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Tiuiti offer integrated digital marketing solutions specialized in eCommerce.

Services include Google Shopping management, paid search campaign management, Amazon sales acceleration, shopping channel management, and Facebook performance marketing.

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Travis Alvord

Travis Alvord

2020-10-16 09:39:06

Absolutely horrible company for digital marketing

What where the positives?

No positives, unfortunately.

Any negatives?

This company was absolutely incompetent. We had to fire them after less than 8 weeks for making a series of horrible decisions. When testing new ad copy, they kept poorly performing ads running for over a month. This cost us over $7,000 compared to our existing ads. If they had been paying attention, they would have seen statistically significant decreases in CTR within a day or two and disabled the poorly-performing ads. I had to do that for them. Next, they implemented three new campaigns with no oversight, resulting in $4000 ad spend for only 7 conversions. Again, I had to disable the bad campaigns. And as a cherry on top, I just discovered that they changed our call extensions to treat phone calls as conversions, something they never discussed with us. This has cost us more than $300,000 over last few years. Less serious frustrations include lost sales due to budget limitations. When asked about this, we were told the budget was kept in place to keep CPAs down, which makes no sense as CPA targets were being used. Also, several top performing keywords in Bing Ads had their bids reduced to a level too low for the ad to even appear, resulting in further lost clicks and sales. I corrected both of these issues.


Overall, no noticeable improvement was seen in our account performance after hiring Tinuiti, whereas they repeatedly made the asinine changes to our PPC account with no oversight or accountability, wasting literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

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