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Peoplevox provides warehouse management software for ecommerce businesses, featuring receiving and sortation, put-away, replenishment, inventory management, label and documentation design, order sortation, picking, dispatch, shipping, returns, people management, reporting and more.

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Multichannel SoftwareChannelAdvisor
Volo Commerce
Shipping & Fulfillment:Metapack
Carts, Payment & POSBigCommerce
Other IntegrationsCloud Conversion
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Eddie Yilmaz

Eddie Yilmaz

2021-06-18 04:50:42

We cannot recommend this WMS for Omnichannel Ecommerce

What where the positives?

In hindsight very few positives. The initial Zoom meeting sound promises, we made our tech stack known, and we basically were met with “No problem” to all the issues above. The devil, however, ended up being in detail. Onboard and sales staff were friendly, very attentive in the early days. When, however, we raised the problems, although they tried to remedy some issues, most of the solution presented was “workarounds” or required our team to circumvent the system, which undermines the existence of a WMS.

Any negatives?

- During the dispatch process, it is not possible to split a single shipment into multiple articles. You need to create an entirely new shipment, which unnecessarily increases shipping cost. For us, that meant an additional $250,000AUD per annum in freight expense. - PVX has nil RMA and warranty handling functionality – It requires you to circumvent the WMS system and transfer the stock into a black hole to process simple returns. - Incredibly poor for omnichannel retailers that require POS functionality. To sell an item from bricks and mortar location required a significant number of steps and processing. If you have multiple locations, this is where it gets very frustrating. - The UI and UX are very dated, 9 months into training and our staff were still frustrated with the UI.


We cancelled our contract with Peoplevox after spending $20,000AUD in implementation, 9 months of staff training, and before even going live. Peoplevox at this point was incredibly distasteful to deal with, as, at the time of write, we are still receiving monthly invoice, with no reply from every one of their staff ( 7 months on). My strong advice to eCommerce retailers is to look elsewhere for a WMS solution if you want tight functionality to integrate with Magento or Shopify.

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