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Webscraperapp is an inventory and ordering tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform allows businesses to track their inventory levels and set reorder points. Check out its pricing and product details in this Webscraperapp review.

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Product Details

Webscraperapp is an inventory and ordering tool for online arbitrage sellers. It automatically retrieves updated prices and availability from supported online retailers.

Webscraperapp connects to retailers to place orders, provides shipment confirmations, and helps handle returns. Inventory management features include bulk delete, bulk upload, autodetection of duplicates, and edit item details.

PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
Customers SupportedUnited States

Pricing & Trial

Price Range
From $119 to $1299+ per month. 

Trial Length: 7 days

Integrations & Compatibility

Amazon SitesAmazon.com

User reviews

User rating



Ease of Use

Nauman Afzal Zia

Nauman Afzal Zia

2024-02-14 13:13:08

Total Fraud

What where the positives?


Any negatives?

They are a corrupt fraud company who has taken more than $3000 from my card where I asked them to cancel my subscription 6 months ago.


They are extremely bad at customer services that they don't have a contact number. They don't have an address. It is practically impossible to contact them for a suit.

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