine to help others make an informed decision. I gave the service a 5 star rating because in just 2 months, I've been able to grow my monthly sales from $1,500 to $6,800. I've done this previously without the help of Payability, however it took me a much longer period of time to see this kind of growth in my own. Life got in the way and I had to start over. Payability has helped me to greatly accelerate what I would have done eventually, and I am very grateful. I thought the fee was a little high for a smaller seller, but to be 100% honest, it hasn't been an issue at all and very soon I expect to be in the bracket where I only pay 1% instead of the flat rate fee. I had an issue with my account, one that I accept full responsibility for. It took some time to get it resolved. It was frustrating but as I said, it was my fault so I couldn't be too upset. And I was still able to withdraw payment a few times while it was being resolved. Overall I am extremely happy with the service...being able to get paid almost every day rather than every 2 weeks has been crucial to increasing my sales volume, and their customer service has been excellent. There is a chat feature, a support ticket feature, and I even spoke to Nina on the telephone. Keep up the great work guys!!
    Samantha 🙂

  • americanleatherbelt

    Overall rating

    Payability is easy to use.

    What were the positives?

    We were a new merchant on Amazon and we grew really quickly. We need cash flow to keep up with orders coming in and waiting 2 weeks for payout with Amazon was difficult. (I actually did not know Amazon held money for two weeks until our first sale...I was more than freaking out).

    So, we needed cash flow and a loan was not going to happen quickly, so we saw an ad with Amazon for Payability and decided to take up the offer. I am glad we did. That was back in September and if I did not make that move, the holidays would have been impossible.

    We were getting our money faster, I was buying product all October, then November his and we got bombed with orders. I have never worked so hard. I would fulfill orders on Monday, Tuesday morning the funds were available on Payability, Tuesday afternoon they were in my bank account.

    They hold back 20% of my earnings so every two weeks I get a big deposit of that 20% back into my bank account. We are always even. I don't owe them, they don't owe me. It is really nice.

    Any negatives?

    I started with them at the beginning. It has been nice.


    If I have ever had a question, they have always responded with information. Always.

    If you are considering this service, I would recommend the trail period. It was a HUGE benefit to my business.

  • gibsona36

    Overall rating

    Payability helped us during the holidays!

    What were the positives?

    Payability helped us to grow our business during the holiday season on Amazon. Sales were increasing, which meant we had to purchase more inventory. With their help, we were able to keep up with demand. The 2% fee is better than the COD fees we were paying to help stretch our working capital.

    Any negatives?

    Everything was perfect.


    Support is fast. They are very thorough and will try to work with you in any way possible. They want you to succeed.

  • D Spivey

    Overall rating

    Payability on Amazon Marketplace

    I first heard about Payability a couple of months ago. I saw an ad on Amazon's seller central saying that I could get faster access to my Amazon monies. I used to do most of my sales on eBay. Boy, those were the days! When someone paid for something, I had access to the cash IMMEDIATELY! I could literally go to the bank THAT DAY and withdraw the cash from my Paypal account. Over the last few years, my business has all shifted over to Amazon and I've had to learn to deal with getting paid twice a month instead of getting paid instantly.

    Anyway, the holidays are always tough because we sell items that are popular as gifts. We usually do 5 times our normal business or more at holiday time. We had a tough year this year! So going into the holidays, we were hurting for supplies AND money. Usually, we'll put whatever we need on a credit card if it gets to that point and then pay it off after the holidays. But I remembered Payability and set off to research it. I research everything before I buy.

    I went and read the info on their site and recognized the business model. They call it 'Factoring'. It's simple really. Someone like me sells my accounts receivable to a 3rd party (known as a 'factor') at a discounted rate (in this case 99 cents on the dollar). In exchange, I get access to those receivables right away, and Payability will make one penny on the dollar in the form of a one-time fee. It's not a 'loan' so there's no interest compounding over time and no credit check.

    I headed to the Amazon forums and started reading. PLENTY of people were posting things like "It's a scam!" "They're a payday loan company! Stay away"! etc etc etc. Several people said things like "they wanted my account information', they are trying to scam me"!

    I was not seeing post after post where Amazon sellers were happily using the Payability service. What was I missing? I went and googled Payability. That's when I realized that they were still very new to the Amazon arena. They've been providing these services to folks who earn big bucks on youtube ads and whatnot for a while now. There is no shortage of people lauding not only the viability of factoring in these industries but the service they are receiving from Payability.

    I decided to go for it. So I started the application process.

    Now you have to understand something here. Payability has to place a certain amount of trust in you, and you will have to place a certain amount of trust in them. Here's how their service works.

    1. You make a sale on Amazon Marketplace on Monday.
    2. On Tuesday, around 9 am, Payability 'buys' the receivables for that sale and 80% of those funds become immediately available in your Payability account.
    3. You log into your payability account and withdraw the monies that are immediately available to you. I use the free ACH method, and as long as I initiate the transfer request before 3:30, it's usually in my bank the NEXT DAY. They also offer wire transfer and debit card methods of withdrawal.

    Anyway, that's how it works.

    So Payability needs access to your Amazon account to set all this up. This is where the trust comes in on your part. Amazon will no longer make disbursements to YOUR bank account. They'll be making them to Payability's. So you will need to create Payability as a super-user on your Amazon account and change your bank info to reflect Payability's. Don't worry. They are not going to change any settings on your account. They need to be able to SEE your receivables if they are going to buy them. Giving them access to your account allows them to download your sales every day.

    I've been with them for going on a month now. Couldn't be happier! It was nice having access to my funds through the holidays and not having to wait for Amazon disbursements! A great way to better manage cash flow! WELL WORTH THE 1% FEE

  • Cllllc

    Overall rating

    Payability service review

    What were the positives?

    Easy to use and fast deposits so far after only using the service for about 1.5 months.

    Any negatives?

    The only thing so far that I think could be better is that the minimum fee shouldn't be as high and it should be based on the 1% of sales that way all sellers are able to use the service in effective way for there business.


    So far Payability has great customer support

    Also the deposits from your PayPal ability account after the first deposit which took a couple days are faster.
    The deposits since have been within 24 hours from the time you make the transfer .

  • Once upon a tome

    Overall rating

    Just what I needed to boost up my sales!

    I admit I am a beginner in amazon business even after 4 years of selling because all this time I had a poor inventory due to the lack of funds to get more products and having to wait for 2 weeks to get payed by Amazon was holding me back and I remember days when I just had to stay home and do nothing because I didn't have money to buy products and also I had to put a vacation mode on and disable my seller account temporarily because I had no money for shipping.
    Now this is in the past! Thanks to payability I constantly have funds that I can rotate and put it in flow, buy more and more products, thus sell more and more and today I've settled a new record in sales! Yes it costs me 250$/month to use payability but I was able to win a lot more than that! Sometimes you have to pay something in order to be payed back more! You have to spend in order to win!
    Their support team is knowledgeable and helpful and always answer my questions in a professional and timely manner!
    Thank you Payability team! 😉

  • Pro9

    Overall rating



    1. Reply from Payability

      @Pro9 We apologize for your experience. We are here to help clients grow your business and take feedback very seriously. We work hard to maintain a high level of client service and apologize for not having been able to resolve your inquiry during the time of your request.

      Please contact me directly at 646-494-8677 so we can take a look at your account further and answer your questions.


  • bookguy1818

    Overall rating


    I'm a seller on Amazon, and was hoping they would help me get my money faster. After being declined (for not selling for 90 days or more) and my first bad review on here, they apologized for my experience in my previous difficult application attempt. Hopefully they'll take action on my feedback and turn out some new improvements to make the process easier to apply. They worked with my refund. I initially got, declined but they are reviewing their conductivity. For now I'm happy, I may use them in the future. Possibly. ;):D8):)O:):

    1. Reply from Payability


      We sincerely apologize for your experience and understand how frustrating the application process can be. We have taken action on your feedback and currently rolling out many new improvements to streamline the process this week. Please contact me directly at 646-494-8677, we would love the opportunity to work with you and help grow your business.

      Susan Tam

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