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YLT Translations translate English-language listings to French, Italian, Spanish, German and Japanese, for use on international Amazon marketplaces.

The service covers title, bullets, description, EBC, backend keywords and keyword research in the target language. There is no word limit.

YLT also offer translation of customer email templates, Q&As and ads, and can provide customer support in 5 languages.

Pricing & Trial

4 languages listing translation package - €320.

Customer email templates 5 languages - 0.08c per word.

Ads translation - 0.08c per word.

Customer support subscription plan - €120 per month.

1 Listing translation - €90.

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  • Amazon_Seller

    Overall rating

    Happy to recommend!

    I have first contacted Jana so I could get some advise about my listings. From the very first moment she had shown awesome knowledge about so many different things, so I was absolutely sure that I wanted to use her services, because I could tell that she understood perfectly how everything clicked on Amazon. She is not a seller, but she understands selling and what we as sellers need in order to increase our sales.
    I have translated my 20 products into 4 languages. It was done quickly and efficiently and it was all delivered as agreed.Also, I really appreciated getting all the backend keywords, especially since it has always been a mystery to me how to get this done the right way. Jana told me that she and her team are always up to date with the latest Amazon changes and algorithm because God knows how often it changes without me being able to keep up with it.
    What was really great, is that after uploading our Spanish listings, we have already received some sales and we have never been out there on the Spanish market before.
    I will most definitely use YLT translations and their services in the future. Happy to recommend!

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