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Sellery by Seller Engine is an Amazon real-time repricing tool. It allows hundreds of unique price combinations, to adapt to market conditions and personalize pricing strategy.

With smart filters that monitor the market and react to changes instantly, sellers can improve their competitive position. Includes dynamic net margin management, customizable pricing strategies, scheduled repricing, and real-time previews.

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Pricing & Trial

1% of monthly sales, with a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2,000 per month.

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • Ilhan Ozgan

    Overall rating


    i have installed SELLERY yesterday (5/9/2017 and removed today

    was very bad

    program wants 1 percent each sell like partner

    very complicated

    i request help because my inventory price are messed up and no body call me

    they called me after i remove the program

    they want to collect money like partner but they do not help like partner

    if you have a couple It guys and Time program is good for you

    program messed up my inventory they told me its my fault i have to enter the cost 1 buy 1 and i am not gonna loose money

    for example 1 of my item cost in my inventory was $79.99 and i have to sell this item $148 to make profit

    Mr smart program change the price to 101.89 dollar and thank God Only 10 people see the changes and i have to ship to customer from that price now




    1. Reply from SellerEngine

      @Ilhan Ozgan

      We're sorry you had a poor experience with Sellery! Thank you for taking time to provide honest feedback.

      You are right, Sellery is a complicated software. It is a highly flexible and completely customizable to maximize any selling scenario. But with customization, comes time required to be spent up front to ensure your settings produce the best results. There are other software tools out there that offer no or little input, but Sellery is not one of them right now. Sellery works best for sellers when pre-made algorithms or "out of the box" solutions don't work well or don't grow sales enough.

      Sellery does require a "cost" value in order for the software to calculate an accurate minimum price or for your to provide your own floor price. Both can be uploaded in bulk. We don't yet have a way of knowing how low you'd prefer to sell your product, with out any input from you.

      We'd love to offer you another free trial and sessions with our team to help you set up your account just how you want it. If you're not interested in the customization (and the set up that comes with) that makes Sellery unique and ultimately powerful, we understand if you have decided it's not the right fit for the kind of repricing software you need.

  • saltori21

    Overall rating

    Very Satisfied

    We have been using Sellery for more than 2 years and we are extremely satisfied. Love the fact that Sellery is a real-time reprice.

    Customer service is amazing. They are very service oriented and every time I need information, they answer me very fast, mostly within minutes. They are very pro active and they are not afraid to talk to you on the phone. You can feel they want to help you.

    Daniela shared the screen with us to implement rules and setting which was greatly appreciated. Bravo!!

  • Christie Hertzler

    Overall rating

    Extremely satisfied with Sellery especially with support!

    What were the positives?

    I have been using Sellery for almost a year now. It has done a very good job of keeping my inventory repriced in the most advantageous way. I feel that I have received a much better return on both my investment and my time.

    Any negatives?

    Sellery is quite robust so it does take some time to learn. I found that as long as I only used what I needed until I was completely comfortable, it made it much easier to then start playing with settings to maximize my profit.


    The support at Sellery is OUTSTANDING! They are extremely responsive to questions and very detailed in their answers. I am someone that needs to have things explained in detail and I never feel that I am rushed or shorted on time. I have learned so much from the support team and feel like they are always striving to help me get the best I can out of Sellery. I would highly recommend looking into Sellery if you are needing a repricer.

  • selleryvictim

    Overall rating

    The WORST repricer ever. It will destroy you.

    The worst repricer I have ever used. Almost NONE of the promised service is received. It is terrible with speed. AND you can't have inventory more than 50,000. IF you go beyond 50,000 , Sellery turns off MOST of the features such as real-time repricing, which will destroy your repricing strategies and your business. When turned off, Sellery will reprice your inventory ONCE a DAY. Plus, Sellery overcharges you for this ONCE A DAY repricing service (1% of your sales).
    I have multiple proofs and documents that the owner and manager of Sellery acknowledges these shortcomings of Sellery. Instead, go with a repricer that harges $49 a month , and it will do much better job at repricing your inventory.
    On at least one occasion, Sellery messed up thing on their end and it took 1 day for them to resolve this, during which I received 300% more sales, ALL at a LOSS because my prices went down significantly. Sellery apologized but did nothing to make this up. Plus I paid Sellery comission for those sales.

    When I discussed these, Sellery acknowledged these and actually suggested me to QUIT Sellery becaue they can't keep up with my inventory, which was about 100,000.

    Whether you are a small or large business, I recommend STAYING AWAY FROM SELLERY.

    1. Reply from SellerEngine

      This is Mike from SellerEngine, creators of Sellery. I am truly sorry that we've done something to upset you. Please understand that it was never our intention.

      It is true that Sellery may not be the perfect fit for every Amazon business. We try to develop our software with as many sellers in mind, but there are a lot of different types of sellers with a wide variety of needs out there.

      In Sellery, we do offer real-time repricing, but as you stated, there are limitations around that. We never tried to hide this or anything from you. We let you know that as your inventory grew from about 100,000 listings to 400,000 listings that it reached a point where we could not support that specific feature set for your account.

      We did recommend you cancel your subscription once we realized that we could not provide the type of service you needed and how upset it made you. It would have been a greater disservice to try to convince you to stay or make promises we could not honor. That's not how we like to work with our customers - honesty is the best policy.

      I know Sellery worked really well for you and you became very disappointed in us when some features were no longer supported after the growth of your account. But I stand by our decision to be open and honest about our limitations and not try to string you along as a customer when we knew we couldn't help out like you wanted.

      We will continue to build and improve Sellery to meet a wider audience of needs. It was a pleasure to see your business take off and I hope you continue to do well.

  • TheMightyKaz

    Overall rating

    Very Pleased

    Great Service great product. They really hold your hand and share their experience. Very happy with them.

  • Recycle

    Overall rating

    Great tool and amazing support

    After using SelleryEngine for many years I already had a a lot of experience with this company, so I already knew that the service and product was good. I decided to move across to there new Sellery platform and was not disappointed. The new platform is great and the support that is given is amazing, In particular Julia from their support team has been a great help explaining in detail every aspect of the platform and always being there when I needed help. I would highly recommend using Sellery.

  • onlinemerchant

    Overall rating

    Repricing Automation

    Our company has been using Sellery for over a year. It is, in our opinion, a "best in class" repricer.

    First things first, it takes some time and commitment to setup properly.

    If you want to spend 5 minutes setting up a repricer, then look at other (inferior) tools like Appeagle or RepricerExpress.

    Running it in virtual mode, and testing it on a small portion of your SKUs to minimise any risk of inventory loss, while you work out your strategies, is essential.

    The main benefits of the software are;

    - Is it cloud based, and doesn't run on the desktop.
    - It automatically calculates your full cost of sale when selling on Amazon FBA - amazon commission, fulfilment fees, and even your inbound shipping costs.

    - The pricing profile are flexible, dynamic and very powerful. We prefer pricing rules / profile over algorithms used by some systems like Feedvisor and Appeagle, as we remain in complete control.

    - The Smart Lists feature, allows you to filter your inventory into "buckets". The list of filters is massive - sales rank, buy boy price, inventory age, custom fields. You can then target these lists with specific pricing.

    - SellerEngine have been around for a long time, as far as repricers are concerned. They are experienced and knowledgeable. They react to changes quickly, and protect their customers.

    - The quality of the support is fantastic. As and when we have issues, the replies are professional and prompt. While phone support isn't the primary contact method, they are not afraid to call you to resolve the situation, when it is needed (quite rare in this sector).

    In conclusion - the product and the company supporting / developing are both great. If you need a high quality repricer, and are prepared to put some work in to get the best, then Sellery is an excellent partner.

    1. Reply from SellerEngine

      I appreciate your comments. Building an inhouse repricing software is a good option, however, aside from having it built, it needs servers, maintenance and developers to work around the clock to make sure everything is up and running at all times.

      You can give Sellery a try with the free trial and check out it’s value. Tools like Sellery could be viewed not as an expense, but an investment in your business that should produce returns. My offer stands for a free trial for your Amazon business so if your interested in seeing how such tool can work for your business just send us an e-mail at

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