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Shutter Stream is a powerful and easy-to-use software for product photography. Developed by Iconasys, Shutter Stream allows users to take professional-quality product photos and edit them easily. It can save time, boost productivity, and increase the quality of product images. Check out its pricing and product details in this Shutter Stream review.

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Shutter Stream is product photography capture software from iconasys. The software integrates image editing and processing tools to maximize workflow efficiencies.

Shutter Stream uses a camera tethered to a computer through USB in order to control camera hardware commands through mouse clicks. Images are composed by adjusting camera exposure settings while viewing a real-time preview on the monitor screen.

Shutter Stream 360 adds an automated 360-degree shooting mode, 360-degree composition tools, and video capture.

PlatformApple Mac Software
Windows Software
Customers SupportedWorldwide
RequirementsCompatible Canon or Nikon camera

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2016-12-02 18:23:02

Saved me multiple hours of editing.

What where the positives?


Any negatives?



First and foremost this software has saved me countless hours of editing and excruciating stress. I used to have to shoot 20 or more product photos, remove SD Card from camera then upload to computer, pick my favorite shot then edit that image in Photoshop. Now with Shutter Stream I am able to see in a live view my edits in real time and even pre-crop my image before capturing. I use the image overlay tool to make sure all images on my website are in the exact same spot, Making my website look more professional then ever. The biggest take away from this software was the 25-30minutes less I have to spend per image when removing the background (in correct lighting conditions). Shutter Stream allowed me to cut at least and hour a day out of my product photography. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is spending way to much time and effort into their product photography. Thanks Iconasys! KAI

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