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World First provides non domestic bank accounts for international marketplace retailers, providing a more cost effective way of repatriating sales revenue from international marketplace sites. Not available to US-based businesses.

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No bank account opening fees, no ongoing monthly charges, no transfer fees to bank accounts - please contact supplier for live exchange rates.

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Average overall rating

    Overall rating

    Excellent customer service!

    I've had a great experience with World First since I signed up with them. Setting up an account was easy and making transfers between foreign currency accounts has been a breeze.

  • jackstiff75

    Overall rating

    Excellent Service

    I sell private label on Amazon US and I would highly recommend World First to any Amazon Seller. My account manager is in regular contact with me, and is always on hand for advice. The ease of paying my supplier in the US through my World First account is simplicity it's self. Amazon pay $ direct from my sales into my account, and World First exchange rate is extremely competitive when converting back to £s then moving the money into my UK bank account.

  • rob430

    Overall rating

    Fancy Pants Store Review of World First

    A great service with friendly staff and an easy to set-up & use website. We set up our account to help us save money when receiving payments from foreign platform websites and it has already saved us a substantial amount of money.

  • Bigian13

    Overall rating

    Nothing to lose

    I will be honest and say that I did not think that a service such as this would be of any use to us.

    As a seller using Amazon across Europe we were reasonably happy with the fees that we were paying when converting Euro payments back into the good old Pound.

    After World First contacted us, and we went through the figures, we realised that we could make a small percentage more on each international transaction at no cost to us.

    Sign up and set up was easy and straightforward. Transferring of money to your UK bank is just as easy.

    There is no long term contract and, if you transfer the minimum amount, no fees. You can even save / make more money if you can afford to wait for the exchange rate to be more favourable.

    If you are a small seller across Amazon European marketplaces, you may make a few more quid. The more you sell, in our experience, the more you will make.


    Overall rating

    Easy, convenient & competitive international funds transfers

    I've been using WorldFirst for a number of years now for my online business. WorldFirst accepts all major currencies, which not only allows me to transfer these funds back to my own local bank accounts, (where ever they are held in the world) but to also make direct transfers to my suppliers in their own local currencies. This is very important to me, as it reduces the amount of times I need to transfer international funds which of course, saves on the losses on the exchange rates and fees compared to using my bank.

    WorldFirst now has their own website. I can conveniently login to my account at any time of the day from anywhere in the world to attend to my finances. I can easily see what my balances are in each currency, I can produce easy to understand statements for my own records and of course make funds transfers whenever is convenient to me. WorldFirst informs me at the time exactly what a transfer is going to cost, what the exchange rate will be and when exactly the payment will be processed and then received by either myself or my suppliers.

    I must also praise the staff at WorldFirst. The staff are extremely helpful and very quick with their responses. Questions are answered and dealt with very quickly and this includes contacting them by email. This is quite the opposite my bank, where I'm placed on hold when I call or don't receive an answer for 72 hours if I contact them via email.

    Overall I thoroughly recommend WorldFirst to anyone that needs to make international funds transfers for their business, whether it be sending or receiving. Great exchange rates, low fees, with fast and excellent customer service when needed.

  • neal.hirst

    Overall rating

    Mr N Hirst

    I found the account opening process very quick and efficient. Once I was set up the steps to create a regular payment from my EUR account to my GBP account were very straightforward.

    I also made enquiries to open a USD account as I was receiving interest in the US. The service I received from World First was first class and my new USD account was opened the very same day.

    Finally, the interest rates are actually lower than that of Amazon when converting balances to GBP which is an added bonus.

    I am very happy with the service received from World First.

  • andrewgreaves865

    Overall rating

    Great solution to international payment problem

    I needed to accept Euros but the bank had to be in the Euro Zone (Not UK) World First set up a bank in Germany and then I could transfer money back to my UK bank.

  • paul754

    Overall rating

    Reliable Service but not the cheapest

    The service provided by World First is top class. They do not offer the best rates in the market but you get what you pay for in this world.

  • gtn

    Overall rating

    World First Bank

    Ideal for transferring money from and into your UK bank account. Transfers usually take a day only, so far I've not had any problems whatsoever.

  • admin925

    Overall rating

    Great out of the box international accounts

    I set up our World First accounts to accept payments on Amazon's worldwide marketplaces. They give a better exchange rate than Amazon and have always been great in getting back to me. The only downside is the delay introduced in getting money from our Amazon account because of the time it takes to arrive in these accounts. That said I don't think World First can do much about this. Overall a great service and one I plan to continue using in the future.

  • info944

    Overall rating

    Good Rates, Great Service

    Having just begun using a couple of World First's products, I noted that their fees structure is quite competitive, and their customer service is fantastic. We were helped every step of the way in setting up our accounts and setting.

  • sales344

    Overall rating

    Easy to use and helpful customer servie

    This has been easy to use when setting up payments from Italy for sales on
    The set up was straightforward and any queries I phoned World First and they were most helpful.
    Thank you.

  • paddy_cummins

    Overall rating

    Thank you, World First.

    I have been a client of World First (foreign exchange) for about five years.
    I have found the service excellent. Inquiries are responded to promptly and courteously.
    The rates of exchange are the best available and the website is user friendly and informative.

    It is a pleasure for me to have World First managing my international finances.
    Thank you.

    Patrick Cummins

  • mark822

    Overall rating

    Marketplace Sellers - Look No Further!

    Once set up - which took a little while due to money laundering regulations, I have found World First very easy to use. Transfers are done in minutes and payments rapid, the exchange rate maps closely what I would get from my bank, but without all the charges having multiple current accounts would incur. A first rate partner to on-line sellers.

  • jean

    Overall rating

    World First is first class!

    As a business in the US, it's not always easy to conduct financial transactions with European buyers. World First makes it easy to collects funds at little or not cost. Their website is easy to navigate and transfers are made within 24 hours of initiating. Whenever I have a question, I get a personal response within a day. We've been working with WorldFirst for years and hope to continue to do so for years to come!

  • greensleeves.books

    Overall rating

    World First Currency Exchange

    Highly recommended. We are a micro internet business who can access competitive exchange rates, improving our margins, and providing access to markets that would otherwise be unavailable to us.

    It is a pleasure to deal with real people, and yes they do answer the phone within three rings, with a personal response and are genuinely interested in your business and how they can help you improve it.

    When there was a query on my account, it was rectified efficiently and I was notified immediately.

    This is a company that values your business and does not send your call to an offshore call centre for handling.

    I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

  • makemerichestoday

    Overall rating

    Great Service Great Rates Great People

    I have been using World First for nearly a year now and I have had nothing but great service from them since day 1. Right out of the gate they were head and shoulders above everyone else I had been dealing with up to that point. I wish I'd found them sooner. The account set up was easy, I get awesome rates of exchange (better than the banks) and my transactions are completed in record time. I've recommended heaps of people to World First. They have the best people and the best service by far. Regards, Aaron.

  • william.saads

    Overall rating

    Worldfirst Saved My Bacon!

    As a non-US citizen I started out selling products on last year. Banking issues proved to be a real nightmare if you weren't in the US to open a bank account.

    When the only option I had for receiving funds from the US, was pulled from underneath me, I was in dire straits. Fortunately I stumbled upon Worldfirst and from the onset, dealing with them was an absolute pleasure.

    Quick responses from their consultants and my account was set up in no time. I've been trading funds effortlessly (Amazon to WF and from WF to my account in my home country) for the past 8 months.

    Sytems and online operation extremely simple and user-friendly.

    Pleasure dealing with you guys!

    William Eckard

  • margatrias

    Overall rating

    World First experience

    I began to work with WorldFirst when we decided to start selling in Amazon Canada. The process of opening an account in CAD was easy and fast and it allowed us to commence our business over there immediately. With the time we have faced important advancements with regards to IT. What we initially did on a manual basis (via email), such as asking for the funds to be transferred to our local bank has evolved to an automatic process as we are able to book our wire transfers through your website. We have opened a couple more accounts in GBP and USD and the process kept on being fast and efficient.
    The rate at which WorldFirst is booking me allows me to save a 1.5% of our turnover compared to the rate Amazon will be booking by sending our funds directly to our EUR account. We are very satisfied with the services provided by WorldFirst so we will definitely keep on working with you.

  • quickworkconsultants174

    Overall rating

    Professional and Reliable Banking service provided

    I have been associated with World First for last five years and mantain five different currency accounts with them. Competitive pricing and timely funds transfer are few of the remarkable qualities i have utilized.

  • sue

    Overall rating

    It works just fine

    I use World First to collect the Euro proceeds from my Amazon European marketplace online sales - that's for sales in France, Spain, Italy & Germany. It works just fine. The Euros collect in the World First account, and then periodically I transfer them to my business bank account. It's easy and the rate of exchange is good, so I'd recommend them.

  • nigel920

    Overall rating

    Why Give Even More Money to Amazon!

    When World First approached me stating that they could save me lots of money, the obvious question sprang to mind

    How Can World First Save You Money?

    * Set agreement of percentage above spot rate.
    * No Transfer Fees
    * Bank Accounts in the Currency of the Country
    * Ease to use online portal

    In simple terms we have calculated of savings with World First over Amazon of approximately £10,000 per year!

    That my friends is worth investigating, believe me they delivered on every one of their promises!


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