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Sellbrite enables brands and retailers to list and sell their products on the major marketplaces.

Sellbrite’s cloud-based, channel management platform integrates with many popular marketplaces and shopping carts, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce and others; along with third-party ecommerce solutions such as ShipStation.

Sellbrite provides tools and automation to simplify listing, prevent overselling, and optimize fulfillment.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • API


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Free limited plan available. Paid plans from $29 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days
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Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • Etsy
  • Newegg
  • Marketplace
  • Sellbrite
  • Deliverr
  • FBA
  • ShipStation
  • SkuVault
  • USPS
  • BigCommerce
  • GoDaddy Online Store
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

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Ease of Use

  • Ron S.

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    So easy to use and it really works!

    What were the positives?

    Support is excellent.

    Any negatives?

    None I have found


    Love that I can put my inventory on multiple platforms and it keeps it updated at the same time.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great product so far!

    What were the positives?

    Easy to use, good support and very affordable!

    Any negatives?

    Needs only one more feature, a repricing tool the reprices to Amazon. Other than that it would be perfect for our business needs!


    It's pretty good, I wasn't so sure at first but I tested quite a few of these online programs "orderhive, sellerchamp, inkfrog" but, this one definitely standouts from the rest. It's easy to use for one. You can customize every channel and every product in a very easy way. They lowered the price for small business like me to keep the overhead low during covid, and keep it low. Their support answers your questions in a timely manner. Overall it's a great product.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Excellent Software

    What were the positives?

    Ease of use
    Saves time - it's like having another employee
    It's a large company but with a personal feel

    Any negatives?

    I found it challenging to get support in the set up stage. Everything is better now.


    Excellent, highly recommend.

  • Jennifer Helmer

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great multichannel solution

    What were the positives?

    The support team was always quick and very helpful.

    Any negatives?

    I had issues with it syncing to my eBay correctly with shipping. Their IT team worked to correct it.


    Overall I was satisfied. It ended up not being the right fit for my business, but their team was great to work with.

  • East Coast Discounters

    Overall rating

    Outstanding Customer Service - Even knowing I was leaving!

    Angela Forsyth was my CSR and through SEVERAL emails, over a couple of days, she took the time to look into every aspect of my account, EVEN KNOWING that I was canceling my subscription to their platform! Customer service like this isn't found very much nowadays, especially in the online arena. Sellbrite is an excellent platform, it just didn't support my line of items very efficiently and that was my only reason for leaving them. If their platform will work for your item line, give them a try. Their customer service is second to none!! :):

  • Watching Your Time

    Overall rating

    Best Software I have ever used

    What were the positives?

    Software is user friendly, and works great! Happens to be very reasonably priced as well. Rule of thumb: anyone wants a contract, stay away from. There software speaks for themselves and they don't need to tie anyone down. I have been on channel adviser, paid over 250k on a 100% custom software and this is by far the best. They are also very up front with you letting you know what you will be getting and what they don't have.I also like they have integrated shipping and you dont need to pay a 3rd supplier. My listings fluctuates and I can upgrade and downgrade plans really quickly.

    Any negatives?

    Not really. cant think of anything they don't have.


    The support was excellent.

  • Keifer27

    Overall rating

    Best For Multi Channel Listing

    I've tried a lot of the Multi Channel Listing services and Sellbrite offers the most bang for the buck. They make it very easy to list my products across different sites quickly and easily. The site is laid out very intuitively and doesn't lag like some of the others. It syncs my inventory between channels accurately and automatically. I also love the listing templates and recipes that makes it even easier to list by saving your frequently used settings. Their support has also been great and I love the help videos and webinars. Thank you Sellbrite!

  • Nevermore Costumes

    Overall rating

    Great Multi Channel and Inventory Management App!

    I've been using Sellbrite for a couple of months now and really like it. It combines inventory management with being able to list on multiple channels from one app. Previously, I was using about 3 different apps for inventory management and listing on the different channels, and was having issues with things not importing correctly, inventory getting off, etc... Sellbrite has been great! Importing everything went extremely smoothly and it all imported correctly. I love the how to videos that walk you through the process so you know you've done it correctly and they schedule a phone visit with you so you can ask any questions you may have.
    Things I really like: (1) seeing in the products list exactly which items are listed where and if there's any drafts in progress (this actually helped me find about 30 items that weren't listed on all the channels they should be), (2) the little photos in the product list zoom out when you hover over them, (3) listing on multiple channels is so much easier and quicker, (4) Templates and Recipes, this feature is so cool and such a time saver. You can make formulas for Titles, descriptions, etc.. so it automatically fills in or makes titles, descriptions, etc... I'm still learning this feature, but wow, what I time saver it is already. (5) great dashboard and easy to navigate menus. I have no trouble finding what I need or answers to questions I have. (6) shipping prices are comparable to other shipping programs. (7) Price. It's cheaper than a lot of other comparable apps I saw, and its about $10 cheaper than the 3 other apps I was using together that this replaced.
    Cons: Not really any. I would like to see future versions have more reports for cost and profit information, but that's just the bookkeeper in me. And in shipping, you can't print multiple labels or invoices in bulk, but I guess they are already working on that for future versions.
    I really love how this app works. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

  • Angela King

    Overall rating

    Wish I would have signed up sooner

    What were the positives?

    I'm still a new user but so far sellbrite has met or exceeded my expectations. I sell on Ebay and wanted to be able to sell on Etsy and Big Commerce without having to do double work. I'm super excited about the templates to start listing in sellbrite from. No more entering the same info 3-4 times. Theres a bit of a learning curve as with any new software I'm sure, but once you get the feel for it, you'll be rockin and rolling.

    Any negatives?

    I personally found the written articles a bit confusing and I generally prefer written. Watch the videos. From the start. It really clicks seeing it in action.


    Best customer support I've come across in forever. Fast replies, patient, seem sincere, literally walk you through things.

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      Thanks Angela! We're super excited to have you on board. 🙂

      If you don't mind, please pass along to your Onboarding Manager (Danielle) any articles you felt were unclear so we can address those.

      Mike @ Sellbrite

  • Tiffany187

    Overall rating

    Automation is the key to growing

    What is good about this product or service overall?
    Easy to list with templates, keeps track of inventory on multiple ecommerce sites and integrates with many platforms. What is most helpful is seeing our incoming pending orders and now with the new dashboard seeing what else needs to be listed and where.

    Could anything be improved?
    Yes, but they are a new company and working through it. They are good with listening to feedback from sellers and implementing updates. More customization and API integration with fields would be helpful.

    We love Holland. He is always helpful and remembers to always follow up (even when we forget).

  • Oscar A

    Overall rating

    Technical Support

    What were the positives?

    The product has proven to be a major asset in our channel sales. We've been able to combine and manage our inventory in our Ebay/Amazon stores in an easy to work environment.

    Any negatives?

    No, the support member addressed all my concerns and questions.


    Outstanding support and follow up. Team member was very knowledgeable and found ways to accomplish what i needed to be able to work more efficiently.

  • SJM

    Overall rating

    Easy to Use and Effective

    What were the positives?

    The product is super easy to use on your day to day operations. It has a learning curve but usually you know most things by the 2nd week using it. They provide great support as well if you need help. The service has been working almost entirely without glitches which is also a plus.

    Any negatives?

    I wish the integration with wasn't that expensive. I also wish they had phone customer support.


    Nine out of 10 times the support was was excellent. They are fairly fast to respond.

  • Wilson Brothers Jewelry

    Overall rating

    I would definitely recommend Sellbrite

    What were the positives?

    We have been with Sellbrite for several years and have so far had a great experience. We were looking for a platform to manage our inventory and the channels each item is listed on and Sellbrite met our needs. As Sellbrite has grown, they have made changes to the site that only benefit the customer and have made listing our items and managing those sales very easy. One aspect that I sincerely appreciate it their technical support. It is extremely easy to reach out and get help with any issues you run into.

    We are an online estate jewelry store and have over 20 thousand items. Because it's estate jewelry, almost all of our pieces are different from one another so having a solid management system is vital for our business. Sellbrite has made it so much easier for us compared to listing on individual sites.

    Any negatives?

    At times the site has been slow but the corrections they made over the summer helped with that. Once again, if any concerns come up I know I could get a hold of someone and discuss the problem and find a solution.


    The support was top notch

  • dman

    Overall rating

    Was OK

    If you're looking for a product that will not allow you to oversell on Ebay or Amazon then this is product for you. Does a very good job of syncing inventory. Other than that it sucks.

    Overall I really hated using Sellbrite and we used it for over two years. It's slow and designed poorly. Try to find useful data to make decisions then good luck. Search is slow. Adding items is slow and painful. You are much better off entering items directly on the channel itself because Sellbrite is slow and limited.

    So many better choices than Sellbrite nowadays. . I am using something else now but I won't say because every business is different. My only advice is to REALLY take advantage of the trial period when testing software.

    Bottom line. You will not be able to grow with this product.

    I tried to cancel my account and they put me through hell. We were with them for two years and I didn't expect them to make it so difficult for me. Not a classy move on their part!

  • Mbar

    Overall rating

    Awful. Stay away. Not worth the money

    This was one of the most unreliable, unresponsive programs we have ever used. The only reason we signed up for the program was because at the time you were one of the only companies offering Etsy bulk uploading... We had many times where things were double listed on Etsy. There were over 50+ occurrences of double selling which not only harmed our feedback but also at points jeopardized our ability to even sell on the channel.

    Most cases you claimed it was our fault things double sold or double listed, which we have never experienced on any other program... If it wasn't so burdensome to switch we would have only stayed with your company a short few months.

    When we tried to contact you, no one would respond or would respond days later even though we had a top teir account that theoretically entitled us to priority customer service.

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      Hey Matt,

      This one hurts, especially because I know how much this team cares about building a great product and backing it with great support.

      I've reached out to you by phone and email already, but I'd really like to get on the phone with you and ask just a few followup questions, just so I can fully understand what issues you faced.

      I know you had issues with Etsy, but we simply weren't able to identify anything that could point to the cause. Normally we can, and normally we own it and fix it.

      That being said, I had no idea you were still experiencing this or other issues. My records show your support conversations were prompt and always resolved. Your business has been very important to us, and I would request just one more opportunity to speak with you, mostly to convey how much this team cares about its customers.

      Best of luck to you,


  • Sales Channel Reports

    Overall rating

    Great software for inventory & multi-channel listing

    Product works great. We've been subscribers now for over 2 years. Listing new products on both Ebay & Amazon is easy. They are always improving their software with more features. Customer service people are very friendly and helpful. Reporting is always a problem for most of these multichannel software companies, however, we've found to be extremely helpful. This software provides gross sales, net profits, profit margins, etc. We simply load in our inventory and product costs and sales are automatically imported into our dashboard. Will stick with and as they are a necessity in multi-channel sales to Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

  • numiart

    Overall rating

    more views means more sales

    I signed up for Sellbrite just over a month ago after paying a similar cost for another sync program that took over 24 hours to update and sync. Needless to say, Sellbrite syncs sales across all channels FAST so you don't have to worry about overselling.

    The benefits from using Sellbrite not only include freedom from worry, but you'll also save time. You can list directly from Sellbrite to all channels and not have to jump around wondering if your products are where you want them.

    Another benefit is cross marketing. For example, I use Etsy, which limits the type of items I can sell. I wanted to share those products elsewhere - Sellbrite allows me to do this easily. As a result, my products are viewed across more channels - more views means more sales. I saw more sales almost immediately – this is the biggest benefit by far. So, if the cost is off-putting, consider reorganizing your marketing budget to include Sellbrite as part of the plan - it will make a difference in your monthly revenue.

    Listing and importing inventory is easy, but you really must understand your channel attributes to make the most of using Sellbrite. Channels are constantly changing and Sellbrite seems to stay on top of the changes as far as I can tell.

    I've used customer support several times and the support is lightening fast and attentive. My questions are always answered in a timely manner (even weekends) and I've never felt misunderstood or irritated with communication - that's a big deal - you want to know you can count on someone being there to help if you need it.

    Sellbrite is an excellent choice for the small business owner who wants to grow, but still remain in charge - you'll benefit from less worry, more time, cross marketing, and, most importantly, an increase in sales.

  • dvha31

    Overall rating

    Sellbrite Review

    Before Sellbrite I was manually updated my inventory from Amazon and eBay. That was a pain and time consuming.

    As a small business I had a budget but I knew in order to grow I had to employ a sync software. I looked at a few and read tons of reviews. Ultimately I chose sellbrite and year half later it's been one of the better investments I have done.

    Sellbrite is easy to use for non tech guy like me. Loaded with features for any size company. Customer service is also amazing and always you get quick responses

  • Mo Johnson

    Overall rating

    Appreciating Sellbrite more and more

    We are also appreciating using Sellbrite more and more. When the shipping was down we had to manually enter address in our fedex account which of course is such a slow process!

    We used to just use Amazon, but now we get better rates with our own FedEx account. So...then we either have to do it with Sellbrite or enter manually in our fedex account. Sellbrite is worth the money just in time savings for that one thing!

    The other BIG things it's increasingly helpful for is keeping track of our inventory and making pricing or other changes across all our channels at once. It's been an investment of time and money but I can see the value now.:D

    Oh, and lest I forget -- outstanding customer service -- which is essential to the whole thing. I did sign up for their premium plan (which I recommend) but I suspect they give outstanding customer service either way.

  • cdare

    Overall rating

    Sellbrite works like a charm and the customer service is A++

    We've been using Sellbrite for years to streamline our operations in Sears, eBay, and FBA. It works great and we have been very satisfied! The eBay listing builder isn't the best and the price is a little high, but overall sellbrite has worked well for our company. And the customer service is fantastic and quick. Everyone who has helped us is smart, fast, and super empathetic.

    We've been using Sellbrite for years to streamline our operations in Sears, eBay, and FBA. It works great and we have been very satisfied! The eBay listing builder isn't the best and the price is a little high, but overall sellbrite has worked well for our company. And the customer service is fantastic and quick. Everyone who has helped us is smart, fast, and super empathetic.

  • qp1980

    Overall rating

    On the fence

    More like 3.5 Stars..

    I got the trial period done and I was pleased with what I saw. I started my subscription mid- February. My goal was to grow my ebay store. And then move to other channels. eBay my 1st priority.

    The good.
    • Only tested in one channel, eBay. The inventory was kept accurate. Changed to zero, changed to 200, testing what would the software do and how would my listings be impacted. It works as intended- I can only say that for one channel.
    • I created 1 preset and that was simple to do.
    • Listing to eBay was relatively easy, more screens that I would love to, but okay. However, the eBay title cannot be imported as eBay title, I put it under a “Feature” field. Nor can I import the decline value of the best offer. I know they are about to release custom fields, so this will be resolved soon, hopefully.
    • Interface is clean and simple. Easy to understand.

    Now, the why I am not sure what to do now. On the fence:

    • Losing Pictures: I had listings in eBay before I started using Sellbrite. Once I started to link some of those listings to Sellbrite, and use the CVS import to update the items, then sent updates to eBay, I lost the original pictures in eBay. I only got 1 showing. I am talking some cases 5/6 pictures lost. That might be okay for 1 or 2 listings, but, If you have hundreds and you will lose your pictures that is not good. eBay users, be aware.
    • I have eBay Business Polices – others might not, and this might not be a problem for them. If I send an update for something like eBay title, I change words, submit the change. I get new Business Policies created, over and over. If you noticed from above, I only had 1 preset set up, yet, I am having duplicates-several duplicates for the same exact shipping preset. Sellbrite confirms that they do not support eBay business policies. And the problem resides with eBay. eBay is creating the duplicates , I should try to consolidate or clean up options! Made me laugh, I have been cleaning them for the last two weeks since I started Sellbrite. I only have one preset. eBay users with Business Polices, be aware.

    I am surprise that a software in "partnership" with eBay does not support Business Policies, something eBay pushed into sellers.

    For those two reasons I have not linked anything else, and pretty much I am paying for something that I am not fully using. As I am only monitoring the inventory of the initial free listings I created and the handful that I linked and lost the pictures.

    Now to support, several reviews raved about the great support and fast response time. I have not seen that fast response time. Eventually most of my questions have been answered. With the exception of the above and one about warehouses. Support is friendly and polite. However, you wait for days before you get your answer. And now, I have a dedicated success manager. Still the last time I heard from either support person was on Tuesday morning. I sent a “what is the status” email yesterday. Nothing! No response. It is already Thursday afternoon. I have to send yet another email asking for updates.

    I have tried some other software. At the end no one is perfect. You would have to decide which one gets you closer to what you need.

    I thought this was going to be it. And might be, like if they fix the picture issues, i might decide to ok, clean up policies every week- though, it irritates me as that will be a waste of my time. And if wanted to look for a software was to save time not to create waste. Will see.

    I would love to give the software 5 stars once these issues are resolved.

  • Darien

    Overall rating

    Amazing and easy to use

    What were the positives?

    Everything has been amazing. Easy to learn and easy to use. Works with many online sites flawlessly.

    Any negatives?

    I will let you know if I find something ??


    They are quick to respond. I love that whenever I think there is an issue it is not the software just me learning how to use it correctly.

    I recommend this software to a time that sells on more then one platform and wants to make sure there listings and inventory are correct.

  • 3rd-Venue

    Overall rating

    Just DOUBLED their prices :-(

    I was all set to go with Sellbrite. It handled MCF ok, and seemed to not miss stock changes. BLISTERING fast imports and did not miss a single item. Impressive!

    Their column layouts are hideous however. You cannot add / remove / re-order / resize columns. How on earth do software designers put out such junk, and they NEVER use it, and they NEVER follow commonly accepted practices (how about doing it exactly like AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL??)

    It is not capable of figuring out that FBA inventory and Merchant Fulfill on the same ASIN is the same product. You will literally have to manually connect each and every one of these dual Amazon products, a serious time waster. We were not able to just import Amazon , FBA, and Ebay and make all that Sync up right away. I spent days and days in here and it still didn't make sense.

    Do you import FBA first and then attach MF ads? Or the other way around? One way would show a Total of FBA + MF on the Main Grid, but then change the MF to also include the FBA units in Live Qty. (wrong, we never EVER want to drop ship an FBA item on an MF sale, almost no one would). Doing it the other way would keep them separate, BUT you had to go into the sub page of each product to see the separate QTY for FBA or Merchant Fulfilled. Why was this not visible on the main grid, which was a deal breaker? We either had to risk Drop Shipping MF orders from our own FBA to get the data to look exactly how we wanted or click into each product one by one to see our ACTUAL FBA INVENTORY. Really, who thought this one up?

    There were many positives here and many head scratchers. It is clear that no one who actually sells on Amazon & Ebay is consulting with the design team. It boggles the mind that all these Multi-Channel Software peddlers don't actually have teams of real life MC sellers who will control the design , layout , GUI, data flow, column order, etc!!!

    MCF worked flawlessly, so it became clear that the only market for this tool is a Seller who has huge FBA inventory they want to drop ship for Ebay / Website customers. It really isn't any value for all other types of sellers.

    It was almost a winner and I was communicating with the CEO just fine. Then on Jan 1, I realize they have just doubled their cost to me. I wasn't happy paying $199, now you want $345? CEO told me to go pound sand. WTH, how about you SOLVE THE PROBLEMS I REPORTED FIRST and really make me some money and help me triple my revenues with your fantastic product offerings that don't waste my time in a beautiful properly designed GUI that I would help you create?

    Then we'll talk about a price increase, until then, good bye 🙁

    It is crystal clear that the vast majority of the companies here in the Multi-Channel category have a business model of getting a handful of people paying $500+ per month so they don't have to do much work. If you have 50 people paying you $500 per month, then you have a really fat income for a 2 - 3 person company. Their goal IS NOT TO MAKE ME MONEY, it is to make THEM MONEY. They could all care less if the value is truly there for the customer. They could care less if I am wasting needless mouse clicks, frustrated with Columns, or have to click into another page to get critical data. This is a seriously selfish segment of our industry and little progress is being made. I started seriously shopping for these tools 7+ years ago. After $15,000,000 in sales I still have not found one that I will pay the price for what it actually does.


    Where is the real solution that will help my company GROW and SCALE the business actually give me true ROI and no headaches? Ahhh...the search continues 🙁

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      @3rd-Venue I'm pretty disappointed by your review. I also reviewed your previous conversations with my partner, Mike, and I understand that you are frustrated with the price of software on the market, which I will address below.

      First though, I don't appreciate that you stated that I told you to "pound sand." I have never even talked to you before, and even if I did, I would never be that disrespectful to my customers.

      In your review, you do raise some fair and good points regarding things like column sorting, and we are just about to release some updates to address that. But other things you critiqued are not fair, and are either due to limitations from the channel itself or are designed that way for a reason. For instance, you mention that our system can't determine that FBA inventory and Merchant Fulfilled inventory on the same ASIN is the same product. Well, Amazon requires two separate SKUs and separate listings for your FBA inventory and your MF inventory, even if they are the same ASIN. And since Sellbrite inventory is based on unique SKUs, these become separate items in Sellbrite as well. We have to work within the parameters that the channels set.

      You also stated that it was "clear that no one who actually sells on Amazon & Ebay is consulting with the design team." I personally have over 20 years of ecommerce experience and more than 10 years of multi-channel experience. My company did over $40MM per year on Amazon, eBay, Sears and other channels, so I know what it takes to win in this space. The rest of our team also has years of experience. I only say that to show that it isn't because of lack of experience that our solution is not perfect, which it isn't. Designing and building a simple, intuitive, and powerful multi-channel solution is extremely difficult and expensive, and until you have done it yourself, I don't feel that it is fair to critique.

      Regarding pricing: As I mentioned, it is extremely expensive to build, maintain, operate and support a complex solution like Sellbrite. The amount of computing power required to process the millions of automated processes happening every minute across the terabytes of data requires a massive infrastructure. The team of developers we have are expensive. The Customer Success team we employ to help our customers every day cost a lot of money. It all adds up. This is not 2-3 guys getting rich off of you. We are a legitimate company that employs lots of people, and we are trying to build something that makes a difference. We're not perfect, but we're constantly trying to improve. We cannot possibly charge $40/m and keep the lights on. There's just no way. And frankly, if you value your time at all, you are getting MUCH more than $40 of value from our software every month anyway. Please consider all of this before coming down so harshly on Sellbrite and other software companies.

      I kindly ask that you reconsider your 1-star review. Sellbrite is not a 1-star service.


      Brian Nolan
      CEO, Sellbrite

  • rednailsw1

    Overall rating

    Valuable business tool for multi-marketplace sellers.

    I originally signed up with Sellbrite for one particular marketplace that required inventory updates. I have since found it quite useful in many other ways I never thought about initially. A quick glance to the home page tells me what my status is across all marketplaces, revenue, what is selling and what isn't. I can quickly get sales information on specific items that I can't get anywhere else.

    I know there are features available to me that I haven't even had a chance to use yet, and I plan to take advantage of all that I can. I initially thought the service was a bit expensive, but now that I have had a chance to really use it, I can say it's definitely worth the money.

    The site is very easy to use, even for someone like me who isn't technical at ALL. And when there are times I need help, the customer service has been outstanding.

    Right now the only cons I can think of are that it doesn't have all marketplaces available, but the ones missing are very small sellers for us anyway (Amazon Japan and Bonanza for example) but they are adding new options all the time, so I'm sure at some point they will all be there.

    I have not used other like-services, so I can't compare them. What I did like about Sellbrite though when I was shopping around is that, unlike other companies, their fees are given to you upfront, and they do not force you into a contract. This honest approach and the ease of use of the site was what sold me. I just paid for another year in advance (got a 2 month discount this way!), so clearly I don't plan to go anywhere else anytime soon.

  • Pricebreaker

    Overall rating

    Just what we were looking for!

    Out of all the companies out there that we looked into. Sellbrite seemed the better choice. When we did the trail it was clear that Sellbrite was for us. I love their platform. Its easy to use and very eye pleasing. The platform is beautiful and features are amazing. We moved from a very old inventory platform to this more modern platform sellbrite offers and we are happy campers. We look forward to a bright future with sell brite.

    As for the customer service, we want to give special thanks to Sharon for being there since the beginning answering all my questions and concerns which sold me as well. Knowing if I need Sharon is there to help. Want to also thanks to the sellbrite team for an awesome job.

  • TKOnline

    Overall rating

    Best priced, most user friendly multichannel platform around

    After using a number of multichannel integration platforms such as Channel Advisor, I've found SellBrite to be the most cost effective and easy to use option out there...period. The pricing model is a flat fee and not correlated with your sales, and it has saved me thousands of dollars. SellBrite's UX is very smooth and training employees to use it was a breeze. Its features are to the point and very utilitarian. Changing our data file to match the SellBrite format took a total of about 15 minutes, and we were up and running. Customer support is very responsive and quick to address any issues. Very pleased.

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      @TKOnline Thanks TK! Can you give us your name so we can thank you directly? 🙂

  • rob977

    Overall rating

    I highly recommend Sellbrite!

    While I have only been using Sellbrite for a couple of weeks, I am extremely pleased! Sellbrite has been great to work with. The set-up process includes helpful guidance at every step, and I was up-and-running quickly. The pricing plans are very reasonable. I especially like the fact that I can start with a small, low cost plan and grow from there - no big financial commitment up front! Customer service is very responsive and generous with their time when needed. I highly recommend Sellbrite!

  • cmb

    Overall rating

    Customer service is lacking

    Sellbrite is much easier to navigate than other multi channel inventory systems we've tried.

    Sellbrite saying they "integrate" with Etsy is laughable.

    Unfortunately their customer service is incredibly rude. They talk down to you like you're an idiot and nothing is ever their fault. They will blame every problem on something other than Sellbrite, which is not only annoying it makes solving a problem incredibly difficult.

    There are few options available for the integrations we need. We're looking forward to having other options so we don't have to deal with Sellbrite anymore.

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      Hi @cmb,

      I'm glad to hear you feel Sellbrite is an easy tool to navigate. Of course, I hate to hear you've had a bad experience with our Success Team. 🙁

      That's certainly not the norm, and I hope whatever happened was an isolated incident. We put great effort into being accessible and supportive of our customers and offering world-class support, despite being a small team. I've PM'd you directly to see if you would share more info about what happened. I know we can do better.

      As far as our Etsy integration, we support just about everything Etsy makes possible via their APIs. If you are open to an offline chat, I'm interested in knowing what limitations you're having and how we might be able to better address those limitations, if possible. Our Etsy integration is used successfully by many merchants, and we hear nothing but good things about it.

      If you ever wish to email me directly, please feel free: mike @

      Mike @ Sellbrite

  • boblehman

    Overall rating

    Easy and willing to work with the customer

    From the beginning the SellBrite team has been outstanding. We are a manufacturer of over 3000 products that can be customized during the sale by the customer. Sellbrite did not support this functionality at first, after talking to them and working with them they and we are onboard now. Being an ex-programmer myself I understand that things can not be accomplished overnight, but their team has been doing an outstanding job. The product is easy to use and very intuitive. Tons of functionality, support team is very quick to respond to any questions and concerns are addressed very quickly. We looked for over a year for a system that could address all the issue's we have with our needs, from a central listing manager, to importing listings via text file or API's to invoicing and shipping functionality the product is well put together. We look forward to a long relationship with Sellbrite

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      Wow, thank you Bob!! We are thrilled to have you as a customer of Sellbrite and look forward to collaborating on more product improvements in the future. 🙂

      Mike @ Sellbrite

  • PDVS

    Overall rating

    Best So far

    Channel Advisor 4 years: Check }:(
    Solid Commerce 1year: Check }:(

    SellBrite: 6 months: check and WON'T CHANGE. :D:D

    It's a no brainer folks.
    As efficient as any other provider.
    LOTS cheaper
    MUCH more user friendly.

    1. Reply from Sellbrite


      Thank you for the review!! Can you give us your name so we can thank you in-app? 🙂

      Mike @ Sellbrite

  • austinwwd

    Overall rating


    Sellbrite is the best solution out there for multi channel selling on the web. I run a wholesale business and I'm so luck I met them. managing over 6000 products and inventory has been a true headache until I found Sellbrite. Customer Service is top notch and I always get my questions answered super fast.

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      @austinwwd Thanks Austin! It's been a pleasure working with you these last 2 years.

  • JRodriguez

    Overall rating

    It's OK - I'll probably switch soon

    I'm a small retailer, selling a bit over 20K a month, with about 70% of it on Amazon, 20% on Ebay and 10% in other channels.
    I originally started with Sellbrite 2 years ago, first on their $49.00 plan (which they no longer have) then on their $89.00 plan. One of the reasons I signed up with them was because they had promised 2 years ago that they would have Sears, Rakuten & New Egg "very shortly". They finally delivered a few months ago, but only partially. You have to first create the listing, then you can link it to your existing listing, so if you want to manage anything other than quantity (like change pictures and such) you can't. You can only do that with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and possibly Big Commerce. Another shortcoming that they've been promising to fix is that you can't "Kit" something, so if I sell a 3PK of an item I have listed on Ebay as a 3PK, it there's no way to correlate it to the individual items on Amazon, so I have to manually "fulfill" the item. I had an issue earlier this year where there was a problem with my Credit Card and they couldn't charge it, so when I went to renew, they told me I HAD to upgrade to their new plan at TWICE the price ($189.00). After I cancelled, they offered to let me back in at $129.00 and I only agreed to do it because of the difficulty in moving platforms. If I were starting fresh today, I'd definitely go with either eComDash or M2EPro, both of which allow Kitting and Bundling along with multi-user so you don't need to give your employees your username and pw.

  • teksrv

    Overall rating

    So glad we found Sellbrite!!

    I can't say enough great things about Sellbrite. We recently moved over to Sellbrite after having a lot of trouble with our previous software solution.

    Long story short, we found Sellbrite and their features meet our company's needs perfectly. In addition to well-thought-out software and a wonderful user experience, Sellbrite allows our company to scale faster than ever. We now have the ability to open new eCommerce stores and in turn, generate a sufficient additional amount of revenue.

    If you want the best solution for your eCommerce needs, definitely check out Sellbrite. You have nothing to lose with their free trial!

  • hatdepotplus

    Overall rating


    As an online merchant, I have had my share of trying several order management and listing programs. As a business owner, you really need to know what is out there in terms of how a program can benefit and enhance your online retail business. I've had my share of comparing several programs and I've always come back to Sellbrite. The interface is clean and intuitive. Importing existing listings from a marketplace and creating products from the import makes it easy to list those products to a different marketplace. Sellbrite has a lot to offer an online marketplace retailer. With all of these benefits, having a FIRST CLASS customer service is just an added bonus. Love Sellbrite.

  • wdinnean

    Overall rating

    Sellbrite is Fantastic

    I am blown away by the customer service that this company provides. I got a call back within a few hours and had someone walking me through how to get set up. I am excited about how this product is going to allow me to grow my business.

  • hollydaiz

    Overall rating


    I have been complaining for a couple of years now about the need to have a way to run our business from one page but link our inventory to multiple channels. THANK you Sellbrite for making my job so much easier! I've only used it for a short time and had a couple of hiccups getting all of the data linked together, but once that was done, it's been smooth sailing. I'm LOVING it! 😀 I can't wait for WooCommerce to be made available. Right now, we sell on Amazon and eBay, as well as our own site. Last night, we registered to sell on Etsy. And today - we are working on merging our website from OSCommerce over to WooCommerce.

  • Lacy

    Overall rating

    The best you can get

    It just doesn't get any better than SellBrite. We've been selling on-line for over seven years and no single integration system comes close to comparing to SellBrite. It is one and done.

  • rosendiehl

    Overall rating

    Intuitive software, great customer service, increased sales

    We have several shops on Shopify, Etsy and eBay. Until we found Sellbrite, we had virtually no flexibility in linking the listings across our different shops and managing inventory. We've been using Sellbrite for less than a week and we've already seen a significant increase in sales. Software is very intuitive and user-friendly.

    The customer service is phenomenal - we got a phone call from the CEO to make sure we were happy, and the Sellbrite team has been available whenever we need them to answer our questions. This powerful program is completely worth every dollar!

  • Igor Kirillin

    Overall rating

    Sellbrite vs other services

    Hi there!

    I use Sellbrite to list products from my Shopify Store ( to the Etsy account.
    I tested various services like Stitch, Ecomdash, SynCommerce and maybe some others.
    Sellbrite is the only one to flawlessly do the job: sync my listings. This is it really.
    Sellbrite team (CEO Brian Nolan and CMO Mike Ugino) were always there to meet my concerns.
    Just to meet my concerns because the app itself is easy to use and there was never a problem.
    There are a bunch of options like inventory management, max inventory for a channel and price markup for the channel, that I don't actually use, but I know they are there if I need.

    I actually use Ecomdash for inventory management because channels are not restricted.
    I trialed Sellbrite in September 2014 and only signed up in December 2014 because they introduced a new tariff policy starting with only 29 (billed annually) and 39 (billed monthly) for 2 channels. And this is I believe the best bargain available. There are super expensive apps like Stitch which just tracks your inventory, at least i never found ebay, amazon or etsy listing builder while trialing it. Other services either don't work or do not provide integrations I like to have. I was specifically looking for Etsy because it is the most liberal marketplace in terms of their 3,5% fee and I guess Sellbrite was the first to introduce a working bulk integration.
    I also have a couple of Shopify stores in different languages, and I need to build their product listings separately and neither SellBrite or Ecomdash would help me out here. I also like to build my product feed for Amazon separately. So I just need Sellbrite for 1 integration. And it's perfect that they now provide me with this opportunity. So far Sellbrite was sort of ahead of my expectations which is great.
    For the moment my choice is Sellbrite + Ecomdash.

    ps. they didn't offer me a discount for this review)

    1. Reply from Sellbrite

      @igor - thanks for the awesome review!

      @josecardoso - Yes, you can enter your product information in any language in Sellbrite, and it will carry over to the listings you create on the channels from Sellbrite. Currently, though, Sellbrite only integrates with the US marketplaces. We have plans to expand internationally next year.

      Yes, Sellbrite does also manage your inventory and sync your inventory across all your listings on each channel. We've built a system so that SKU don't need to match on each channel and you can still link them together in Sellbrite. However, if the SKUs do match, the linking process is automatic.

      Brian @ Sellbrite

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