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Solid Commerce is a cloud-based solution that enables online sellers to manage listing, inventory, repricing, content, orders and shipping across multiple eCommerce channels including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, NewEgg, Sears, Overstock, Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce & 15+ other online channels.

Solid Commerce also has direct integrations with all the major carriers including UPS, FedEx & USPS enabling online sellers to automatically print shipping labels for all ecommerce orders.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • Best Buy
  • Bluefly
  • Etsy
  • Half
  • Newegg
  • Overstock Shopping
  • Pricefalls
  • Marketplace
  • DHL
  • eBay Global Shipping
  • Endicia
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • ShippingEasy
  • Shipwire
  • ShipWorks
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • 3dcart
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • PayPal
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • Yahoo Stores
  • NetSuite
  • QuickBooks
  • SAP Anywhere

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    Ease of Use

    Solid Commerce Cares About It's Customers

    What were the positives?

    From the day I called to inquire about Solid Commerce services 8 years ago I could tell they cared about relationships. They are dedicated to help us grow and succeed. The platform is very robust and has features that has been a major factor in scaling my business.

    Any negatives?

    I would not consider this a negative, but more of a piece of advice. When onboarding any new platforms, make sure you take the time to make an implementation plan. The planning phase is just as important, if not more important, to successful use of any platform.


    Anyone who is ready to take the next step in growing their ecommerce operation should consider Solid Commerce as a partner, because that is what they are, a partner.

  • westwoodscabinethardware

    Overall rating

    I would recommend Solid Commerce for your inventory needs

    We looked at several companies before picking Solid Commerce and I'm glad we did. Our business stress went from night to day after getting set up. We were keeping track of our inventory by hand through Ebay and Amazon sales and it was a nightmare. With Solid Commerce the inventory adjusts automatically through 4 marketplaces now and it is amazing how much easier it is. It also makes shipping through the 4 marketplaces easier as well. I would definitely recommend them for your inventory needs.

  • jcwertz

    Overall rating

    Great company, people and product

    Solid Commerce has been a great partner in managing our marketplaces. Great product, responsive staff and a forward looking company.

    The team at Solid Commerce has been a true partner and a great help in managing our marketplaces efficiently and effectively. Problems are resolved quickly, question are answered directly and honestly.

    They also don't rest on their laurels, the work to continuously improve the product and add new functionality. They are consistent,reliable and an important part of our business and the sales generated in the marketplaces.

  • Claudia

    Overall rating

    Great for what we do!

    It is designed to do what we need for our business. Inventory control throughout different marketplaces, listing within one site to all marketplaces as well as being able to view all orders from one place!

    If I could change one thing, it would be the mass uploads within the spreadsheets. Most times you will have to upload within one column at a time, takes a bit more time.

    Support staff is awesome, really enjoy talking to everyone! Great follow up, even though they may be working on it, they will always touch base with you.

    Thank you for your support!

  • TSS1

    Overall rating

    Good Platform with Reasonable Fee Structure

    What were the positives?

    Solid Commerce includes a lot of unique features that the competitors don't have. Some of these features are superficial, or specific to certain industries, but generally, it's nice to have the options in a single platform.

    Any negatives?

    They need a more robust Knowledge Base. Sometimes it's hard to find the answer to a question, or you need to contact support.


    Support is generally quick to respond.

  • Ultimate Sports

    Overall rating

    Awesome Company Great People Work Here

    We have been with solid commerce for 3 years and the service is just as good as day 1. The cost is reasonable and the support is unbelievable!

    We sell on 2 different platforms Amazon and Ebay and are currently implementing our own website and Solid Commerce has been there every step of the way to help when needed.

    I have never experienced down time and the few problems i have had chat has been there to help. Not to mention the follow up is outstanding.

    I highly recommend them, we have been with companies that are very expensive and they have NOTHING on Solid Commerce. I would give them a 5 star rating! :):

  • MerchGuy

    Overall rating

    Monday morning. Whole system is down. Again.

    Have been with this company for years..Am seriously leaving at this point.

    System has a crazy amount of bugs, the one competent support rep I got is now not with the company (this happens every three months)..They don't even respond to my inquiries to pay them to develop an integration for me..My new support reps don't even respond to me. It's laughable how i still hand this company my money.

    And most importantly? It's Monday morning and my entire company can't access the platform / shipping services because their system is down. So now staff is sitting around doing nothing, getting paid, and I will have to pay more because they can't even do their job on time.

    This is pathetic. Channel Advisor here I come.

  • Prime

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce A+++

    Solid Commerce is one of the best Inventory Manager software's we have come across in a long time. As an E-commerce company, before finding solid commerce we lacked in the field of inventory management and finding an easy way to list on our seller platforms. Luckily when finding Solid Commerce I was able to work one on one with a team member and create an entire new business model just from what Solid Commerce had to offer. Over the past 2 years of using Solid Commerce we have double in sales and are only looking to keep on growing. Solid Commerce has made it easy for us with Inventory, shipping, listing, and many other features for an E-Commerce Business. Overall I rate Solid Commerce an A+++

  • Daniel Y.

    Overall rating

    A good way to start and expand your bussiness...

    Solid Commerce help us a lot to grow our business and expanded to new platforms and most popular marketplaces(Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Houzz). Our sales grows 3 times more in less than a year with their autonomous system that synchronize inventory, pricing rules and importing/exporting data.
    The Solid Commerce customer service is great, quick response, specially the tech support team that are always there to help you on any issues you confront.
    We strongly recommended to try Solid Commerce.

  • HunterM

    Overall rating

    Always a huge help

    I love the chat support feature. It seems to be my best friend. And every time I use it, Solid Commerce customer service is so quick to help me. They respond instantly and go out of their way to make sure I got the solution. And if it's not something they could fix within seconds, they always send me emails keeping me updated until it is fixed. They are really helpful and have a lot of options with online selling! It's a super convenient site to manage items when trying to sell on multiple different sites. love it.

  • ecommerce-1

    Overall rating

    Not for big sellers, Recently we experienced 2 day downtime

    Any negatives?

    Response time from support.


    Support is polite but slow to respond. Even mission critical services being down are addressed at a very slow pace. We pay over ~$12k a month for this service based on our sales volume, and in the last week we've lost money on orders and product due to their sync back to Amazon being down. Support personnel will say they are going to follow up and if they do it is not in a timely manner.

    Developers are not located in the US, so support for when the service is down has a 12-24 hour delay. Again - not for high-volume US sellers.

    Not good.

  • Izzie

    Overall rating

    Not so SolidCommerce

    There are a lot of problems within Solid.

    They like to shove the excel tool down your throat and the excel tool is unreliable as best. Instead of moving things from one warehouse to another it made duplicates of everything and deleted the quantity field. So now not only do I have to go back through and delete the duplicates, but I have to also recount everything.

    Any time I have an issue and try to "chat" with support, I am not helped right away. Instead I am given a response of "Let me look into this. What is the best way to reach you?" Every time I get a support person that actually knows what is going on, they end up "no longer working with the company" within weeks of our first conversation. The most frustrating thing with support is a lot of times they just tell me to refresh or close the browser and reopen and that's the solution. Having to do that multiple times a day is more than mildly frustrating.

    The system likes to log you out and kick you out of whatever you are in the middle of doing. Even if you're actively working, it still times out. There are also a lot of simple functions that don't work within their website. Select all in search result is just an example of the many functions that only work when it wants to. The displayed shipping options and the actual shipping options are two completely different things.

  • dashmats

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce offers great customer service

    We have been using Solid Commerce for over 4 years. Very satisfied with their service, commitment to service and product improvements. The product connects with multiple market places, warehouses and distributors; which has increased our sales, product base and helped decrease over selling. When there are issues, the Solid Commerce support team gets the problems resolved in a timely manner. Their dedicated support manager has been there for us 24/7 - even when the issue is our fault or our ignorance. Satisfied Customer. Thanks

  • Bijan salimi tari

    Overall rating

    Working things out

    Working things out. Hopefully everything will be up and running by the end on Jan. Has taken a while to fully sync with the platform, but I m hopeful and they are working with me to resolve all the issues. Will wait till end of this month before making a final decision and I am really hoping that things work out since we really need this as we are expanding. Looks like this is the end of the tunnel and by the end of this month we will finally be able to use the platform for at least inventory management.

  • gwelzien

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce - the SOLID solution for selling online.

    We tried several other platforms that came up short in features, functionality, or support. Enter Solid Commerce. From managing inventory across multiple warehouses and vendors, creating bundles and kits, an Excel tool for updating product or listing data in bulk, and customer support that is responsive with real solutions. We are only on the ground level of online retail, but Solid Commerce has quickly opened our eyes to the possibilities with a tool to help us get there. Thanks Solid Commerce.

  • janenenadolny74

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce IS a Game Changer!!

    What were the positives?

    My company could not function without my solid commerce integration. We use all aspects of the products the company has to offer and all of them are seamless. Without this platform my inventory would be a mess, my clients would be mad and I would be losing sales.

    Any negatives?

    some platform integrations take longer then we like, but that is the platform, no solid commerce.


    My contact there is patient, understanding and prompt. I have learned a new way to take my company to a new level with his help and the service of SC. He always returns my call and email on the same day!
    In a nutshell, I am moving my business to the next level of e-commerce because of my "team" at SC. For a small company, you can't NOT afford this!

  • Regretful

    Overall rating

    Broken sales platform and they know it

    The most functional part of SolidCommerce is convincing you to sign on. You will notice, however, that they won't let you run a demo of the system or use a dummy log-in to look around.

    The platform is broken in many regards. Order systems don't work correctly. Shipping software is below second-rate. Constant glitches and bugs makes working through the system frustrating. We can't even stay logged in for fifteen minutes without getting kicked out. In fact, this is being written while we get logged out every thirty seconds. Expect to spend as much time learning the work-arounds as you do with your daily business for a few weeks or months.

    Get ready to pay them to beta test! They'll tell you the running versions of Inventory/Orders/Shipping systems are "No Longer Supported" because they are being replaced. The replacements have been in beta testing for YEARS and those aren't supported because betas are a "Work in Progress".

    Account managers get swapped out every 3 months or so. Anything ongoing or outstanding is designed to be forgotten about. Your frustration and need to take care of your own problems is what they rely on to keep you quiet. Good luck.

  • mike819

    Overall rating

    The BEST!!!

    What were the positives?

    We (Peter Suchy Jewelers) have used Solid Commerce for a number of years now. it is by far the best platform for eCommerce management. hands down. BUT the best part is the customer service. NEVER do i hang up the phone from our customer rep (or any other staff member) and grimace with dissatisfaction. it is a big company with the personal attention of a mom and pop local business...just simply the best...

    Any negatives?

    just to be able to jump to item pages by putting in the page number...not having to go through each page


    The support was the Best!

  • info703

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce is a 5 Star Company

    Solid Commerce helped us enormously in getting our products organized and easier to manage. Our inventory is managed from 1 location which saves us a lot of time and work. The software works very well and is extremely user friendly.

    Their support is fast and excellent: they have a great library of online help combined with phone support and the staff really know their stuff. They understand our individual issues and concerns and help at every level from beginning to end.

    Definitely recommended !

  • nathan2679

    Overall rating

    Comparing Apples to Apples, and being realistic

    We have enjoyed working with Solid Commerce for over two years now. We push every envelope they have with multiple marketplaces, multiple store fronts, and thousands of SKUs. The Internet space has become very complex. Working with Solid Commerce has only helped us propel to the top.


    In the last 15 years in e-commerce, we have built three companies that do over 6 million in sales annually and sold two of them. We have used multiple Ecommerce platforms starting with Volusion, Magento, wireframe sites and now Big Commerce. Doing the same thing with integration platforms that promise the world.

    What does all of this have to do with my review on Solid Commerce? There will never be a software tool or program that will solve every issue you have in business. It is not possible and not available. They all have issues, and they will all have bugs.

    Our job is to pick one that fits our business model the best and what you can afford to pay. All companies come in different shapes, sizes and forms. They also come with various expertise levels. Are you a one-man band trying to run your entire operation? These are all factors that I do not see mentioned in reviews of Solid Commerce.

    Our company was with Channel Advisor and Solid Commerce using both systems for one year. We are now with Solid Commerce. These are the only two companies that offer all of the features that we need. They both come with imperfections. That is right, Channel Advisor the Cadillac platform better be for what you pay for it. Channel Advisor has imperfections. That is right, you heard me, they have many imperfections. In fact, in some ways they flat out suck, and we had a lot of bad experiences with them.

    Solid Commerce now has all of our business. We have over 200,000 SKUs listed, using multiple marketplaces, store fronts and always pushing the envelope. Is Solid Commerce perfect? Absolutely not, and if you ever have the mindset that you will find a perfect software platform that will not have issues, you are in the wrong business. At this time, Solid Commerce has been the best fit, the best to work with and by far the best price.

    Solid Commerce has offered some of the best services I have seen in the industry. They stand behind their word and do what they say they are going to do. Could it take time, yes, but I will take someone's honesty any day. They offer the lowest prices for what their system is capable of.

    In another review, I saw the pricing rule being bashed. They are has imperfections. With that said try and go out in the market and to find a pricing rule software. If you have over 5,000 SKUs, good luck paying less than $1,000 a month. From the research I have done, it is worth the headache to put up with the imperfection then paying for the perfection in this one problem area. There is also nothing stopping a customer from using a 3rd party pricing rule software. You will still be way ahead of the game utilizing all of the other tools Solid Commerce has to offer.

    To address being outdated old with bugs that I saw in a review, in my opinion, that is irrelevant to our industry. Every five years a company in our space has to reinvent themselves because there is so much change so fast. For example, how long has an API Jet connection and Walmart seller feed been around? less than 5 years and Solid Commerce has the capability to connect to both of them. Keeping up with the fast-changing space is very difficult. Overall, I think they have done a pretty good job.

    We have enjoyed working with Solid Commerce for over two years now. We push every envelope they have with multiple marketplaces, multiple store fronts, and thousands of SKUs. An internet company has become complex. Working with Solid Commerce has only helped us propel to the top.


  • jack336

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce is helping us to stay competitive and grow.

    I have been with Solid Commerce for several years now and I absolutely love it. They offer plenty of flexibility and, depending on your business, you can use just some of their features or you can use all of them. Most importantly, they can handle almost any situation and any volume of products, vendors and orders.

    Solid Commerce web interface is super easy to use and it offers many levels of authorization. You can give your employees a full access or restrict them to use just some of the features.

    eBay and Amazon keep changing things all the time and with just few clicks we can update hundreds of thousands of listings with ease. Walmart and Jet integration was super easy and Solid Commerce trained us how to sell there.

    Jack Mikol Automotive

  • sales106

    Overall rating

    Great Platform

    I switched over from another Marketplace management system to Solid Commerce and never looked back. Solid Commerce gives you all the tools you need to succeed in selling on different marketplaces Such as Ebay, Amazon and Shopify. They also have a great function to keep track of 3rd party vendors which was perfect for us, and it integrates seamlessly.

    The other system was OK, but the price was astronomical. I would highly recommend Solid Commerce to any business large or small looking to get selling online.

  • abhijithkrishnakumar

    Overall rating

    Very happy with Solid Commerce

    I only have good things to say about Solid Commerce as my experience with them for over 15 months now has been a great one. They have helped us reach many marketplaces and grow continuously. Their customer service is excellent. I have had no complaints with any aspect related to the functioning of the platform or with their personnel ever. They are right there on top with the other major platforms providing SAS to e-tailers and SC is still young and only can grow from here. I wish them all the very best.

  • PGunder

    Overall rating

    Very attentive company

    We scrutinized every available multi-channel and repricing solution in the marketplace before deciding to go with Solid Commerce. We selected them because they have the most feature rich solution and a robust API interface.

    After six months we believe we have made the right choice. Their staff was very attentive in working with us through the normal challenges of integrating our systems with their API.

    We are pleased with the level of customer service we have consistently received from all levels within their chain of command. Additionally, the platform's technical performance has exceeded our expectations.


  • Noe Martinez

    Overall rating

    "They are working on it", their favorite phrase!

    What kinda a software company does updates and brings servers down, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORKDAY?!? We have called so many times because our staff keep getting kicked out. Every-time we call, they reply with, "They are working on it". We are so tired of hearing this phrase. It is such a cop out! SOLID COMMERCE, PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND INITIATIVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! Fix your software, we are paying a monthly premium and fees for a service that only works 60-70% of the time? Wow!

  • 3rd-Venue

    Overall rating

    Is NOT Solid. Avoid. Like the PLAGUE!

    Of all the possible choices that exist in this space, we have looked seriously into about 30 of them. We spent a small fortune in time, energy, and money back in 2010 for SC and it was a complete disaster. We had to threaten to sue to get our money back.

    So in 2014 we thought we would give it another shot. NO SUCH thing as a free trial. Before you even get a peek at what the software will / won't do, you have to sign a contract and give them at least $500 - $1000 down.

    Next you have NO HELP files, no video tutorials, no instructions. Their model is you must have a dedicated account manager who can only talk to you within a set time, once per day. There could not be a worse way to do support / training than this. Business owners / IT managers are way too busy for this, and it is impossible to get everyone in the building to sit down at the same time for "training".

    How it works: We are really not sure, because we never saw it actually work. We had very clean data with Ebay / Amazon having the same sku and under 1,000 active listings. The very first day we began to notice oversells, missing listings, rogue listings, etc. We spent about 2.5 months trying...

    We opened up over 100 support tickets to try to clean up the inaccuracies, but it could never get done. This is a brief list of all the deal breakers we experienced:

    1. No detailed documentation or User Forums. Everything is with your Account Rep once per day or support email whenever

    2. Missing listings. There were constantly items missing, we could never one time get our Live Listing Count in SC to match reality

    3. Rogue listings. We could never delete an inactive item. Deleted from Amazon, it would stay in SC forever. End / Delete an Ebay ad in SC, then delete from Ebay, it would come back later and relist to ebay. Madness!!

    4. Missing Images. We could never get a clean screen with all our images showing for all our products. 100% of our items had compliant, importable images. Missed the Description frequently and Store Category.

    5. Cannot count. Inventory management was not satisfactory. We had 100's of low quantity, fast moving items on both Ebay / Amazon. SC could not begin to keep up and we had oversells every single day we used it.

    6. Cannot change. They have some very old school code written 10+ years ago and they cannot update it. Basically this is a company that is stuck in the past and are not writing new CODE and developing new API TOOLS to keep up with ecommerce. They REFUSE to adapt new technologies and get away from the old dead horse. This company is SO FAR BEHIND it feels like Windows 3.1 here.

    7. Bizarre use of Microsoft Excel. This stupid thing is from hell. You have to install an Excel Com Add-In to manipulate any data through your desktop (which is the SELLING POINT of Solid Commerce). Today's computers won't even support it, so it is constantly crashing, freezing windows, throwing errors, triggering anti-virus, and giving you blank screens. When you finally get some data to populate IT IS CONFUSING and convoluted to work with. Even the most technically literate will not have the patience to learn this tool. And the actions you take here will not actually be written as live data on the site, 100% errors. This feature is NON-FUNCTIONAL you are limited to MANUAL DATA CHANGES on the site itself

    8. Early & forward billing + revenue share. This company is desperate for money and has a very high turnover. If your bill is due the 16th, frequently they charged on the 12th or 13th. And you are always paying the rest of this month plus the next full month.

    The only reason there is not 5,000 Negative Reviews here is because most people are in a fight for their survival and do not have time for this extra effort, nor do most know about these review boards and jump to the next tool like us.

    Multi-Channel software is a very broken and TERRIBLE part of our industry as a rule.

  • bobberpros

    Overall rating

    Solid commerce..! The worst company to deal with

    What were the positives?

    NOTHING they are a horrible company!! DO NOT do business with Solid commerce... they also keep billing us after we terminated them..

    Any negatives?



    The worst support ever!!! could never fix a single issue we had!!

    Over charged or credit card
    lied about having a contract
    You cannot believe the grief they have caused

  • blueoval16

    Overall rating

    Over 2 years using Solid Commerce & they can't fix 1 problem

    Their pricing is great way better than Channel Adviser but the service they promised along with continued glitches and problems only hinders our business we are now losing money because their system is so broken. No one there seems to care. Work tickets automatically close because they cannot fix the issue. We have spent allot of time and money to go to this platform only to have to make a switch to another company. If you start to get upset they just give you another sales rep and it starts all over. You stay in a perpetual loop of misery.

  • beliefincstyle

    Overall rating

    Waste of money, Waste of time.

    I will explain things very simply, and hopefully people take my advice based on my experienced.

    *The features that they offer is very tempting. But what is worth it if most of the features occurs error, or does not work properly?

    You have to waste of your time almost everyday to report the ERRORS and wait for the answer forever, after fixed. Same error happens again & again & again & again.

    1. Too many errors, for example, Sync inventory for the amazon & ebay. This happens pretty often, some of products does not sync the inventory. So the QTY always different between amazon & eBay.

    Have to check every once in a while. And fix MANUALLY.

    After that. Same errors keep happening. Quantities never correct.

    Too much hassles & wasting of time for finding and fixing error.

    2. Close and delete product feature is not convenience. Have to close the listings on the market place, and then have to close on warehouse again. It is double steps for 1 feature.

    3. The interface is pretty old fashion and not well organized.

    4. I have requested for cancel the service. But had to stay on active for 30 days from the date of the request.

    Monthly fee is $200, i had to pay $200 after requested for cancel.

    I probably get that, whatever.

    But on 11/08/2016, they charged with me again $119.96?

    What is this for?

    Strongly recommend to avoid this company. If you want to waste of your money and time? Then It is your choice.


    Overall rating

    Punctual and friendly

    After attempting to implement, the service did not work out for us. Gary from solid commerce was friendly and punctual and he insured we were refunded in full. If we had the opportunity or the necessity we would give Solid commerce a shot.

    As with any software development company it is important to know the scope of your project so as to effectively keep up communication leading to success. Pricing seemed fair enough when compared with other solution providers in the vertical unfortunately since we were unable to successfully implement I can not comment on the interface or workflow.

  • dusty

    Overall rating

    How they are still in business is a mystery to me.

    One of the worst business experience in my life. Spent over four months trying to get set up and they were just too incompetent. When I finally had enough the had no problem keeping my $2825. They should all go to jail for flat out stealing. They have no clue on what they are doing. I think their goal is to string you along as long as they can, keep charging and getting all they can before you run out of money or just quit. I filed a charge back with AMEX and it was denied as once you sign the contract you are stuck. NO REFUNDS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Just a heads up.

  • ScottMoore

    Overall rating

    Doing everything they can to go out of business

    We selected Solid Commerce in 2014 as an inventory management tool to sync our inventory located in Amazon FBA warehouses and our local inventory with our magento website ( as well as ebay and any other marketplaces we chose in the future. We only list items that we know we have in stock and most orders are forwarded to Amazon FBA for fulfillment. The initial cost was a $1300 setup fee then $130/mo thereafter. Adding another marketplace like Rakuten was another couple hundred setup fee.
    I never liked their heavy reliance on an Excel add-in. It is a cheap out to actually developing proper functionality. They also necessitated several Attributes in magento to actually link to a sku which could only be uploaded by the excel add-in. Why could they not connect with just the sku like everyone else baffles me. The excel Add-in is a COM Add-in which can and DID cause a memory leak when other COM Add ins are used. I told them if they were going to continue using the Excel tool, they should change to an Excel Add-in to avoid the memory leak. It's still a COM Add in.
    In early December 2015, they forced me to look for another option since they lost the connection to our magento site and ignored my requests to get it back online. The response from repeated requests to fix it were "it's been sent to our development team." By the time I replaced the system several months later, they had still not reconnected to magento.
    This was a common response through the prior 2 years for any little thing like mapping shipping methods. I quickly realized that the infrastructure of this system was poorly designed since everything was hard-coded in. All requests were going to the dev team. Communication was terrible and response times were infinitely long.
    The two replacements on my short list were Ordoro and Teapplix. I initially liked the look-and-feel of Ordoro better so I tested it first. Setting it up was a breeze though after a couple weeks, I discovered a few functions lacking from our requirements.
    Teapplix is very utilitarian in it's UI, and therefore not exactly pretty. However, it was just as easy and quick to set up and has worked solidly for the last several months for us. Furthermore, I can always get someone on the phone and any issue is very quickly resolved.
    It seems that each time I switch any system, I save money and get better functionality, performance and support. This was no exception. Teapplix had no setup fee and only costs me $35/mo. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
    Do not use Solid Commerce. There are so many better options out there. It's obviously poorly designed infrastructure, with a poorly designed and outdated user interface, solid functionality until it stops working, and zero support or constant escalations to the dev team.

  • imgwholesale

    Overall rating

    Potential but too many glitches and poor management

    The system that deals with ebay specifically is pretty good, when it works...however it has many glitches and when it does not work, it is a big problem. Also the way it is advertised, is not really how the system functions. The only way to effectively manage the software is through excel and even that does not work sometimes. The support was good two years ago but now the support is almost non existent and if you have a problem after hours or on the weekend then your out of luck...

    For paying over a $1000/month for the software, you would think they would deliver more. Seems like there were a good group of people originally running this company and everyone good is gone and the company is sinking.

    I have been using the company for almost 3 years and been waiting for them to turn things around and correct the issues and the platform and sad to say that we have now moved on to migrating to a new platform.

    It was a huge learning curve to start with the system and learn all the glitches and workarounds of the system as well as just the data configuration of the system so leaving is not a decision we took lightly, but unfortunately we are leaving the company.

  • Analiz

    Overall rating

    Horrible Programming - Do Not Recommend

    We have been using SolidCommerce for 4 years. We are seeking a new multi channel platform. Their programming leaves a lot to be desired. If there is an issue with a listing, they do not notify you. You will not know that your inventory on Amazon is not synced, for example, until you oversell. You will not know that your eBay auction listings did not launch. Unless you check each channel daily, and then why pay for automation?

    In addition, they have had terrible problems launching eBay listings ever since eBay implemented the UPC code requirement. Even though we insert our UPC codes, SC drops them. They simply disappear and our eBay listings do not launch because of this.

    And, with no upgrades, no new integrations, no new features, nothing, they increased their minimum price from $199 to $299 per month. That is a huge increase for nothing. And if you have a second website, you will pay another $50, bringing the cost to $350 a month. It is not worth $350 a month when we have to constantly babysit it.

  • Michael R

    Overall rating

    Solid System and Solid Service at an affordable price

    Our company has been using Solid Commerce since Jan 2015 and we initially chose solid commerce due to the competitive price. We were very hesitant at first after hearing of minimal customer support but nevertheless proceeded.

    After almost 1.5 years of using Solid Commerce i can say that the service and support has been nothing short of excellent. Our account manager (Maeve) has supported not only our needs but also our entire business model and strategy with pro active advise and support.

    Today, we are a very happy customer getting everything we need out of solid commerce, selling over 250,000 items on 5 differing marketplaces with ease and at a fraction of the cost.

    They have definitely come a long way and we continue to look forward working with Maeve and the team.

    Thanks you and definitely recommended!


  • BOLD

    Overall rating

    Awesome Support

    I have had a lot of great personal support using Solid Commerce. Though, it can be difficult to understand at first. It has been a life saver with our operation. I wouldn't have it any other way. Brian, at Solid Commerce, has always been cordial and patient in helping answer my questions. I would highly recommend Solid Commerce to anybody that needs inventory management with their web store.


  • webguy

    Overall rating

    Customer Support

    I have been a customer of Solid Commerce for several years now. The first year I had a really great account manager who taught me the platform and help setup my fairly complicated pricing formulas and worked with the developers to ensure they were working as expected. Then he left the company and my account got passed around to several others and my customer support when to almost zero. I couldn't seem to get anything accomplished so I basically gave up. It wasn't until recently when I was assigned to Christina that I had my faith renewed. I was able to explain the issues I was having and she was very responsive in working with management and the developers to get them resolved. I can say I am again very happy with the service provided by the Solid Commerce Team and especially Christina. Whatever changes were made in the last year or two have been for the better. Keep it up. And a big shout out to Giny who is an amazing programmer. You rock!

  • jaymsmith51

    Overall rating

    Solidcommerce user

    I sell women shoes on ebay for the past 6 years. Solid Commerce has a platform that really helped my business. Originally, I was only selling on eBay. I used Solid Commerce to migrate my inventory from eBay to Amazon. It did took me couple of weeks to learn the system but now I can't do without it.
    I read that some other reviewers had concerns about their customer service but I personally didn’t have any issues.

  • jumahanas

    Overall rating

    Beware do not sign up with this company

    I signed up for a trial with Solid Commerce, that was suppose to be money guarantee back after the trial is done. READ CAREFULLY, THIS WAS THEIR TACTIC. Your case manager that is suppose to initiate the set up for you account will drag the training sessions as much as they can and they will not show you or even help you to complete set up your account under 30 days. it is impossible even when you figure it by your self and believe me it's not easy their software is horrible. If you run into any glitches and mistakes from their behalf, from their software, they will take at least a week to even address the issue and even longer fix it. I did not get my money because I decided to give them a chance to maybe address all of the issues I have pointed out to them after 45 days but it was "too late" sucker!
    There is many other software's that do pretty much the same thing, make sure you research them all and find out who is the best for you. and all of this is basically a software machine that does all of the work when these people are asking over $300 a month just so you could use their software is outrages!

  • lindamaximpowerseller

    Overall rating

    Great software for a good price

    I use solid commerce software for sales across 4 channels (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and BigCommerce). It does an excellent job at everything it claims to do. Although I log in almost every day, most of my processes are automated to such an extent that I never need to log in except to receive inventory. I love almost everything about it, except I wish uploading products to multi marketplaces was more automated but I do understand that every marketplace require different set of data.
    Pros: Substantial time savings every month - Customer service could not be better. Instant responses to all problems. Auto import of all my products from eBay and Amazon. Shipping tool and order manager are excellent. Uploading new items directly from Excel.
    Cons: Take time to learn. Missing some warehouse management tools. Need to use Excel to upload bulk items but I don’t know if there can be any other way to do this.

  • justsaying

    Overall rating


    If you are considering Solid Commerce among a number of different options like I was I hope you read this so you don't make the same mistake that I did. After doing an extensive search for about 2 to 3 months and taking demo's with about 15 or 20 different order management platforms I went with Solid Commerce. What a mistake. The bottom line is they will say anything to close the deal and lots of what they promised they actually can't perform. If you try to back out despite their assurances otherwise they will keep your activation fee and anything else that you paid them. Truly a dishonest company. Trust me and stay away and choose another option.

    I read all the negative reviews on here too and still chose them. Don't make the same mistake.

  • nlebar

    Overall rating

    Fully Integrated

    Before committing to Solid Commerce in August of 2014, I looked at every platform available. At the time, most platforms were in their development phase, with many loose ends, still not operational. Then, I found Solid Commerce - a breath of fresh air. Although it was somewhat complex to implement, I now sit, 1.5 yrs later, with a fully integrated operation.

    Due to the complexity of integrating with Amazon, eBay, and MyStore, I had to learn the nuances of adding products to all of the channels and connecting those to Solid Commerce. It took a lot of work and communications, but our business is now running on Auto-Pilot, thanks to the functionality of Solid Commerce.

    We use to manually ship (paste tracking on each channel) every order, which would take several hours a day. Now, with Solid Commerce, we've built the technology, where we now manually ship only .05% of our orders. This has set us free of the manual drudgery of online selling. Our customer service personnel spend 90% of their time working with customers, instead of moving paper.

    Solid Commerce has allowed us to run our business, instead of being a slave to it. They put the technology in place to allow our business to grow and thrive, while helping eliminate the monotonous manual tasks inherent in the online world.

  • LindaSingh

    Overall rating

    Seems like things are turning around for Solid Commerce

    I have to admit, I have not been their most satisfied customer of late, having been a customer now for four years. Recently I have noticed a big shift towards a lack of customer service, and have been greatly disappointed at times. I can say that I finally have had the opportunity to express my concerns to a human being, who seemed to understand, and actually helped fix the issues I had. Furthermore, he went so far as to provide over and above customer service, which is a nice change of pace. I have been with them for four years and wish them much success, so am happy to see things starting to turn around. Thanks for the great customer service of late.

  • dima4

    Overall rating

    Solid Commecrce

    Sign up with Solid Commerce after a month of back in fourth phone calls
    He promised me a world that they competent to put my auto parts inventory online
    After i paid sign UP fee of 250 USD they simply disappear for a week to return calls or email.
    A week later gave me a person to do my intergration who was ('Green') new

    After 3 attempts to get me going ,response was that i must upgrade to 399 a month account initially 199 per month
    As a new seller i could not afford such a payment so decided to cancel

    Wrote a letter and email ,spoke to few people ,got a responce that all the money will be refunded in 12/10/2015

    Today 01/06/2016 no refund

    Response states no refund on fee after 10 days

    They are bait & switch .newer disclose such polices verbal only may be a small print which is not clear and not very informative

    Complaint to follow to BBB and all over the net




  • Stallion

    Overall rating

    Very bad experience

    I tried their solution for 6 months and it is not worth the time we spend on it. You have to do everything through excel sheets and there is no real automation. All promises are lies.

    I asked for my service to be stopped on August 3rd and they kept billing me. When I contacted support, Lori told me that my account is not cancelled, it is "On-Hold" and they would still be charging me for not using their service. I asked her to cancel my account and they charged me another time. Then I complained and asked to cancel my account, but they pretended like they didn't know that I wanted to cancel my account despite all the emails. Then I was charged for the 3rd time, so I email and complained so they said, yeah we cancelled you account but this is the last invoice we'll charge you.

    You can never get anyone on the phone. Our account rep, Steven, left the company without telling us. I kept trying to reach him to no avail. No one from the company took over his responsibilities. I actually think he jumped a sinking ship.

    Beware of this company.

  • USA Internet Retailer

    Overall rating

    (1 Year Client) - The Truth

    If they could get out of their own way they would have a wildly successful business. It does have issue however, and when those issues arise unfortunately the powerful platform is completely overshadowed by their lack of technical support.

    1) No phone support
    2) Support tickets get closed without resolution
    3) Support tickets take weeks / month for resolution
    4) Support tickets never get resolved, and you are told it will be part of the "new" system that is currently in Beta.
    5) System doesn't sync across all channels frequently
    6) Vendor feeds quit working for no reason.
    7) Extremely long wait time to get new feeds set up.
    8 ) Account manager quit, and now we no longer have a point of contact.
    9 ) No sense of urgency, regardless of how big of an impact it is. This company is not a partner and you get a feeling they have no vested interest in the success or failure of your company.

    I have tried to overlook the "support issue" because they have a decent system, but we are currently in the process of switching to another supplier. I like their system, but cannot tolerate the horrible support when issues arise. It is pretty bad you have to call their Sales line to take to anyone...

    Overall, decent system - horrible customer service and technical support.

  • SeaBee

    Overall rating

    Honest Review of Solid Commerce

    If you are reading this post that means you are in the market for or considering to switch your inventory management, online seller solution provider. I did the same 3 years ago and it is a big deal.

    Solid Commerce’s product offers a full service, one-stop shop of inventory, fulfillment, listing and pricing to multiple marketplaces. Now. You need to understand that these people are not going to work for you, but they will work with you to get you up online and selling your products. It is not going to be easy but when you get it all done – it works. And it works well. We have grown our business and I see my support rep (Aaron) as a partner in our business to help us to achieve our goals. At the end of the day their product is better than any other we tried or used in the past 10 years.

  • Fred123

    Overall rating

    Support no longer exists

    AS of he last 3 months, support is useless. It takes 5 emails to get one response and they no longer take phone calls. Service used to be ok but it's very tough to get things done when you go through 5 different reps in 5 months.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      @Fred123 Thank you for your feedback we truly value your opinion and would like to get this matter resolved. For security purposes please email me at so that we may assist you further. Thank You!

  • Jacob G

    Overall rating

    Worst company! Will not resolve any issues.

    I have been using solid commerce for more than a year. And their support become even worse now.

    1. They promised a lot, such as quickbooks pos integration, and features look good. But pos integration never worked.
    2. The control panel is so old school and hard to navigate.
    3. Learning curve! You have to spend a lot of time to learn. Until now, I still cannot setup everything correctly.
    4. Lots of bugs.
    5. Slow submit to ebay: unlike channel advisor or other software, sc has to wait until their batch to submit any updates or new listings. I have experienced from seconds to hours for a new listing to be submitted
    6. Hard and take time to make listing: you have to use excel sheet every time. Even if you want to only list one item, you have to do the same thing all over again via excel sheet. There is no simple duplicate. They offer duplicate, but it causes problem.
    7. If you have multiple accounts for ebay or amazon, they will create two accounta foe you. But you have to do double work uploading the inventory info to when you get new products. And it is sometimes confusing.

    Pricing: they charge every single channel saperately for the price tier. Not combined. Good thig is they do not charge FBA as they do not control FBA inventory

    SC does a good job on keeping the kits inventory and it integrates with overstock. Besides that, I do not recommend it.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      Thank you for your feedback we truly value your opinion and would like to get this matter resolved. For security purposes please email me at so that we may assist you further. We will work diligently to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible, Thank you!

  • gdemakos

    Overall rating


    DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!! They plant a widget to gather information and even when I canceled contract due to lack of any support and their crappy software my sales were completely gone. They override your setting in AMZN and on EBAY it took me over a month to figure out that they were in EBAY too. We had to open another AMZN account and I had to revoke their authorization on EBAY. Once I realized this my sales on EBAY went back up. Don't sign up. If you did you need to speak to a high level tech in AMZN and tell them to revoke SC. You need to go into Ebay click on site preferences and scroll down to third party authorizations and click revoke. They have cost me over 50k in lost sales weeks of trying to figure out what went wrong.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      @Viking818 Hello Viking818, We truly appreciate your feedback on our platform. We are alway striving to improve. We would love to speak with you regarding your account so that we can work to resolve any issue that you may have. Please private message us a Thank You!!!

  • fontaine

    Overall rating


    We have been using Solid Commerce for 2 years. I want to give it a fair review hoping they will take my points seriously and implement some improvements.
    Overall - does not live up to Sales Person claim and expectations. Integration process took 4-6 months. The sales person claim it would take only 1 month.

    Accounting Software integration - does not work. We were promised 2 years ago they would work on it as we use bundles/kits in our selling environment. After 2 years, nothing.

    High staff turnover - we are on our 5th customer service liaison in 2 years. 4th contact person for the year

    Inventory kits – we signed up for Solid Commerce specifically for its ability to create kits. However, this function is flawed. Our inventory would often disappeared - going from 160 units negative 6 units without explanations, and consequently taking down all the related listings. It’s been an on going problems for 2 years –without resolutions.

    Reporting – poor reporting system. You cannot easily generate sales figures and cost of good sold. I’m paying for someone externally each month to generate vital reports. Without accounting integration – this is our work around.

    Ebay listings – very difficult. Solid Commerce’s ebay templates have flaws. It often would not recognize built in payment terms. So we would have to manually fix each listing. It’s not most efficient ebay lister – it returns with errors often. This is one of the most time consuming process for us. The new ebay UPC, MPN requirements are pushing SC over it’s limits - we have not been able to list efficiently for over 1 month. It takes over 2 weeks now trying to relist 130 listings - and resolve all the solid commerce error message.

    Amazon – Ok. We have not been able to find a solution to toggle between FBA and FMA. If you accidently push out item from your inventory into Amazon without updating the selling price – Solid Commerce will list your item at COST. Very dangerous and weird programming. We do not use Solid Commerce for amazon repricing – it didn’t work for us. We only use SC to list and connect to inventory. We use another program for repricing.

    Multiple spreadsheets required for updates- I am not sure about other systems, but with Solid Commerce there is no way to update prices uniformly at a single contact point. If you need to make 1 price change, and you are working with 5 sales channels – you would have to upload that information 5 times. After that – you would have to wait 15-30 minutes, and check if all those channels got updated without errors. It’s a very time consuming and manual process.

    Pricing – Fair. If all the functions works within Solid Commerce and staffing are more consistent I think the monthly cost is fair, cheaper than ChannelAdvisors.

    Requirements for getting into Solid Commerce – MUST be extremely patient and extremely proficient with Excel. There are so many bugs with the system – you have to be able to come up with workarounds for your needs. There is a high learning curve with this system. At least 6 months – 1 year of training. This is not for beginners who’s dabbling in selling online. The product info has to be enter in html. Categories are entered as numbers. Person who can successfully using this system must be detail orientated and have very good command of excel, essentially someone who is a database technician.

    Advise for choosing a system – I would advise folks who are shopping – forget all the bells and whistles. Focus in on the stability of the functions you really need and the after sale support.

    Why are we still using Solid Commerce – SC is currently an integral part of our business. An integrated business software is like a marriage, we want to see it succeed, grow and improve. It would be an expensive divorce if we were to migrate to another system and retrain staff. With that said, we are open t

  • hurtcustomer

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce Review

    Here is my experience Aug 2015
    1) A sales man with initials, "R.R" very friendly on first call, exremely friendly.
    2) Promises me to waive off 1 month if I pay the set up of USD 400.00
    3) I paid in 24 hrs, USD 400.00

  • awonderingdawn

    Overall rating

    Helped My Business Grow

    I sell a line of women’s apparel. Solid Commerce has a great platform that really helped my business. Originally, I was only selling on eBay. I used Solid Commerce to migrate my inventory from eBay to Amazon & then Etsy. The process was very straight forward.
    I read that some other reviewers had concerns about their customer service but I think these issues have all been fixed. My rep told me that many Amazon sellers have started to using Solid Commerce’s service and they have hired many more customer service reps as a result. My experience with their customer service has been very good.

    I used Solid Commerce to list hundreds of my products (women’s fashion products) and then automatically reprice them. There is no question that this has helped my sales.

    I give Solid Commerce an A+ review!

  • Domoing Commerce

    Overall rating

    Solid Commerce Can't deliver

    For starters there customer support is nonexistent. I call and always on Que for a representative, to always end up leaving a call back number and wait days to here back. After paying for the launch on Ebay took them half a weeks to finally have someone contact me to launch it, After I complained, time is money in the e-commerce business. I expect the same day or next day launch. There File import and export system is useless. Files of product information you export and then import back in does not work. You have to remain the headers for certain columns. You would think you would expect a company to be able to expect and excel sheet in their own format. Which I did not tamper with other than inputting more product information. Instead there resolution to avoiding this Import and export feature on their platform dashboard, they told me to use a Excel add-on to do the import and export. When you finally manage to reach a human on the phone, they have a lack of knowledge of the product. If the first representative can figure or solve a problem they move your support request and escalated to their Tier 2 Support Team. Which FYI is another Representative with a little bit more understanding then the first one. Still not solving my problem the second time around. I reached Tier 3 before I actually managed to get to a person with knowledge on the platform, which solved my problem in literally 5 minutes. This took a few days the whole process for this easy fix! If I have anything positive to say about them it would be there pricer works fairly well and they are relatively cheap compared to competitors.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      @Domoing Commerce
      We are so very happy to hear your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to leave a review regarding our company. We are growing and expanding our operations and in doing so we hope that this allows us to continue to provide excellent customer service to our clients. I would love to speak further with you and work to resolve any issue that you may have experienced with Solid Commerce. You can email me directly at Thank You!

  • Solid Mistake

    Overall rating

    Lies and broken promises

    We underwent a very thorough interview with their sales team to ensure that SC would be a good fit for our growing company. We asked very specific questions about certain functionalities and received very specific answers. They offered us 1 month free to allow for integration. After more than 5 months we are still not fully integrated and the list of issues just keeps growing. Answers to our issues take WEEKS to resolve if ever. Specific promises of functionality turned out to be blatantly false.

    The worst part about this company is that they claim their strength is inventory management. In fact, our inventory sells into negative numbers every day and we are left figuring out how to satisfy our angry customers.

    I get a feeling that these guys are simply funding the development of their beta system on our backs, using sellers as guinea pigs until they can write some code that functions properly.

    Overall, these guys are a $15k mistake for us. We signed a 1-year contract and will either have to pay or litigate over their lies.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      @Solid Mistake Thank You for your feedback of our platform. Over the recent months, we have made changes to our company that will allow us to provide a seamlessly easy way to service our clients. We are working diligently to improve the level of service as our company continues to grow. Our agents are well versed on the platform and we will continue to provide ongoing training to all agents. If you require assistance with your account you can privately message us and we will resolve any issue that you are experiencing. I can be reached via private message at Thank you and have a great day.

  • TeamSavvy

    Overall rating

    Poor functionality and worse customer service

    I agree with all other reviewers- except the few that all happened to give positive comments on the same day or two - about the bad customer service combined with a difficult product to use.

    We sell on Amazon and eBay and have real trouble getting it to run like advertised. Customer support to help with our questions has simply not been available to us. No matter how hard we try, how nice we ask, or how upset we get. It seems as if the support team know less than we do.

    We do not recommend this to anyone.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      @TeamSavvy We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review regarding our company. We are growing and expanding our operations and in doing so we hope that this allows us to continue to provide excellent customer service to our clients. I would love to speak privately with you regarding your account and working to resolve any issues that you might have. Please private message me at and i will be happy to help resolve any issues that you might have. Thank You!!

  • Stevie

    Overall rating

    If you want to run a reputable business, RUN AWAY

    We've been using Solid Commerce for 3 years and I've had enough! If you want a company that has any semblance of customer service, this is not it. Their "live chat" feature NEVER has had someone there to respond to a message. Their support line rarely has anyone pick up the phone. I've even experienced being the "next in line for a support representative" only to be directed to voicemail instead and leaving a voicemail MIGHT get you a call back within a week.
    We use their shipping tool which on multiple occasions has simply stopped working, leaving our warehouse team manually entering shipping information. Hundreds of times an item that was sold out and at 0 inventory in solid commerce miraculously come back in stock overnight leaving us with back orders that we could not fulfill. Often times Solid Commerce would not sync with Magento/Amazon to communicate that an order had been shipped and we had to manually enter that information into the respective marketplace in order to confirm the shipment with the customer.
    Their listing tools don't work very well, and by very well I mean they're basic when it comes to Amazon and Magento, and non-existent when it comes to Rakuten.
    It took some time to make the conversion but we have found an inventory/order manager that works much better and costs half of what Solid Commerce was charging us. The only problem is that Solid Commerce's support is so utterly incompetent/non-existent that for days I have been trying to reach anyone that can cancel my account and have been completely unsuccessful. I'm not even sure if they have realized that none of our marketplaces are active any longer.
    Solid Commerce has been frustrating to work with, and the best decision we have made was to leave them behind. I urge anyone else to do the same.

  • sidneyz

    Overall rating

    Eight Years And Counting

    I have been with Solid Commerce for going on eight years now. I switched integrators back in 2010 for 1 month and saw I was with the best and quickly switched back!
    Their platforms performance and easy to use system makes Solid Commerce my first choice in web fulfillment.
    The fact that I can teach my inventory, shipping and clerical people its usage so simply makes it a dream to use.
    I am a happy proprietor with Solid Commerce as my cyber partner!

  • hrgocer

    Overall rating

    Best Multimarketplace Inventory & Pricing Automation Service

    We have been working with solidcommerce over 5 years now and they are great. Its an absolute one stop solution for any multimarketplace integration problems. Its a great platform to let you sell your items in various marketplaces such as amazon, ebay, newegg, or sears etc. Solidcommerce handles all your inventory distribution between different marketplaces, pricing needs, and order processing. Its a very easy platform to use and learn. I have been a marketplace seller over 10 years now and I tried bunch of different solutions and I can easily say soldicommerce is the best solution out there. Their staff is also excellent. They help you with any part of your integration process. Thank you solidcommerce for helping us to become one of the best marketplace sellers.

  • JeemrR968

    Overall rating

    Good Service

    It’s very painful for me to read that bad review about the Solidcommerce service. I’m using their system for over 4 years now and every time I need help, I can just pick up the phone and call my account manager. They are a group of good people that always trying to help. Give them a chance!

  • Capstoreonline

    Overall rating

    Best Marketplace Multichannel in the Markert. Period!

    I'm a real seller, capstoreonline, you can search for our company in any of the major marketplaces. I cannot say the same about some of the bad reviews here, as they do not specified who they are. I saw this page with bad reviews and I had to write something.
    I've been using SC for several years. I sell in all major marketplaces, Amazon, eBay, Sears, Newegg, Rakuten, Amazon Ca and Big Commerce (own site). I'm not going to say that i did not run into problems a couple of times, but they were always there to help me. Their Shipping tool is outstanding, and We wouldn't able to ship 3000 orders (like we did this past Christmas) if it wasn't for it. I Think that most of the people that they have problems with the Software, is mostly because they are not computer savvy. I saw lots of people getting in the e-commerce business, not knowing anything (they think that they do) about templates, images, html, excel and databases in general. You cannot open a Repair shop if you do not know how to use an screwdriver, and then blame it to the instructions manual.
    If you are selling in multichannels, this tool will help you to keep inventory, creating dropship orders, re-pricing and much more.

  • thoughtsforfree

    Overall rating

    To say they are poor would be doing a disservice to the word

    Customer for over a year until we recently switched, and I can assure you they are an expensive mistake.

    Here are my main issues

    The customer service is abysmal. An email may not get a response for a week. There is a somewhat defiant response to when anything on their side goes wrong. Most reps are untrained and need help from someone else in the company. There is never a feeling of being taken care of. Finding someone to help was a major issue often. Altogether, their service is the worst I have worked with in a professional environment.

    Functionality was intermittent and buggy. Ran into numerous issues while using the kitting functionality. Had issues with certain SKUs adding or subtracting quantities at random. Using the support ticket system was absolutely terrible and the onus of fixing anything was always in our hands.

    Price isn't right for what we got. If we were paying a minute for some mid 90s application it would have been sufficient, but for the cost and the expectations, it's just rubbish.

    All in all, the entire system never fit what I was expecting, and I truly do not think you can find worse customer service at any company with a similar product.

  • Sy84

    Overall rating


    See all details with my review before you decide.
    i started using solidcommerce ( channelsmanager ) 5 months ago. They called me and negotiated the rates and i was fine signing one years lease which saves 50% activation fees which is super high fees that they don't really do anything to activate . Even starters can activate so it's super overprice for activation fees. Anyway i needed to use them since i was confident that i would fix dropship file with their software and signed the lease and started to get a call for 5 days and 1 hour each from " dedicated account manager " you will never hear from him after that 5 days so please consider there is no dedicated account manager at all.

    Myself is computer and inventory system savvy person and that's how i was able to understand and got it work for me and anyone who is not very savvy will not be able to use this system at all. Let me explain their features one by one.

    1 - Inventory management : TERRIBLE!! their multiwarehouse/vendor feature is a HUGE LIE. It's not working and has been 2 months and nobody fixed it. What's the point of using inventory management if you have to do things manual. It has been in development queue.. i know they wont fix it. Now i understand when i negotiate with them , they said they are expensive bc their customers are usually seasonal. I understand it now because i will be seasonal too.

    2- Listing to marketplaces : 🙂 It's working fine but many times i got errors and had problems which i needed to find a way to fix it since you are on your own please remember that you must be savvy to this systems.

    3- Repricing : 😉 Its 5 out of 10. Its very simple comparing to any other repricing. Not too many option.

    4- order management :;) not even one thing better than any other solution on the market.

    5- Shipping software : ::) i would think twice if shipping part has to be very fast. First of all they accept that their software for shipping sucks. Especially after shipstation , using their system makes me feel like leaving ferrrari and getting on a donkey. Its not a web-based solution and you must install it to your computer. It always crushes no matter how great computer you have. it does not show you shipping zones and if the address residential or business. They have integration another shipping software and it sucks as well.

    6- Customer service: ❗ MINUS 5 out of 100. First of all they make you think that they have live support which never exist. They get back to you 6-7 hours later if you are lucky person. You have dedicated account manager (!) which never replies your questions. You sent message it goes to Tier one who are there to hold you for one business day then transfer your question to Tier 2 who are the people that i can definitely know their system better than them. Then they transfer to Tier 3 which is the developers and of course they know the answer but until you get there, it takes 3-4 days. If you are high volume seller, i am not sure if you should go with them because you may lose big sales during Xmas or any other day.

    7- Pricing : At least $200 . they take commission from your sales and they are sayin they have flat rates which is a big lie for high volume sellers since they are still asking your volume and want to charge more.

    Over all : Its definitely not for small sellers because its very expensive. Its not for very high volume sellers ( 300+ orders per day ) because customer service sucks and your time is valuable than their. Its good computer and excel savvy person who sells between 60-200 order per day and who can also handles emergency problems without asking help to customer service. I would rate 2 stars out of 5 because of shipping solution, customer service , pricing is very unsuccessful . I would be ok with the rest.

    Thank you for reading

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      Hi Sy84,

      I saw your comment below regarding your experience with our support department and wanted to reach out personally to see how I can help make things right. Please PM me your contact details so that we can touch base.

      Thank you,

      Alex K.
      Manager, Support Department
      Solid Commerce

      Customer service: ❗ MINUS 5 out of 100. First of all they make you think that they have live support which never exist. They get back to you 6-7 hours later if you are lucky person. You have dedicated account manager (!) which never replies your questions. You sent message it goes to Tier one who are there to hold you for one business day then transfer your question to Tier 2 who are the people that i can definitely know their system better than them. Then they transfer to Tier 3 which is the developers and of course they know the answer but until you get there, it takes 3-4 days. If you are high volume seller, i am not sure if you should go with them because you may lose big sales during Xmas or any other day

  • sharone

    Overall rating

    Solid Fraude, That's the real name

    Do Not Fall for the trap, they will be nice smiling and helpful till the second you pay. once you pay, you are done.
    good luck getting help and be ready to find out how much this system is crappy and dosent even do 20% of they claim.

  • Emirates

    Overall rating

    Disaster - waste of our time - avoid at all costs!

    Avoid at all costs or it will be at great cost to you and your staff. A massive waste of time in trying to get the software to work. We could not get it to work.

    Website Sales pitch - good but thats as good as it gets.

    Salespitch - not trained - made false promises about software capabilities.

    Training - it took 11 days to get training organized and three weeks later still not completed. You pay for integration and training, with a money back guarantee for 10 days. They extended it to 14 as we had so many issues trying to get the program to integrate. But it never did, a simple upload constantly failed.

    Reporting - has little to no ability to pull reports, we learned in training!

    Broken promises - does not work with It can't get any more basic than that.

    CEO - does not respond to emails. From the top to the bottom with this company it appears that this is the reaction, slow or no response.

    Technical support - untrained, refer you to videos (that you have already watched) to attempt to answer your questions. They do not and instead waste more of your time. The technical support have no clue.

    Chat - it can take 1.5 hours to answer a question and you are told "we are busy with other customers".

    Excuses - so many but here are our favorites - we have so many customers, you should have not been told that (false sales pitches), we will get back to you, let me refer you to another department (they did but either they never contacted us ore were as useless), I will refer you to another manager, we don't get complaints, we have 2000 customers using our software who don't have problems.

    Emails - don't get answered or if does it can takes days. The answers usually refer you to a video, that does not help or is updated.

    No followup - no customer service, they have no clue of what it is like trying to get the service you paid for to actually work.

    Software - could never get it to work so can't comment if it actually works. We tried for 3 weeks and filed a termination.

    Refund - they did this right. WE REFUNDED ON THE LAST DAY to avoid the next issue of losing our money paid for "training".

    At the end of the day, this company has little leadership from management, no clue of customer support, pathetic technical support and if they don't invest some cash in training the folks they have and hiring more people - they will go out of business taking your time and money with them.

    Avoid at all costs, or it will cost you, at the very least a huge amount of your time. You are better to go back to your excel spreadsheet than use Solid Commerce.

  • hobby titan

    Overall rating

    They don't care.

    I am writing this review here because by looking at other posts, I have seen more replies on this review site than I've had by actually being their customer for the last 16 months. I am thinking that if I air my issues here then someone might actually get back to me about them. I would love it if we could have a public exchange of customer service here so that Solid Commerce would have an opportunity to show that they can address our complaints.

    Response times

    The best we could get was one response per day by email. You get one answer to one question a day. Don't bother sending a list of questions in an email, they will answer the first question and ignore the rest. If you call and someone actually answers then they will "get back to you" about your questions after they find them out for you. This makes learning how to use the software arduous to say the least.

    I tried to call a supervisor about this, but I do believe they forward their phones to an outsourced messaging service and so even after leaving messages twice I was never able to talk to someone about my issues with my account representative.

    Escalating Issues

    Issues don't seem to get resolved they get "escalated." Currently, we have an issue where only part of the order is synced with the shipping software . The order will get partially picked and mailed out and we won't know that we've messed up until an unhappy customer lets us know. We've contacted Solid Commerce about this. They have admitted that it is an issue and they "escalated" it. It has not been resolved for 2 months. About 1% of our orders are messed up in this way. For us this is about 30 orders a month. Imagine coming in everyday to an email that says, "Hey, you messed up my order!" This problem has pushed us over the edge and is why we are now considering taking our business elsewhere.

    Solid Ship
    Part of the reason that we switched from our previous marketplace management system was because of the features that were promised in Solid Commerce's shipping software Solid Ship. Unfortunately, Solid Ship did not live up to any of its hype and we had to go back to and continue paying for ShipWorks. Solid Ship claimed to offer functionality that would allow you to scan your order as you picked it and flag errors if picking errors are made. That didn't work. We could not even get Solid Ship to synchronize correctly with Endicia so that we could print shipping labels. Support was taking so long that we gave up on using it.

    Buggy Updates
    We had a problem where our inventory levels were being severely messed up. After doing a complete inventory, only a couple of weeks later we would see items with wildly wrong quantities. This would cause us to sell lots of things we didn't have and not sell things we did have. We asked Solid Commerce for help and they claimed that their logs showed that we had done bad uploads ourselves and there was nothing wrong on their end. We tried to tell them that we had not done the uploads the logs were showing and they "escalated" the issue. This problem lasted for 2 months and we got no help from Solid Commerce. (Which we were pretty much used to at this point.)

    We figured it out ourselves, however. Solid Commerce uses a widget that works in Excel and allows you to upload quantities and changes to items. The widget is supposed to update automatically. However, on the last update, ours did not update. We had no idea that our widget was outdated and it was causing us to upload wrong quantities of things.

    No Support Representative

    Our last representative seemed like a nice guy but he left the company. 2 and 1/2 months later we got a name for our new "representative." However, they didn't give us any way to contact that new person and we still have not heard from them to this day and have no representative. It's been 6-8 weeks.

    I do want to say that Laina contacted us and was very nice although not that helpful.

  • ScoreBig

    Overall rating

    Great potential but nothing beyond that

    We began using Solid Commerce 7 months ago and have not had a good experience. The program was born out of helping manufacturers to liquidate overstocks through online channels, offering it to merchants was not its intended design we were told. That genesis is the primary reason that the program is not intuitive to users; it wasn't designed for us.

    Many of the programs pieces do work but for seemingly random reasons, very many do not...and no one at the company has any explanation. If you are relying on this to sell products across multiple channels the trust in the service needs to be very high. Solid Commerce isn't even close in our experience.

    Most frustrating is that their "Support" team consists of a few front line people who are unable to answer concerns. They pass them on to an expert for "further review". Response times are days or weeks, not hours. The second level support team as far as we can tell consists of 1 guy and he is seriously overwhelmed. We have had several of our issues "referred on to development" which we believe is code for "we have no idea how to handle this so we're going to sweep it under the rug and forget about it". Since the company wrote the program you would think their responses should be timely and accurate. Maybe we have outlier issues because we sell clothing and all of our products have parent-child relationships and color/size variations; we can't figure it out.

    Appeals to upper management fall on deaf ears.

    If they hire more (and more program specific educated) support people and fix the problem of employees leaving (both our sales person and our training specialist have left the company already) and they re-write the program to be user friendly then they may be a great choice for multi-channel management software. But if management doesn't respond to customers concerns then it's unlikely for any of that to happen.

    As with all SaaS's like this, once you decide to use them your relationship is symbiotic. If they don't perform as advertised then you're stuck and have to make a decision that you hoped you wouldn't have to make.

  • JacksDeals

    Overall rating

    Best Company Ever (almost)

    I saw this page with bad reviews and I had to write something. I love SolidCommerce and I wouldn’t be growing as a business if it were not for this software and these people. My current account manager is amazing: he has given me a tremendous amount of help navigating eBay, setting up feeds from my vendors, introducing me to new marketplaces, and he has even fixed a few issues we caused ourselves. Sometimes he is too busy and I call the support line, people get busy.

    I use the Quickbooks integration and while the initial offering was rockey, I am thrilled with the new integration. It has been helpful and efficient.

    I love that there are easy ways to use Excel. It means I don’t have to train new staff in a software package. I can give them a tool they already know, while having more advanced tools available for trained staff.

    I started with just myself as a side business three years ago, now I have 8 full time people and 2 part-timers. I credit a lot of that growth to SolidCommerce. I am able to run eBay, Amazon, New Egg, and Sears as well as 5 web stores, all in SolidCommerce.

    A lot of the complaints fall under the moniker of “garbage in, garbage out.” If you have bad habits and bad data, no system will work for you, it will just make matters worse. If Amazon has taught us anything, e-commerce is a data driven game. You must have clean, usable data to list; your inventory has to be spot on before you place it into a software package; you need to know the rules of the marketplaces you want to sell in; and the data feeds you get from your vendors has to be impeccable. No software can clean up crud and make it pretty. Software speeds up your process, good and bad.

    When I started, I was listing on eBay with a single small store. I used the listing and shipping pieces. Today I actually have orders that need management. Orders for my vendors are automatically routed to them, orders for us are organized into easy to read pick-lists, we use some bar coding functionality which is great, when I had an issue with NewEgg my account manager had NewEgg on the phone within minutes, my shipping process is super simple with discounted shipping and easy rules for choosing USPS/FedEx/UPS as needed, we are in the process of adding some additional lines of business because adding new vendors and stores really is that easy. When I asked about adding a completely new marketplace, one that they don’t support, I was immediately given instructions on a work around with my account manager actively helping me simplify the process. When I was thinking about selling internationally, out popped some training on the good, bad, and ugly that I needed to consider and who could help me.

    The review about a contract makes no sense to me. I don’t have a contract, one of the selling points when I started was that there wasn’t a contract. No one has ever suggested a contract. I pay as I go.

    Yes, the UI is ugly, I am not much to look at either but I certainly can get the job done.

    Have there been bumps in the road? Absolutely but far less than I have had with any Microsoft product. Maybe that isn’t the best compliment. But the software works. Like any software, every once in a while there is a hiccup.

    Cons: Sometimes my account manager is too busy to get back to me and I need to call the support line.
    I want to learn even more about the software at my own speed, it would be nice to have a user manual or even some videos.

  • ScarfKing

    Overall rating

    There are better companies out there

    I wish I had read some of these reviews before I wasted so many hours trying to make this software work, and who knows how many more hours trying to get my money back.

    I sell on ebay, Amazon, a BigCommerce site and my brick and mortar store. I found software to connect my B & M store to BigCommerce, and explained my situation clearly to the very genial Solid Commerce salesperson. Obviously, I needed to constantly pull the updated inventory numbers from BigCommerce into Solid Commerce, where they would be pushed out to Ebay and Amazon. Continuous updating is a basic function of an software of this type. I was told Solid Commerce could do this, and agreed to let them charge my card a $1200 setup fee.

    We began training. The user interface is not particularly user friendly and we ran into bugs which stopped our progress and necessitated me changing the workflow I had planned around Solid Commerce. My initially very pleasant trainer became frustrated and things began to go downhill. Delays in getting my main website up (due partly to not being able to load images via Solid Commerce because of bugs) slowed us down more.

    Finally after many hours of training, I was told that, in fact, Solid Commerce could only load inventory figures from Big Commerce once, not continually, as any sort of platform integration would require and as I was told before starting. Result: a massive waste of time on all sides. I am out my time and employee time I paid for them to sit in on the training sessions.

    Okay: systems are complicated and human beings misunderstand each other. The salesman apologized graciously, but the manager admitted no error and basically blamed me for it. In order to put it behind me and not waste any more time, I offered to let them keep $300 if they would promptly refund the other $900. They said they would check with the billing department, and at that point they stopped answering my emails. I am now locked in a dispute with them to try to get back the money they charged me for a service that could never work for me in the first place.

    Other comments: unpleasant user interface, poor response other than from my account manager (any other queries disappeared into a black hole) and, generally just seems like a distant second to other programs like Ordoro.

    Buyer beware

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      To address a point made that Solid Commerce cannot continuously import inventory numbers from Big Commerce, I'd like to offer a bit more information about our functionality.

      Solid Commerce is designed to function as the merchant's true source of information. The software's configuration enables clients to perform a data import directly through the API into the Solid Commerce account to allow for an easy transition to a new ecommerce platform. Merchants will manage their listings through Solid Commerce from that point on, including any necessary inventory updates, that are automatically communicated to all integrated channels.

      For those merchants with existing POS connections into their web cart, Solid Commerce offers a QuickBooks POS integration (as well as an accounting integration) to manage the brick and mortar side of the business.

      Solid Commerce is a platform packed with a multitude of powerful solutions. This inherently requires a certain level of complexity to the interface to provide sellers with the advanced capabilities they have grown to expect from the platform. Having said that, any feedback provided in regards to improving the use and experience on the platform is greatly appreciated.

      At Solid Commerce, we welcome constructive criticism. However, I would like to set the record straight in regards to your billing concern. We replied two days after you inquired into the refund and agreed to provide the $300 refund.

      Thank you for your time and we wish you the best.


  • admin

    Overall rating

    Promises, Promises

    We took on Solid Commerce earlier this year, after an extensive search.

    There were a lot of promises that looked awfully good. Quickbooks integration, multiple marketplaces...

    The full story is a little different. Setup costs are quite high considering what you get for it. When you read their pricing, make sure you read it correctly- your rate goes down on the amount OVER the initial price, not as a whole. Minor details.

    In short, there are no help docs. You have to talk to your manager, who may/may not be available even on a critical issue. Setting up takes weeks because you have one hour calls with them. The shipping setup never worked. Ever. We skipped it. Adding products to multiple marketplaces is possible, but it can be messy.

    You have to be a .csv samurai to use this software. Uploading your products in bulk takes a .csv upload that you configure, it's not automatic. If you have two websites, you have to open a second account, and take data from that and move it to the other one regularly.

    Quickbooks integration isn't integration. It's another .csv which you must manually import. That was a big selling point for us, and an export/import doesn't mean integration. We never used that, either.

    Overall, SC has the IDEA, but they don't have the interface. I would venture to say it was just as easy to do things manually as use their solution. The only thing it did well was keep inventory on track- oh, and our account manager was real nice.

  • SCisPoorAtBest

    Overall rating


    Solid Commerce has been such a pain to work with. The two reps that we had were pretty bad, they all seem to have a ton of attitude, and no one seems to have a sense of partnership or care to want to help. Things that were promised to us were not delivered upon, and it was a terrible experience overall. If you're expecting to gain a partner by working with this company, someone that cares about the growth of your business, guess again...stay clear.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      Hello there -- we're so sorry to hear that you had a less-than-stellar experience with our software.

      We're trying hard to make sure that our customer experience is exactly as it should be, and are really interested in dealing with any problems, so that our customers don't have to bump into them ever again.

      If it's not too much trouble, would you mind private messaging us some details about your account and experience?

      We'd love to talk about how we can make things better, and deal with any internal issues that our support program might be having.

  • bownut

    Overall rating

    Decent, Time-Saver, but has issues

    Will save you A LOT of time if you are not currently using an inventory management system.
    After initial investment, VERY inexpensive monthly fees.
    All-in-one solution (inventory, packing, shipping)
    Barcoded packing slips
    Ability to print pick lists with storage locations
    Inventory kitting

    West Coast hours restrictive to East Coast customers
    Mostly bad experience with account reps
    Unresolved glitches
    Little to not training literature/media available.

    DESCRIPTION: Solid Commerce is a multiple channel inventory system. Using spreadsheets your feed your listing and inventory data to SC and they feed it to sites such as Amazon (AZ), eBay (EB), and 3DCart (3DC) and update inventory and pull orders from those sites.

    OUR HISTORY: We do approximately $300K in sales. Prior to adopting SC we used a spreadsheet to keep our inventory, rather poorly I might add, between retail, AZ, EB, Etsy, and our website. We used for shipping our goods. We had to give up Etsy when migrating, but they have said we could possibly hire them to integrate us with Etsy. Migrated 3/12.

    TRAINING/MIGRATION: You are assigned an account rep to train you via GoToMeeting. There is very little literature or media to reference. There is still a lot about the system I have never used or been trained on. There is a steep learning curve. However, once you get it, it is definitely helpful keeping up with your inventory. Migration is painful because you have to take all of your existing data and put it in the spreadsheet.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: We requested a new rep after working with our first for several weeks because he was condescending and rude. Our second rep was wonderful and he was promoted. Our third rep is horrible. We rarely have phone interaction, he doesn't follow up when he says, solutions are not finished even close to his estimates, our emails go unanswered for days, and we still have unresolved issues that seem relatively basic.

    PACKING/SHIPPING: We had to switch from to Endicia, which we're not a fan of because let us see the shipping estimate before printing and that helps us figure out if our shipping is set incorrectly, and SC/Endicia doesn't have the APO/FPO completely right. You have to create a bunch of rules that process your packages and once you do that, it thinks for you. YOU CANNOT BEAT the barcoded packing slips. Basically you scan the barcode, hit enter, and the system pulls the order, weighs the package, and prints the label. AWESOME!

    LISTINGS: We have found that the system isn't perfect or fully integrated to feed to AZ, EB, and 3DC plus we didn't receive enough or adequate training on doing so. We haven't been able to feed parent/child listings to AZ with success (it could be our fault but instead of waiting indefinitely to get the help we needed we directly feed to AZ and let it pull into SC), our "Calculated Shipping" rule NEVER shows up on our EB listings even though it is in SC so we have to fix all new and relisted listings manually, we have an issue with pictures and shipping weights showing up incorrectly on 3DCart, when a variation goes out of stock on 3DCart it doesn't auto relist that has to be done manually. Same with ebay. These problems have cost us revenue.

    INVENTORY: This is a tremendous time saver. We upload our inventory and it tracks sales and removes sold inventory. We LOVE the kitting ability so that we can input a single inventory item, like a 12-pk and sell it as a 1-pk, or a 2-pk without having to piece it out ourselves. Some parts of the system like manual and mobile order entry don't work.

    OVERALL: The price is right even with the quirks. We have identified them and know the workarounds, although we wish it were better. We looked at ChannelAdvisor and found it would take four or five different systems pieced together to do what SC is doing for us at $700+ more per month. I'm not sure how big they are, but I've decided to stay a ho...

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      Hello, and thanks for the very balanced (and thorough!) review. We always appreciate feedback.

      In terms of your support experience, we might be able to help you out. We've got a dedicated support site ( with a lot of literature and reference materials.

      We'd love to dialogue with you via private message about your experiences so that we can deal with the more negative ones internally.

      The shipping estimate issue is tied to the way we integrate with Endicia. We're developing a way to get these quotes to display accurately, and will post an announcement soon.

      We've upgraded our system to support the AFP and FPO issues much better, though we were definitely having some issues with them in the past.

      (To be continued...)

  • SolidCommerceCanSuckIt

    Overall rating

    SolidCommerce RUINED our Business!!!

    The staff is completely incompetent! They created more problems than they solved! They had the worst response time, and did not include any literature with our purchase! They only gave us about 10 hours of customer service support and expected us to run a multi-million dollar e-commerce company with that! They expected that we be mind readers and figure out the rest ourselves! They cost us thousands of labor hours and during the integration period our sales dropped dramatically. If you are in business to make money steer clear of SOLID COMMERCE!

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      Hi there -- we're quite sorry to hear that you had such an unpleasant experience! We're really committed to making sure our customer experience is exactly what it should be, and are very concerned with making sure we address the problems you've mentioned here.

      Currently, our business model includes unlimited interaction with a dedicated account manager, as we want to make sure everyone is able to use our software to the best of their ability.

      We're very sorry that you found our support program to be inadequate. We know it's been quite some time since you gave us a try, and we apologize for the delay.

      If you're at all interested in getting in touch, we would love to talk about finding out a way to compensate you for your experience, and hopefully make Solid Commerce worth your while. Feel free to direct message us any time. 🙂

  • gizmo1922

    Overall rating

    A nightmare

    This software is for large companies if your a small business RUN away. It is expensive, and requires a lifetime to learn and train others. It your a big business then fine it is probably for you.

    1. Reply from Solid Commerce

      Hi there! We're sorry to hear that Solid Commerce didn't work there anything we can do to address your concerns or make the situation better?

      We actually specialize in online selling for smaller and medium-sized businesses, and our business model includes a dedicated account manager for every customer so that smaller organizations can have an easier time learning the software.

      Other than cost, was there anything about the Solid Commerce experience that you found particularly lacking? We'd like to try and make sure every aspect of our solution is easy to use, understand, and generally deal with (for companies of all sizes).

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