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Seller Snap is a "Game Theory" repricer. It automatically adjusts pricing and pricing strategies to maximize profit and revenue.

Seller Snap knows when a move will give the seller an advantage without creating a bidding war. Set up is as simple or as customized as the seller wants.

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  • Worldwide

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From $500/month to $800/month

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  • Joseph Rotenberg

    Overall rating






    Ease of Use


    Seller Snap software is pretty incredible and very user-friendly!

    What were the positives?

    If you request dev changes or edits, they are very open to this and usually take time to develop the tech and fulfill requests. Their customer service staff are so hands-on and spend time to take you through the platform and set-up anything you need. They also provide you with useable insights and strategies.

    It’s very good value for money, no yearly contracts tying you in.

    It’s totally changed my business so I will happily recommend them - very useful technology!

    Any negatives?

    Not right now.


    Would recommend and they have a 15 day free trial.

  • ohadmm

    Overall rating


    The best repricer available, after long research that we did

    We have been selling online for many years and are using ChannelAdvisor for our operation,
    but frankly, their Amazon repricer is just too basic for our needs.
    We looked for a dedicated repricer to help optimize our Amazon stores and after looking into the different repricers (some very cheap and some cost $3000 a month), we found Seller Snap.
    I can say that from our experience over the past few months, they are the best repricer and analytics solution for Amazon on the market today.
    Pros: Easy setup, Game Theory repricer outperforms any rule-based and algorithmic repricers we have tested and fantastic customer service.
    The only issue that I found is that you can reprice just on Amazon and is not a multi-channel repricer, if that what you are looking. But even on that case, you can download a CSV file and make a bulk upload to the other market places if that what you need.

  • kwasiab

    Overall rating



    I am very busy trying to grow our business, the little bit of time I have left I spend with my children, I do not have time for fluff. I needed a repricer I could trust, I needed a repicer I did not have to babysit most importantly a reprices that WORKS. We are very thankful to have found Seller Snap. Trust me I have tried my share of repricers (almost all of them). With Seller Snap set up was very easy and to the point. The onboarding process was hassle free I received 1 on 1 support and was able to get all details configured. Whenever I needed to fine-tune settings support was just an e-mail/phone call away.

    Simple yet POWERFUL! I am selling products at higher margins. Yes, no more drop a penny repricing! I leave the repricing to SellerSnap and can finally focus on my family and growing our business.

    The support I have received from Seller Snap has been AMAZING professional, first class service. Their Head of Customer Success Lucy is beyond amazing she is very knowledgeable and always answers all of my questions in a very timely manner! Could not be happier with their support. Truly! Awesome Team!

    In conclusion, I really hope Seller Snap continues to grow and hopefully no matter how big they become will continue to provide excellent service to their customers. Give Seller Snap a try, and watch your margins grow! I recommend Seller Snap 100%

  • Ratchet

    Overall rating


    Basically the only Repricer I would ever consider

    SellerSnap takes repricing into the modern age. Their recently released API took this to the No-Brainer category in terms of things you should be required to purchase if you are selling items on FBA.

    I've been able to completely automate my entire pricing strategy and rely exclusively on their solution to ensure that I don't just get the buy box, but I get the max price for the most sales. Our business has grown exponentially largely in part to SellerSnap.

    Sign up today! And Tell 'em Ryan sent yah 🙂

  • Charles H

    Overall rating


    They get it.

    What were the positives?

    Simply they get it.

    I tried higher priced. I tried lower priced. This is what works.
    Selling on Amazon is a game. They know it. They know how to play the game. Lower repricers simply create a race down even if you set to reprice above (someone else wont). The prices simply drop. Even the higher one I tried did this. It had some more advanced fancy reports and a "coach" but was simply not worth the fees.

    Strip away all that fluff and you are left with what you need. A repricer that works how it should.

    When you play repricing as a game you are always moving the price around. This allows your competition to run out at a low price hence allowing you to have inventory available at a higher price.

    Works well to bring us more ROI per sale.


    Top notch support. Every time I ask for help I get immediate assistance. I have requested little feature updates and some were implemented in a day. Its these little things that save me time and make seller easier. They listen. They help.

  • Edward S

    Overall rating


    A significant increase in profit margin and amazing support

    In the past couple of years our company tried out the 3 major repricers on the market. Feed Visor was very expensive and while we saw an increase in our profit margins, we also saw a decrease in our sales. AppEagle and Repricer Express worked well but would force us into price wars with our competitors.

    Seller Snap was able to keep our sales at the same level while increasing our profit margin. They are also the only company that was able to solve the issue we were having with everyone else of repricing a very large inventory. They really worked with us and after 2 weeks were able to solve a problem that was plaguing us for the past year. Their customer support is unlike anything we have ever seen. You are always talking to people who truly understand how Amazon works and not just a customer service rep. Ask them any question and they will truly look into it.

    I can not recommend these guys enough.

  • Benjamin Isgur

    Overall rating


    SellerSnap is, in short, better, cheaper, Feedvisor

    We (a large Amazon seller) switched over from Feedvisor to SellerSnap, and it's a far better option. I'll break it down.

    1. What it does

    I ran a 30-day long test where we moved 50% of our active listings from Feedvisor to SellerSnap. Over that test, SellerSnap barely underperformed Feedvisor in terms of average profit margin (0.2% different) but outperformed Feedvisor in terms of actual sales velocity (it sold about 3% more products). We would've made more total money using strictly SellerSnap with those numbers. These numbers are close enough for them to be called roughly equivalent products. SellerSnap is very similar to Feedvisor and allows for very simple but powerful and effective repricing setup.

    2. Working with a startup vs. a behemoth

    Feedvisor is huge and established. SellerSnap is younger and more nimble. When we want a feature added, we send an e-mail, and a few days or two weeks later, it's added. An example of this is that SellerSnap now displays how many competing offers are on a listing in an obvious and easily accessible manner, as well as how many of those offers are FBA vs. FBM. Having this information readily accessible is invaluable.

    You can't get service like that from an established business like Feedvisor. What we got instead was a lot of reports that we didn't necessarily need.

    3. Price

    This last one can't be overstated. If the two services cost the exact same, I might slightly prefer Feedvisor because of their extra features and the business intelligence and assistance they provide. But they don't cost the same. SellerSnap costs us roughly 20% of what Feedvisor did. The savings are absolutely enormous and allowed us the room to hire on extra part-time help to grow our business even faster.

  • matteol

    Overall rating


    The best repricer I have found, and a great price

    I don't mean to brag, but I am very advanced at pricing, I recorded a webinar on pricing for one of the biggest amazon seller groups out there. Repricing correctly is one of the top things on an amazon business, because after all the work sourcing you want to be sure you can get the highest possible return on your sales.

    For a long time I had decided to continue repricing manually for 2 reasons.

    1. Rule based repricing makes no sense. I have manually tested and when pricing FBA against FBM sellers, sometimes you can price 15% above an FBM seller and still win, and sometimes only 1%. Some repricer will want you to think that its possible to guess this differences from things like seller rating, fulfilment time, etc, its not, I checked for 100 sellers and there was no possible correlation to be had.

    2. Repricers often cause a race to the bottom. When I say "reprice 0,01 bellow competition), then if the other guy has the same, you will both reprice down to your minimum prices.

    I tried many repricers and none would let me do what I wanted, to price as high as possible and still get the buy box.

    Many repricers now have what they call and "algorithmic" repricing. Sure, that is a great name, but what does that mean? I have had many calls with the guys at Seller Snap and we have gone thru all the strategies it uses, and I found it to be incredibly clever in how it detects what your competition is doing in order to optimize what you should do. I dont think they are yet better then me personally repricing, but repricing personally is too time consuming.

    I have also noted that many Algorithm repricers are way to aggressive, repricing at much lower prices then what is really needed to win the buy box.

    A nice addition to the mix is a graph they have in their app with buy box % per day. You can indirectly get that from seller central, but its a lot of work. I use this graph to know how many days on the last 30 days I was competitively getting the buy box.

    You should choose a repricer that fits your strategy and budget, if you have a higher revenue repricing better becomes more and more important. For me this repricer generates a lot more extra profits then it costs, but if you are selling very little, that might not be true for you.

    Apart from all this, Seller snap has an amazing and super responsive support

  • atjernlund

    Overall rating


    Excellent for Those Ready to Scale

    So, you are a legitimate Amazon seller looking to reach the next level. Well, then you know that you need to focus on what makes your business grow and outsource the rest. However, you don't want to give up the details and care that got you this far. That was my issue. I had tried FeedVisor, Appeagle, and others. Feedvisor was a great idea, but I am busy growing my business and don't want to input all the data they need for it to run successfully. Plus, the price tag was just, wow. The other basic "drop a penny" repricers will forcing me to leave a ton of margin on the table. SellerSnap got me everything I need and nothing I don't. I can put in as much information as I want, but it starts working with just a couple of basic parameters. Plus, it is a lot less expensive than the high end guys. I still use it and I seem to get the best of all worlds so far: easy to set up, smart pricing decisions, fair price. I now sell $25MM annually online and it still works for me.

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