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RestockPro is a tool for Amazon FBA sellers that provides restock suggestions and creates reorder alerts. The software tracks purchase orders, FBA inbound shipment requests, and the Amazon receiving process.

RestockPro determines which items are most profitable to reorder, and restock reports can be emailed to sellers each day. RestockPro allows sellers to specify supplier lead-times, cost information, minimum order quantities and other valuable data to maximize profits and help ensure sellers never run out of stock.

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    this is an amazing product with a revolutionary way of keeping track of margin and qty unlike any other inventory management system we have ever seen. we have been through 100s of other inventory systems and this is by far the best way to do it and it accounts for all you costs. It makes po's in a very awesome way and is the ultimate system except for one huge drawback.

    restock only works with amazon fba. nothing else no Ebay, Walmart, merchant nothing only fba. this is a problem of humongous proportions because their technology is the best for stock but it is extremely limited causing us to have to search for something else. if this technology could be spread across the field to other marketplaces then we would be able to dominate the world!!


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    We love RestockPro

    We love RestockPro. They have wonderful customer service and this software is extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend this software product to anyone who has wholesale accounts. It does a wonderful job of suggestion reorders, let's us know when inventory is low, creates po's very easily, checks in inventory with a breeze, gives inventory profit margin broken down to the detail, handles FBA inventory and local inventory as well. This software handles kits/bundles very well. It even includes and creates Amazon FBA Shipments. The reports are lacking in analysis; however, I'm sure they will be expanding this part of the system soon. My only wish is that they expand to being a multi-platform inventory AND order management system. For what this product costs and what it does, it does extremely well! We are on the $69.00 per month and are very happy with them.

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