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Tradebox is an accountancy plug-in for online sellers wishing to impose financial control over their online trading activities. Designed as middleware, Finance Manager acts as an automated bookkeeping tool, downloading orders from eBay, Amazon and ecommerce websites into the UK versions of Sage 50 accounts.

In conjunction with Sage, Finance Manager enables the online retailer to Manage, Control and Account for their online sales and stock.

  • Windows Software
  • United Kingdom
Sage 50 (UK Version only)
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Pricing & Trial

From £200 per quarter (one channel) to £500 per quarter (10 or more channels).
All prices are subject to VAT.

Trial Length: 14 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Linnworks
  • BigCommerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PayPal
  • Roman Cart
  • Shopify
  • Zen Cart
  • Sage

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7 Reviews

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  • Karen @ Glue Galore

    Overall rating

    Brilliant piece of kit!

    I have been using Tradebox for 3 years now. It is a great piece of software that downloads my orders (from various channels) directly into my sage accounts. It dispatches orders with 1 click, prints picking & packing lists, generates labels and provides a quick summary of your sales (by channel volume, value and so on). It would cost a fortune to pay a member of staff to do what Tradebox does!
    The team at Tradebox HQ are fantastic; they always answer the phone quickly and deal with any issues with maximum efficiency.
    I would 100% recommend Tradebox. If anybody has any questions, I Am happy to help!

  • richardcraddock

    Overall rating

    Excellent software, great people. Highly recommended.

    We purchased Tradebox recently. With quick and easy installation and excellent support, this software has saved us so much time and money within a couple of weeks.

    All of our invoicing now takes a matter of minutes a day, and there is no room for manual errors.

    Excellent software, great people. Highly recommended.

  • Tim Chorlton

    Overall rating

    Beware of the Sales Director!

    A real slick performer.

    Not interested when we finally realised that the product was not for us and it did not do what we were led to believe.

    We were admittedly outside of the 30 days of the initial install (but not 30 days after the 5.3 update).

    Sales Director very hard to get hold of and did not return calls.

    Caveat Emptor.

    1. Reply from Tradebox

      Tim this is simply not true. You changed your mind 3 months after purchasing an annual licence. Your request for a refund was turned down because it was outside of the 30 days policy. You then accused us of miss-selling you the software and threatened to rubbish our reputation if we didn't accede to your request. I have sent you the email trail of questions and answers prior to your purchase which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that every question you asked was answered truthfully and also that the advice given fitted your requirements at the time. Clearly these requirements have subsequently changed and you want us to assume responsibility for your choices. Because we have refused you have posted negative reviews on several platforms, as you threatened to do.

      Caveat Emptor indeed! If you don't get your own way everyone can beware.

  • Jyan

    Overall rating

    Did not work at all on Windows Vista Home Premium

    Was sold this by Tradebox without asking me which version of Vista I run, I installed it but it just does not run at all (not even once), now told the software is not supported on Windows Vista Home - although it "sometimes works" on it apparently. Not impressed by the sales people or the developers who clearly haven't done a very good job - why should I have a dearer version of Vista? I have no problem with any other software on my computer and I run a hell of lot of programs, and no it's not a problem with Windows permissions. Fair play they did try and resolve it but ultimately failed.

    1. Reply from Tradebox

      Sorry to take issue with you Ian but Tradebox Finance Manager DOES work on Vista Home and IS supported by Tradebox. You do NOT need to buy a "dearer" version of Vista, the Home edition is compatible and works perfectly well. I've taken a bitmap illustrating this, which can be downloaded from,

      Admittedly, it doesn't work on your PC but we have firmly established that this is NOT because of Vista Home. The truth is we have yet to establish why Finance Manager will not work on your particular pc. However, after checking our records we have established that 127 of our 619 customers are using a Home edition of Vista. To date non have failed to get the solution installed and working.

      Needless to say, we will continue to work with you on a solution to get the software working on your pc. Anytime you wish to stop this process you can have a full refund.

  • totalfunz

    Overall rating

    Excellent product!

    Excellent product! Does everything is says 'on the box' and more. Responsive, helpful and friendly support, fully supported free trial, features being added regularly... one less member of staff needed

  • johndon

    Overall rating

    Great stuff!!

    Recently downloaded the trial version and it does everything they say it does extremely well. Simple to setup and even easier to use, I can already see how it's going to save a huge amount of time.

    Will definately be buying it as soon as the trial runs out, highly recommended.

  • anguscharlton

    Overall rating

    Outstanding easy to use product whihc saved us £1000's

    We bought this product quite a while ago and it has saved us a load of money, time, effort and stress. We do around 1000 sales per month on ebay and it handles all our auctions and brings all the data back to sage software for us, producing invoices. Previosuly to having this software we had members of staff spending days inputting invoices and sorting out payments in Sage.

    We hgihly recommend this product amd feel free to contact us if you want more information

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