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Wizard-Industries FBA Box Contents

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Provide box contents information for Amazon FBA shipments by easily printing 2D barcodes, along with expiration date labels if necessary. Compatible with Amazon US and Amazon EU FBA warehouses.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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From $25 per month. to $99 per month.

Trial Length: Demo available

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  • FBA

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  • drewb1

    Overall rating

    Great! We've been using for years

    We have been using Wizard Industries for our Amazon 2D barcodes for years. Their software has been key in scaling our operations. We started with just a few team members, but now have a staff of 10. Our shipping and quality assurance team use the software daily.

    Even better, when I asked for a customization that our team needed, they took care of it quickly. Their simple change saved me 20 minutes of work per day.

    If you're looking for a 2D barcode solution for your FBA shipments, I can't recommend enough.

  • csdickerson

    Overall rating

    Best Amazon FBA Box Contents 2D Barcode App On The Market

    As an early adopter of Wizard Industries FBA Box Contents app, our company can confidently state it has saved us an amazing amount of time and money. The developer is extremely responsive to concerns and feature requests. As a result, the app is by far the most mature and definitely the fastest on the market. We run hundreds of shipments and thousands of products through this app on a monthly basis and at this point could not and would not want to operate without it.

    We see great advances in Wizard Industries future and intend on being there when it happens.

  • gabeb

    Overall rating

    Great tool

    I can't imagine how I survibved without Wizard-Industries. Absolutely fenomenal program, easy to use and the price is great as well. Keep going Wizard-Industries!

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