Product Details

Skubana manages all back-end e-commerce operations in one place, including order processing, shipping, inventory management, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), vendor management and cross channel analytics.

  • Android App
  • API
  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United States

Pricing & Trial

Price per transaction, based on order volume. Starting at 30¢ per shipment for standard orders, and 15¢ per shipment for FBA orders. Monthly minimum charge of $499.00.

Trial Length: 14 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • Jet
  • Newegg
  • Marketplace
  • Webgility
  • DHL
  • Endicia
  • Express 1
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Shopify POS
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero

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Ease of Use

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great platform, easy to use, good support team.

    What were the positives?

    We are a high volume e-commerce company selling across many sales channels for 10 years now.
    During those years we have tried many different platforms and none of them really worked out for us, they all always did some things right and many things wrong.
    Skubana was our last try before trying to build our own platform (which could be costly and come with a lot of headaches).
    Fortunately for us and kind of surprisingly, Skubana turned out to fill 99% of our needs.
    They have direct integrations with all the majors sales channels and other e-commerce tools/softwares and they also have indirect (via third party) integrations with the rest of the lesser known tools and software one may need to run their ecom business.
    They priced out much better than the previous platforms we used in the past and they offer support via chat at all times on top of having your account manager to help you out.

    Any negatives?

    The native shipping labels creation part is not the best out there, however you can connect to other tools to get the job done.


    I am glad we gave Skubana a shot it helped us automate more of our business, saved us a considerable amount of $$ on payroll and overall just helped us grow our business over the last year plus we have been using them.
    I do not usually write reviews, but felt the need to do so in this case with the hope it will help others that find themselves in the same situation i was in

  • Nina Siniuk

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Excellent tool and customer support

    What were the positives?

    All marketplaces, inventory, orders, etc, can be easily controlled by this amazing tool. Information is consolidated in structured reports, which give you the vision of what is going on. All the features offered by Skubana are super helpful, making daily tasks easier to be fulfilled.

    Any negatives?

    There are technical issues sometimes, but they are quickly fixed by customer support.


    On the whole, Skubana is indispensable.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    3 Years with Skubana

    What were the positives?

    They have been willing to listen to us as we both grow together. They are always open to new ideas and changes that help us.

    Any negatives?

    There are small things where we have to use a few extra clicks in our process. But they always listen when we have issues and slow downs.


    It has been great! Skubana is an important part of our business and has allowed us to manage our inventory as we have grown to thousands of SKUs

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great software for the entrepreneur

    What were the positives?

    Great team and ease of use.

    Any negatives?



    Defintely a software worth trying.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    It's the perfect platform for our company

    What were the positives?

    It's great to have all our marketplaces at the same place, it ties it all together.
    It's easy to keep track of orders, inventory and statistics. And since we're working from different parts of the world it is very helpful to have everything under one roof.

    Any negatives?

    It can be a bit overwhelming with all the different features that Skubana can help out with. But if you just take it step by step and not try to get into everything at once it is a very helpful marketplace.


    We're working on adding additional carrier into Skubana.
    And hopefully In the near future we can have Skubana placing orders for us. Adding inventory rules.

  • andrew679

    Overall rating

    Best on the Market for Multi-Channel E Commerce Sellers

    As a CPA working with multi-channel E Commerce clients, I rely heavily on the data provided by Skubana for accurate inventory valuations. In my opinion, Skubana is the best product on the market for multi-channel sellers! Very easy to use, the data is compiled into an easy to use interface, and the Skubana support team is amazing. Very highly recommend other CPA's refer their multi-channel E Commerce clients to Skubana.

    Like other multi-channel inventory management programs on the market, I wish they had a working interface with QuickBooks Online.

    Skubana helps us understand client inventory valuation and margins so we can identify areas for improvement.

  • ecompartners

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    The software has so many options to customize to your liking. They have great reports that provide tons of details. We have only scratched the surface of using Skubana but I think its more powerful than most people think.

    Any negatives?

    The only thing we didn't like was the setup process took a bit longer than we hoped. However, their team really helped us through each step on the onboarding calls.


    Support was great and very responsive.

  • Erick Valencia

    Overall rating

    Skubana is one of the most impactful apps we have used

    Overall, this program came to us at the perfect time. We went from inventory that was manageable manually, to inventory that just needed some sort of software to help us mange this. Ive been live for a couple days now and it seems like everything is going great. They have orderbots that implement automatic rules you make for your inventory and shipping. Every time ive had an issue, it was resolved in a matter of minutes. The customer support team at Skubana is on it and they know how to keep a customer happy.

  • FreeeUp

    Overall rating

    Awesome software and great customer service

    Since personally meeting Chad a while ago I have had nothing but good experiences with Skubana. I recommend it to all my clients and every one of them is happy that I did.

    Skubana easily integrates with ecommerce businesses their support is always there to make sure you have a good experience. They really have set the standard for ecommerce software. If you want your business to be fully unified I would give them a call. They save time, money ,headaches which is key to growing your business.

  • umiamigrad

    Overall rating

    Amazing customer service and well engineered product

    We just launched with Skubana after a couple of months of on boarding with our account manager, Jeffrey. We are not the typical case and have been brainstorming with Jeffrey all along on how we could track not only finished goods inventory but also raw materials inventory for the items we manufacture as well. Skubana isn't really set up to do the latter, he and my team were able to come up with a workable solution that will allow us to do both!

    We are looking forward to this future as setting up Skubana will allow us to start selling on and as well as more effectively on all of our other sales channels.

    Great support and an excellent product. Thanks!

    - Art 'N Glow

  • DevLon NorthWest

    Overall rating

    Thoughts on Skubana so far

    I recently transitioned to Skubana and it was a great process. I was pretty nervous with the entire setup but we are up and running now and I'm 100% happy! Jeff from Skubana was very helpful and has been a great team member. I'm looking forward to growing with Skubana. The best thing I like so far is how their analytics is clearly shown so you can make great long term decisions on growth! It's going to be a long journey but we are excited to continue to use Skubana and look forward to what will happen next.

  • Anthony Head Of Operations

    Overall rating

    Unrivaled Customer Support!

    We have been using Skubana for about 10 months now.

    I will admit that Skubana was very complex/intimidating when we first started. However, our account rep Jeffrey was extremely helpful and promptly answered any questions that we had.

    Now that we are more comfortable using the system our team loves it. It is amazing being able to ship from multiple warehouses by simply clicking a few buttons.

    This software is also great because of its ability to track and manage inventory levels in each warehouse. We have a few amazon stores setup internationally and with Skubana you can see how many items you have in total and how many items are available each warehouse.

    The RMA process is also a breeze, one click and you customer receives the return shipping label to their email.

    Like I said, it was a bit daunting in the beginning (I should mentioned we started using it right before the holiday season so things were already busy) but their support helped us get up to speed and we are very happy with Skubana!

  • coreyf

    Overall rating

    Excellent Product and Support Staff

    I work as an operations specialist for a small family e-commerce business and Skubana has simplified our processes exponentially.

    The product is easy to grasp from day one, and has made processing orders and managing inventory extremely easy. It is adaptable to your needs, and if you sell across multiple channels, I cannot recommend Skubana enough.

    That said, the customer service may be even more impressive than the product. Our account manager, Jeffrey Na, is always available and extremely knowledgable. I receive detailed responses from him almost always within a few hours of contacting him. You will definitely receive the assistance you need, for questions big or small.

    Simply put, this is a reliable product with reliable support.

  • fara.movaffagh

    Overall rating

    Excellent training and support

    We've only just gone live with Skubana but our account manager Jeffery Na, has been outstanding. He's an excellent communicator which IMO is a must in training. He asks the right questions to understand your business, listens well and has a quick grasp of what each team member is asking and why, and explains everything in a way that provides a thorough understanding of each task and function. I've had countless training sessions throughout my career, and Jeffrey's instruction skills rank among the very few I would recommend.

  • citrus

    Overall rating

    Reliable and necessary platform for omni channel retailers

    We migrated to Skubana last year and have been happy with the decision. The platform has all the essential functionality for omni channel retailers, and is very reliable. Orderbots automate a lot of tasks, and is one of the best features of the platform. There are a few components missing like a built in repricer, but Skubana has compatible apps that can be integrated into the platform which cover everything you need (repricer, accounting integration, etc). They continue to roll out updates so I think the platform will continue to improve and add more functionality. Users are assigned an account manager as a point of contact for questions, problems, etc, which is nice to have. Look forward to continual updates and additional features added as our business continues to grow.

  • JPMobiles

    Overall rating

    Skubana is a game changer for omni channel sellers

    Skubana offers more features than any competitor and yet they charge much less for their service than any other competitor who may come close to a complete package. The Skubana team is quick to respond to any inquiry and they constantly work to improve and add even more features. Their robust solution is user-friendly, intuitive, quick to setup, and supports all kinds of e-commerce sellers. If you value your time you must bring everything after the checkout into one central hub, Skubana is your only complete option.

  • Michel Jung

    Overall rating

    Easy to use, does a great job, quite pricey

    There are tools that I hope I never have to work with. Fortunately, Skubana isn't one of them. I was completely new to logistics when I first used it 5 months ago and didn't know what I was doing, but I found my way around rather quickly. Here's what I like in particular

    * Great customer support with short response time
    * Feels stable
    * Mostly intuitive
    * Feature-Rich
    * Short loading times
    * Rather modern UI

    Another good thing is the Marketplace, especially that it allows you to write your own app for it.

    The biggest downside is its high price. Of all services and software we use, it is the most expensive one but maybe that's just because the price is (probably) calculated based on the number of orders and revenue - both of which don't say whether or not your company is making a lot of money 😉

    Other than that, there are not many cons I'm aware of. The UI could use some small improvements here and there (filterable tables, ambiguous use of the word "Export", fields that look editable but aren't) but those are really just minor issues.

  • gpsmatty

    Overall rating

    Skubana Does What I Says and It Does It Great!

    I have tried a lot of different services over multiple years and this is the first one that actually does what it says. Already without even using it for a month, it helped us sync inventory across 4 stores and double our monthly online order volume.

    After 4 months of use, I can say we are extremely satisfied. Our company continues to leverage features and if there's ever any issues their support is second to none. It's not very often the guy on the other line actually knows what he's talking about, with Skubana any issues are solved quickly and effortlessly.

    The best part is the Analytics. With Skubana you get a realistic outlook on your margins. You know where you are losing money and quickly fix it.

  • Menachem Lipszyc

    Overall rating

    Overall a good solution, however always room for improvement

    What were the positives?

    does a good job syncing across channels and managing shipping such as amazon, jet, walmart, shopify and more

    Any negatives?

    integrating support for seller fulfilled prime same day orders using dynamex through amazon


    Overall good, but would like to see live support i.e the ability to call in and get an answer right away instead of emailing even though they are usually quick to responde during business hours.

  • Amazon Sellers Lawyer

    Overall rating

    Great Tool for Amazon Sellers

    Skubana is an excellent solution for high performing Amazon sellers who either are looking to grow their business to other marketplaces. The software enables e-commerce sellers to track inventory, algorithmically place purchase orders, FBA SKU profitability, orders, and helps sellers run and automate their operations. It can be a huge boon to Amazon sellers...I confidently endorse and recommend the product.

    Skubana was founded by Chad Rubin. Chad's knowledge of how to do well...very well on is tremendous. Also, if you need guidance on finding products to go into, read Chad's book: Cheaper Easier Direct. Great tips for new and experienced sellers.

  • loveyourmelon

    Overall rating

    Skubana helped with Love Your Melon's Campus Crew Program

    Skubana helped us to fulfill the shipping needs of our Campus Crew Program as it grew to more than 840 college campuses throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Skubana's shipping platform helped us to keep track of shipments and product going to college campuses around the United States. This allowed college students all across the country to successfully carry out multiple Giving Events for hospitals, support facilities and individual families to help improve the lives of children battling cancer.

  • caleb.roney

    Overall rating

    Simple & Intuitive UX

    We have attempted several other, well regarded, inventory management/order tracking systems and none of them have come close to the robust capabilities combined with the thoughtful UX of Skubana. Their automation and orderbots were very simple to set up. Their support was great in getting us off the ground and running.

    If you are looking for a comprehensive platform I highly recommend you consider Skubana. They’ve been outstanding for us!

    Pro: Most simple and intuitive UX of all of the top platforms we've used.

    Con: I know many platforms charge a % of revenue and even though Skubana's is just 0.25% I still wish this fee was not a necessary part of their pricing model.

  • davidromese

    Overall rating

    Saved me 10+ hours a week easily!

    A little about our company...we are an e-commerce company that sells across 4 platforms, Shopify, Amazon, Jet and eBay. Before we got Skubana, I was going back and forth in between the 4 platforms to make sure everything was running smoothly, orders importing correctly, tracking updating correctly and accurate inventory counts. We also use a 3PL for fulfillment. Skubana has eliminated by need to "babysit" those channels. The implementation was quick and problem-free. Our account manager, Wali, was amazing. The UI for Skubana isn't flashy with a lot of bells and whistles, which makes it easy to understand and learn. Another wonderful feature I utilize with Skubana is automatic PO generation. No more plugging numbers into Excel spreadsheets to see when I need to reorder. Skubana takes a set period of previous sales and factors in current inventory, lead time and minimum order quantities and auto generates POs when needed. It is honestly like the assistant I never had.

  • sharktank8811

    Overall rating

    Absolutely the VIP of our business

    After trying every other similar service on the market, we tried Skubana and haven't looked back. It's without a doubt the most essential tool in our business. If you're a $1M+ ecommerce seller on multi channels, you NEED skubana.

    It can look intimidating, but the on boarding process was by far the smoothest i've ever seen. It was incredible.

    The shipping area took a bit to master, but after a week or so, we're pro's at it now.

    If you're not using skubana, you're missing out on revenue...I can guarantee it.

  • pavvvvyy

    Overall rating

    love it

    As a jewelry company, we need to take special care of inventory tracking and management. We have plenty of moving pieces, some no larger than a pair of earrings, that must be accounted for at all times. Skubana helps us ensure we always know where our inventory is, which pieces sell the best across multiple channels, and when it's time to reorder so that we never run out of stock. The customer support at Skubana is fantastic. Our account manager is super helpful and quick to respond when we need her. One feature we can’t wait for is the listing tool to centralize our catalog management but it is currently being worked on by the Skubana team.

  • CleanerFilters

    Overall rating

    The last e-commerce tool we'll need

    Out of the box Skubana has key features that allow us to run our business without worrying about all of the details that normally bog down ecommerce stores with multiple warehouses and sales channels.

    The forecasting tool for our warehouses is a great feature and works as well as competitive tools.

    Our favorite tools is the automatic PO generation because it saves hours every week.

    Their pricing model works well for a scaling business. Most competitors take a piece of the pie alongside a monthly fee. Skubana does not take a percentage of the sales.

  • AM seller

    Overall rating

    Awesome instructions

    What were the positives?

    The support team is very caring and helpful. They are always very patient and detailed.

    All in one solutions is good for my online businesses because I sell in multiple sales channels. And Skubana links them all for me with ease so really save me a lot of time.

    Any negatives?

    More detail instruction videos. And how to set up properly will be very helpful.


    The support was excellent.

    Look for Emily , she is the best!!!

  • kriscarlson20

    Overall rating

    Game Changer

    The heart and soul of our business. SKUbana has made us a technology company that just happens to sell online. We have been able to automate many processes with this software and been able to save many hours per day. Customer service and support are great. Staff takes suggestion and feature additions and recommendations. Always rolling out many new features and integrations. We tried every other software in the past and this is by far the best thing on the market. Look no further then SKUbana

  • law

    Overall rating

    The number 1 Multi Channel application on the market

    Great customer support, application and the one stop shop for all e-commerce. It runs fluently with the multi channel functions it is the best program on the market. Tried 6 different applications leading to this one because they would be missing a features that were not integrated. This has everything integrated inventory/shipping/Analytics/POs/Multi User log ins. Best program on the market that is always improving. This is a must use for any and all business related to e-commerce. Thank you for saving us on overhead costs with being effect and fluent.

  • pbarnhill

    Overall rating

    Skubana allows us to scale.

    After evaluating quite a few options, we went with Skubana, as it is the only one that we felt could do everything we needed. Especially the multi channel and international Amazon/FBA integrations.

    We have experienced very rapid growth over the last few years and without Skubana we would have not been able to continue on our growth path and efficiently continued to scale and run our business.

    Support has been very good and they listen to feedback requests and have lots of plans to further develop the software so we can continue to grow.

  • Zsolt Bicskey

    Overall rating

    The best overall business software for serious Amazon seller

    Absolutely the best tool ever for running your Amazon business. Nothing else comes close in inventory management, reordering system, etc.

    This is an almost perfect all in one solution for serious Amazon seller. The only big negative is they don't have any automatic repricing system. There are other small quirky details, it's not a 100% and we had a lot of frustration with it but we are still much better of using them then without them.

    The on boarding team was amazing. It would have been a complete nightmare doing this alone!

  • elir

    Overall rating

    This is the one!

    After trying out many other well regarded solutions (Stitch Labs etc) we finally found our way to Skubana. It was recommended to us by several other high volume ($1M+) eComm shops, and so with a bit of trepidation we gave them a try. Best. Decision. Ever. We were on-boarded in a week, and fine tuned within our first month. We even were able to ditch our other shipping tool, ShipStation. Given that all of our systems are now in one, reporting is much easier.

    The support team there has been top notch, and very responsive. Great work guys. You've earned our loyalty.

  • jkaplan4961

    Overall rating

    Skubana has prepared us for the next level of growth!

    What were the positives?

    We have tried over 12 different platforms for order management software and by far Skubana has exceed our expectations and met 100% of our needs

    Any negatives?

    Their shipping component is area where we were a little skeptical however with the proper training we have mastered it.


    By far, the launch process was the smoothest, and most knowledgable I have experienced since I have been selling online since 1998. I think NASA should look to Skubana for their next Rocket Ship launch.

  • DeathwishDustin

    Overall rating

    Skubana makes running a business fun again

    What were the positives?

    Customer support couldn't be better. I feel like I have a friend covering my back at all times working with Skubana, which is the most important thing with such an integrated program

    Any negatives?

    It's very challenging getting a program like this off the ground, and if you don't have a dedicated employee running the program, you won't get near the potential benefits that Skubana provides.


    The support was easy to work with, easy to talk to. Quick to respond, and thorough with their solutions.

  • jacoste

    Overall rating

    Incredibly well architected, holistically integrated

    We switched to Skubana in the context of opening up our own 10k sqft warehouse. Skubana powers our entire warehouse, inventory and fulfillment functions and we could not be happier. The system was designed and developed by a team of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, e.g., the founder and CEO Chad is a top 100 Amazon seller. This experience really shows in how they architected Skubana from a workflow and productivity perspective. Skubana fully supports a multi-channel sales approach through various pre-built integrations (incl. Manual pick orders, Shopify, Shopify POS, Amazon and various other listing sites). Beyond that, the team is taking a very smart approach to customization, via a well documented API and app store. We process thousands of orders every week and could not be happier with our experience.

    The product is early stage, so every once in a while we run into small bugs or missing features. That said, I have never seen a product team respond and act upon customer feedback as quickly as the Skubana team. Bugs are fixed within hours, new features rolled out within days.

  • sohsman

    Overall rating

    Great solution to run inventory & order managment

    Skubana has been a great option for many of our clients who are looking for a cost effective way to not only help them manage multiple fulfillment locations and sales channels, but their procurement process as well. For smaller to medium size businesses, this tool is a great solution and allows the flexibility to scale with the tool as their business adapts and grows.

  • Jakeness

    Overall rating

    Great Comprehensive Platform

    We've really liked the PO system and the order fulfillment (and those were our 2 biggest needs). There are still some bugs that need to be fixed (they are working on those). This will be a 5-star system as soon as they release updates for telling you how much to send to FBA fulfillment centers.

  • ShopLilysBoutique

    Overall rating

    Great System, Increasing our Sales and Profits!

    We switched from a competitor's platform to Skubana about four months ago, and we couldn't be happier! Skubana accurately integrates our inventory quantities with eBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, Sears, Rakuten, and our Shopify website, removing items from all of the sites when they sell out. I have clothing items (which have parent/children relationships) and had trouble with my previous platform because they couldn't handle the variations. Skubana has no issue with this type of inventory. In addition to pushing inventory to multiple platforms (from two different warehouses), it also has a built-in shipping module (which is excellent) and a built-in reorder Purchase Order system (which saves tons of time for reorders). Finally, their customer support (specifically Abdullah) has been incredible. When we have a question, he coordinates with the developers and emails back within a few hours to resolve my problem or answer our question. We also had a suggestion for adding functionality, and we saw it added within two weeks. Switching to Skubana was the best move our company could have made! It has allowed us to focus on inventory and sales, and not the system itself, increasing sales and profits! Kudos to the Skubana's developers and customer service team!

  • John Sultan

    Overall rating

    Finally a software that WORKS!

    You need automation to properly manage your business, and Skubana is just the right tool for us.
    We struggled to manage our inventory across all our marketplace ( never ending xls file.. ) and we needed a software that will help us with our daily routine. ( cut down the noise! )
    At first it wasn’t all that perfect but their customer service is just GREAT, and they will make sure everything is setup properly, you send an email and in less than 24h you have someone over the phone ( even on a Sunday they reply to e-mails “ Thanks Emily” ??

  • ClearyBikes

    Overall rating

    Phenomenal Customer Service for price; Efficient Shipping

    We've used Skubana to ship domestically and internationally, wholesale and direct to consumer, through Shopify and manual orders. We also use it to manage inventory and sales reports. It does what it should in a simple to use manner. And their customer support is excellent.

  • ephraim

    Overall rating

    Skubana is Getting Me on the track to Success

    I Love Skubana... when i started with them i was on a very rough situation after coming out of my year end with a loss.. and skubana gave me the chance to recognize were my loss is and were my profit margins are to determine what to sell and what not to sell... Thanks Skubana...

  • Little Maes Boutique

    Overall rating

    LOVE IT!

    We love Skubana! It has saved us so much time as we sell on multiple channels. You can even have all of your inventory sent to you in an excel file in a click of a button. And the support is quite incredible. They walk you through how to use their platform and any time you have questions or can't remember how to do something, they are there to help. I highly recommend!!

  • ted485

    Overall rating

    We 3 Skubana

    We 3 Skubana. It's the heart of what we do and helps us keep track of everything. When we have questions or need help they're responsive and always helpful. We recommend them highly!

  • SellerAct

    Overall rating

    Best value eCommerce software

    Skubana is the best eCommerce software suite of its kind. It gives us full control over our logistics and fulfillment process and allows us to automate many tasks. We have more than one Amazon and Shopify accounts and Skubana gives us the ability to connect to all of them seamlessly.

    Best of all, Skubana staff and CEO is open to our feedback and is helpful in the setup process and thereafter.

    No doubt, Skubana is currently the best value ecommerce software we are using and we are looking forward for the new features coming up in 2016.

    Keep up to good job, Skubana

  • brickologist

    Overall rating

    I love SKUBANA and spent years trying other solutions

    've been a customer of Skubana since they began, and the experience so far has been pretty remarkable. The features they offer are powerful yet intuitive, and they roll out with new functionalities on almost daily basis. The number of features they offer is pretty ridiculous actually. You would literally have to combine NetSuite + ShipStation + Teikametrics + AutoMCF + Hublogix + Shipwire to get the full scope of what they offer, and you get all this in one centralized interface for a fraction of the cost.

    There are no set up fees, no signup fees, no contracts, no custom development, nothing! It's all out of the box integrations with a simple pay-as-you-go consumption model, and I can leave any time -- which I would never do because these guys and girls truly work hard to not only earn my business, but actually keep it.

    Speaking of which, their customer service is top notch -- attentive, helpful, knowledgeable and readily available. They take time out of their day to show me every little corner of Skubana to ensure I get the most out of the software. That sort of hospitality and patience made me feel like I’m the favorite customer.

    The whole experience has changed my view on what an e-commerce software can be, or I guess what it should be! If you are serious about selling, you owe it to yourself to try Skubana. You won't be disappointed.

  • rcalfor

    Overall rating

    I finally found an Inventory Management Software home!

    I've spent the better part of this year hunting for a inventory management solution. Which is no easy task and I've finally found the right one for me. I've used everything from Sellbrite, Ecomdash, SellerActive, TradeGecko, Stitchlabs, Linnworks to name a few.

    I discovered Skubana during a webinar earlier this year. Chad Rubin, CEO of Skubana (with a huge Amazon business to his credit as well) walked the audience through the system and its current and future features. I was immediately intrigued and impressed. I could tell that Chad understood what was missing with many of the other providers. Some of the other competing software systems are built by sellers themselves too, yet sometimes you get the feeling that these sellers stopped selling to build their software and have lost touch with their selling roots. These other software programs seemed to have plenty of the basics but lacked functionality for sellers who were managing growing businesses or had more advanced needs or complex operations.

    I started using Skubana during their beta period this past May and have been enormously happy ever since. Skubana is capable of managing businesses both small and large with every tool necessary to set up shop across multiple sales platforms, geographies and supply chains. Not to mention, Skubana's monthly cost doesn't come close to the ransom amounts that are charged by its competitors. LOL :O

    Equally as important, is customer and technical support of the system. I've worked with some providers that make you want to strangle the folks on the other end of the phone or email. Who cares how quick and responsive they are if they talk to you like you are 5 years old and its your first time to the rodeo? 👿

    The team that supports Skubana has been fantastic. It has often felt like I am their only customer because they have generously given so much of their time to me while I have been using the software. :-{

    You know a provider appreciates your feedback and suggestions for certain, when you see it get implemented very quickly after you share it with them. On one occasion, Chad pulled together a conference call on the fly with myself, members of his development and support team to quickly hash out details on a specific feature, how it would work, and how it would be implemented etc. The results of this conversation was implemented in less than two days after it took place. Who else does that? Right.. nobody. 8)

    Almost every week, the team is releasing new features, improvements and fixes to the system. It is refreshing to see that they are always innovating, improving and moving with a speed that you don't see very often at other companies..

    Finally, my business is growing like crazy since using Skubana. It is difficult to quantify how much of that growth is attributable to Skubana, but I chalk up a good chunk of it to using it. Skubana has allowed me to develop a presence on the platforms like Amazon in a way that I couldn't do myself manually which has translated to more units flying off the shelf than ever before. As well as manage inventory and sales in a much more effortless way without all the manual input/effort.

    Hell, I ran my entire business while traveling both domestically and internationally this past summer using only my iPhone.. :lol.. And I know what you're thinking.. You can't even pull up your stuff using those competing providers on your phone.. trust me I know. I tried that too. ::)

  • Biggest Dave

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    Strongly Recommended

    I signed onto Skubana because I struggled to manage my inventory across all my marketplaces that I sell on (Amazon, eBay, etc.). I pieced together software to run my business because there was nothing out there without costing an arm and a leg. I didn't have a way to keep track of my inventory properly or even calculate my inventory value accurately in my warehouse or at the FBA warehouse. With Skubana, I have an all-in-one solution to handle my entire e-commerce operation. It's forced me to improve my business and efficiently streamline my operations. We are doing cycle counts, we have proper inventory updates to our sales channels and we have everything in one place! Ahh!

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