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Selro is a multi channel platform that enables e-commerce sellers to grow their business by selling on multiple sales channels. Selro supports all verticals of e-commerce business, including listing management, inventory management, order management, shipping and accounting. Selro is integrated with leading marketplaces and e-commerce stores from around the the world.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • API
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

From £69 or $99 per month

Trial Length: 14 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • Conforama
  • Discogs
  • Fruugo
  • OnBuy
  • Reverb
  • Wowcher
  • APC Overnight
  • DPD
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • Hermes
  • NetDespatch
  • Royal Mail
  • Scurri
  • Shippo
  • UKMail
  • Yodel
  • MailChimp
  • BigCommerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Visualsoft
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • KashFlow
  • QuickBooks

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Ease of Use

  • Mak Kian Seng

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Worst customer support

    What were the positives?

    Software has lots of good features

    Any negatives?

    The systems is very buggy and support is non existent.


    Customer support non existent, everytime if u contact them for an issue, they will give a standard reply the case is forwarded to technical department, and you dont hear back from them after that, i opened 3 cases and waited for 1 month plus still nothing, cancelling my subscription

  • Astaa

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    Good customer support

    Any negatives?

    Everything else


    Use if you want your business to go down.
    From bad inventory management to countless bugs, Selro will drive your business to the ground.
    Used for one full year until a massive bug put all my products on sale for 3 USD.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Super buggy, many functions not thought through, support is basically non-exist

    What were the positives?

    Lots of functions. Good looking interface.

    Any negatives?

    Only half of the functions work as intended or expected. Important functions are missing or only half-ways implemented. Problems will never be fixed. They invest all their power in developing new buggy functions, instead of fixing the old bugs. Support communication is a joke. When I open 5 tickets I get a response on 1 or 2, but no fix. There was a time when they promised to fix some of the issues on my long list, but it never happened. There were maybe 2 things they changed for the better after I was complaining several times. Out of 20 or more.


    This product is based on a great idea, and it comes with a clear and simple UI. But the button you look for doesn't exist. Or the function you click does something completely different. Or even nothing. Stock-in sometimes doesn't add quantity to the inventory but makes you believe it has been done. Bulk updates show the website is busy, as soon you send them, but it never shows that it finished. You will see the "hourglass" forever, until you close the browser. The focus is not set to the element you will most likely click on, there are too many pages where entering a search term and pressing enter doesn't do anything - you need to grab your mouse, move the pointer and click on "search". This is just bad, bad programming. But they are NOT listening. They think what they have programmed is perfect, no reason to change anything. I am not sure if they are arrogant, super lazy or just extremely overworked.
    I need an alternative, and I know I have to spend again a year or 2 to get used to something different.
    It is so frustrating with these guys!

  • bob111

    Overall rating

    Great service and worth a look

    What were the positives?

    We checked out a lot of the competition and nobody else could end up delivery what we needed other than Selro. Many companies imply you are going to get all the data you'll need but most fall down at some point. The big difference with Selro was that we worked with them and the dev team to get us over the line and up and running.

    Any negatives?

    Not a lot - they did more than we asked for and any problems came right back to us.


    The support was fantastic. Makes all the difference and would be happy to recommend them - in fact, already have to a couple of companies.

  • volkerforster

    Overall rating

    it's getting (EDIT: not) a lot better

    After I left 1 star because of a lack of support, and then changed my review to 4 stars because they read my review and tried to do better, they are back to where they were, and even worse. I have 2 simple support questions waiting to be answered for 3 weeks. Regardless sending reminders, they just DO NOT ANSWER. It is very difficult to explain how pissed I am. They let you down, don't supply any support if they don't want to. This is ridiculous. Their support is ridiculous. The software is slowly getting better, but still has many small but nasty flaws like:
    - prices in different currencies will be calculated only once when you add a product, but never again
    - eBay account names are not shown which causes big confusion in case you have multiple accounts
    - help content is very sparse and many things are not explained at all, requiring to contact the support but they are not responding with answers

    I opened several tickets just to help them to become better, to show them where I found issues, but they ignore most of it. Currently I have 2 simple questions, besides these tickets, waiting to be answered for 3 weeks!!! This is totally unacceptable. My recommendation, if you want to make sure you get your support inquiries answered (and you will have questions since their software is far away from being perfect): Sign up with someone else, but not with Selro. Kem, David and Kloe: The support you deliver is a joke, but not professional in any kind. I change my rating back to 1 star.

    This is an update, the original post (for what I left 1 star) is still underneath.
    The problems with Walmart Canada integration have been fixed, the necessary 2nd language (French) for Walmart Canada is finally available as well (I delivered the translations in a CSV file).

    Inventory management is finally reliable, and I understand that related problems were caused by faulty communication between Selro and the sales channels, but not by a glitch within the Selro system. The problems have been fixed by the Selro team, and I can count on the inventory levels shown. Great relief!

    WooCommerce and Amazon channels are updating quite fast, but eBay sometimes has issues with the feeds. Seems to be a problem with eBay server responds time or availability, but also with the way Selro communicates with eBay, I think. When I use other tools (for example CrazyLister) to update price or quantity on eBay, it always happens within seconds.

    There were issues with not importing / showing / exporting special characters properly, like those in Spain language. They were replaced by question marks. Kem told me, it would have been fixed, and I will try it again these days. If you only sell on English market places, you will probably not face these issues. But as soon you want to sell on European Amazon market places, all the characters need to be shown properly, instead of being replaced by wildcards.

    If you have a small business and are not able to pay 500 or 1000 bucks a month for your multi channel integration, you will find out that Selro is just 99 bucks a month, and has all the functions to offer you were looking for. But that't the advertising.

    The reality is quite different. Selro is still under development (or it better should be), many things just don't work as expected. But the worst thing is, that their support is completely useless. They offered me Walmart Canada integration, but they haven't been able to get it done within several weeks. A waste of time.

    Inventory synchronization does not work, and this can be extremely dangerous for your reputation. For example I update a stock level to 100, and click on the function to update this stock level on every sales channel, then it updates on eBay within minutes, on my WooCommerce store within some hours, and on Amazon after a full day. And when you want to get answers from the support, you can wait a week.

    1. Reply from Selro

      Hi Vokler

      We are very sorry for the delay in getting the support to you initially when you join. Some of the issues were related to our new integration Walmart Canada and all of those are addressed now. As are constantly in touch and supporting you over a month now, we are hoping that you are happy with our support and services we provide :).

      Kind regards


  • David Plume

    Overall rating

    Be Lost Without It!

    We have been using Selro for around 2 years now,We could not manage our Business without it,Easy management our Ebay & Amazon items.
    As we are "pre-owned" Business this piece of software is vital to us.
    Sure there can be technical problems at times but with Ebay & Amazon ect ever changing this is bound to happen,But it does not take long for the Tech guys to get on top of it and rectify the problem
    My only wish is for Selro to be software based as apposed to Web based

  • myrtelhealth

    Overall rating

    Found the right tool to manage our online business

    I would like to say we found the right tool to manage our online business.
    We only sell on eBay and amazon and with our web store and Selro provide all the features for 1/5 of a price of our previous company. Also we can pay just one system for all our needs (instead of separate tool for listing and then order management)

    Liked the user interface and very easy to use. One suggestion would be to include more reports and specifically around stock movements.

    Team was very helpful and enabled us to on-board very quickly. Would recommend for any on-line sellers

  • WolfgangW

    Overall rating

    Do not waste your time

    We tried to use Selro for 3 months and the owner Kem was full of promises. We used two warehouses and despite assurances Selro never could get the inventory straight. Not even Ebay (which is pretty much standard these days) would work properly. Constantly showing products there as out of stock while there was plenty of stock in a warehouse.
    The much needed webhook for Woo works spotty at best, at times not importing products for 36 hours.
    After using Selro for only three months we had to do a complete physical inventory count to just somewhat stay in the game. Selro is one of those products that promises so many features, reality is different, do yourself a favor and stay away.
    On top of all this they could not even get the billing right and every month took more money than the $99 they state. They refunded the money but common how hard can this be to get right?

  • Ngandesha

    Overall rating

    Finally a system that does everything you need.

    I must say how nice it is to have found a system that can actually deliver. We searched over 8 systems prior to finding this gem but none; not even the big names in the market had all the functionality required that selro has. I haven’t had much contact with support as in 3 years of using I think we’ve only had 2 issues, but when we did our issues were resolved immediately. selro has been the pioneering forefront to the growth of our online presence. The interface is great and easy to use, new features are constantly being added. it’s nice to see a system that continues to add new features but the price has always remained the same. I must say a big thanks to all the team there, keep up the good work.

  • harry007

    Overall rating

    Very buggy with no support

    Has potential but a lot of problems with this software, lots of bugs. Virtually zero documentation and terrible support. It had a lot of the features I was looking for but unless the software works it is irrelevant. Many of the features just don;t work at all, or partially work, or worse, cause issues with other systems - for example messing up perfectly good Amazon listings and creating even more work to fix. There is little to no documentation. Kloe in support can only answer the most basic of questions, if at all

  • N Nickells

    Overall rating

    Great features for a great price !

    I really like many of the features of this software and It has allot of potential.

    After testing for some time I did have an Issue with my ebay store not reflecting my Amazon stock but after checking everything I did find that a vital checkbox that enabled stock synchronisation for ebay was not ticked so hopefully that will fix it.

    The software has a very good system that allows other channel orders such as ebay orders to be fulfilled by amazon. You can search the amazon fba stock list for a certain sku and assign it and send it over to amazon. This can also be set to run automatically.

    It has many other great features including allowing quick changes to stock numbers and prices and the ability part update listings.

    There is a built in ebay messaging system but this is currently too slow at getting new messages does not link messages to orders etc so It would really benefit from a complete rethink although It's a step in the wright direction. Also there is no Amazon messaging.

    Overall apart from a few Issues It's pretty good for the money.

  • netnit

    Overall rating

    Cancelled service and they will not refund

    Selro has been charging my credit card for the past 13 months when I specifically requested a cancellation of service after one month of service. I sent an email requesting the cancellation and they tell me now I had to cancel on their site. I never received a statement or invoices. They stated they will refund one month. I don't understand the logic to this form of doing business. As far as I'm concerned they are crooks. I will be contacting my credit card to reverse all charges...STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY ***FRAUD***

  • david62

    Overall rating

    Selro has become integral to my company

    I have been using Selro for nearly a year now and our company could not have coped with the orders without it. All orders come in to one central database, we bulk print "picking lists" and when ready shipping labels are bulk printed ready for the couriers. All despatch details are automatically uploaded to the sale channels so customers can see their tracking numbers etc.. Without Selro I am sure I would have had to employ at least an extra person if not 2. Selro support as been very quick to respond to my queries and have always come up with a solution. This product is ideal for a small growing business.

  • J. Scott G.

    Overall rating

    Worst platform ever.

    Don't even both with this service. It has so many problems, it's insane. Honestly, Selro seems like it's alpha/beta software and not a fully working version that they should even be charging for yet. We've been using Selro for 2 months and have lost almost 20,000 dollars in sales because there are so many errors.

    The biggest problem (amongst dozens) is that the software tells you that your items are listed on your marketplaces, even when they've failed (and they fail A LOT). This makes the software practically unusable by itself, as you have NO IDEA what is listed and what isn't.

    The tech support is almost non-existant too, as they say they will address the issues, and then you never hear back on it. Do yourself a favor and just pay a little more for a working service. Selro is absolutely horrible.

  • discountclothing

    Overall rating

    Selro just keeps getting better

    Been with Selro for 7 months now, and while the software needed some tweaks to work well for our type of business, this was done in no time, and now it works perfectly for our business. It's a nice refreshing change to be able to list so quickly, and to so many channels with such ease. Selro is like a speeding bullet when listing and making changes to our listing. Click the list or update button, and the magic happens in seconds. So impressive.

    Selro has a great support team, Khloe, and Kem who we having been talking with over at sales & support have just been so fantastic, nothing is ever to much trouble.

    Selro is continually adding new features and improvements and in the 7 months we have been using the system, it has stepped up and up. Just getting better all the time.

  • Kiddimax Character Toys

    Overall rating

    Great company, growing rapidly, amazing customer service.

    8 years ago we started to sell on a number of marketplaces. We very quickly needed to streamline the business and make things easier to help us manage our inventory across the marketplaces.

    We used a number of companies over the years but we have now found Selro, a new company with great ambition and growing fast, the customer service is the best we have come across, you call them they pick up right away, you need something doing they do it, just what you need and they go above and beyond to help and advise, Kloe has been our account manager and the service and help she provides has been and is second to none.

    I do believe Selro will help grow my business as they are always looking for new marketplaces and constantly making improvements on there site to make things easier for us sellers.

    We are just about to go live next week on some new marketplaces thanks to the help of Selro.

    When you join Selro you get more than just a system, you get amazing service and a team of people on your side wanting to help your business that know a lot about eCommerce and have a huge amount of knowledge to help my/your business grow from strength to strength.

    I've not looked back since joining Selro, they make the running of a business easier and Im excited about the future of my business.

    Well done Kloe, Krish and the Selro team, keep up the good work!


    Overall rating

    Amazing customer service

    An outstanding customer service especially Kloe!
    I was impressed when they call me just to ask if everything is ok and if I don`t need a help. You don`t usually get this attention from online companies.

  • Charming Kids Outlet

    Overall rating

    Great team and value for money software

    We have been using Selro for over a year and we are pleased with how it works well for our business. At start some patience is required as software seems to need some "adjustments" to your specific business requirements but after it truly helps run business much smoother. Selro team always ready to help and it definitely ticks the box Value For Money.

  • gman

    Overall rating

    Great for online business

    Selro is very easy to use and to learn. Listing tool for eBay and Amazon is very easy and once you have configured the templates it is quite easy to list products on these channels. Some of the features required specific to our business are still missing but got most of the functionality to run our business and we are quite happy because Selro team continuously adding new features.

  • Easycarpartsltd

    Overall rating

    Very happy and cost effective for us

    Normally I don’t write any reviews on any products or services but I want to highlight the fact that how Selro help me to increase our online sales. When I started with Selro over 5 years ago it only supported eBay and Amazon and over the years they have added many features (some of them based on our requests), which has helped us a lot. Some time it could take bit of a time for a new feature that you have requested to be added but I understand that they have to prioritise the changes going to the system. Overall we are very happy and very cost effective for us with out paying hundreds of pounds with some other systems.

    Enrico Perera

  • Nutrigroup

    Overall rating

    Very poor

    Truly awful. Worked on a couple of channels for me for which I paid dearly. The channels (Rakuten and ebay) never worked properly.
    In the case of Rakuten, Selro software set my prices to approx £2.00 for many items when the actual cost was over £20. I had to cancel many orders which ruined my reputation as a online trader on Rakuten. I did not even get an apology from this company.
    Selro is cheap but they do not know what they are doing, the service is exceptionally poor and they do not have the competence to solve any issues.

    I suggest looking elsewhere.

    1. Reply from Selro

      Dear Paresh

      We are very sorry that you have experienced a feed update issue to Rakuten Priceminister. Our technical team have investigated the issue and it seems the pricing field column name in the FTP feed is not correct. They are also checking the other queries that you have raised and be in contact with you. We are always here to help you as always. I will be in contact with you to make sure you are up and running smoothly.

      Once again please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

      Kind regards

      Kloe Thorpe

      Tel: 01628854472

  • barbiegal7

    Overall rating

    Could have been promising, but....

    Like others, I was searching for a product that would allow inventory management between Amazon and Ebay, a feature that seemed to only be available in VERY high-priced products. Selro was very inexpensive, and, as they say, you get what you pay for. Thank goodness for the 30-day trial, because it doesn't take long to figure out it's worthless.

    First problem is their HUGE lack of technical documentation. There is very little if any support documents to help you through the set-up process. There are some random questions from other users that they have posted as a way for you to find similar issues, but not many. Their response to support questions takes far too long when you're trying to get through basic set up, and you find out that, after five or so questions, the answers begin to come slower and slower (Google reviews for Selro, and you'll find a really good one that highlights these same issues). Some questions they don't answer at all and, in fact, close the support ticket unanswered.

    Undeterred, I would reopen the ticket, asking why it was not answered, and as far as I know, some still sit there open, unanswered, after weeks. One issue seems to be that the same person answered me every time, who I later found out is the creator of the program. One man cannot do it all alone, my friend.

    Eventually, they stopped responding at all no matter what the question was. Apparently, there is a limit to their support questions, but what it's a closely-guarded secret how many that is.

    The question that really seemed to bring the conversations to a screeching halt was about the length of time it was taking Selro to update Ebay and Amazon when a sale was made. I would notice a long stretch after something sold on one channel before an update was made on the other - sometimes several hours, sometimes not at all without a manual sync. Even after a manual sync, it sometimes wouldn't update, plus if you have to manually sync everything, what's the point? Considering I sometimes sell a product several times in the course of one hour, this could leave me with a lot of overselling on one channel or the other.

    With no answer from support and nothing in their documentation that indicates how long it takes, I finally told them I was done and gave up. I was beta testing the product for three other companies as well, so not only did they lose me, they lost three other potential clients.

    I have since gone with Linnworks, and WOW, I can't believe what I was missing. Yes, it's more expensive, but it also does the job it's intended to do, accurately and quickly updating quantities amongst all channels. Their support documentation is outstanding, complete with video tutorials and a support forum where you can ask questions of other users.

    Do yourself a favor and don't cheap out - until Selro gets their act together and maybe hire some support staff - and improve their product - it's not worth the hassle.

  • gizmo1922

    Overall rating

    So far So good

    So far so good, service is good and I like having a Magento store since they are a big company in ecommerce. Setup is a little tricky but overall this software and magento together seem to be better than anything I have tried. I tried solid commerce and vollusion but those two did not communicate well, and solid commerce is a nightmare to learn and teach. Vendio is just a piece of junk that had potential but nothing was ever done to do so. I will update this after I have used this for a while.

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