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SSB provides listing tools, image hosting, inventory management, product showcase, templates and more for eBay sellers.

Listings are mobile compatible, free of active content and help sales conversion.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Android App
  • iOS App

Pricing & Trial

Showcase plan with limited features is $2.95 per month. Full plans from $6.95 to $9.95 per month.

Web Retailer readers can save a recurring 15% off their subscription with coupon code: AB94A

Integrations & Compatibility

  • eBay Motors
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist
  • eBid

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45 Reviews

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  • Donna

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    Loads of templates

    Any negatives?

    1. Error message 640 saying I need to add payment methods to my eBay account. WRONG!!! I have been using the same payment method for over 14 years on my eBay account. I HAD LISTED SEVERAL ITEMS MOMENTS BEFORE, so how can this error message be correct?

    2. Wasted 30 mins writing an email regarding all the current issues. Copied their email address and sent it via outlook - email bounced saying the address was not correct! GO FIGURE!!

    3. Step 1 - draft listing details and upload images. Step 2 - Launcher BANG! Error message saying you need to add at least 1 image. Go back to Edit page, and there they all are, the images. Can’t upload.

    4. Using bulk image Uploader, won’t add all images, and have to individually upload an image one by one. EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING AND FRUSTRATING

    5. Not enough variety of fonts

    6. No option to select “realist automatically”


    Disappointing of late with so many issues. I waste countless hours trying to upload images and listings but the constant errors are over the top.

    Emailed to request a month’s credit but was told no!

  • John Bielski

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    An outdated tool that offers no added value

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    The reviews are years old and the product seems way behind for 2020. It is cumbersome to use, doesn't easily allow cut and paste from Word, images are not properly resized, multiple pages have to be gone through to create a listing, listing previews really are inaccurate, and so much more wrong.


    For less than $10 a month it still isn't worth the money. You are better off listing straight with eBay.

  • Ohtobehappier

    Overall rating

    Dire, slow, not fit for purpose

    A dreadful piece of software that should be so much better. Uploading of correct image sizes is slow and invariably throws you out. The listing tool is, in places, ridiculously technical. Some fields don't appear when listing similar items ie category disappears. The upload to ebay is either super fast or takes forever, no matter what day of the week it is. I've used it for a while but I'm giving up.

    Interestingly they are not on social media ie. they will not take messages on their twitter account as an example. Says a lot.

  • butterflypeter

    Overall rating

    excellant all round

    I REALLY FEEL MY SALES ARE HIGH DUE TO THEIR TEMPLATES my only issue would be to see more templates athat are specific to brithish ceramic makers

  • carolagomes

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Web Solutions Program - Highly recommended!

    I've been using SSB for over 10 years and I frequently have questions since I am still not very good with technology. They should be tired of hearing from me but they are always very prompt in answering my questions. I thought it would be disadvantageous to use them because we cannot communicate by phone, but that has not been the case. It's probably even better communicating via email since I don't have to wait on the phone for a response or worry about getting to the right person. All the people I have dealt with are extremely knowledgeable and competent. I am thoroughly satisfied with their service and I highly recommend them to everyone.

  • waysofmygrandmothers

    Overall rating

    SSB World Class Customer Care

    There are not words to express how fantastic SSB is. Beyond making your listings look professional, if you ever have a problem, rest assured, you will find WORLD CLASS customer support! These gals CARE! They will work to resolve your issue and they always check back to make sure it is! I have even had problems that had ZERO to do with SSB, but if they feel they can help you, they will. They go WAY beyond the norm! I simply can't say enough about them! I wish all customer support was like these gals. Companies could learn alot about how to treat people from them!!! I LOVE them!

  • Kitty_Kat

    Overall rating

    Their Customer Support Team Rocks!

    I've been a seller on eBay for over a decade. I've tried various programs over the years, but I keep coming back to Seller Sourcebook. The site runs smoothly and if there is any kind of a technical problem, it is taken care of quickly! Their support team is US-based and their members are eBay sellers themselves so they understand what it's like to sell on eBay and what my frustrations might be! Highly recommended!

  • booksandthings9

    Overall rating

    How well I was taken care by the staff of SSB Jennifer & jil

    I went to Sellers Source over a problem that had come to pass when I tried to put auctions on Ebay.Both Jennifer and Jill help me and did not give up until all was solved. They were determine to see these problems solved and were ready to answer anything right away. I would have to give them a 5 star rating. SSB is a very devoted to there site and care about the seller I am glad that I am with them. This was a very good experience even though it was a tough problem that did not seem to want to go away but their pleasant and quick response were deeply appreciated

  • leenew

    Overall rating


    It is probably an understatement to say that it is a great pleasure to work with Jill and Seller Sourcebook. As a Mac user, it is not always easy to find a dedicated vendor with responsive customer service. With a number of choices available, I wanted to find a reliable service, and my latest experience has only confirmed their exceptional level of support.

    In a recent transaction, I provided Seller Sourcebook with a template that needed to be replaced after it's original installation. Expecting this to cause a major delay and be difficult, I was amazed how quickly and seamlessly Seller Sourcebook reinstalled a new template. (Did I mention this happened over the weekend, which takes exceptional dedication to customers' needs.) They were pleasant, extremely efficient and most gracious in working with me. I cannot say enough good things about my experience in working with them. If you're looking for a company that takes customer service and satisfaction seriously, I cannot recommend a better company!

  • keithharrierorg

    Overall rating

    This is the Best Listing Program I have used for eBay by Far. Very Very Very Happy

    The Seller Source Book ( is the best listing program i have used to list on ebay by far. I am very happy with every aspect of it.

    Their customer service is the best i have ever seen. When I signed up, I needed a custom template installed on a Sunday, and they installed it for me in around an hour, ready for me to use. Every time i ever email a question, they have always responded within minutes (every other company's listing program i have ever tried takes forever to respond, and I have tried inkfrog, auctiva, vendio, sixbit, and many others So the Seller Source Book is the best customer service i have seen)

    The Seller Source Book program is so easy to use and fast for listing. I can easily have it set up with my profiles for policies filled out so that when i need to list i simply add title and description for that particular item and then launch. If i am listing multiple RC car bodies, i simply launch one then go to my launched listings and then pick the sell similar option. From there all i have to do is change a few words in the title and description area, then hit the launch button and change the a few words on the launch page that reflects my new product, then launch. Its so quick and easy. I can list multiple items this way in about 3 minutes a piece or less.

    The photo gallery choices are great. I have many different ones i can choose from (13 to be exact). And i can change them so easy. I just click on a button and i see all my choices and choose the one i want. I can change this at any time during listing or even after it is launcched and do a revision.

    Its also easy to revise active items launched to ebay from the Seller Source Book. And it does it instantly to ebay.

    The other great thing is i can use it to launch driectly to ebay or i can use it to make my listings and then copy the html code by simply clicking a button so i can paste it into ebay editor or wherever i want.

    I can also just save a listing i am working on , whether i want to finish it later or if i want to save it for further revision down the line if i was pasting the html code into ebay. And the best thing is it really auto saves as you are working on a listing. Great for if you have an internet or computer problem so that you dont lose all your work. Which happend to me the other night when my internet went out for a minute.

    I recommend the Seller Source Book to everyone who is looking for a great listing program. You will be glad you did.


  • elissa2052

    Overall rating

    User friendly affordable with great help desk to boot

    I've used SSB for several years. Easy, tons of templates, photo hosting and once you set up your first few auctions, its smooth sailing. I don't sell continually and it’s great that I can leave and when I return a couple months later all my setting are there and ready to go. Your auction can be done in the AM and set to launch in the PM at no extra charge. I LOVE the help desk! Always get quick, pleasant answers to even the most oblivious questions. Plus it’s so affordable. Give it a try and you'll agree.

  • Flash

    Overall rating


    I have been with SSB for quite a few years. I cannot rave about their Customer Service Department enough! When I told them I was leaving because I was having problems with their photo imaging uploader they didn't just shrug their shoulders and let me go. I was contacted very quickly (with much concern on their part) asking me if there was any way they could help. With their encouragement and just a few emails later - that always came rapidly after I wrote them - I was able to pin point the problem (which was on my computer not their site) and sort it out. They are always concerned about their clients and super quick to respond. The tone of their emails shows concern and support. To find a Customer Service Department that caring is unheard of now-a-days. I'm so very happy to have found SSB - and to be able to stay with them. When you find a good product you don't want to go anywhere else. The site is extremely user friendly and the frames are beautiful and unique. Go there, try their site and I think that you will agree with me.

  • tori

    Overall rating

    There customer service is what makes them second to none.You wont find better!!!

    I have been using Sellersourcebook for a couple of years now and i cant say enough good things about them.There customer service is second to none,they really do go out of there way to help you solve any problems you might have.They have the kindest staff i have ever delt with and they reply to any questions so quickly.The listing templetes are the best available and i have no doubt they are a big part in helping me become a power seller on eBay Australia.There site is very user friendly and there are so many options available to make your listings stand out from the crowd.I have had alot of customers comment on my listings stating how great they look compaired to other sellers selling the same items as me.I really do owe alot of my success to sellersourcebook and i have no problem highly recommending them to anybody who wants a successfull business where listings templetes are used.

  • bettybakebake

    Overall rating

    Seller Source Book aka ssb

    The best listing program, I've been on ebay and other auction and store sites since 2005 and this by far is the best and fastest. How they manage the photos so quick I don't know nor do I really care. I do know that I have tripled my listing production since I began using ssb. I am happier with how my listings look and bottom line...I make more money. I am more efficient and my listings look better, more professional and they are new and fresh and modern. I'm very happy.

  • elegant

    Overall rating

    The Best Listing Management Provider!

    I have been with Seller Sourcebook for several years and cannot say enough good things about them! They are the best source for creating professional looking auctions. The features are clearly explained and easy to use. Their customer service is always professional, friendly and extremely helpful. The quality of support is virtually unheard of these days. Seller Sourcebook goes the extra mile and then some!

  • TheAppleBarrel

    Overall rating

    Best tool for eBay listing management (I also use it for Craigslist, Bonanza, etc.)

    Seller Sourcebook has super-fast, friendly, accurate, individualized technical support. Every inquiry is answered personally. I have a custom template that I have needed to tweak from time to time I have never had a request denied. I embed YouTube video in some listings and they gave me great instructions regarding how to do that. Plus, SSB is a great deal dollar-wise!

  • nmederios

    Overall rating

    Best Customer Support EVER!!

    If you don't have good Customer Support, you have Nothing!! I was about to pull my hair out with Ebay's Customer Support when I started using SSB. SSB is so easy to use and the best part is that if you do have a problem you actually have people who seem to know what they are doing to help you. Believe me!! It is not like Ebay Support!! The SSB support team is friendly, knowledgeable and respond in a timely fashion. I couldn't be more pleased!! Thank You SSB!

  • Sher

    Overall rating

    WOW ! The best customer service ever !

    I wasn't sure about listing fees through SSB so I email the help desk, and it didn't take them very long to get back to me. They answered all my questions very quickly and we're more than happy to help me out. I will stick with the guys forever. Customer Service is EVERYTHING !!!
    Thanks again, Sher

  • Cheriem

    Overall rating

    having problems with my photo loading on my auction on ebay at peak times

    glitches and freezing going on, that never used to happen.

    it has even signed me out, because it took so long for them to upload photos.
    i have cable, and pay to have the higest Tier service.

    but the most annoying thing, is when i set up auction to start at peak times,
    find out later, my auctions listed with their launcher without any photos.

    SSB explains that Ebay photos must not of been responding , so it listed
    without a photo. Their suggestion, don't list at peak times.

    I guess they don't understand everyone want to list at peak times, to get the most money
    for their auction. Can't they fix this, so that it doesn't list it until ebay photo uploader becomes available?

    i also find this very hard to believe, since i have no problem with ebay photo uploader when i
    use ebay directly.

    other than those major problems everything else is ok.

  • jawarrior

    Overall rating

    The Very Good & The Overwhelming Bad

    I don't understand why, but SSB's performance went from great to a lowpoint now where a glitch physically prevents me from sending listings to eBay! The customer service is excellent and the gals respond quickly and try very hard to get to the bottom of all the glitches and bugs that have cropped up recently, but the software changes and updates have apparently created a hornet's nest of difficulties for me. I've got to believe others are beginning to experience the same difficulties.

    SSB's features are great and the over 3,000 templates aren't too bad. It's their new listing text editor which seems to be the culprit behind the latest, and most severe bugs so far. So, it's with regret that I must find another listing option. SSB is feature-rich and very reasonably priced but, if I can't send my listings to eBay, it loses all potential value. It's really a shame!

  • olivia1290

    Overall rating


    I have been with SSB going on 2 years and am extremely happy with the product and find their 'real person' customer support the best I have come across.

    Their product is very user friendly, tutorial easy to follow, photo storage awesome, great selection of templates.
    When you need a quick response to a problem (generally something gone awry on my end) their customer support couldn't be better - fast response, very knowledgeable and most helpful.

    I had used 2 other products prior to trying SellerSourceBook and was frustrated, especially when trying to resolve an issue.

    I happened to find SSB on the internet and decided to give it a try. Immediately I knew SSB was a great find, just what I had been looking for. Not only was it less expensive than the other products I had used but the product AND the excellent customer support has been PHENOMENAL!!

    Creating my listings is a snap, no frustrations, and I can't say enough about their professional, friendly customer service.

    I know it may by hard to believe however, SellerSourceBook really treats their customers as 'someone special' They've proven it over and over with me.

    I can go on and on about SSB but I think you get the message.
    Highly Recommend SellerSourceBook!!!

    Thank You!

  • Antiques Heirlooms by Jorijo

    Overall rating


    When my computer crashed and I bought another it came with Windows 7. I had to leave my old programs behind and begin anew. I had been making my own backgrounds and logos and lost that ability. Hit a slump and then noticed a quilter whom I had been following on Ebay had a truly gorgeous site. I noticed that she used SSB. I went to the site and just knew it was for me when I saw the Victorian templates! I drooled until I got the site up and useable. Had a few problems figuring it out (I am old you know and not tech wise). The customer support is out of this world and they even write you back after they help you to ask if you need any more help! Where in this day and age do you get service like that!?? So I am now up and running on this great site with a choice template for everything I choose to relate to my listings. I particularly love the red and white "kitchen" related template and all of the Victorian ones and the Art Deco etc etc. I know that if I have a problem, someone is in the wings ready to lend a hand in support. I tried many other sites that promised the world and came up cold or were simply too complicated for me. This one has it all. Thanks so much for a fun and comprehensive site. I am so proud to display my Ebay listings now. They are colorful and promote PIZAZZZZ! Sincerely, Marjorie Bednarek "Antiques And Heirlooms by Jorijo". See you on Ebay!

  • Family Inc

    Overall rating

    This is the best program you will ever use!

    I switched to SSB because I was frustrated with other programs out there. I thought I should try this one before I finally gave up. This is not just easy to use, but the customer service is right there. They are fast and friendly and more important patient. Just try it and I promise you, you will never go back. There is no limits on pictures, you can launch right from the site, more templates than you could possibly use, and they care. I know you think "They Care?". But they really do, they walk you thru it step by step and for me that is a real bonus. I am not that great with technology, but who needs to be when this does all the work for you. Just try it and I bet you will be writing one of these reviews with in days of switching over.Take a look at all the varieties of templates. They are professional, fun, simple, bold, daring, just about anything you need. You can make a perfect fit of product and template and there is no need to know any HTML. Heck I don't know the first thing about it and I make fantastic listings each time. Best of sales have gone up considerably. People are reacting to the professional listings so spending a little to make a lot, that is a no brainer. Now the longer you agree to stick with and try out SSB that better the value, but even if you took the $8 a month you would still be making that back in a few short sales. I promise your sales will pick up. Mine were in the dump and I re-listed with SSB with higher pricing and I am selling like hotcakes. Well what happens if I have a question..simple ask for help. They have the best customer service ever. I feel in love with their customer service long before their products. They walk with you, guide you, offer helpful advice, they feel more like old friends than business associates. They are quick to respond. I asked my first question and with in I would say 5 minutes I had a response. Problem solved, but they did not just walk away they kept following me thru my first, second, and third listing until I told them I had the next one. They were never pushy or blamed my lack of computer skills nor did the shift any blame. They just give you solid hints and tips and problem solved with you. I have never in all my life been taken care of in this manner and I can get rather snippy when I get frustrated. They were so very patient with me and so kind. I just felt strongly that I needed to bring this SSB to light because in this day and age it is so very rare to find a company who not only cares about their product, but they genuinely cares about you. Give them a try and I promise you will not regret it. You will be doing business with old friends. I know when reading things like this you tend to be on the fence, saying things like she gets a price break, perks, or so on for doing this. I didn't get anything more than a good feeling and honest smile in remembering the way they extended their helping hands and the hand I am extending to them. Play it forward is the way I live my life and so does SSB. Great service, excellent value, and extraordinary customer service. What are you waiting for? Sign up today. Don't waste another day with ordinary, not when you can have exceptional all the way around!

  • oregonraindrops

    Overall rating

    SellerSourcebook is the BEST I've found

    When I first started using templates to list my eBay items I used Auctiva. I had many problems, their links didn't work properly and it was one headache after another. Then I found Seller Sourcebook and I've been with them ever since. That was years ago. They have thousands of templates to choose from, I love their Showcase and the Customer Support is unbelievable. Any issue I have they are right there to help and it's usually within minutes. I've had few issues but the ones I have had 99% of the time didn't have anything to do with their site but they helped me work through it anyway. They always stick with you until the problem is resolved even though it has nothing to do with them. They're tops in my book! If I could give them 10 stars I would. I'm a very happy customer.

  • Hellebore

    Overall rating


    It isn't often these days that one comes across outstanding customer service, mediocre is the best word for most of it. Apart from The Seller Sourcebook, who's customer service is outstanding.
    Having decided to use them to improve the appearance of my Ebay listings I encountered numerous computer problems getting the necessary token to link to my Ebay site. After many emails they finally got me up and running.
    Once the problem had been resolved I found using the site incredibly easy. I can now photograph my items write the text and have them listed in 10 minutes at most.
    Recommended to all

  • littleant

    Overall rating

    Sellers sourcebook

    Sellers sourcebook Is The very best . Customer support is outstanding. They have no equal. So easy to use and the templates are beautiful. Sending items to ebay is just one click away. The help section is perfect on there site. This is just one well designed web site and product. My name is Anthony and I approve sellers sourcebook.

  • janeganser

    Overall rating



  • LindaT

    Overall rating

    The very best of the best!

    I have been using SSB for about two years and find it to be a most amazing hosting service. The templates are gorgeous. The Listing and Launch pages are extremely user-friendly. Downloading photos is a cinch. And best of all, the Customer Service is truly extraordinary. E-mail a question to them and you get an answer (and not a form letter!) - usually within just a few minutes. They are tremendously helpful, patient, and kind. Hats Off to this wonderful service and the fine people who run it. Five Stars? Nay. I give them 10!

  • kanewood

    Overall rating

    The Best to Date

    I have tried several image hosting sites that I was with for many years...but, I decided to give SSB a try since it was cheaper. I'm done with the trial and I'm staying! I have NEVER, on ANY site, received such helpful, fast, and comprehensive replies from a help desk!! I was used to replies from help desks such as, "Check with your provider," "ebay is down," etc. At SSB they're upfront and excellent!

  • callie

    Overall rating


    I have been thrilled to find The Seller Sourcebook and use it so easily too! It helped me transition from Picture Manager and happily I found even MORE choices! I honestly have fun with my choices of templates, (so many, so little time!) and it makes each listing not only a business, but also creatively FUN! I like to pick a theme to match-up with the item I am offering.
    I am especially cat crazy so the amount of expressive kitties and their templates have been awesome!
    Not only all the above great work, but please note how fantastic and personality filled their customer service is! Not only can you contact them easily, they really follow-up and keep in touch. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is so positive with a "can do it" attitude and "we can solve this" confidence! They helped answer my many questions beforehand, they are totally accessible AND I am now totally devoted to their products and services.
    I recommend the clarity, the care in describing "how to do it" and making things easy to understand. PLUS they make you feel special and important to them. GREAT customer service!
    They are extremely considerate and thoughtful. Fun to use the Sourcebook too especially including the expressions of the templates, the choices for colours, font sizes and so on AND the description writing being artfully and professionally laid out. AWESOME!!! Thank-you!!!

  • charstyle2

    Overall rating

    Absolutely the Best 3rd Party Listing Service !!!

    SSB is the best 3rd-party listing service I have tried. The customer service can't be beat? Have a problem? They have lightning-fast customer service. They are so friendly, helpful, and patient.

    I love SSB! They have terrific customer service, and everything on the lister works. I can now list in 1/3 to 1/2 the time it took with 2 other listing services. The reason is that SSB has a more detailed lister, and the Drag and Drop picture downloader is super fast.

    I could write pages of accolades about SSB. This site is heavenly!

  • Kat Guzzi

    Overall rating


    I am so happy that a friend told me about The Seller Sourcebook's AMAZING!
    They have the most unique and beautiful templates which my ebay customers are constantly remarking on. They make my ebay ads look very professional with therefore helps me to sell more. SSB is constantly coming up with new templates. I have yet to even see all of them because there are so many to choose from. It's very easy to use and makes listing my items FUN!

    The customer service is the best I've ever come across by far. Everyone at SSB goes out of their way to answer your questions ASAP (usually within a few minutes!) and they go beyond the call of duty to help you with any computer problems that may be effecting the SSB program.

    I can't say enough about this company ... it's rare to run into people that care this much. The fee for using their service is so reasonable for all that you get. I recommend this site to people all the time.

    Thank you to everyone at SSB
    Kat Guzzi

  • meowin_kitty

    Overall rating

    SSB, the BEST!

    This company and their people are the best. Responses are fast, friendly, professional yet easy to understand, and they make us feel like valuable customers. No scripted replies, no excuses, just real, genuine help. What a difference. Wouldn't go anywhere else. And I'm a 10-year, 100% feedback eBayer, so quality is important to me.

    eBay could use a few lessons from SSB.

  • busyoldguy

    Overall rating

    SSB is like finding a lone rose growing in a weed patch !

    I have used at least five of the top providers, plus some obscure ones, and there is a bit of merit in each. When it comes to quality customer support however the aforementioned simply suck!

    SSB on the other hand provides a clean flexible platform that does what it is supposed to do, and does it well. Where SSB really shines is in CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I don't care how smart you think you are, there are always questions... These folks respond at "blazing speeds", and are eager to help... When is the last time you experienced that? They act like YOU are important, and stick with you until complete resolution. They are worth every penny they charge (which is modest anyway). Get peace of mind and give them a try. I'm glad I did !
    Sincerely, Ebay user Busyoldguy.

  • Jimbo1948

    Overall rating

    Best Yet - Love Te Site & Support!

    First started out on eBay with Turbo Lister. Didn't like having to pay for each scheduled listing, so I gave the free Auctiva a try. It was HORRIBLE - ughhh. Then I found Ink Frog. Used it for almost teo years and was fairly happy. But recently they've gone down hill. So, I looked around and came across Seller Sourcebook (SSB). Soooooo much better support than IF: replies are always prompt and useful. Took a little getting used to a new work flow at first, but now I'm hooked! I had a custom-built template that they incorporated into SSB for me in a day. I can do everything here that I need, quicker, and when I have a question, I get a prompt answer. Bye-bye Ink Frog!

  • thekittycave

    Overall rating


    I am so very happy with SSb and the customer service is second to none. I don't have to write in very often, but whenever I do, I am amazed at the patience and the way that staff always handle my questions, and the simplicity and detail in which they reply...very different from a lot of sites (especially like ebay or AOL) who are very quick to reel of templated answers and who don't even bother to read the questions carefully. In the days of using overseas call staff and centres, your personalised customer services are really a joy to come across...I hope this never changes.
    Keep up the good work.

  • EbayMaster

    Overall rating

    All The Templates Are Cheesy Like Inkrog

    Hello Folks at Seller Source Books As Those Templates Are Outdated! So why Not Upgrade and be competitive!

  • purito

    Overall rating

    Pretty much the best overall

    Started out with Vendio. Really expensive and when I called to ask why my bill went from $20 (150mb) to something like $40 and they charged me $7/ea for every call to Tech Support. Vendio is owned by Ebay and treats their customers even worse than Ebay does.

    Signed up at Image Viper. Inexpensive but they have this Rate This Picture insert on all photos which makes listings links look cheesy.

    Signed up at Inkfrog. Long on promises, short on delivering. Advertise $9.95 a month/monthly billing through Paypal. Didn't work (I think they make sure it doesn't work because they know people will bail out once they find out how badly they suck). Greg Sisung (President) said bi"Strange, I noticed PayPal has been doing this lately. Have you tried contacting them to see if they can get it setup for you? Do you have another browser you can try maybe (or another computer?) - i wonder if it's a browser issue."/i/b I called Paypal they said it was a Inkfrog issue. When I emailed Greg again he said bi"...unfortunately we have no contacts with PayPal to get any of this stuff resolved :-("/i/bThis is NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Anyone with an account can call Paypal Support for free. I even provided him with Merchant Account (and regular account) contact information. So I ended up having to sign up for 3 months. BIG MISTAKE.
    Their Tech Support is pretty much non-existant and once you sign up they string you along with excuses. Their uploader doesn't work and software is Apha or at best Beta. Don't fall for their hype.

    Finally signed up at Seller Source Book. They seem to be the best. Not perfect but close enough. I will be using a combo of Image Viper and Seller Source Book. It's still cheaper paying for both than using Vendio. I'll cancel Inkfrog shortly.

  • raggedy

    Overall rating

    I adore Sellersourcebook the best site around

    I couldn't do a template myself so someone recommended me to sellersourcebook. Man
    it was so simple . They have over 2000 templates and you can have someone make a custom
    template and just send over to them they install it for you and the ebay sells stuff is on the
    site and you just list and use the template how simple and need no training for them.

    I love to use templates for my sales it gives the items a nice look and can put the pictures
    right in the listing and see them so well. The best thing in the world to have and the price they
    charge is so reaonable.

    They answer your questions as soon as you send them and are fast at putting in the custom
    templates for you. I love the templates they have in their site also i use alot of them.

    Just a great site to belong to kathy

  • brenlea48

    Overall rating

    For PROFESSIONAL looking auctions, SELLER SOURCEBOOK is #1

    I have been a subscriber for over 3 years. And SELLER SOURCEBOOK by far beats the competition hands down.
    So easy to use, beautiful templates, and THE GREATEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced.
    The tech support is phenominal! Once you email them, they are in contact with you within a matter of minutes.
    I have had minimal problems, but when I do, they are right there to walk you through it every step of the way until your issue is resolved.
    With easy to understand and to implement solutions. I can't say enough good things about them.
    They really do treat you like being a part of one big family.
    I am SO GLAD that I chose SELLER SOURCEBOOK from the very start.

    I RECOMMEND THEM TO EVERYONE!!! You will not be disappointed, I GUARANTEE IT!!

  • SoaringSpirit

    Overall rating

    Seller Sourcebook wrote the book on USER FRIENDLY & LIGHTNING FAST TECH SUPPORT!!!!!

    They don't deserve 5 stars. THEY DESERVE 10 STARS!!! It is so super easy & user-friendly to learn how to create attractive & professional-looking auctions. The templates are all gorgeous, and there is one for everything I could ever possibly find to sell. I am 61 years old, and not terribly computer-savvy. But they make everything so incredibly easy. When I'm looking at the templates and trying to decide which one to use, I'm totally like a kid in a candy store. I love them all!!!
    And the customer/tech support folks are the best I've ever dealt with when it comes to things having to do with the computer, etc. Every time I've ever had a question or problem, which is rare, I'M ALWAYS AMAZED AT THE SPEED, HELPFULNESS & FRIENDLINESS IN WHICH THEY RESPOND! If I'm stumped about how to do something, they'll even email me photos of how my computer screen looks, and make a diagram (draw me a picture) so I can "get a visual" of what I need to do, send me links, etc., AND ALL WITHOUT MY HAVING TO ASK THEM TO!!! And they are always gracious, and never fail to thank me for my business and wish me a nice day. Now if that's not tech support, I don't know what is! They have definitely written the book on how to run a business! THEY ARE THE GOLD STANDARD BY WHICH ALL OTHER AUCTION/PHOTO HOSTING BUSINESSES SHOULD BE MEASURED. They have my business for life! Oh yes, did I mention they're very economical??

  • shaniko86

    Overall rating

    SSB, a working, supported listing service !

    I joined SSB moving from a service that started charging.

    Reviewing the forums I found NONE from angry users who were not being supported. What a new experience coming from Aucxxx.

    Uploading 6 pictures took less than a minute using the WORKING 'drag and drop' feature, my 1st listing was done, posted in less than 3 minutes to give you an idea of learning curve.

    Customer Support is truly that with clear concise understandable input. Incredibly fast email input response. NO obtuse or cloudy data just usable input !

    As with any new program I had questions and found immediate, appropriate response from the wonderfully efficient staff at SSB's true customer service.

    If your looking for a listing service STOP, just join SSB.

    I have no affiliation of any kind with SSB.

    Other than being a very unhappy now EX user of Aucxxx, I have no affiliation with them.

  • Silver King

    Overall rating

    Exceptional Service Minded Company~Proficient Professional Employees~TOP NOTCH

    SSB offers Quick Assistance in All Areas of Sales.
    Professional Technicians who are Patient, Knowledgeable, and Thorough.
    Large Photos Grab the Attention of the Shoppers without the extra fee for Additional Photos.
    Wide Range of Templates Offer A Professional Touch to Make Selling a Breeze.
    Why use a Generic Box for Selling Your Items when You Can Have The SSB
    Templates with Dynamic Graphics for Any and All Occasions Readily Available.
    It's Been a Great Experience working with SSB employees. Actually FUN and PROFITABLE.
    Why not give it a try? You will Be Very Pleased with that Decision!!

  • amandakelly

    Overall rating

    Phenomenal customer service, easy to use, excellent selection of templates!

    SSB is hands-down the best! If I've ever had a question or concern, customer service responds IMMEDIATELY and is incredibly helpful.
    SSB also provides so many templates so as to customize the look of your auction or listing. Templates are so easy to use and the listing launcher makes listing so quick and easy!

  • vk2him

    Overall rating

    Excellent photo hosting site with outstanding templates AAAA+++

    I signed up to the Seller Sourcebook about 6 months ago and have never looked back, its great. Their pricing is very reasonable for a lot of storage space. On top of that there are hundreds of wonderfull and professional templates that give your auctions an added sensational look.

    One of the nice features is the drop and drag interface to easily upload your photos to your storage area, its very quick and fool proof.

    Once your photos are stored, you can use the many templates to create your auctions and add an unlimited number of photos. Another nice feature is that your buyers can click on the photos in your auction which opens up another window showing a very large version of your photo. This is great as the auction page opens quickly and if a buyer wants a more detailed photo, they can do it without delaying the loading of the ebay auction page.

    Once you create your auction, you press a button that "generates" the HTML code that can either be pasted into Turbolister etc, or you can create the auction directly on ebay by pasting in the listing code.

    Technical support is quick, reliability so far has been 100% uptime since I have been with them, so you could say I'm very happy.

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