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Scarcity Manager

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Scarcity Manager automatically adjusts the quantity of items remaining on eBay listings to create a sense of urgency that encourages buyers to purchase straight away.

Also includes eBay inventory management.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
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From $9.95 to $29.95 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • All eBay Websites

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  • Gillian

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    Scarcity Manager

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    Really complicated to set up. Somehow all my listings were unlinked, when I checked with customer service, they basically told me it was my fault and that they were wasting a lot of time on calls to ebay that could be avoided.
    I then found new software that does a lot more and is much easier to use. When I asked them to cancel I got a strange email from them saying it was a shame they'd wasted their time on trying to help me.


    All in all not worth it, avoid the service

  • Olive

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    Cannot believe the results and am totally confused.

    Hello there
    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SOFTWARE. I only wish I had of looked into the reviews on this software earlier. i guess i took up the 30day trial and in that 30 days i was charged an excessive fee of 3 times the normal monthly fee. they then said they were sorry this was just a mishap of their system and then when they paid me back it was a few days later so the USD got swapped in their favour not mine and they gave back less than they took in AU dollars.

    then i decided to continue in hope this system would be the ants pants it is made out to be and i had my VA's listing products and next thing my sales went from $3000 per week to $260 . my average sales were 600 - 700 a day and now today was 34.97. i have cancelled my subscription.
    how can we tell others not to go this same way??? totally stuffed my online business.

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