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Webinterpret imports domestic eBay listings and translates them, converts product prices, and lists and synchronizes new items on eBay’s international sites.

For online store sellers on Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, Webinterpret’s fully managed Google Shopping ecommerce solution distributes existing product feeds with buyers worldwide.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

Pricing & Trial

Pay as you go plan: 5%+$1.29 per transaction ($9.99 monthly minimum).
Pro package: 5%+$49.99 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • All eBay Websites

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  • scott

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Good proffit

    What were the positives?

    They do all the leg work

    Any negatives?

    Customer service is better than it used to be but some of them have really strong foreign accents and I find it difficult at times to understand but thats not there fault. I live in the north east uk and they find it difficult to understand me so......


    Have used webintrepet for around a year now and my American and European sales have sored, average £300 to these countries before webintrepet, now average £3000 - £4000 with webintrepet. I make a listing and upload to UK ebay and they automatically upload to all the other countries within a few hours, all translated. I can cover the monthly fees in the first few hours of the first day of the month, it pays for itself.

    Now ebay are moving to managed payments I don't know whats going to happen though. Sad times

  • Linda Puertes

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Horrible company, No phone support

    What were the positives?

    -They increase sales in international markets more so than if you didn't have them. but are they worth the headache?

    Any negatives?

    Where to start?
    -NO phone support, horrible tutorials
    -They are a new company and still haven't figured out how to provide support and be user friendly
    -Impossible to keep track of inventory, if you 2 of an item and its in several market places, you may end up selling more than the inventory you have!
    -If change prices on one Platform lets say USA, it doesn't translate to other platforms so you suddenly get sales of OLD prices and none have been updated in other market places
    -Shipping issues Internationally, too many to write down


    -They need to provide better customer support. Its messing up my ebay store and rating. Its actually damaged my store due to being chaotic and no support and unable to keep inventory report properly and shipping issues

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    A real boost to eBay sales - worth it!

    What were the positives?

    - 40 percent sales increase
    -new customers and repeat business

    Any negatives?

    -problem with customers buying accidentally in more than one currency causing problems with invoicing and combined shipment payment and discounts.
    -would prefer telephone support
    -a few times customers buy quickly in two markets simultaneously. Problem in there is only one item to sell - too quick for the eBay token to recognize sale.


    It has been a real boost to visibility and sales. I find the price quite reasonable and have always been surprised to see complaints.

  • richard

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    lousy company

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    lousy company
    they charge 4k per year in fees
    for countries that are english speaking mainly
    so very little translation required
    not a good step to use going forward on ebay
    do the leg work yourself is better and save record high fees


    no real benefit
    they just milk you monthly on fees

    1. Reply from Webinterpret

      Dear Richard,

      Thank you very much for sharing an opinion about our service. We are very sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with our offering.

      We’ve reached out to our colleagues from the Customer Care Team and saw that you were in touch with them regarding your case.
      As you have mentioned translations in your review, we would like to take the opportunity to clarify that point. Our solution not only translates but also localizes your listings. We also convert sizes and synchronise your stock. The wholesome solution supports our customers in reaching international buyers and growing their cross-border sales.

      Once again we would like to thank you for sharing a review of our service. It will help us improve the way we work in the future.

      Best regards,
      Your Webinterpret Team

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Warning Do NOT install Webinterpret!

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    Invasive code from Webinterpret created near catastrophic issues with CSS on our Shopify site. NO follow up support as promised, to help uninstall.


    When we tried Webinterpret around 3 years ago, their buggy plugin crashed our Shopify site and was Very Difficult to Fully Extract Invasive Code. Their sales team tried to offer us their "services" again in the past few months and when we brought up our difficulty with uninstalling their plugin-app and lack of follow up support from their team, we were met with nebulous and very unsatisfactory answers to any processes on how it might be resolved a 2nd time around.

    Around 3 years ago, WebInterpret was suggested by PayPal sales as a "partner" for global commerce and poorly, very poorly never delivered on that promise. After we contacted their "support" team to describe the problem with their code, how it affected our ecomm site and asked for tech support to uninstall, we never heard from them again.

    It came at great expense to our new company at the time, many extra man hours to find and extract the invasive, buggy code.

    A great measure of any business is, "service after the sale", and Webinterpret was nowhere to be found and provided no service or support whatsoever when we had a problem with their plugin-app.

  • Webinterpret

    Dear Prometheus,

    As we announced earlier this year, Webinterpret’s service for Online Stores is now run by Glopal - an independent entity created to accommodate the needs of online store sellers better. 
We’ve checked in our system, and we saw that you resigned from our service in 2017. Since then we’ve introduced changes not only to our solutions but as mentioned before the online stores part of the business is now managed by Glopal. Should you have any questions or are looking for a confirmation that your store was disconnected from our service 3 years ago, our Glopal colleagues will be able to provide you with one. 

    Kind regards, 

    Alex from Webinterpret

  • Emilis

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    non-compliance with the agreement

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    Too many to use. Charges money from paypal while not keeping for the initial aggreements


    Poor service, close to scam.

    1. Reply from Webinterpret

      Dear Emilis,

      Thank you for taking the time to review our service. We are very sorry to hear that it has not met your expectations.
      We have checked in our system to get to know your case better. I understand that my colleague from the Customer Care team was in touch with you regarding your eBay shop and transactions. As they already mentioned, our service does include a minimum monthly invoice after 3 months of being a customer. We state that on our pricing page:

      In the meantime, as our colleagues have already informed you, your account is fully deactivated, and deleted from our database.

      Once again thank you for your feedback.

      Best regards,
      Alex from Webinterpret

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Conned me into using their services

    What were the positives?

    They made bad translated listings is that is even positive

    Any negatives?



    Charged me a monthly fee after doing no work or making 1 listing. Constantly wants to contact you to suck every penny from you. Very hard to cancel. They change their policies without any agreement.

    1. Reply from Webinterpret

      Dear Daniel,

      Thank you for taking the time to share a review of our service. We are very sorry to hear about your experience with Webinterpret.

      We have checked in our system, and want to assure you that your case is currently being looked into as a matter of priority. As our colleague has already informed you, the refund will be delivered to you for all the invoices you have received in your name.

      Once again we are very sorry to hear that your experience with Webinterpret was not entirely positive.

      Best regards,
      Your Webinterpret Team

  • Andrew - Aston Martin

    Overall rating

    Fantastic application to help increase sales

    Having used WebInterpret for our eBay store for a few months now, I can say it is a fantastic piece of software. It has continually helped us to increase sales in various markets and although it took me a little while to get my head round at first, once I fully understood I didn't want to go back.

    I cant recommend this enough!

    If you need help then the support team are always there and very helpful with any questions or queries I have.

    If you are looking to increase your online sales via an easy to use platform then use WebInterpret

  • JoeCo

    Overall rating

    Just great app!

    Where to begin, we were looking to reach international markets quickly and BOOM! There you have this guys with brilliant offer!

    During short email and later phone conversation we were quickly assigned to their program/service and everything started to go smooth!

    The app is great! Very easy to use and quick to set up! Within few hours we already boosted our sales! Clear interface, great usability 0 time spend on reading manuals etc.

    During all process there was help all the time. Marcin is THE MAN! Every question answered within a seconds, plenty of advises how to improve and make things more smooth. Even few shortcuts/trick how to use app was given!

    5 star service!
    5 star team!
    5 star app!

  • Aztec

    Overall rating

    The worst nightmare of my e commerce experience

    I sell postal history and postcards on e bay and when i got the webinterpret promo it seemed like a good idea. The good news is they boosted my sales by $3k to $5k a month. And then the bad news. Some of my listings caused problems with e bay's foreign sites so my account got suspended, after 12 years of selling on e bay, then i got hit with over $13,000 in listing fees for the webinterpret listings that were supposed to be "free".

    After repeated complaints to e bay and webinterpret they kept blaming each other for the mix up and it took over 6 weeks for them to belatedly resolve the over billing which in the meantime resulted in my account being suspended a few more times because of the massive and gross overbilling.

    This is the worst experience I have ever had in over 12 years of selling online. Not worth the hassle and the BS, horrible product and service and it definitely brings out the worst aspects of selling on ebay. I lost far more money in lost time and productivity caused by their false promises and mistakes than whatever I made in extra sales.

    Other problems is it doesn't list your entire inventory and translations were pretty hit or miss as they are machine generated.

  • Bryan P deBlois

    Overall rating

    Webiterpret is a ****- They overcharge buyers!

    I used this new service on my aby site for two days and I made one sale so far. They overcharged my buyer for the sale and now i have a crisis of confidence on my hands. I had to call ebay three times to try and get an idea of why the buyer was being charged almost 75% more for the sale and ebay cannot give me a reasonable answer.

    So I cancelled all my listings that use the Webinterpret service and have to deal with an angry buyer. I also had to remove Webinterpret's third party access from my site.

    Avoid this service- it's a nightmare.

    Ebay has really dropped the ball by bolting on this service option.:(:evil:

  • dav

    Overall rating

    Beware of fraudulent transactions!!

    What were the positives?

    Most of the transactions made using WebInterpret's translated listings were fraudulent transactions. Paypal allows up to 6 months for a user to open an unauthorized transaction claim but WebInterpret allows only 60 days to get a refund. You need to call eBay, get a refund of final value fee and then show the refund on your eBay invoice to WebInterpret within 60 days. If the buyer opens a claim after 60 days, WebInterpret won't refund the commission fees that they charged for the transaction. I've lost more than $100 in such transactions. Stay away from this company!!

    Any negatives?

    They should refund any commission that was charged for fraudulent transactions if a claim is opened on Paypal


    The support didn't resolve my issue stating their company's policy

  • soundsgreat

    Overall rating

    Do not use this fraudulent company

    I was set up with Webinterpret a few months ago and recently had an order from Italy to ship a very expensive amplifier. I shipped it to the hub in Slough as requested and Webinterpret handled the rest of the shipping to Italy as they are required to do.

    The parcel never arrived and the customer was away at the time which he proved with multiple documents. The parcel was signed for but the signature was fake, also proved by the customer using multiple documents. Paypal refunded the customer and closed the case in his favour, so they also believed the parcel was lost or stolen.

    Webinterpret refused to refund my money (over £2000) and purposely withheld important documents proving the amp was stolen. I spoke to the customer who very kindly emailed me the same documents he had sent to Webinterpret. This proved beyond doubt that the parcel was stolen and the fact Webinterpret refused to refund me means they have stolen over £2000 of my money.

    I cannot stress enough that everyone should avoid this company at all costs. They take forever to answer requests (if they answer at all) and you have to constantly chase them up. And, if the worse happens, you lose a parcel, they stick their head in the sand and refuse to help.

    I would give 0 stars if I could.

  • Curtis Sleve

    Overall rating

    Terrible company, possible ****

    Terrible service. A borderline *** in my opinion. I was enrolled in this program without my consent or approval by clicking a box on an ebay message. I asked to cancel the account and customer service replied: 'your account has been successfully removed from the promotion.' After checking my account I can see its still listed as active. I didn't ask for them to remove me from the promotion. I clearly asked for my account to be closed which they said would be done. I've forwarded all of our correspondence chats, emails, and screenshots with time stamps to my attorney to look over. Do yourself a favor and don't click any box with associated with this website.

  • John Nery

    Overall rating

    So far Webinterpet has been good for my company.

    So far Webinterpet has been good for my company.

    Before signing on with Webinterpret. sales were good. Many ebay buyers outside of the USA were apparently finding my listings either through search engine hits or searching ebay USA directly.

    In less that 4 weeks my sales from outside the USA have nearly doubled.

    There has been issues with the service but Webinterpret staff has responded to all my inquiries within a day.

    Webinterpret has been acting like most other startup companies I have worked with in the past. The company I started had the same kind of issues in the beginning. I am quite willing to give them a chance.

    When my trial period ends I just need to decide if I need the pro plan or pay as I go. With the reporting provided it should be easy to make a choice.

    All the best


  • int-retailer

    Overall rating

    LOST us £100's in listing fees through their errors

    They cost us hundreds of pounds in listing fees by listing to a marketplace that we specifically disabled. They refused to acknowledge that it was their error, even though the listings being listed in error stopped when we removed their access token. There is limited control on their website over your own listings. We have requested that they end all listings and we are still waiting for it to be actioned despite making numerous requests to several members of their team. Arrogant and purposely awkward customer service team who refuse to listen to what their customers are saying.

  • AcidTactical

    Overall rating


    This has not been a good experience. We have been suspended by ebay 3 times because of the international listings causing problems. Finally we have discontinued the service. Not worth the hassle.

    Not all of the listings show up in webinterpret to block so we end up with listings that we did not want to show up in ebay. Because we sell airsoft items it caused serious problems resulting in our account being frozen.

    Support was unhelpful. They didn't seem to care that their service was bad.

  • neweros

    Overall rating

    Wosrt company ever

    Our company received an invite from PayPal to avail of this FREE service where our website would be translated and displayed to overseas customers in their native language. At first we thought PayPal were providing the service and this gave us the confidence to look into it further. On looking into it, we discovered that the service was being offered by Webinterpret, although all payments would be processed via PayPal (hence their interest in promoting this service).
    I had a telephone conversation with one of the Webinterpret sales team. As I said earlier, we were being offered this service for free. Knowing that there is no such thing as a free lunch, I asked how Webinterpret made money from this. I was told that they did this by offering their shipping services. If our customer selected their shipping option, then we would send the package to their UK fulfilment depot and they would then ship onwards to the destination country. The shipping charge was set by and paid to Webinterpret. I told the salesperson that in some instances we offered free international shipping, so what was to stop our customer simply selecting that option and bypassing them. IMPORTANT BIT NOW FOLLOWS...
    The salesperson told me that they were OK with that. Their shipping options would appear ALONGSIDE our shipping options and the customer could choose the best option for their order. THAT WAS THE LIE!!
    It turns out that anyone who accessed our site via webinterpret was ONLY offered the Webinterpret shipping options. Our shipping options were not available to them. Had I know that, I would never have agreed to accept their service. I Believed that they were offering competing shipping, possibly lower that our own international rates which was a win-win situation for all concerned. As I said, that was a lie.
    As a result we took international orders that could have had free shipping had they visited our store directly, but ended up paying Webinterpret exorbitant amounts for the shipping.
    Luckily I realised this as soon as we received the first order via Webinterpret and turned their service off right away. We only ended up taking a total of 2 orders via Webinterpret, but we have already received a complaint from one of those customers. I am now going to have to contact these customers and refund them the ridiculous shipping fees Webinterpret charged. If their service was really fast they might have grounds to justify the charges, but they aren’t - their service is much slower than even regular post (but several times the price).
    If you want to translate your website there are much easier and less painful ways to do it (such as langify app in Shopify stores).
    As for Webinterpret?- avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid avoid!!

    P.S. I fully expect someone from Webinterpret to come on here and deny that they said the things I am reporting. As we all know such phone calls are recorded ‘for training purposes’, so I will gladly request a copy of the recording and post it online for anyone who is interested in hearing it

  • spyro

    Overall rating

    Terrible Customer Service!

    We have been clients of Webinterpret over a year and it's been a LIKE - HATE relationship.

    Their Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced.

    On the plus side - on a particularly major FUBAR, they refunded the entire amount of the customer's purchase, not just the shipping amount.

    The main plus is their international shipping rates are better than we can get from UPS or FedEX, and that's why we continue using them. We are able to offer better shipping rates to Canada, AUS, UK and NZ. The frustration level and poor support make it VERY difficult to keep this service going.

    If anyone has found a way to make their experience working with Webinterpret, I'd love to know how.

  • FS020484

    Overall rating

    Complete **** and was signed up without my permissions!

    I was subscribed to some kind of a promotion with your company without my permission. I would like to be completely removed from Webinterpret immediately and want nothing to do with this company. I already contacted Ebay and informed the supervisor that my Ebay account has been signed up with your company without any of my permissions. I also contacted PayPal and had your company blocked from my account and reported it as spam, Webinterpret will not be able to charge anything from my PayPal account.

  • EMaster

    Overall rating

    Terrible Company. Bad Customer service. Terrible Product.

    Broken product and when you try to cancel they will not cancel but argue with you.

    Worst company ever.

    Tried to cancel 5 times and they will not do it. Called eBay about them and eBay told us they are having non stop complaints about WebInterpret.

    eBay should cut off being a partner of any kind with this company. If they cannot handle a simple cancellation after their product is broken then they should get lost.

    Advice to WebIinterpret: When a customer wants to cancel do not argue with them.

  • MerchGuy

    Overall rating

    The worst!

    Received an invitation via ebay for a free month trial. I clicked the link for more information. Decided it wasn't for me.

    24 hours later my account is populated with thousands of international ebay listings. All of these listings are subsequently picked up by my inventory management/listing software and the new translated product details are added to all of my listings. This is causing items to error out, thousands of duplicate listings being listed in my cloud database..It's a horror show.

    I never signed up for this service, never gave permission for them to access my listings/ebay account..What an awful experience this has been. You know how many hours of work you guys have cost me? I just spent an hour on the phone with my support rep from my inventory management/listing company. It's going to take a ton of work to get me back to where I was.

    Invasion of privacy much? I warn everyone to stay away from this company. You guys have really screwed me. And all I did was click on a link in ebay to see what the details of the service being offered was! Shame on you guys!

  • npeiman

    Overall rating

    Complete and total waste of time, unethical.

    Complete waste of time and effort. Took them months to get nothing more than our shop, catalog page up. No translation for any other page so no explanation of our products, features, and benefits. Only sales from them were to english speaking countries that we were already selling to. Then one day while reviewing sales history, I noticed repeat customers of ours that had purchased through the Webinterpret interface, instead of directly from our sites shop page. These orders incurred additional charges to the customer higher than what we charge for shipping and handling, (1/2 our business was already International). I wondered why these previous customers were purchasing through the Webinterpret interface. I figured out that they were hijacking our traffic and redirecting it to their interface through their plugin. I confronted the rep we had been working with and he confirmed just that. They do nothing to market or get your site/business any additional traffic. As far as I'm concerned, they are a complete and total fraud. I would also suspect that most of their positive reviews are posted by them.

  • BoutiqueAcademia

    Overall rating

    Worst experience with a company since I opened my business

    I have an ecommerce business that ships all over the world, with a website through Shopify. I was contacted by Webinterpret for what sounded like a great plan: they would translate my website and offer cheaper shipping options for international customers than what I could provide. It sounded like a good idea, they were through PayPal and seemed reputable, so I agreed to give it a try. Here's what happened over the next few months:

    1. They told me that my website was done being translated and sent me a few sample pages. It all looked fine, so I gave them permission to make it live for international shoppers.

    2. I started shipping through their service and within two weeks started having trouble. Coupon codes didn't work. Customers complained that there was no language on the checkout page that said they would be responsible for VAT fees (even though it's on my own website). Soon I realized that Webinterpret had only translated my checkout page and not my entire website. And in addition, they were only offering their own international shipping options instead of also including my own shipping options like they said they would. Because my own shipping options were less expensive, my international sales dropped.

    3. Customers started complaining that their orders were not arriving as quickly as the Webinterpret shipping options had promised. I spent hours and hours trying to track down packages and emailing back and forth with Webinterpret customer service agents. Months later there are still lost packages. And because Webinterpret subcontracted the shipping out to various local shipping services but didn't share that information with me, I have few options for contacting them. Many of these local shipping services won't look up packages if they are contacted by the recipient, but instead must be contacted by the company that sent the packages. This is a problem because I don't speak, say, Russian or Italian or whatever the local language is, AND it's unclear whether they consider me to be the sending company or Webinterpret (which forwards packages from a central hub within the US).

    4. Because I care about my customers' experiences, I have had to offer refunds for a number of these orders even though it is unlikely that any of the lost packages will ever get returned to me. I have lost hundreds of dollars on lost inventory and lost time just dealing with the fallout, which unfortunately for me happened over Christmas during the biggest shipping season of the year.

    Seriously, as an entrepreneur, this has been by far the worst experience I have had in eight years of owning a company. I have tried dozens and dozens of different apps and ecommerce services through Shopify, and this was 100% the worst. Do yourself a favor and don't let them do the same thing to you.

  • Paul Robinson

    Overall rating


    This company is run by amateurs.

    They promise the earth and deliver nothing.

    Their translation service is awful. You would be better off doing it yourself.

    Their Wiship service have lost that many of our parcels we ended up with negative feedback from customers.

    We put claims in for lost goods, and were promised credit notes for the losses. We never received credit notes for them !!

    They are now chasing us for an unpaid invoice, which the credit notes they haven't applied would have covered.

    They are even threatening to get our Ebay account deleted.

    Stay Well Clear !!

  • Matthew123

    Overall rating

    Avoid try a Professional Translation Service

    I will get onto details of my poor review shortly. Firstly for any potential new customers read their Terms of Service VERY carefully! I will extract the following point:-

    "we do not guarantee the existence, quality, safety, or legality of items advertised; the truth or accuracy of User Content or listings"

    This is basically so they do not have to accept any responsibility for any mistake they make and in theory are advertising a service that they are not committed to.

    I have used Webinterpret since 2013 and I will share my thoughts and experiences with the company. From a sales prospective growth was very good within the 1st year. After that they tend to slack off and do not list new items, make changes to titles to increase sales or offer any positive influence that will result in growth. After a period of time sales nosedive I suspect because they have sold this package to so many people now they have diluted marketplaces. Their answer is to decrease prices which I did but with no notable difference as they told this to my competition also.

    After selling me the Service my thoughts are that they exaggerated it's potential, they were slow to respond to requests, to make changes meant that I had to do most the leg work and spend time chasing errands. The quality of work is of an exceptionally poor quality, I expect it is just a standard google translate or possibly worse. Item's that should not be listed (Blacklisted) were listed, items were listed with different Brand names. They seem to use the cheapest and quickest method for listing so if they need to jump you onto a similar international listing they will do so even if it is a competitor.

    The result of these problems means that you should expect Warnings both through eBay and Amazon along with plenty of negative feedback.

    My main gripe is the customer service itself, I am unsure if France has a different standard or quality of service from the rest of the world or they hand pick the most unruly people they can possibly find. To be quite frank there is no Business etiquette with this company, they simply want your money and when they have exhausted you and your patience will move onto the next unsuspecting victim.

    Upon leaving Webinterpret you will discover that you are on an Annual contract that does not expire, does not need renewing and can only be cancelled when you pay another year's subscription. I don't see anything in Webinterpret's terms regarding cancelling a contract or agreement, my guess is this is not part of the service so you are unable to leave at all.

  • Andreas12

    Overall rating

    Corrupt Company - Keep away

    Keep well away from this company...we signed up with them from 2014 and since then they have been taking money from our account completely illegally. We notified them and have asked for a refund and they have totally refused. This is not a professional company...completely corrupt. Please keep well away. Customer service is appalling... they even admit what they have done but still refuse to refund the amount that they have taken. There are plenty of competitors that can do a similar job without ripping you off.

  • Yordan

    Overall rating

    Very poor service and everyday problems

    They use google translate and don't care about the translation. Price and other conversions are also messed up. Don't use them if you keep on quality service! Your clients will blame you and your market metrics will suffer from the bad service. If you think webinterpret cares you are totally wrong. They will leave you without any excuse and your accounts may be suspended due to their system errors. Let's not forget that you pay for that!
    Just use google translate for free or hire someone to list for you. Will be much cheaper and more accurate translation!

  • sward700

    Overall rating


    Total rip off they hound you with email , telephone calls and results in nothing Total rip off , would not give it 1 star !!!
    duplicate listing on ebay listings . customer service absolute terrible
    I sent email to cancel the service and then they threaten you will legal action. from EW COLLECTIONS in Poland, ( which again they could only understand pigeon English ) ,eventually had to pay to stop them hounding me this company needs reporting for malpractice . Certainly would NOT advise signing up and disregard anything they tell you, , it will NOT happen

  • you-know-me

    Overall rating

    This Company is Joke

    I dont know if any one has realised their fees adds up higher than Ebays or at least same as Ebay fees, for what? I have tried them for one month and paid bit time for it, they just use google translator to translate the listing, if you put the effort you can produce same listing as them without paying 5% plus monthly subscription plus VAT that will add up to 10%, refunded item;s fees are not compensated, it really a joke

  • TWW

    Overall rating



  • Jax Music Supply

    Overall rating

    Too expensive for the revenue generated

    I had no problems with the service itself. The representatives were always polite and I had excellent responses to any questions I have. Generally, my issue was that the sales it generated were not worth the cost of the service. The service costs $125 a month and you get a few listings (100 I believe) across a bunch of eBay marketplaces. If you have a long tail business, this isn't enough listings to generate revenue to make this worth it. A lot of the revenue we got through the program was English speaking - Great Britain was number 1! We can get Great Britain for free! We were hoping for more French and German. These turned out to not work in our niche. Additionally, you are charged listing fees to list in these other marketplaces. It may be worth a test if you are willing to sell overseas but watch the revenue generated (Webinterpret provides reports for this) and determine how much revenue you need to pay for the service.

  • marquette Martin

    Overall rating

    duplicate listings

    Webinterpret proved to have many problems. Did anyone have there UK listing on EBAY duplicated ? We had a major problem with a lot of our listing been duplicated up to 7 times.
    They did not tell us you had to give a month notice to cancel the service.

  • Pablo

    Overall rating


    We tried them for a month and they managed (although they denied it, of course) to end 2 of our top UK listings when we used the Out of stock Option! The customer service from that point onward was awful and they refused to compensate us in any way. Would recommend steering clear of them!!!

  • sales411

    Overall rating

    Keep well clear

    Probably the worst company I have ever dealt with, translations are poor to dangerous, communication is about as good, keep well clear. 5000 ebay listings, not a single one right!!!

  • Marcin

    Overall rating

    AVOID this company!!!

    We deal with company over 6 months. Titles, descriptions they all translate using google translator. Very bad size conversion. We have loads of returns and bad comments from our customers from oversea.
    AVOID this company!!!

  • gaby

    Overall rating

    Schnelle und qualifizierte Antwort, wie immer.

    Aufgetretene Probleme konnten bis jetzt immer gelöst werden. Der Service ist stehts sehr freundlich. Korrektes Arbeiten und ein hohes Maß an Entgegenkommen zeichnet Webinterpret aus. Dankeschön!

  • Glenn123

    Overall rating

    Das Thema e-commerce ist die Zukunft.

    Ich bin mit der Abwicklung bei der Firma WebInterpret sehr zufrieden. Die Zusammenarbeit mit WebInterpret hat ein sehr hohes potenzial für unser Unternehmen. Das Thema e-commerce ist die Zukunft.
    I am very satisfied with the handling of your company WebInterpret. Cooperation with WebInterpret has a very high potential for our company. The topic of e-commerce is the future.

  • KarlS

    Overall rating

    It's certainly good value for money.

    The best thing about it is that it's a managed service. I don't have to be involved so itt means pressure out of me. If I had to manage my international sales by myself, I would have never done it. Our foreign sales are at least equal if not more than our UK sales now.

  • maxstore

    Overall rating

    Everything is easy to use and sales are excellent

    We sell gazebos, party tents and sports goods. With the service and the implementation we are very satisfied. Everything is easy to use and sales are excellent.


    Wir verkaufen Pavillons, Partyzelte und Sportwaren. Mit dem Service und der Durchführung sind wir sehr zufrieden. Alles ist einfach in der Handhabung und die Umsätze sind ausgezeichnet.

  • Carl

    Overall rating

    A great way to increase international sales

    If you are looking for a quick way to expand into several European marketplaces then Webinterpret is right for you. Very helpful staff and support system. Their inventory management works perfectly and the translations are top quality.

  • Andrew_Global

    Overall rating

    Boosted our European Sales

    We needed a quick translation solution for our European territories and preferred a payment method that was based upon sales generated, rather than paying for custom 'cost per word' translation services which doesn't guarantee you sales in return. We gave the free trial a go on our top 100 listings and noticed an immediate uplift in European sales. There is a demand for our range worldwide and therefore it has been a great solution for us to get our listings translated quickly and in as many territories as possible.

  • sunset

    Overall rating

    I would not advise using this company!

    We set up an account with Webinterpret and what a mistake this was because we have had nothing but problems and the reasons are as follows:

    Poor communication- You send them an email and they don't always respond.

    Listings- The listing titles are translated incorrectly and the item specifics are not always translated for example the incorrect clothing sizes were listed

    Stock Levels- The stock levels are not managed we had instances at the beginning where the stock weren't reduced and then even worse the stock levels were doubled when you sold something eg you had 10 in stock this amount was doubled to 20. We had to correct all of these listings ourselves and we had over 400 active listings!

    You are charged £49 for all of this plus your listing fees and webinterpret take a percentage of your profit when you have to manage stock levels etc so doesn't this all defeat the purpose of the service they are offering you.

    If you do decide to use them please beware of the problems you will encounter!

  • JohnJoe4444

    Overall rating

    Great concept but faulty delivery

    The concept is fantastic - have all your listings translated and listed in large countries!

    But wait! The translation only applies to the listing description. The body of the text remains in the original language. There are a couple of standard logo type phrases in the local language but the main text stays the same.

    You have to pay the local fees for listings, German fees are very sneaky! They charge for items that are free on other sites, this can lead to costs that eat up any profits.

    Webinterpret are incredibly helpful in the trial stage, not so much when you are fully signed up! You can opt out of the contract on a month by month basis so you are not committed to a long term obligation.

    We did increase our business during the run up to Christmas so other users might get a benefit.

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