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WidgetChimp allows you to remote control the design, layout and features of eBay listings using a fully responsive eBay listing template builder.

Use a drag and drop eBay template builder to select from over 24 widgets, change colour schemes, and rearrange listing templates at any time.

Also included is negative and neutral feedback alerts, standalone widgets to show customer reviews in eBay listings and more.

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From $15.95 per month.

Trial Length: 7 Days

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From Matthew Ogborne | Claim Listing

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    Ease of Use

    No support, problems every month

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    There is a lot of different problems in a year, and absolutely no support. I always open ticket and i never been answered.


    Worst template service ever.

  • Ben

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Would give them zero stars if i could!

    What were the positives?

    None what so ever! Appauling service! Charged me 3 times for one subscription!

    Any negatives?


    Charged 3 times for one eBay shop subscription. They never answer the contact and support pages. Just please stay away from this company!


    Stay away from this company! Absolute shambles!

  • satish

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Stay away from this company

    What were the positives?

    Stay away from this company

    Any negatives?

    No updates, Features not working. not ebay compliant.


    I have not used my account for a while since it is not ebay compliant and found that they charged me 99 GBP without my knowledge. I immediately sent an email asking for a refund. They said they will give me a refund but after a month of waiting, I still haven't received my 99 back.

  • EbaySellerUK

    Overall rating

    Widgetchimp Ceased Trading?

    We paid £100 For Subscription and can not access dashboard.

    Only Apache 2 Test Page displayed.

    Emailed Widgetchimp and Matt Ogborne but no response received.

    Poor customer service, surely they should at least notify subscribers of issues.

    I note other subscribers have had their queries ignored.

    With no response and technical issue not resolved one can only assume they have ceased trading.

    Instead of bragging about $60,000 in sales in less than 6 months, by basically dicking around, why doesn't Matthew Ogborne do the decent thing and refund his clients?

  • monkeybiz

    Overall rating

    unhelpful generic bot responses, not very helpful

    Live chat support is terrible. Completely ticked me off and would never look back to widgetchimp. Nothing but monkey business from these guys. Wasted my time and didn't get anywhere with solving a simple login issue. Very unhelpful and slow to respond. Such a shame that the customer service is so unhelpful. Would have expected more from these guys. With so many other listing builders out there we found a much better, more up to date alternative in under 10mins. Avoid if you value your time. This was a total let down!

  • sales534

    Overall rating

    really bad

    Signed up for widget chimp. Thought they would improve my ebay shop, they ruined it. So many errors, had to delete one part of the template to make it work on ebay. I tried to cancel which they eventually done, but when they removed, it left the extra descriptions.So now i have two descriptions on all my listings 600 plus. Avoid this company, not as easy to use, as they market it as the best thing to do and when you cancel you will get issues, customer service is bad. You cannot call them and takes ages for response.

  • Gehdina

    Overall rating

    Gone downhill fast since ebay changed its policy

    What were the positives?

    It used to be a brilliant pieces of kit...UNTIL.. ebay changed its active content policy in 2017

    Now it is goinf downhill fast as there seems to be no new updates and it is still NOT 100% compliant with the new ebay rulings on active content.

    We can no longer use it I am afraid.


    Support was good, butt again, it seems that they no longer care aboutt customer requirements, keep telling us that things are still 'In The pipeline'.

  • dropshipsm

    Overall rating

    deceiving!!. not as advertised

    What were the positives?

    good enough considering the price...im new ebay droppshipper and just starting out.

    Any negatives?

    update website.the features listed in their website is not available in the actual template. wasted a lot of time building and working on template until i found out that the feature i need not work. no drag and drop no widgets just one layout available


    support are helpful and willing to answer question

  • Ant_dtservicing

    Overall rating

    used to be good

    What were the positives?

    It was a great ebay listing template. Very good user interface. Very impressive results and cost effective. Sadly following the ebay updates re: secure content it no longer works correctly.

    Any negatives?

    Communication during the ebay update period could have been better, there was radio silence and this caused a lot of concern. Customer support could have been better, often you get the impression that the person answering the emails does not actually know how the product works. The related items could have been better, letting users customise what items were shown.


    Not great sadly, I think when WC launched, the product and support was good and WC was IMHO a smaller company and so therefore more personal. As it has gotten bigger, the support has pretty much plummeted as evidenced by 1. our personal experience (waiting months for support ticket updates/resolution), and 2. the poor negative reviews WC now gets online on forums and ebay chat boards.

    Will it turn round?
    I do not know, and in conclusion I do not know if it needs to - as ebay becomes more standardised and less customised, there is not as much need for unique templates (SAD :((). However, if WC can get back on top of the functionality and offer video then I think it could be a great product again. Like most companies, when you grow and get cocky it takes a reality check to actually stop what you are doing, strip it back and focus on the core basics. Like Chris said, remember where you started and do it well. Do not take on too much, just be the best at what you do.

  • msmith3567

    Overall rating

    Not as good as Version 2

    Used this app since 2015 for 2 ebay stores but had to leave last week and go for a better company that is complaint to new ebay updates. Without other layout options the template looks generic and similar with other sellers. I was hoping they will continue to improve the new version but it stayed the same after few months. Matt neglected this app. it was good and competitive before.

    Never had any issue with customer service though, I always get raul when getting help in chat. They also give refund refund without any hassle.

  • NT3110

    Overall rating

    Solution now almost useless

    6 months ago the product had value, now it has very very little.

    The active content policy changes at Ebay necessitated the product to adapt and evolve, it hasn't. It has completely regressed to a very basic template editor with no sign of the lost functionality being reinstated.

    Customer service via live chat is rude and useless, tickets are simply not responded to.

    When I suggested they had issues and that the Ebay changes weren't actually the fault of their customers (who continued to pay the same amount each month) I was told I should be grateful for the functionality I once had, which had been added for free.

    Look elsewhere, I am..

  • Hooman

    Overall rating

    Very Disaapointed

    Very poor customer service in the past few months. Rude and unwilling to help with issues. Stay away. :(}:(:?:

    I paid a full year subscription and in the beginning, they were good but recently they have had nothing but trouble and aren't willing or able to fix issues with their software.

    They keep telling me to open a ticket which I do and they temporarily fix the issue and then it happens again.

    I do NOT recommend them at all. If you haven't already paid them, I recommend looking for a better provider.

  • kbryant

    Overall rating


    It used to be really good but they haven't adapted well to the new eBay active content policies. They've had enough time to do this. All their rivals seem to have adapted without any problems. Enquiries by tickets now get ignored and the live chat is beyond useless. Have to agree with a previous reviewer, I found them quite rude. Looks like Matt and the team have given up on Widgetchimp to concentrate on other ventures, which is a shame. Currently looking at leaving. Can anyone recommend something similar?

  • A not very happy customer

    Overall rating

    OK products, Slow Updates, Stupid Customer Service

    It is easy to use, that is why I chose it at first place, it is straightforward and easy to master, however, when ebay made the decision to block all active contents, their new templates seem very dumn, few options and you have to RE-APPLY EVERY SINGLE LISTING, that is pain in the ass!

    Also, it sometimes take long time to reload and updates

    Customer Service are especially rude and unprofessional.

    Also, they still charge me monthly when I made annual subscription, good thing is they are willing to refund

  • Hector85

    Overall rating

    Not eBay Compliant

    I signed up for widgetchimp and was pretty excited at what they offered. It actually works like advertised. Problem is I looked over the HTML code they have you insert into your listings and see that its completely in violation of eBay's listing policies.

    What widgetchimp uses is a known workaround of calling in a remote script using a VAR tag. Calling in remote scripts is completely against eBay's listing policies. To quote eBay;

    "http://pics.ebaystatic.com/aw/pics/icons/iconNotAllowed_25x25.gifCalls remote scripts and pages automatically, such as JavaScript "includes" or "iframes.""

    eBay also states;

    "Any attempt to disguise the intention or function of a listing's source code when using either HTML or JavaScript is a violation of eBay policy."

    You can see eBay's policy for yourself here:

    So not only do they call in a remote script, but they use a known method of attempting to disguise it in order to circumvent eBay's filters.

    I only write this to warn widgetchimp users that this is not a compliant app and its bound to land eBay accounts in hot water at some point. You've been warned so use at your own risk!

    1. Reply from Matthew Ogborne

      Howdy @Hector85,

      Thanks for your query, I appreciate it.

      The method being used to provide the finished listing template is inline with the approaches of the other, older eBay certified design companies.

      I do appreciate this may feel like a grey area for you, however if the first line of their policy was strictly enforced word for word "Calls remote scripts", out of the appx 95M eBay listings across the globe, a good 35-50% of them would be directly impacted, most of which from the largest sellers.

      Also note the source code of the templates are not obfuscated or include any hidden functions that disguise the purpose of them.

      Nor do we use includes (the "include" statement to be precise), the replace function (which can redirect a browser to another location), the dropping or reading of cookies from eBay pages or iframes, all of which can be readily abused in the wrong hands or with miss-intent.

      Note: The use of iframes is useless now thanks to updated cross-site scripting restrictions on all modern web browsers (this was the most dangerous one of them all).

      It's the reason why we have to use the old YouTube and Vimeo embed code to stay compliant with eBay and actually make them work for desktop browsers and why these widgets don't show in the eBay mobile apps, they don't support the object/flash tags.

      Hope that helps,


  • Bigian13

    Overall rating

    Fantastic product and great support

    We started using Widget Chimp around 6 months ago due to problems with another template provider.

    It could be coincidence but since using them our sales on eBay have increased by around 50%.

    The templates are easy to set up and if you do have a problem the customer service is excellent.

    Add to this the low monthly cost and I would tell everybody to give them a try and see what happens.

  • Bedrooms Plus

    Overall rating

    Game changing software

    We came across widget chimp around 6 months ago and spoke directly with Matt the founder of the company. We signed up to give it a try and we were absolutely amazed at how simple it is to use. The features are fantastic. The design possibilities are endless and the support although rarely needed is superb.

    See how we applied our design here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/bedroomsplus

    Keep up the outstanding work Matt and the guys at widgetchimp.

  • sales734

    Overall rating

    Just the job, will be using this for a long time

    Great template biulder easy to use, iphone, tablet etc friendly. Great support from Matt and his team.

  • micah

    Overall rating

    We have the best looking listings in our niche...

    WidgetChimp undoubtedly gives us the slickest appearance for our product listings, above all of our competitors. The support is fantastic as well!

  • Evolved2Revolve

    Overall rating

    An eBay sellers dream!!!!

    Fantastic template builder, easy to use, fast working and the greatest way I've found to have our listings look professional and attention grabbing. Also incredibly well priced over that of other template builders.

    We run 2 eBay business accounts and the 1 yearly cost covers listings for both accounts. Given the cross product promotion, great level of photos and details available we are sure the cost will easily be offset against the increase in sales and larger basket quantities over the year.

    Put simply if you use eBay as a business seller then get on board with this. Fantastic bit of kit with an incredibly helpful support system.

    1. Reply from Matthew Ogborne

      Howdy José, Ian & Andy,

      I'm Matt the founder of WidgetChimp.

      I built WidgetChimp & the responsive template builder "for me, if I was you". If that makes any sense 😀

      Now that Christmas is over we can move more quickly with updates. If you have any suggestions, good, bad or ugly do let me know via the help tab inside WidgetChimp, I'd appreciate the feedback.


      PS. Ian, thank you for the review!

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