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SixBit is an ecommerce business management solution. Since 1998, the SixBit team has been developing selling tools for eBay sellers. Their history and knowledge of how sellers work have all been poured into SixBit. SixBit manages all tasks associated with selling items on marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.

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  • Windows Software


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From $24.99 per month to $159.99 per month

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • Etsy
  • Endicia
  • Express 1
  • ShipRush
  • UPS
  • Shopify

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Ease of Use

  • Tom Mann

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Excellent and Flexible Software. Makes eBay usage much easier.

    What were the positives?

    Long time TurboLister user.... An easy transition to SixBit

    Sixbit help/instruction videos really helped reduce the learning curve.

    A lot of flexibility for the user. Has many options that I never use, but maybe eventually....

    Sixbit is a very stable software, which is much different than TurboLister

    Unbelievably quick response times from the Sixbit staff, and are quick answer questions, or to address any issues.

    After a couple of years of usage, would never want to go back to TurboLister.

    Any negatives?

    My only regret is that I did not switch from TurboLister to Sixbit years before.


    Can only give the best ratings to Sixbit. Highly recommended !!

  • Bruce B.

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Needed help after moving SixBit to a new computer

    What were the positives?

    Steve Lea from support handled all my issues, even the ones I didn't realize were an issue. Very knowledgable and took the time to explain what he was doing and why.

    Any negatives?



    very impressed!

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great program and support. I couldn't run my eBay without it.

    What were the positives?

    Program has great functionality and features. In the few times I needed support, they were always there for me.

    Any negatives?



    Like I said, I could not operate my eBay sales without it.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Sixbit software for multi platform ecommerce sellers

    What were the positives?

    -Extremely versatile
    -Very Reliable
    -Fast Customer Service
    -Adaptive to changing marketplaces

    Any negatives?

    Initially, They did not offer Shopify. This is definitely a negative because of how popular the platform is. Myself and other sellers told them how helpful it could be to offer shopify support... Sure enough, They added Shopify very quickly.

    They listen to feedback and resolve negatives about their software. I dont feel like I hit deaf ears when speaking with them about my issues/wishlist.


    We are Auto Parts Retailer on Shopify, Ebay, and Amazon. Over the years have tried every inventory software under the sun... Software ranging from free to $3000 a month. At $125 a month... Sixbit blows all of them out of the water. We have been with them for roughly 3 years, and they have always provided a premium software to manage our catalog of over 40,000 Skus.

    Compared to some others we have used, Sixbit has always been on top of eBay feature changes, and updates that are critical to optimizing your sales on the eBay platform.

    When issues have come up... We have been able to get Sixbit on the line same day to sort them out. When we had a hardware issue, and our entire database was corrupted and lost... They got on the phone with me within the hour, remoted in, and spent 6 hours fixing this with me. That made me a customer for life.

  • robert enlow

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great product. If you are a high volume sports card seller this is no better product.

    What were the positives?

    - Ease of use
    - Fast data entry through the use of templates and presets
    - Allows for the ability to keep items for relisting outside of ebay's policies. Super important if you sell seasonal items...enter them once and you are done.
    - Batch edits is awesome...update thousands of items at one time versus others that make you do it one at a time
    - Great support...requests for me have been address in under a day almost all the time
    - Constantly improving the product

    Any negatives?

    Not really any that i can think of that would ever make me think about looking for a different product.


    I am so glad i found this product a number of years ago. It has been a game changer for me. I recommend this product to anyone that will listen.

  • Pan Galactic

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Worth every penny

    What were the positives?

    SixBit offers a great platform whether you're just getting started or an experienced seller. The interface is both simple and customizable, and there is a robust array of features for those who need them. Templates and previous listings are stored on your local drive, so you don't need to worry about those things you only use occasionally but would hate to recreate disappearing. Backups run automatically. It's very easy to modify or update the listings you have running, either individually or in batches.

    Inventory management features, including SKU generation and label printing, make recordkeeping easy. If you choose to enter information about cost of goods and tax, you can generate a variety of helpful financial reports. This scales extremely well whether you're only managing a few hundred listings or thousands. Various subscription tiers let you start small and invest in more features if your expanding business requires them.

    The interface for managing outgoing orders is superb. You can generate your pick lists, invoices, and carrier labels in a variety of ways, so that they align precisely with your workflow. You can message customers and query tracking from within the interface.

    One of my favorite features is the comprehensive order history retained for each buyer. It's easy to see how much a particular customer has spent with you, what items they've bought, and where those items were sent, even after that information is no longer displayed by the marketplace.

    Supplemental support options include callbacks, but for those who don't need it, email support will always respond within their stated timeframe, and they can offer remote assistance if necessary.

    Any negatives?

    Less a negative than a point of confusion: Locating particular features or instructions isn't always an intuitive process. It can be difficult to find what you need in the help files since your query needs to be worded in a way that catches the entry. It might be easier to Google "SixBit change listings" for example, if you don't know the phrase "batch edit" because Google knows what you meant, and will get you to the appropriate help file on SixBit's site. Once you find the instructions, though, they're explained in a way that's easy to follow.


    I would recommend this software to anyone who maintains more than a few listings at a time. It makes listing new items and managing inventory easy and fully supports workflow through order fulfillment.

  • James Townley

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Outstanding program for use with eBay. Some transition for a long time Turbolister guy

    What were the positives?

    Tech Support without a doubt, best Ive ever seen. Program is well laid out, lots of options.

    Any negatives?



    Highly recommend. 5 stars *****

  • Bob Vary

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Top-notch product with super support

    What were the positives?

    SixBit is an extremely powerful, flexible, and customizable program to help the user control inventory, process orders, and list items on several ecommerce platforms, including eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Shopify. Over the counter orders can also be processed for sites not part of your subscription.

    SixBit's customer support is without doubt the best I've ever encountered, and I've been in the computer business since 1974. They are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. If they can't help you through email or their discussion forums, remote sessions can be arranged. Basic support if free, but there are some paid subscription plans for those who have greater or special needs.

    They are very responsive to requests for modifications or enhancement in the product. They can't always do it, but often they do. Features such as custom fields can be used to tailor the program to your specific needs or workflow.

    Once you've learned the program and used it for awhile, you'll never want to go back to working inside of eBay or Etsy again.

    Any negatives?

    There is a steep learning curve with SixBit, so time needs to be invested to learn it. The user guide is not always as up to date or as clear as it should be, so figuring out how to do something can be a challenge.

    While support is the best around in general, it is not readily available on weekends and there is no phone support. Everything is done through their ticketing system and email.

    There are discussion forums where help from fellow users can be obtained, but it's under utilized. They used to have an extremely active forum, but they changed software and it's never been the same since. It's still useful to post questions there, though.

    Some people complain about the cost, but for what you get, it's a lot cheaper than other listing software. There are several subscription levels.


    I highly recommend SixBit to anyone selling on supported ecommerce sites. It will make your life much easier, whether you're a hobbyist or a full time seller.

  • Jerry Rubackin

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    A well thought out THOROUGH piece of software !!

    What were the positives?

    Right from the start, things fell in to place.
    Easy to follow through on.

    Almost all the time, there were very handy "tooltips" to click on that somehow knew, just what you were going to ask !!!!
    A lot of thought went in to this program !!

    Forget the other "also-rans" ...finding an eBay Turbolister replacement.

    One thing that i WOULD recommend, is for you to watch/listen to their video user manual series 1st.

    Lastly, in the few times that i had to get support with a minor problem, or question, they always answered quickly and thoroughly, always making sure that the question was answered in full. Always asked "Is there anything else that we can help you with?" I felt like a VIP !!

    Shows that they really DO care about you. VIP service, if you will.

    Bottom absolute joy of a program to work with.

    You will NOT be disappointed !!

    Jerry R

    Any negatives?

    Absolutely none !


    So happy to have found and tried them.
    WELL WORTH the small monthly fee.

    THIS program IS...the answer to your TL replacement problems !!!!

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Excellent proven company and well worth the price.

    What were the positives?

    I was a longtime Turbo Lister eBay user and switched to SixBit when eBay dropped support for that platform. I spent a lot of time and effort researching what was available to fit my needs.

    I am a lower-level computer expertise person and SixBit has a lot more functionality and capability than Turbo Lister. I only sell on eBay. It took a while for me to become functional with and adapt to the higher level of flexibility, features and function but the great part was they provide a long free trial for you AND fantastic customer support to help you get on board.

    I have adapted to SixBit to serve my needs and it is very reliable and I have confidence in the execution and I think well worth the price.

    The customer support system is excellent and fast – the Support people were great to work with - patient and knowledgeable and have always fixed my problems – certainly in an above and beyond way - as I am not very knowledgeable on computer software myself!

    Great proven company – I am happy.

    Any negatives?

    Not really a negative per se - The software is packed full of wonderful capability, flexibility and functionality which, for me was beyond my lower level eBay Turbo Lister needs - but I have worked it all out and am very happy.


    Excellent proven company and well worth the price.

  • majid

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    SIXBIT can ruin your business

    What were the positives?

    it has many options (that I dont need)

    Any negatives?

    I used turbo lister since 2008 and list over 100k items with it until ebay blocked it, it has some bugs but at least it would not do much damage on your existing listed ,

    Sixbits try to manage your business ,listing, shipping , inventory .... (that I dont like ) I only used it to list items on my ebay and it was fine for that , it is based on SKU , if you have my items without SKU it will assign its own numbers , the problem is if your items have same title , it will assign same SKU to all of them even if they have different Ebay ID , Pic, Price ....
    I used this stupid software to update some of my items compatibility in bulk (I sale auto parts) it synced the all the listings with same title , all of my pictures gone , I cannot even find the orders because my item ID tags was in the pictures , their default auto database back up did not make any back up!
    customer support already knew the issue and their suggestion was to tick the option to end the duplicate listing (that their software made) so instead of 20 different door panels I will have 1 listing and rest will be deleted (genius solution from this morons )
    I have to find and relist 1000 items from beginning because of their stupid programing and they do not even take responsibility , this will cost me few thousands dollar in sale and labor to fix it
    I will file a lawsuit ASAP they should be liable for these bugs

    Do not put your business on risk because of this buggy software


    Do not put your business on risk because of this buggy software

  • penny842

    Overall rating

    Sixbit is fully inter-connected with All the Platforms

    Sixbit is thoroughly the best software to manage sales in multiple online channels. Their support team responds fast, and with amazing expertise.
    Steve Lea, on the Support Team, went above and beyond my initial request for additional general information about how we could make better use of the product.
    Sixbit covers all the bases, they know how Ebay / Amazon / Etsy & Shopify all work.
    The User Guide is actually UseFULL,too!

  • saulverde

    Overall rating

    Great Product and support

    What were the positives?

    The product is flexible and is fully capable of growing with your business.
    We started with the lowest level subscription when we started our store and have upgraded the product several times over our past 3 years of ownership. We now operate 3 stores across multiple platforms and use this software for the management of all of the stores and their corresponding inventory.

    The product has regular updates to keep up with updates from online marketplaces.

    It supports multiple users with distinct accounts and permissions

    All of the data is stored locally so we maintain control and security of all of our own data. As a Cyber security engineer in my day job, this is critically important. Our data represents everything that has made our ventures a success as well as our failures. It is a road map to how we were successful. Many other vendors operate in the cloud and have more modern looking User interfaces. These companies tend to not rate well in independent security reviews and putting your intellectual property into the cloud or granting rights to a cloud vendor was a hard red line for our business goals and sixbit is one of a few vendors which support on-prem deployments(local installs instead of cloud)

    Support is always helpful

    This is not a listing design tool but you can use it in conjunction with a listing design tool by copying the html into your listings within sixbit

    Any negatives?

    The one and only wish that I have for this product would be postgre sql support. This is a technical wish that would allow much greater flexibility in database size without additional cost to your users. This is probably not a common request for them but I am a linux admin and am familiar with postgre already.

    The user interface looks outdated but don't let this fool you. The software is incredibly powerful once you get acquainted.


    Support has always been friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to assist us even when the issue is our own lack of expertise with the product. This level of support is critical and allows us to focus on our business instead of our software stack.

  • BobV1122

    Overall rating

    Bugs, bugs bugs bugs

    I use this software at work. It has a fairly easy user interface. The issue is that this program has been plagued with bugs from the beginning. Every new update to fix one bug has at least one new bug to replace it. Listings do not relist constantly costing us sales. Error messages when attempting to revise listings. This most recent version we downloaded added repeats of the same field options with numbers added, for example under payment policy the choices are "PayPal", "PayPal#1", "PayPal#2", "PayPal#3". Return Policy field has 9 choosable options out of which there are actually only 3 valid choices (No returns, 14 day so 30 days).

  • santih

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service

    I've been using SixBit for several years and I've never been disappointed with the product. I feel very confident each time I need to list my items on eBay --- they all go through without a hitch. It's very convenient to refer to my repository of previously listed items and use them as templates for new listings. I don't know how I'd do eBay without SixBit.

    Recently, my computer had a problem that affected some programs, including SixBit. The SixBit Support Technician, Steve L, was very patient, extremely helpful and highly Knowledgeable. He fixed my problem in a very timely manner.

  • Dan_

    Overall rating

    Wouldn't recommend

    It has potential and got some goodies but it uses your computer sources and therefore compared to cloud alternatives it's slow.

    My biggest problem was, my around 100 listings been ended without any reason. Those were had good sale history about thousands.

    Support wasn't good enough since we are UK based company and they are kinda unreachable. You have to open a ticket and unless you have an upgraded plan which was about $300 in year, you can get reply the day after. So if you have a matter of urgency, good luck with that.

  • WebSeller

    Overall rating

    Best Out There For The Price

    This is hands down the best eBay listing tool for the price. I have been using this software since it was owned by eBay as Seller Assistant Pro about 20 years ago, and then as Blackthorne. I have tried one other listing tool along the way that was much more expense. that listing tool was very good, but I decided it did not make a large enough difference to my business to justify the high price.

    Sixbits can be a bit technically challenging at times with things like setting up the SQL database, and everytime there is an update the whole thing can crash if all the computers on the system do not get the same update at the same time.

    Support could be better. You have to set up an appointment to get help when you need it. This is sometimes not good enough when your whole operation is down and you need help right now. It might be better if you buy a more expensive support plan.

    All in all, despite the above cons, this software is rock solid. There is only one other listing tool out there that I know of that is nearly as powerful, and it costs about 400 times more money. They have recently added and open API capability so it can be interfaced with multichannel ecommerce platforms. Hopefully this will help them grow larger so they can work on offering more real time support.

  • Cooper

    Overall rating

    Absolute Trash

    Sucks right from the beginning avoid it - look for something else. I encounter issues from the very beginning: I could not log in with the created login name, when I just the send me my login function the one it sent had a period at the end of a randomly generated string, well it did not work if you have the period on the string (not very clear).

    I was unable to update any of the information on my acct (I tried several times). I would not trust these idiots with my listing, god knows how they would turn out

  • gammano1

    Overall rating

    Support used to be phenomenal - Tickets often go unanswered

    What were the positives?

    The software has always been outstanding.

    The software is 5 stars.

    Any negatives?

    There needs to be a way to contact someone at sixbit outside of their ticket system. When there is an issue, there is no way to let the powers that be know when tickets are being ignored.


    When they answer support tickets, it is great.

    Unfortunately they no longer answer tickets even though you are supposed to receive a 24 hour response. Days and weeks go by without answers.

    I cringe when I need to run an update. If there is an issue, it is unlikely help will come quickly if at all.

    I used to feel like a valued customer. That is no longer the case.

    1. Reply from SixBit Software


      We're sorry to hear that you were having issues with the ticketing system. Our usual response rate is only a few hours, so I'm surprised that you were not getting a response. I wonder if possibly there is a communication disconnect. I'd love to look into this issue. Could you please provide me a ticket number and I'll see if I can find out what is going on.

      SixBit Support

  • GumbyDammet

    Overall rating

    Good idea, poor execution

    The software does have some good points. It does simplify listing on eBay for the small to mid-size store and makes shipping much easier than the shipping module in eBay. That being said, the software is very buggy.

    Many times it will not list all variations

    Installing updates invariably creates more bugs

    Revisions have to be sent multiple times to get them to post

    Reports error messages when there are no errors

    Customer support is horrible

    I have been using the software for nearly a year and I am having some of the same errors that I reported during the first month. I open a ticket, they say they don't see any problem and close the ticket. You can't call them unless you are willing to pay additional to talk to someone.

    My advice is to use something else that is more reliable. I haven't found what that is yet but don't use SixBit.

  • qp1980

    Overall rating

    Sixbit hands down Best off cloud software for eBay listing

    Today I canceled my subscription to Sixbit, and I thought I never given a review. So here it goes..

    I joined Sixbit back on summer of 2016, when I figured I needed some listing help. At that time I review several listing software, and I decided to use Sixbit because it was just what I was looking for at that time. I was listing directly in eBay and they just “revamped” the listing template and boy, did they annoy me with all that white space and all that clicking of the mouse to get to where you needed to be and the number of trials you needed just to list 1 item, as the interface kept failing.

    With Sixbit,
    • You have everything in one screen. No tabs, no white areas.
    • If you do not need it, you can just put it aside and customize the view to your liking,
    • Most importantly, to your own flow of operations.
    • Not having to use eBay listing, glitchy, really glitchy, interface, PRICELESS!

    At the beginning, I had no idea what a wrap was and how was it different from a template. It took me a while to grasp the concept, but once I did, I was flying listing items. Templates and wraps do save you a lot of time.

    • You can upload items using an excel file, or you can create them within Sixbit.
    • You can duplicate items quickly.
    • You can change all of your items in eBay with one command. When eBay came with the no link policy, I had a link to my own eBay store and that was flagged. I went to the wrapper, remove the link and updated everything at once.

    Then, I had a problem with my shoulder and arm and realized that if wanted someone to help me, I needed software that can be on the web. So a virtual assistant could help me. At the same time, crazy November came and I realized how much I needed software to update my inventory from my supplier to the channel. It seemed that I spent most of my time just updating inventory.

    I tested the inventory part of Sixbit but it was not what I was looking for. I reviewed several other programs and decided in program X. But the listing part was not that simple. They did not recognize Business Policies, I was losing my pictures already in eBay. I ended up staying with Sixbit for listing, while using the other software for inventory control.

    • Sixbit does use and understand eBay’s Business Polices, unlike others.

    Sixbit is hands down the best off cloud software for eBay listing

    Technical support is sometimes a challenge. They do reply fairly quickly, however, they answer things you are not asking. You have to ask again in different ways. There is a plus here. If you get John Manning to answer your question, He gets what you are asking, the first time. And he answers what you asked! So, I loved it when he was the one answering my questions. I am really thankful for JM.

    You need technical support at the beginning, but then, you do not need them anymore. Product is easy to understand and above all, stable.

    It works under SQL, and the SQL server, and that is one thing that annoyed me. Even when I was not using Sixbit my resources were taken. And you can hear the fan going on. And I did not like the fan.

    I know of sellers with thousands and thousands of listings using Sixbit, and I would have stayed with them, as I love the interface. I needed something web-based.

    The fact that Sixbit is not web-based does not take their merit for a great software, a computer based listing software for eBay.

  • bvmail89

    Overall rating

    Great customer service

    Service was smooth, fast, and easy. I had some issues trying to connect my store to sixbit and the customer service was swift with the response and solved the problem for me. The software adds so much more control over my ebay store. My work output is almost 2X higher and I barley just started using the software for less than a week. There's still more features I haven't tried yet but so far the Scheduled listings and the CSV uploading is Amazing!!

  • privateuser

    Overall rating

    Great for eBay listing, order processing & inventory control

    SixBit is a great program for many online selling tasks like listing on eBay, keeping track of inventory, databasing past and future products, and much more! The support team at SixBit is phenomenal! They have always gone above and beyond to make sure my system runs smoothly with SixBit. I cannot stress enough how supportive their team is, and this customer support is included in the cost of SixBit. You can even pay for additional support if your company needs the pampering. I have used SixBit with eBay only but it also works for other platforms. Highly recommended for eBay! My store has 10,000 items listed at any given time and sales every day. SixBit keeps up like a champ!

  • unabsolute

    Overall rating

    SixBit. The Future of eBay Power Listing!!!

    What were the positives?

    After moving from TurboLister to SixBit listing on eBay has become much faster and accurate. The speed of the program is lightyears ahead of Turbolister and adding images is instant, rather than waiting for the database to update like TurboLister did.

    Any negatives?

    Can't think of anything. Any issue we've encountered has been resolved quickly with


    Support was quick, professional and very helpful!

  • mrsbridavis

    Overall rating

    Sixbit is the best listing software, best price and service!

    What were the positives?

    1. Sixbit makes it easy to list new items by importing a spreadsheet
    2. I manage listing and shipping for several accounts from Sixbit rather than having to sign in and out of my different eBay accounts.
    3. I can bulk revise as many as 10K running listings in one day
    4. I can list as many as 10K new items in a day
    5. It's free to schedule when listings go up in Sixbit
    6. I can end running listings from Sixbit, even auction listings if I need to.
    7. When I use Sixbit shipping labels, the tracking numbers automatically import into eBay for me.
    8. Sixbit can handle at least 300K running listings if the pictures are hosted outside the database.

    Any negatives?

    Sixbit is getting better all the time. Just when I think the software is so impressive, they make a change and it's even more so. I would still like to see thumbnails on the packing slip, but that's all I can think of. (Currently, it's not available if pictures are hosted outside the database like mine are.)


    I have been selling on eBay since 2010 and have used several different types of listing software. Sixbit is by far the best. When I first switched from Blackthorne to Sixbit, it was like magic! Everything that frustrated me about Blackthorne was fixed with Sixbit.

    The support is the best thing about Sixbit. I might be Sixbit's squeakiest wheel. Whenever I have a problem, I submit a ticket right away and a support rep always gets back to me within a business day. Sometimes within minutes and sometimes even on weekends. I am not technologically inclined and so I always have a lot of questions. The support team at Sixbit is professional and efficient and is a big part of why I'm able to successfully sell on eBay. As eBay changes and grows, Sixbit helps me to keep up with eBay's changes. For instance, mobile optimization is important now on eBay. I submitted a ticket asking how I could bulk optimize my listings for mobile and my Sixbit support rep, Steve, wrote an html code for me to put in my description wrapper. Once I updated my running listings, all 30K running listings were instantly optimized for mobile and I saw an immediate increase in sales after that change. On eBay, I would have had to do 1 listing at a time. I cannot say enough good about Sixbit's support. Every time I have any question or problem, they are quick to answer or solve it.

  • Pleasebeaware

    Overall rating

    I would pass

    What were the positives?

    Nice idea, poorly deployed, claimed to be an eBay replacement, but focus is on Etsy and Amazon. Requires extra money for support? Developers are not very good.

    Any negatives?

    Where do I start, slow on trial, not sure it was meant to be like that, a 10GN limit on file size, not sure why, most listing tasks are manual


    Customer support are generally good [people, but now they want money to have a faster turnaround? Microsoft charges $34 a month for a hell of a deal and suite of Office Products, SB is $79 and they want extra for support and its a simple Database program with a user interface.

  • Red Squirrel

    Overall rating

    Nightmare to install. No way to try it w/o commitment

    After seeing an offer for a free trial on another site, I thought I'd give it a shot. It does require you to give them paypal authorization for ongoing charges. I wasn't happy to have to give payment info first before I tried, but ok.

    Installation nightmare: first computer downloaded ok but would die halfway through install. I tried updating my windows, downloading again & starting over, but nope. Second computer didn't like the version of MS Net Framework this software needs. Spent an hour on Microsoft's site trying to fix it; finally gave up. Put it on my (inconvenient) main office desktop. It finished the install but then it still won't run.

    The "free trial" isn't free. They want not for you to agree to a paypal subscription billing in advance, they needed my credit card number. After all this headache, I wasn't sure I wanted to give my card number to a company I knew nothing about. I contacted support mentioning the trial was supposed to be "free". They still wouldn't unlock the program, even for 1 day. The salesman gave me some story about how I "could buy postage using their program. Logic says you ask for the credit card when/if the user wants postage. So they refused to let me look at it, even for 1 day.

    So I deleted the darn thing. I went into paypal to remove their subscription authorization the same day so they wouldn't try any funny business.

    Wouldn't you believe a month later they're trying to charge my paypal for a product they knew I couldn't run. It's these aggressive billing practices that make people not want to give out paypal addresses or credit card numbers.

    Between the nightmare to install and the disappointment about how they handle billing, as much as I need this type of program I'm going to try elsewhere.

  • sickmuse

    Overall rating

    Vague user menu/instruction, missing order

    User menu/instruction are vague and confusing, it will get you to know how to use the simple operation. If you want to learn in detail, paid to learn, package from $99/hr to $599/yr.

    There are bugs, but the worse one are "missing orders". We were using sixbit to streamline order/shipping processing, print out picking list, packing list, shipping labels, we got complaints from buyers not received orders and that cause some negative feedback and seller rating, because these orders didn't print out and we found the missing order in "fulfilled", with no shipping records.

    We now had to print shipping label from eBay as "double check system", just to make sure all order are print out from Sixbit. Contact customer support to alert them this issue several times, each time they reply this issue will be fix with new update. 6 update has been completed since we last report the issue, and missing order still a on going problem.

  • RyanK77

    Overall rating

    Great product!

    What were the positives?

    Sixbit has been a good product for us because it is growing with our company and has been a good fit for our listing needs. We are very happy with the product and would recommend them to anyone.


    The support is great. When we have a problem, we submit a ticket and it is addressed very fast.

    We have several different programs we have to use in our industry. Sixbit has better support than the companies we are paying 10x more for.

  • WMlarson

    Overall rating

    support isn't always good, software can be very buggy

    the support is not always good. Sometimes you send a detailed question and they send a 1 line response that offers no assistance if they didn't even read your message. This has happened to me more than once. Then to make matters worse, once you receive a response you can reply but you will wait another day or more for another response. Essentially it takes several days just to exchange a couple of messages. This is unacceptable for a service that costs $70 a month. The program itself is pretty great when it works. The program seems to be a bit fragile and it is not hard to find bugs. While these issues are usually just minor bugs and at worst would be described as "very inconvenient", other times the bugs can cause some serious problems.

    To be clear, I am very thankful that this software is available and will continue to use it. The developers are continuously working to improve the program, adding features and improving existing ones. I do hope they are successful into the future if for no other reason than my success as an ebay seller depends on it.

    Keep fighting SixBit developers!

    1. Reply from SixBit Software



      I looked into your complaint and I see that Steve L. did a remote session with you. Looks like the problem was identified and the new fix was just put out. Can you give it a try and let us know if you are still having any issues.

  • pghlandscape

    Overall rating

    Sixbit Software

    By far the best listing / management software available with a great down to earth technical support team.

  • fullerk1975

    Overall rating

    Sixbit Support

    I've used Sixbit since Blackthorne have been discontinued and I absolutely love it. Their system is very easy to use. They created this software from the Seller's point of view. Their techinical support is awesome and they are there right away when you need them. Excellent service for an excellent eBay and Amazon listing tool.

    I'll recommend this software to any Seller I know. Great job and keep up the good work!

  • vmathey

    Overall rating

    never underestimate the sixbit team they know EVERYTHING

    After three times to the computer repair shop. (where they told me they really don't know anything about sixbit but would try) and emails back and forth to the sixbit support team, (who even acknowledged receiving my request and promising to check it out), I was put in touch with Leslie, who graciously reviewed every corner of my computer sixbit and windows 10 world, and was able to find problems with my computer clock, and with the way the sixbit agent was running on my computer.

    I cannot thank the sixbit team enough, they always tried to be helpful, sending different easy to follow instructions, to check various things.

    There are probably tons of folks out there who want help with their computer problems, but when they stop and take the time to help a 67 year old self taught ebay and sixbit user, who lives in Arkansas, well you gotta hand it to them.

    I would not hesitate to use sixbit for your personal or your company computers. It may look complicated but there are friendly folks on the boards who can answer questions from new users, and qualified help on the sixbit staff who are so very gracious and understanding.

    Love to all you guys out there in sixbit land, I feel like I just heart surgery, and now can dance and sing...
    rsmjewels on ebay

    Vivian mathey

  • doug828

    Overall rating

    Top Notch Support Team

    The team at SixBit has been extremely helpful to me over the years! I have worked with them since the early days and through all the ups and downs associated with eBay, they have really shown me that seller support is a top priority to them.

  • kriffe

    Overall rating

    Hate it!! Garbage!!!.....well, they're helping me atm

    I must admit, after posting a bad review the Sixbit customer service team was all over this issue to help me. After two sessions trying to get the program to work, they really have no explanation as to why it's so slow on my computer. The final reason they gave was I needed to update my hard drives, but they admitted the performance wasn't too far off what they recommended, so I'm not sure, nor they, if this will fix it. I'm going to upgrade to solid state hard drives and see how that works. I'll post results here.

    Original Post:

    I had Blackthorn prior to having to swap to SixBit. I read this is the same people who produced Blackthorn. This program is absolutely the worst program I've used to date. The tech support is even worse. It takes an eternity to do anything with this program, including getting a response from the tech support. Slow, super super slow and half the time I get errors uploading or if I need to update an auction. I run 2200 auctions and if I need to do an update or price change, I get a 25% fail rate. It takes forever to open a screen, to change pages, to even open the program. Sixbit is garbage in my opinion.

    1. Reply from SixBit Software


      I'm sorry to hear you had issues when using SixBit. We take it seriously when a user has an experience like you have had and we would like to solve the issue.

      I did a little research and only found one ticket from you in the last year and it had a response in 3 minutes, so perhaps you have tickets under a different account. I also see that you had tried us a few years ago and had some issues, but I'm quite sure the speed and performance issues you were seeing then shouldn't still be occurring.

      The performance you are describing isn't a common experience, so I believe this is something we can solve with a remote session. If you would still like to solve the issue, please open a support ticket and we'll set up a session to get you all straightened out.

  • rgstamps

    Overall rating

    Great eCommerce program!

    Have been using SixBit for over three years and love it. I am an eBayer with lots of listings. SixBit allows me to customize and and use multiple users. If I have a problem or need help figuring out an issue the staff is only an email away. I'm pretty sure I've worked with all them. I think one of the most important components to any computer program is customer service. SixBits is on top of it!! There monthly fee is also reasonable. Overall a big "Thumbs up". Rachelle

  • bodi_sullivan

    Overall rating

    Best tool available for the "Serious" lister!!!!

    For all you users out there that are still using Blackthorne or even Turbo Lister, get off of those tools ASAP and get on the Six Bit Train!!! The ease of .csv importing, item listing, sql server use, et. al. is beyond belief.

    Support team is very knowledgeable and willing to help!

    5 STAR tool waiting for you to use...

    Great Job SB Team!

    Bobby Sullivan
    aka "BubbaSully"

  • j.meszaros

    Overall rating

    SixBit Software Support is Excellent

    I have always had excellent service from SixBit, regardless of the problem I was having. This time, I had a problem with the Shipping Calculator in my eBay listings, and I could not tell if the problem was being caused by SixBit or by the eBay site. SixBit responded promptly, explained why their software would not cause the problems I was having and helped verify that the problem was with eBay. The problem cleared up the next day, and I am grateful that SixBit helped me through the diagnostic process.

  • somewareintime

    Overall rating


    The support I received from Leslie at Six-Bit surpassed my expectations. Her persistence and patience in solving my issues were outstanding!

    I can't thank her enough along with all the staff who lend their support when problems are encountered.

    Thank you so much!

  • igemcorp

    Overall rating

    Overloaded with features and bugs, slow, crashing and buggy

    Well, Blackthorne was buggy, slow, and not perfect, but after using SixBit for many month, I can appreciate BT now. If you found BT to be not that great, then SixBit is much worse.

    It attempts to do everything, and does everything poorly. Global Shipping Program orders are not importing correctly. Multiple tickets with SixBit did not move the issue at all. After many months - it is still wrong.

    SixBit technical support is mostly worthless, and resolves nothing. They are responsive, but responses do not resolve anything. They force you to use beta software to solve some issues, but that beta introduces 10 new issues.

    Basically we were forced to permanently use beta version, which is absolutely crazy!

    I am really glad that other users (hope those are real users) have great experience with SixBit, we did not. Quit using it couple of months ago, as nothing was solved by the developer.

    1. Reply from SixBit Software


      Hi, this is John. I'm the president here at SixBit. I'm sorry you had issues when you were using SixBit. I took a look at your tickets and see where we were working through some issues with you concerning the Global Shipping Program.

      Based on the last reply to the ticket, it looks like we had solved the issue and that solution is in the current full release. Global Shipping seems to be stable in our current versions, but if you are still having problems, please let me know and I'll make sure we get them resolved. If you have stopped using SixBit and would like to give it a try again, please email me at and I'll make sure you get another trial. I'd love another chance to address any and all of your issues.

      Also, I can personally guarantee that every single SixBit review posted here (or anywhere for that matter) has been posted by a SixBit user. It is strictly against our company policy to post anonymous reviews of our own software. That just wouldn't be right.

      Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  • Draco17315

    Overall rating

    The staff and program at SIXBIT are AWESOME!!!!

    I have been using Sixbit since it was released after Ebay Blackthorne became unsupported and at first we were a bit iffy on switching but seemed to be the best option...SOOOOOOOOOOO glad we did. The program is great and if there are any issues the staff both through tickets and on the phone are great and supportive in figuring things out. We give a big shout out to the guys and gals at Sixbit and we are looking forward to many more years of working with them!!! You won't be sorry!!

  • vedparkashleo

    Overall rating

    Worse than turbolister

    This is by far the worst product I have ever used. I am glad I only used the trial. I had so many problems with this software.
    At first I couldn't even register the program to begin using it until I had to contact customer service, WHICH, doesn't even give you a phone number. Instead you have to send a support ticket and wait almost 24 hours for them to get back to you.

    Once they figured out why I couldn't even begin using the program the next issue was just trying to do a full import of my listings. This process took almost 3 days with leaving my computer on overnight. I have the fastest internet available and doing this on a brand new quad core desktop computer.

    I then tried to do a full export to CSV and thats where absolutely nothing went right.

    Mind you EVERY SINGLE TIME I have a problem I need to fill out a support ticket and wait only through delayed email responses. Only if I begin to show my anger through emails will they ever call you. Otherwise they will just ask you to troubleshoot starting from the begining... what is your internet connection like?, how many things are you trying to import?, restart your computer... blah blah blah just filler time between emails.

    I would finally get on the phone with some representatives and then they would start bickering amoungst themselves on what to do.

    I am glad I didn't give this company a single dime. If you don't believe me, use their "free" trial (if you consider your time wasted as being free).

  • dennismchgn

    Overall rating

    Amazing Customer Service

    In a nut shell I have been thru a few companies like this. This company is by far the best I have ever dealt with. Every-time there is a issue. They reply back quickly with either a detailed fix or fix the issue right away with a new update on there service. I used to use Auctiva and they are by far the worse company I have ever dealt with. If you want to feel secure with someone who cares about there customers than look no further. SixBit is by far the top company among all others.

  • Bruce

    Overall rating

    SixBit Can Help You Grow

    I've tried many listing tools in the past and have been using SixBit for the past few years and LOVE it. It's a powerful tool that saves me time. Time is money and I can use that time more efficiently. SixBit will make your life easier and help you grow your business. AND it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like some other options.

    You can easily import all of your listings. They even give you 30 days free to try it out and see if it's right for you so there's no risk.

    Go to for more information and to start your free trial.

    Is this the year that you get serious and take the step to grow your business?

  • birdparts339

    Overall rating

    SixBit works great

    I have been using SixBit for Ebay listings for 8 months now, and it works flawlessly. I run an Ebay Store with 3200 listings running at all times. Just check Ebay Store: Thomas-J-Sestak-Autoparts. Their support is superb!
    Best Regards,
    Tom Sestak

  • galaxie1965

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Customer Support and GREAT Program!

    This has been a wonderful experience transitioning into SixBit. The fast and friendly Customer Service the is best I've experienced from any online site and/or program support. All questions have been answered immediately or within the day. Look forward to using the program for eBay listing and so far it has been far better than anticipated. HIGHLY recommend this program for anyone wanting a topnotch platform with an equally topnotch support team.

  • popfashion

    Overall rating

    The auction listing software you should have.

    I have been selling on eBay for almost 16 years. Anyone who sold back then knows how cumbersome it used to be. When John developed his first listing software, I snapped it up. I’ve been using it through every change and upgrade including now with SixBit. Why? It’s clear to me that he is a top notch developer who always has you and me in mind. SixBit covers all the bases necessary to list and handle post auction functions with the speed and efficiency you need. As important as that is, he also has a support team that is second to none. No canned answers or run around here. If you have a question, a highly trained and qualified human being will actually think through your specific issue and give you a quick, courteous and detailed response. Service is obviously a high priority. I’ve personally experienced it over the years.
    If you’re self employed as I am, you know how important time allocation is. You also know that the listing process is only one component of your work. SixBit makes it possible for you to list quickly and handle repetitive processes so that you can get on with other aspects of your job.
    Joe P.

  • Jax Music Supply

    Overall rating

    Best available at this time

    Sixbit's ebay management system is the best of what is available at this time, which is why I gave it 4 stars. We were forced to convert to SixBit due to Blackthorne being discontinued in September 2014. Since we had a lot of custom written software integrated with Blackthorne, this has been a difficult process to find a replacement. We first tried SixBit last year and could not get it installed, even with their assistance. This time, on a fresh computer, we were able to get it installed with some help from their technical support. It is still disappointing to me that it did not work right out of the box.

    The good stuff: Relatively affordable, perhaps a bargain if you use more of the features than I do. It is much faster than Blackthorne. The interface and database are very snappy. Categories are hierarchical and only pulls in when you use, not the massive category update we had with Blackthorne. The grid highlights when stock listed is greater than stock available are a nice touch - makes it easy to spot understocked items. The various statuses available for listings, with quick views, are very helpful time savers. The listing process itself is quite fast and you can look at individual listings and get some sense of how it performs.

    The bad stuff: There is quite a bit of bad. Nothing that you cannot work around, but I hate having to work around it. First, the software has annoying habit of dropping the assigned wrapper (think templates in other listing software) and shipping preset when listing a new item. At first I thought this was me but I ran into it several times when listing which has caused me to check new listings almost every time. This is not happening when running an existing listing. They have somewhat complicated inventory procedures to add or adjust inventory. I am still exploring this but all the added functionality is of little benefit to me and I suspect quite a few people. If you are running a professional shop, you have to have inventory in your accounting system and using the recommended way (with some shortcuts) in SixBit creates duplicate work. They have integrated shipping but only for eBay. It is only for one marketplace, why bother? You still have to use something else for Amazon, New Egg, Website, etc. One addtional thing is that I have not been able to use embed code from YouTube (old or now) where it would work correctly with SixBit.

    That's enough for now. I have had it for about one month at this point and will likely add to this review as I find new features and gotchas.

  • Chuck Noble

    Overall rating

    Sixbit 5 STARS for both Product and Service

    Often left out of reviews is the nature or number of items a seller may offer. We generally offer between 2400 and 2750 items at any given time, we have been selling on ebay since 2001, full time since 2004. For most of that time we used Auction Wizard 2000. Going into 2012 I began looking for a package that would be more automated then AW, offer more features, cleaner look and one that was moving forward ad evolving. In Sixbit I found that and even more... so much more. First of all the constant flow of updates, the ear behind the emails listening to your request for features and responding with rational answers. There is little doubt in my mind that the engineers and minds behind Sixbit understand my business and have done what I am doing. With AW, much of what I had to do was a "work around", with SB, that isn't the case.

    In the beginning I transitioned with 2400 active listings, I committed a 3 days to learn and work with SB, it was after the holiday sales season so the timing was perfect. The best compliment I can give SB is that it has cut my listing time in half. It has reduced my auction management time significantly. And each and every month the product gets better. If you are an AW user you understand it's limitations, for me the database crashes, rebuilds, reindexing etc... are all things of the past. To date, over 10 months in Sixbit has NEVER failed, NEVER. That's time and money. One of my AW licenses was a lifetime $75, purchased back in 2001. I went from paying nothing each month for auction management to paying a monthly subscription with Sixbit. You know the saying, you get what you pay for. My Sixbot money is money well spent.

    That said, like any package there is always something that you may want that isn't offered. For me it's the ability to print inventory labels on standard AVERY sheets instead of some special label printer. If the folks at Sixbit are reading this... maybe I'll get my wish. If you sell at the level I do I can highly recommend Sixbit to you for your business. Take it for a test drive, I can almost guarantee your satisfaction.

  • faucetlist

    Overall rating

    Great Product, Amazing Service, highly recommended

    So here's my honest Sixbit Review. I have been selling on eBay since 1999 and have been stuck with Blackthorne for years. They have a horrible product and even worse support. For a long time I searched for something different that could work better. Then I found Sixbit. Sixbit is clearly better than Blackthorne in every way.

    When I found Sixbit I was primarily interested in the inventory management control they offer for running eBay listings. Since we sell around 6000 products on both eBay and our website keeping track of inventory was a nightmare with blackthorne. Blackthorne cannot help you pull down out of stock items and relist back in stock items. With Sixbit Enterprise edition keeping an accurate eBay inventory is easy - nearly set it and forget it with Sixbit's allocation plans. For $50/month I was hesitant but it has improved my workflow significantly.

    Next, handling things like item specifics through blackthorne was problematic since they don't even keep the product up to date to reflect when eBay added new item specific fields. I couldn't import item specifics from csv files. With Sixbit I can import everything I need through csv spreadsheets which makes my life much easier. 6000 products contain a LOT of data and with Sixbit managing it in an easy way has been great.

    Most important however, is Sixbit's customer service. Not only do they answer all my questions quickly but they actually go above and beyond. Blackthorne customer service is lousy. The forums are lousy and the staff responses slow or non-existent. Sixbit is the complete opposite. Sixbit is responsive, helpful, and available.

    I recently had an issue with a feature I wanted for editing running eBay listings in bulk. I wanted the ability to bulk edit descriptions. The exact feature I was interested in was to be able to match my running eBay item descriptions with changes I made in the sixbit product database with just one click. They told me they would look into it and within a day Sixbit added the feature I wanted. I was very impressed and happy. That kind of service really makes a difference me as a small business owner.

    Sixbit's product is great and service is better, I recommend them very highly.

  • papponni

    Overall rating

    Great software with great customer service

    After 6 month using SixBit we can now say that it is a great system!
    If you move to 6b you will not be disappointed.
    European sellers registered in can use this great system.

    SixBit has a great team with a awesome after sales service and ebay technical knowledge.
    Do not worry if you have any issue the support team will help you and solve the issue immediately, nothing compared with Blackthorne (BT Pro) customer service.

    Thanks SixBit Team and keep up the great work!

  • Alex S

    Overall rating

    TWO THUMBS up for SixBit

    "I run a small ebay operation that has grown considerably over the last four years. I needed to switch software companies as the one I was previously using was full of bugs and provided little customer support and I could not afford the software instability.

    So affter spending the last four months closely reviewing about about a dozen software companies and actually test driving five of them with their their 30 day free trials, I decided to give my business to SixBit. My decision was made quite easy and was based not only on the product SixBit provides, but also their level of excellence when it comes to customer service and care. These guys have EARNED my business hands down with their dedication to their product and their display of excellent customer support.

    I have had to call on them quite a few times on a variety of issues as my type of business on ebay is slightly unorthodox with the products I sell and therefore my requirements of the software was quite precise. Right from the gate SixBit provided me with EXCELLENT customer support with PROMPT attention to my questions, phone support, remote access support with every request I made, and have been very open minded on software enhancements that I have recommended.

    Conclusion: Thorough, fast, well written software, excellent customer service, promising future releases, and affordable. I cannot say enough about this company! If I were to rate SixBit on a scale of 1 to 10, I would proudly give them an 11! BRAVO SixBit!"

  • MichaelM

    Overall rating

    I am loving SixBit, easy to use&amazing customer service! Highly recommended from 11+ yr seller

    I finally left MarkerAdvisor/Channel Advisor or whatever they are now calling themselves after 6 years of receiving sub par service with an outdated product (they don't offer eBay variations unless you upgrade to the even more expensive service) and high fees. I found SixBit after speaking with fellow sellers on the eBay PowerSeller forum. I have been selling on eBay for over 11 years and had been complacent in sticking with Channel Advisor which was not smart and a waste of money.

    A fellow PowerSeller recommended SixBit and I downloaded the trial version maybe 6 weeks ago. I found it easy to use and what really impressed me was the high level of customer service. What I mean by that is questions I e-mailed were promptly returned with answers and John, one of the Sixbit programmers personally called me on two occasions to answer questions and helped me set up my options (i.e. ftp/image hosting/e-mails,etc).

    I have been using the service now for a month and extremely happy. They offer a good product that works well and again, excellent customer service where you feel that someone actually cares and wants to help you.

    If you are looking for a good performing all in one tool that you can quickly learn to use and add in premium customer service then look no further. In fact, test out the demo version and see for yourself.

    You can also be sure, this isn't one of those fake reviews as you can find me on the SixBit "user to user" forum board as I continue to ask loads of questions. I wanted to post this review for two reasons first to share this great product with fellow online sellers and to help spread the word on this wonderful, class act company.

    Imagine that if you provide a good product with excellent service that people will want to use it and spread the word.

  • bikegraveyard

    Overall rating

    I find this to be the best and easiest software currently out there for my ebay needs.

    I had auctionwizard 2000 for 10 years. I recently switched to ebay blackthorne pro. Blackthorne is workable software with all the things auctionwizard did not have. I still had things I did not like about blackthorne and kept looking and trying other programs. I could list all issues I find with blackthorne but this is a review about Sixbit.

    Lets start with pictures. Sixbit stores picture in database, blackthorne does not. Sixbit has a photo editor and its easy to erase pics with duplicating deplates, blackthorne has none of those.

    Sixbit is colorful and easy on the eyes. Blackthorne is bland.

    Sixbit support is instant and they will even call you, blackthorne support does not even reply and they say use forums. I even called ebay who told me to email blackthorne who never replied back.

    I really like sixbit in its current form. It is being expanded and developed. It is growing and will get even better with time.

    I am on board with sixbit and for all you looking for alternatives to blackthorne and other programs, I save give it a try for a month. You will be hooked.

    Shipping via USPS using Endicia is FREE!!! You only pay postage and the postage is cheaper than ebay or paypal. A Medium flat rate box is only $9.98 compared to $10.50 on paypal or ebay. That alone pays for the monthly fee if you ship allot via USPS.

    The program is also intergrated with UPS just like blackthorne.

    My only complaint and request is that a weight scale be intergrated into the program.

    Looking forward to many years with SixBit and I have sold on ebay for 11 years now.
    Powerseller and soon to be TOP RATED SELLER. Yes, I hate the dsr ratings too. It has taken
    a year of refunds with no return needed, but I think I finally will hit the TOP RATED SELLER STATUS in October or November.

    1. Reply from SixBit Software

      bikegraveyard... thanks for the great review... I think you meant to say "Shipping via USPS Priority or Express Mail using Express 1 is FREE!". We integrate with Endicia also, but you must have an Endicia subscription. Other than that... I wouldn't change a word 🙂

  • EbayMaster

    Overall rating

    Same As Blackthorne For The Most Part But Buggier!

    Been over 1 year since introduction and progress is slow as have done a demo a few times. Fact is it is a duplicate blackthorne but buggier as the system runs on a microsft platform that does the same bugginess like all over type of programs that use the microsoft platform. Not a techy but know that programs that download not only their programs and microsofts almost always don't work right.

    I have seen alot of companys come and go and never get jumpstarted on ebay. Yes, I am aware the developer produced programs for ebay in the past but they were never finished either and kept up to date.

    Unfortunately 7 years of ebay listing and management tools none work or do what they should do and all are limited to be fair. I will stick with inkfrog for now as it is not perfect either but they have a way of doing business and not raising prices dramatically overnight yet unlike auctiva which is a terrible company as the founder is not to be desired as I personally had contact with him.

    My advice to sixbit is don't try to add other markets then ebay until you get sixbit operating properly and provide the features people need first. Second don't mention you will upgrade to other venues someday like amazon etc. just to get people to sign up thinking in the future you will. Third your format is a copycat of blackthorne and I don't see how using yesterdays format will work today for the needs of ebay sellers.

    Makes me think you don't know anything about ebay and selling but only about blackthorne.

    What people want other than just listing software.

    1. Accounting software integration
    2. real inventory and ghost inventory plus making a order list
    3. eccomerce integration
    4. pos integration
    5. amazon integration

    All this integrated in 1 program, that is what I want and the majority of ebay sellers need atleast one or two of these.

  • mcwall

    Overall rating

    Sixbit Software Review From A 9 Year eCommerce Seller

    Hello Sixbit family. I am posting under feature requests because I believe this is what sets Sixbit apart from everyone else. I wanted to post this unbiased opinion because I believe Sixbit is going to rise above ALL other platforms over time and I want to be the one to call it before it happens A little about me - I have sold online for several years but am just really taking off with the assistance of a friend I met online. While I have sold over a million dollars on the eBay marketplace my goal is to do that in a years time across multiple channels. That kind of goal takes you in search of automation and very intuitive software. Since I began I have tested Channel Advisor, Kyozou, Vendio, Zoovy, Inkfrog and Auctiva. There are features in each software that I like though each has their pitfalls. Apart from the usual pitfalls, the cost is such that it really is difficult to get going and if you're not careful they will sink you before you swim.

    A couple of weeks ago I called the number on the Sixbit website and to my surprise a person answered, in fact it was John Slocum, President of Sixbit. I know, right? We had a nice conversation and he answered a lot of questions. I decided to test the software. I loved most things about it but it lacked one feature that will propel us above our competition. I figured it wouldn't work so I canceled the subscription. It was back to the drawing board and I was bummed because I loved everything about Sixbit. Over the next couple weeks I pursued my search online and came upon the community here at Sixbit. I found that people were making requests of feature options and the coders at Sixbit were actually listening and implementing, something I've NEVER seen in my life. Most software firms have a feature request option but it appears as if no one ever looks at them. I saw that at Sixbit it was just the opposite. That is what makes Sixbit powerful and poised for explosive growth.

    I did some more research online and it seemed my feature that I needed to implement was very feasible. So I phoned Sixbit and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Steve. Steve listened to my idea intently and said it sounds like something they will be able to implement. My online competition is in deep deep trouble The reason for automation is to save time so that you can focus on making money by listing more items for sale. You're not making money if you're doing anything else. Sixbit offers a tool chest full of robust options. I have found that many of the other software programs offer a plethora of features though many are useless when it comes down to it. At Sixbit they obviously listen to their subscribers and therefore offer features that really make a difference. A coding team doesn't necessarily know which features are the most sought after, but the sellers - like all of you - who are out in the trenches day in and day out banging out sales know exactly what you need. Sorry for the long winded post but I wanted to drive home the fact that no one out there is doing what Sixbit is and we are very fortunate to be able to ride on their coat tails as they explode in the upcoming years. Not to mention Amazon is on their roster of marketplaces! Here's to the inevitable success of Sixbit!

  • Catherines Peacock

    Overall rating

    So happy I switched to SixBit!

    I have tried virtually every listing software there is and realized that I preferred a desktop platform rather than a web-based platform. I had minimal options with my preference and when I heard about SixBit I immediately tried them out. I was impressed and relieved that I had finally found what I was looking for. I will never switch again and will be a long time user!

    The display is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. I can list for hours and hours! The information I need as a seller is complete and easy to find. Not hidden like some others where I had to search for what I needed. Each new release brings innovative options that I desire or didn't even know I wanted!

    I really am excited that the software is going multi-site since I sell on several. It will allow me to have one central location that I can list, answer questions, ship and generate reports from.

    The tech support is amazing! Always lightning fast with answers and help. They are friendly, courteous and hardworking and always willing to help with even the easiest (and sometimes silliest) requests. They are really building this software around sellers needs as the forums are always filled with questions from support as to what we as sellers are looking for and need out of the software.

    I plan on be a long time SixBit user and always try to get everybody tho switch. It's an amazing software and it's only getting better!

  • ruben

    Overall rating

    1 of the Best, if not the Best software for ecommerce selling to come along in years!

    SixBit software is new, but the designers are not new to the world of listing tools for ecommerce selling. John Slocum and team are in that "GIT 'ER DONE" mode of providing a great software, at a very reasonable price, and SUPERIOR customer service.

    This software is going to be the most complete, multi level, multi site, all in one package ever to hit the marketplace.
    I have used their software for over 10 years, thru 3 different total program upgrades, and each is a huge step above the previous. This software is already on pace to top anything available now.

    Don't take it from me, go to the site and check it out yourself, as you will not be dissappointed.
    There is a FREE 30 day trial period, so you can take it for a ride and check it out yourself.

    Did I mention Customer Service? Prompt attention to details? Personal service if needed?

    This team of designers want you to be happy with their product, and go to great lengths to provide a Grade A experience.

    They have that "GIT 'ER DONE" attitude, and won't stop working till your satisfied.

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