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SellerExpress is an all-in-one multichannel ecommerce solution that manages stock, orders and auto repricing.

SellerExpress helps sellers sell across multiple online marketplaces as well as ecommerce webstores, exposing a wide market of online shoppers. It synchronises inventory and brings stock management, order processing and auto repricing for multiple channels into one solution.

Features include rapid data entry, bulk data importing, stock synchronisation, inventory splitter, auto and virtual repricing.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

Pricing & Trial

Pricing starts at £300 per month with no commission-based fees

Integrations & Compatibility

  • Flubit (SKU Cloud)
  • ShipWorks
  • BigCommerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • Volusion

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  • catchop

    Overall rating

    easy to use, very effective

    I had been using this software for years until I stopped selling on US, GB, DE, JP amazon marketplaces.
    As far as I know, this was the only affordable repricing program that worked for the Japanese amazon
    There were some others, but they seemed too expensive for what they were.
    This was what I liked sellerexpress most.

    1. Reply from SellerExpress

      Thanks for the kind words cathop. All the best for the future.

  • Jyan

    Overall rating

    Not recommended at all

    I find a number of positive reviews below to be highly suspicious, so be aware of the following. It is a very expensive solution which we wouldn't mind paying if it did what was promised, but it doesn't. The software is badly written, there are many, many bugs which we gave up reporting to the support team as firstly they were arguing as whether it was a bug (absolutely 100% sure ourselves) or they couldn't be bothered to fix anything. We felt like another reviewer (see below), that we were testing the system for them and had to provide pages of detail to prove the bugs which if they had adequate testing procedures would have been picked up quite easily themselves. The support team are slow to respond, and they don't bother at weekends. Considering you rely on this 24 hours a day to keep pricing competitive and the amount of money they charge, is ridiculous. They never want to escalate a problem and when you ask to speak to a manager they refuse. The system is far too slow in updating information on ebay and not a lot better on Amazon. They promised to add features, they haven't. The support team do nothing apart from deny. There is no support forum so they are avoiding people that way as well. There is no online fault ticketing so you can't follow anything up only by email. The system goes wrong and they don't compensate you for lost sales, They couldn't really care about their customers as far as I can tell, all they want is your money.}:(

    1. Reply from SellerExpress

      Hi Jyan

      As a valued long-term customer who has used SellerExpress for almost two years, I am really sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the system and service. As you are continuing to use SellerExpress, can I remind you that unlike many of our competitors, you are not locked into any long term contracts and are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time of your choosing and with no financial penalty.

      I feel it’s only right that we publicly reply to your post to reassure potential SellerExpress customers of our ability to deliver a multichannel solution and to defend the views of the many existing and happy SellerExpress customers who have submitted their reviews in good faith and with full disclosure of their names.

      Bonafide Reviews
      I can assure you that all reviews posted about SellerExpress are done so by actual users of the system. In most cases I believe they have been happy to disclose their trading names which offers full transparency and lends authenticity to the reviews on sites such as WebRetailer. As you can see from other reviews, the majority of our customers are very happy, but we’re sorry that our software hasn’t been able to live up to your expectations.

      We make incredibly advanced enterprise software (and make it extremely easy to use) that works with multiple marketplaces and software that is ever-changing, in terms of rules, APIs and technology and do everything in terms of best practice, from coding to testing to releasing our software and getting customer feedback throughout. We fix bugs during beta testing and are delighted so many of our customers help us improve our software but we would never claim software to be ever bug free, only to be honest enough to say we work tirelessly to make it better and more responsive to what our customers want—daily.

      Customer Support
      As a company that has been in business for almost 15 years, producing software used by thousands of Amazon and eBay sellers, we simply couldn’t survive if we didn’t care about our customers’ businesses and the level of support they receive. All of our support team is UK based with an average of 5 years experience working with multi-channel retailers.

      We don’t avoid our customers in any way—on the contrary. Multiple channels of support are open to SellerExpress users—telephone support, Chat and email are all available during normal office hours, Monday to Friday with limited email support at weekends. We are always available to deal with customer issues and fully responsive and committed to resolving problems.

      All queries, errors, bugs or otherwise are addressed by our support team in a methodical manner (we use Kyako support ticketing to monitor issues and allow customers to stay in contact) and we will continue to deliver SellerExpress to the many happy customers who trust us with their multichannel sales—both small sellers with monthly revenues of thousands of pounds and larger sellers with monthly revenues over £1 million.

      As previously stated, we’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with SellerExpress and disappointed that our Operations Manager, Paul Dale (who phoned you a number of days ago) was unable to address your concerns. As always, we remain available via telephone, Chat and email to resolve issues. Also, SellerExpress has always been based on a monthly subscription plan, so you are not locked into the service in any way and can cancel at any time.

      We will continue to reach out to anyone who is unhappy with our service to help find solutions and hope we can address yours via our many support channels.

      Kind regards


  • marquette Martin

    Overall rating

    seller express - buyer beware

    I am not sure who is writing these 5 star seller express reviews because it is not the piece of software we are using. The software is slow , unstable , has many bugs , and crashes regularly.
    Is seem like we are paying seller express so we can de-bug the software.
    Uploading and making price and quantity changes takes hours to change or amend. This is not much use in a competitive world when you need price and stock updates done asap.With seller express you could wait hours for these up dates as your competitors get the sales.
    E bay uploading is slow and on a lot of occasions the picture is not uploaded. My suggestion is not to use it for Ebay. It is more difficult and slow than just loading directly onto ebay it self.
    Customer service is slow and not very knowledgeable about the software and any future updates and improvements - "the develop team have it on there to do list".
    Repricing is very slow and does not always work.
    When you amend some listings very often it does not update/amend.
    They should work more closely with their customers in developing the software and ironing out these issues. Up to now they are not willing to work with us,
    They are getting a selling and marketing a piece of software and taking your money for a piece of software that " does not do what it says on the tin"

    1. Reply from SellerExpress

      I am sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the performance of SellerExpress. We would love the opportunity to respond to you in person but can't seem to match with certainty your profile information with anyone on our database Martin.

      All queries, errors, bugs or otherwise are addressed by our support team in a methodical manner and so all customer feedback or complaints do find their way on to our roadmap.

      We would be happy to address any issues if you could contact Support.

  • NeilB

    Overall rating

    Seller Express - Express Indeed

    Toolstop sees Amazon as a sales stream which complements our own web store. SellerExpress allows Toolstop to offer products from stock at an optimised price. On average it takes 15 minutes to upload a new product to Amazon. This now takes 5 seconds. There are other benefits such as we do not need to go into Amazon Seller Central to update and complete orders, it is all done from one place, our own systems.

  • notnaked

    Overall rating

    our life is so much easier!

    Our company Young and James Limited trades online selling everyday underwear and sexy lingerie items under the names love etc lingerie and notnaked lingerie. We had our stock separated in 2 places, one lot of stock on ebay and the other on Amazon. With 4000+ lines to manually delist each time we had an order, we could not attempt to do this manually and needed a system that could control all the stock, order processing etc centrally. Also with bras having up to 120 sizes per item, we needed a system that could handle that amount in an easy and clear way.

    We looked at quite a few systems and none really matched our criteria except SellerExpress (SE) in terms of features, ease of use, ease of connecting to our existing marketplaces and of course the right cost. In only 2 months of using SE, our turnover has increased 60% already, just the same stock, just selling much quicker.

    All our listings in ebay are variations listings. We saw ways that SE could improve the way their variation listing section worked, they took on board our suggestions and have made the changes for everyone. Now adding new variation listings into ebay is really quick, thank you SE for listen to us and making the improvements!

    If we have a technical questions or issues the response is always very good, especially from Colin who is an asset to SE. We pay a fixed amount each month, no commissions, so we know what our outgoings are each month.
    If you need a central control system for multiple marketplaces, this is the one to choose.


    Overall rating

    SellerExpress Makes Multi-Channel FBA Parent/Child Inventory Management Easy

    My company, NAYKED APPAREL, has been selling on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and eBay for 5+ years with 9,2000 SKUs. We've used ChannelAdvisor, Vendio, Solid Commerce, ChannelMAX and Big Commerce over those years and cancelled our contracts because of 4 major reasons (1) They were to difficult to use, (2) They were to expensive, (3) They could not manage multi-channel inventory with FBA, or (4) They lacked support.

    Today we use SellerExpress and plan to grow our business with them as a long term partner because they do all of these things the best!

    SellerExpress (SE) is easy to use for both merchant fulfilled and FBA inventory. With SE, you can quickly add new items to multiple marketplaces. We've been able to setup our own internal processes using SE to allow the addition of 500+ items weekly with only 1 employee using SE. This includes both Parent and Child items that are more difficult, so that all of our apparel's sizes and colors are listed perfectly.

    The cost of SE is less than other multi-channel software solutions in the marketplace and much less than hiring our own IT staff. Plus it works.

    With SE we are able to balance both our FBA and Merchant Fulfilled inventory across multiple marketplaces. We've eliminated overselling errors because of poor inventory balancing using our own Excel spreadsheets. SE handles our inventory perfectly.

    The support at SE is excellent. They respond to all questions within 24 hours and follow-up to make sure it gets resolved. Their staff is open to new ideas as well.

    Each business is unique, I suggest you take 15 days out of your selling routine for their Free Trail and take the full plunge into learning and implementing SellerExpress for your particular business. I think you'll agree that SE will make your business more efficient which means more profitable.

  • richie

    Overall rating

    Excellent software and support

    We have been using SellerExpress for just over 15 months and have seen our sales increase by over 300% and our time managing our Amazon account drop dramatically.

    The interface is very intuitive and the customisable rules allow full flexibility with any and all pricing requirements.

    We have now successfully entered the French and German markets and were able to get SE to monitor and adjust our prices ensuring maximum profitability.

    The technical support is excellent, with all queries responded to in a quick and efficient manor.

    Thank you to the team at SE for helping our business grow.

  • Start At Page 1

    Overall rating

    Sign up for Seller Express with Confidence!

    Start At Page 1 uses Seller Express to manage everything across multiple marketplaces, and though this software is really simple to use, everyone uses it differently!
    The very professional and friendly staff will help you to make it work for you, offering support by email or telephone as necessary and going the extra mile to help. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them - Even me!

  • petgoods4u

    Overall rating

    Excellent Value for Money

    We have used Seller Express for about 12 months and it has been a very useful tool in freeing up valuable time to concentrate on expanding our business. We were previously spending a lot of time price checking our listings as the market fluctuates on such a regular basis so by utilising Seller Express this has assisted enormously.
    There are many additional features that we do not utilise at the present time but they are available should we need them.
    We have always found the staff to be courteous and helpful especially at the outset when we did experience a few issues which were subsequently resolved.
    It is by no means a perfect system but is very good value for money and does the job for us.

  • Electrical Print Supplies Lt

    Overall rating

    Life Just Would Not Be The Same Without Seller Express

    Wow! sums it all up. Seller Express has transformed my business. I now have over 10,000 Amazon listings and dont have to worry about pricing or stock levels. I could never keep control of all these products without Seller Express and belive me over the years and working for various different companies I have tried all the different software companies.

    Channel Advisor and Eseller Pro our "Expensive" so called experts in thier field do not compare. They take part of your profits as payment for thier service, a percentage that none of us in ecommerce can afford to lose, the mark ups are so tiny anyway. Also I have found with these other companies there is no individualism.

    When introducing any new software there can be teething problems but the Support I recieve from Seller Express is fantastic. I have never been left waiting more that a couple of hours, everyone is very friendly and has full knowledge of the system.

    Seller Express is like my Personal Assistant, it does all the running so that I can get on doing more important things. We are a small company but Seller Express is helping us to grow steadily.

    Seller Express controls pricing, inventory, stock levels and sales order processing. It really is a dream come true for ecommerce business like ours that continally strives to provide our customers with the best possible service.

    All in all is it the perfect one stop shop for multi-channel software at affordable prices for businesses that dont have big budgets and if you did have a big budget you would still be daft not to use Seller Express.

    Thank you to all the guys at Seller Express for being so patient with our implimentation and for your continued support. Especially Colin who must have got sick of me at some stages:-) Thanks again guys you and your software have made my life so much easier.

  • Soundzdirect

    Overall rating

    We don't know how we managed without it before!

    At Soundzdirect Ltd, we consistently provide a premium level of customer service. All of our customers enjoy swift dispatch of their orders, prompt communication and relevant advice. Customers come back to us again and again because they know that Soundzdirect Ltd is a company striving for excellence. To keep growing our business without compromising on our customer service, we turned to Seller Express.
    We first started using Seller Express as a way to manage our pricing on Amazon. Their amazing software allows us to simply enter our upper and lower pricing limits and Seller Express adjusts our pricing to keep us competitive and maximise sales. We recently set up our entire inventory on Seller Express and it is already proving to be a valuable tool for our company. We can share stock between our Amazon and eBay listings, which means we can increase our sales without having to spend more on stock.
    The new system also means we can now print off our packing slips using integrated labels, which saves us time and reduces the risk of errors during the order packing process.
    Due to the phenomenal success of switching over to Seller Express, we are also planning to expand by adding our listings to in the very near future. We highly recommend Seller Express, both for their software systems and for their excellent customer support. They offer great value with no hidden charges.

  • usedsales

    Overall rating

    Great Web Based Software Easy to Use

    I've used Sellerexpress on and off for a couple of years and found it a very easy to use system for selling 2nd hand CDs and DVDs. Customer support is via email which is generally answered in a couple of hours (monday to Friday) and they are not afraid to pick up the phone and ring you if you have an issue.
    What I really like is they dont charge a percentage of your sales - you pay for the web system and pricecheck and thats it - no hidden charges.
    I'd strongly recommend anyone to give this a go - set up is really easy or they even will do it for you. I've seen an increase in sales using their system and the price check keeps you competitive against the big sellers

  • dizzy1974

    Overall rating

    Boosted my sales and excellent customer services

    When you think this is costing me around £35 a month - its a bargain and a great tool considering its really boosting my sales. I sell a number of products that are constantly changing price due to competitors dropping their price by a matter of pence. I used to only have time to go into the seller central and reprice my items once in a while - now I have sellerexpress constantly doing it for me. I have a '24/7 full time employee' for very little cost per month!

    Its worth it for this tool alone but also has lots of other handy features - things you cant do on Amazons seller central.

    The support has been really very good, they are patient and will speak to you on the phone if need be.

    I can certainly recommend Seller Express!

  • Basicallyknives

    Overall rating

    Trial lost my company money

    I signed my company up for a free trial. Setting up the inventory feed, though a little cumbersome, at first, was successful. However, when the auto pricing routine was activated, we were flooded with 160 orders that had the product pricing set below our cost. We lost $400 off the bottom line.

    SellerExpress would not allow us to recover this loss if we stuck with them while they fixed the problem with the auto pricing routine.

    We are a US company, SellerExpress is British, this could be the problem.

    I would not recommend that a US company use SellerExpress without some up front guarantees that it will work.

    1. Reply from SellerExpress


      Firstly, I would like to apologise for any failure in service you experienced. I have investigated your case and spoken with our support team to ensure that we communicate and resolve issues faster.

      You are correct, we are based in the UK which does mean that communication is slower with USA customers due to time differences. Our USA customer base is growing and we have plans to extend our support hours in order to improve this.

      Once again, please accept my apologies.

      Kind regards


  • thelastword

    Overall rating

    Waste of time

    Terrible, terrible company and a useless, cocky customer services. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere before you even consider contacting them. Do not waste your time or money with this company!

    1. Reply from SellerExpress

      We are very surprised to read your review.

      We take a lot of pride in our levels of customer service and believe they are amongst the best in the industry (if not the best!). SellerExpress is also the most competitively priced solution available. We continue to invest heavily in customer service to ensure that customers get fast, well-informed responses. All of our support team are UK based with an average of 5 years experience working with multi-channel retailers.

      We are so confident in our service levels that we offer a Free Managed Set-up to get customers up and running and a Free 15 Day Trial. We are also the only company in the UK who offers free telephone support where we will also pay for the phone call.

      As you can see from other reviews, the majority of our customers are very happy, so we would be keen to investigate your claims.

      Can you provide your customer number/ email?

      Kind regards

      Chief Support Engineer

  • nirvana

    Overall rating

    very cheap for what it does, but soon you will need keep on requesting additional features

    I sell on amazon and I used to spend hours changing prices manually. then a coconut fell on my head and thought I would Google a tool that could do it automatically. saw the review on this Auction Software Review wesbite and decided to give it a go.
    very easy to use (for someone who has been using computers for 20 years plus!) and does what it says it does. I only use it for re-pricing on amazon. it is cheap for what it does and it pays for it self.

    also very good customer support team based in NI. very friendly and prompt answers

    HOWEVER there is 3 things i do not like about sellerexpress and i wish they could add these features:

    1) pricing rules apply to your entire inventory or you can tie SKUs/ASINs to a particular group and give that group a particular price rule. for my needs I need to be able to set different rules to different ASINs. having groups will not help for my particular business case. for many ASINs i need to set individual pricing rules

    2) Also this is a tool that only an owner/CEO can use as it shows how much profit is being made. If you need to rely on staff to update stock levels then you cant use this. It would be great if they could implement user access controls/levels. then at least I can get my staff to enter stock levels but restrict access to sensitive data.

    3) when amazon becomes out of stock of something, and if you are also selling that same item, then suddenly you get a flood of orders. It would be grand if sellerexpress could detect if amazon is out of stock of an ASIN and then re-price my item to a higher price to take advantage of the situation. It can be done has amazon returns a "0" value when it is out of stock and a "-1" when it has stock. Im sure it is very simple to program this feature.

    I know some other software can do point 1, but I do not know about point 2 and 3

    anyway i hope someone at sellerexpress reads my review and implements my 3 wishes VERY SOON.

    1. Reply from SellerExpress

      Hi kakadanda,

      Thank you for the kind words and your valuable feedback.

      Could I ask you to PM us the email address you used to set up your SellerExpress account and I will get one of our support team to contact you about the features you have requested?


      Dave - SellerExpress

  • 86jade

    Overall rating

    Highly recommended

    The back up service is great and the price is affordable. I hope to use the tool to expand our business in the future.

  • jam4vps

    Overall rating

    Best all round Web based service

    I have been really impressed with SellerExpress which we use on Amazon. It is a web based service which is always a bonus allowing access from anywhere and preventing repricing issues if your computer goes down. It also allows repricing including shipping, a vital feature which some software is critically missing.
    There are many advanced functions within Seller Express and the support team are very quick and helpful. They also seem to be in continuous development introducing new features as requested by their users which is very important.
    Cannot recommend them enough.

  • mackay

    Overall rating

    SellerExpress. Affordable and easy to use.

    We have been using SellerExpress in conjunction with one of our customers for the past three months now. It is very user friendly and, for the price compared to some of its competitors, it is amazing value for money.
    Also the support is fantastic with very speedy responses to any problems or questions.
    We hope to be using this tool to expand our business in the near future.
    Ian Ayling
    Webfillment Ltd

  • lansonrunning

    Overall rating

    Affordable solution to expand into new markets

    We have always wanted to list our products for sale in marketplaces like Amazon but we did not want to set up listing feeds for each one separately. Seller Express allows us to store our products in a single place and the system automates the rest. It is easy to setup and use and they have a good support team too.

    The order processing is also consolidated with Seller Express so that we can process a batch of orders in a single place rather than having to check each marketplace for new orders. They allow us to customise invoices and communications with customers so that we can maintain our branding.

    We will be working closely with Seller Express to improve, expand and customise the product to suit our exact requirements over the months to come and expect to be using this platform for years to come. The pricing is affordable and the product performs well.

  • Back2Cash

    Overall rating


    I'm new to SellerExpress. I was immediately impressed with how advanced the software is. I've never seen anything as good or as easy to use as this.
    The email support I've had is very good with rapid responses to my questions.
    They have some great features - especially the intelligent re-pricing tool.
    SellerExpress makes the competitor I was using look prehistoric!!

  • Peter Black

    Overall rating

    Highly recommended

    I have used this system for approx 6 months
    It is very easy to use, has saved a lot of time listing and repricing.
    The back up service is excellent.
    It is a good value excellent tool to help grow your business as it has done with mine.
    Peter Black

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