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Sellers can use Rebaid to create and launch Amazon product rebate promotions which are visible to thousands of shoppers.

Rebaid supports ranking techniques such as super URLs and search-find-buy (SFB) steps. They also offer shopper messaging via SMS text messages, which can be used to invite shoppers to follow social media pages or subscribe to newsletters, or to request reviews.

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Sellers pay $2.95 per completed rebate redemption.
Rebaid Pro (search-find-buy campaign creation and SMS messages) is $79 per month.

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  • Sara Kalafa

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    Easy to navigate, consistent results

    What were the positives?

    Easy to navigate seller dashboard. Lots of new features added are helpful in executing the product launch.

    Any negatives?

    Takes a bit of time to learn best practices with rebate promotions more broadly.


    I was one of the first sellers on Rebaid when they created the platform a couple years ago. I've been consistently impressed with the results I've been able to generate to my Amazon PL products using this site. Some of the recent feature updates have been good and given much needed control over how your rebates are offered.

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