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StreetPricer is a dynamic repricing, competitor analysis and price monitoring tool for serious eBay sellers.

It helps sellers build sales momentum, react quickly to price changes, identify new stock lines and compete on price. StreetPricer uses artificial intelligence (AI) automation without the need to input keywords, and works with all eBay sites, multiple stores, multiple currencies, and 10,000,000+ listings.

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From $75 per month to $750 per month

Trial Length: 14 days

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    Ease of Use

    Street prices basis price changes on unrealistic unstudied prices

    What were the positives?

    There are no positives the only thing that might be helpful is one can target legitimate competitors but one can do this themselves manually Basically what Streetpricer does is exactly what sellers do not want they encourage a “race to the bottom” creating a lower price syndrome It is not positive but instead destructive.

    Any negatives?

    There are no positives The Company uses algorithms not historical facts to reprice This simply does not work and ends up costing sellers sales and profits. It is a typical “race to the bottom” syndrome. Will it get more sales Yes if you want to give away merchandise for less profit.


    Overall when prices are raised items do not sell and when lowered sometimes daily they sell when they hit the floor. It does not take a brain surgeon to see this it is clearly a company that prides themselves on sales but the sales are profit drainers.

  • Aquaneo

    Overall rating

    eBay repricer

    I truly think StreetPricer is the best thing since sliced bread. Lol ?? Their platform is so easy to set up and maintain. I’ve tried several repricers over the years and this is by far the easiest to use. Their Radar system that finds competitors products is so good. All systems I’ve tried bring in noise or products that don’t quite match what you're looking for. But Streetpricers system works much better and even the noise that comes in, you can easily mark as not foe as they put it. It’s easy to learn and easy to use! And their one to one support has been great.

  • Buhin

    Overall rating

    Very good product

    It is a very good product which I have been looking for years. It will keep track of your your competitors pricing on eBay automatically. Saves you lots of manpower especially if you have thousands of items for sale. As far as I know, there is no such powerful product except this up until now.

    It is easy to setup and also easy to use.

    Support is good also, response time is short. And pricing is very reasonable. Very satisfied. Highly recommended product for professional eBay seller.

  • mattdeering7

    Overall rating

    Best eBay pricing software and company I have found

    What were the positives?

    Well first and most important the service works extremely well and is very easy to setup. Once setup correctly It really does a amazing job doing what it does, and I know I don't need to watch it all the time because it seems to work very well without issues.

    Any negatives?

    I can't really think of much, they have been great to work with. Anything that I needed tailored to my needs they have been able to help with.


    They have been great to deal with, always respond very fast to emails. They have also been very great at listening to my needs and making changes or upgrades specific to my needs.

  • ClareF

    Overall rating

    Must have for any ebay business + fantastic support team

    Streetpricer was and continues to be, a dream to deal with. Andrew & Cardy took the time to understand our business, train the staff, and listen to any feedback we had. Streetpricer is a crucial part of our ebay business, we wouldn't be able to remain truly competitive without it.

    - Quick responses via email
    - Willing to take feedback and make addons for the software
    - Software is easy to use & understand (which is so important!)

    Thanks again Streetpricer for making our ecommerce lives easier 🙂

  • hchan

    Overall rating

    No hesitation in recommending Streetpricer!!

    Excellent product 😀 it’s helped us a lot in identifying well selling items, new competitors etc. allowed us to grow our business rapidly by automating selling price changes, we can always keep our products competitive in the market. It also allowed us to set a floor price and ceiling price for our range of products to avoid under cost / overpriced that can damage the business. 😉
    Their support is brilliant. They get back to you very quickly, highly professional and are very helpful with any issue.
    I am very happy with Streetpricer overall and definitely recommend this product to others.

  • Gabriel G

    Overall rating

    Amazing new product to help beat the competition

    In a highly competitive market, its good to have the edge against your competitors. This product gives you that competitive edge. The Best thing about it is the Automation, I really don't have the time to adjust my pricing individually, so this feature is my favourite.

    The team at StreetPricer couldn't have been any better. I felt personal attention and most of the set up work was done for me. This was very important to me as I just don't have the time to figure out the integration.

    I am very impressed overall and plan on adding more products to the range.

    Thank you,

  • Duane N

    Overall rating

    A Simply Powerful Tool

    I was looking for a tool to simply manage the impossible task of keeping a close eye on the endless number of competitors that would be otherwise impossible to track. After an extensive search I finally found what I was looking for. StreetPricer is very easy to use. I used to dread searching competitor items endlessly for hours on end. Now my competition is right here at my finger tips. The StreetPricer support staff is always available to address any issues I am having and they always have an answer for my questions. Within a month I was able to identify competitors I had no idea existed. The auto pricer is spot on and does exactly what I need it to do. Time is money and this tool saves time and does an amazing job of being the secret weapon working behind the scenes managing the competition instead of fighting the competition.

  • Keisha Bevan

    Overall rating

    Great Product Highly Recommended

    What were the positives?

    This allows us to monitor competitor prices without having to manually check each of our 4000 listings! 😉

    Any negatives?

    We found once you have set up each product you can move on to the next and you don't have to worry about the pricing. 😀


    Very knowledgeable and friendly support 8) Easy to get a hold of when we need to ask a question! ❓ They are also consumer driven if you have special requirements they will endeavour to implement what you need. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • martin979

    Overall rating

    Like a drug, use it once and you cant live without it

    We started to use this a few months ago and daily its becoming central to our operations and marketing strategies.
    There have been some of the normal glitches but the response time, customer service and training was quick and effective.
    They are working hard to continue the development and already we have experienced additional functionality and reporting so anything thats lacking at the moment seems to be in the pipeline.
    StreetPricer is everything I have been looking for to maintain my competitive position and market insights.

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