SellerLogic Lost & Found

SellerLogic Lost & Found Review
SellerLogic Lost & Found Review

Starting Pricing

Commission based

SellerLogic Lost & Found Facts

Pricing Model20 % fee on successful FBA reimbursements

SellerLogic Lost & Found Pros & Cons

+Detects FBA errors fast and easy
+Manual review of by Amazon professionals
+Claim refunds for up to 18 months
+Good UX Design

Product Details

SellerLogic Lost & Found helps Amazon sellers analyze and enforce their reimbursement claims from FBA errors against Amazon. The software can be connected to the seller’s account in a few clicks and while it does its work in the background, the seller can devote himself to his business. The AI does the entire analysis and usually finds more claims than manual searches would.

Possible FBA errors include, for example:

  • missing inbound shipments
  • lost products
  • damaged products
  • missing scans / inventory is not correct
  • missing returns / orders
  • wrong calculation of FBA fees
PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
Customers SupportedWorldwide
RequirementsPro Amazon merchant account

Pricing & Trial

Price Range
Free access to estimated amount of reimbursement. 20 % fee on successful FBA reimbursements. No basic fee.

Integrations & Compatibility

Amazon SitesWorldwide

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