Top 7 Best Alternatives for Oberlo

Oberlo is closing down, and it is now up to all Shopify sellers to find the best Oberlo alternative. If you are one of them, look no further; we have got you covered with the top alternatives below along with their features and other details. Click the company name to go directly to their website to sign up.

  • Dsers → Best Oberlo alternative for migrators
  • Spocket → Best Oberlo alternative for US/UK based merchants
  • SaleHoo → Best Oberlo alternative for customer service
  • Sellvia Best Oberlo alternative for reduced supplier risk
  • Importify → Best Oberlo alternative for user-friendliness
  • AutoDS → Best Oberlo alternative for fully automated ordering
  • Dropified → Best Oberlo alternative for integrated features and platforms

Launched in 2015, Oberlo became one of the most popular dropshipping applications for Spotify sellers that use AliExpress. It netted over 100k installations and made it possible to order and fulfill orders quickly from the Asian marketplace. 

But as of May 12, 2022, Oberlo delisted from Shopify and announced it’s shutting down. On the same day, the company put out a press release offering a quick migration solution to DSers as a recommended partner. 

The news has come as a shock to many merchants. And sellers from all over the globe are scrambling to migrate their Oberlo account to DSers or find a viable alternative. 

Not sure of which alternative to choose? We’ve got you covered. This list breaks down the top 7 Oberlo alternatives in detail. We explain each program’s key differences from Oberlo and examine how it could work better for your business. 

With Oberlo completely shutting down on June 15, 2022, now is the time to figure out which program you’ll use to continue your dropshipping operations. 

In our opinion, SaleHoo is one of the most complete options available in the market to replace Oberlo.

1. SaleHoo

— Service Details SaleHoo is an online wholesale directory and community for online traders, eBay sellers, and traditional… Read review

SaleHoo Logo
Pricing$27 / month
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionNo

How Do We Rank Our Results?

We generate our ranking results by comparing 50 to 100 of the highest-ranked competitors in a specific niche from multiple software ranking services. 

With a list in hand, we examine the reviews of multiple users and experts. This gives us access to the key product features and metadata that customers care about. Afterwards, we have our own experts test each product and review the program’s user interface and experience. 

Once the expert review is complete, we use search intent data, website traffic trend, Google trends, and Social Listening tools to finalize a score and rank each product. 

The list below is the best of the best chosen from a large pool of competitors. We examine multiple reviews, demo the products, and have our own experts review the program. 

Based on your needs, each application could be a viable dropshipping solution. Your business is important, so be sure to use any demo or free trial you can before deciding on an application. 

Before presenting our list, let’s quickly review the concept of dropshipping, so both beginners and experts can identify their best use cases for our list of Oberlo alternatives.

Our tip: Keep track of your business numbers with ease. 

Accounting is important, especially when you’re selling in different countries. 

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a method of online order fulfillment where a business doesn’t keep its stock on hand. Instead, the business purchases inventory from a manufacturer or wholesaler as customers order and purchase products from their site. 

The seller never actually owns or stocks their inventory under this business model. Instead, they act as a middle-person for the buying process.

Shopify dropshipping involves using applications — like the ones on our list — to connect their store to suppliers around the world and access their databases. One of the most popular suppliers is AliExpress, and many dropshippers aim to have a solid connection with their line of manufacturers. But it’s not mandatory to start a successful dropshipping business. 

There are tons of suppliers around the world. But don’t worry, we are here to help you to find an alternative to Oberlo.

Top List of the Best Alternatives for Oberlo

In the list below, we further analyze each of the tools and explain why we believe they are the best options available in the market in 2023. We will help you to find the best dropshipping tool alternatives for former Oberlo users. Let’s get started!

DSers: Best Oberlo Alternative For Migrators

If you’re a fan of Oberlo’s development team, then DSers is the application they recommend. The team even partnered with DSers to develop a quick migration solution for Oberlo users to migrate to the DSers platform. 

DSers is a lot like Oberlo but there are some key differences that might make it a better option. The platform works specifically to automate dropshipping from AliExpress, and it’s compatible with Wix and WooCommerce besides Shopify. 

The program offers more automation features to make your inventory update process completely hands-off. Tracking info, pricing rules, and bulk order processing can all be automated on DSers. 

Pricing is where DSers really shines. It offers 3,000 AliExpress products with a free account. However, you’ll need to upgrade to the next tier if you want to use the platform’s automation features. The Advanced plan is $19.90/month and bumps you up to 20,000 products.

This is the best Oberlo alternative for migrators because the developers also designed the platform to work on AliExpress. Oberlo users worked on Shopify and used AliExpress only, so it makes sense to migrate to a platform that does exactly the same thing and offers more automation features. 

Plus, it’s the platform the Oberlo team recommends moving to using the migration solution they developed.

Selling PlatformsDSers also works with sales platforms WooCommerce and Wix.You may not need to use another sales platform — especially if you’re coming from Oberlo.
AutomationDSers offers more automation features than Oberlo.There’s nothing negative to say about the platform’s automation. More automation is better!
Pricing plansDSers has more affordable pricing plans than Oberlo. Compared to Oberlo, the plans offer more perks at a lower price. No cons here.

Spocket: Best Oberlo Alternative For US/UK-based Merchants

For merchants in North America and the UK who want to keep their supply chain local, Spocket is the best option on our list. Launched in 2017, Spocket offers an automated solution for dropshipping that boasts over 60k subscribers. 

The platform integrates with multiple sales platforms and tools like BigCommerce, Wix, Ecwid, WooCommerce, and, of course, Shopify. However, Sprocket offers a module to boost sales for WooCommerce users. 

Sellers can choose from over a thousand suppliers within the platform, and 80% are in the US or Europe. Because of their proximity, US and UK-based sellers will have access to faster delivery times than Oberlo.

While Spocket offers automated inventory updates, the entire sales process is semi-automatic. Merchants must be hands on to use the platform. Fortunately, the repricing and monitoring functions are fully automated. 

Outside of the supplier chain, the biggest difference between Oberlo and Spocket is the pricing. Spocket is one of the pricer options for dropshipping, with their lowest tier offering only 25 unique products for $29.99/month. 

But you get what you pay for. We’re recommending Spocket because it has an excellent selection of suppliers in the US and Europe that allows local merchants to process orders quickly. 

Selling PlatformsSpocket offers 8 online selling platforms to choose from.Spocket doesn’t have the specialization with Shopify that Oberlo offered.
AutomationSpocket offers fully automated repricing and monitoring.The platform’s inventory features are semi-automatic.
Delivery timesUS and UK sellers experience speedier deliveries due to the supplier’s proximity.If you’re used to working in Asian markets, you may not need a network of US and UK suppliers.
Pricing plansUnlike some competitors, Sprocket has multiple payment tiers with customer support and a free trial.The price point for each plan is higher than the competition.

SaleHoo: Best Oberlo Alternative For Customer Service and Vetted Suppliers

Based in New Zealand, SaleHoo is one of the highest rated Oberlo alternatives on our list. The company boasts 2.5 million products sourced from over 8,000 vetted suppliers. 

Notice we use the term ‘vetted’. The company makes this a key point in their marketing and goes the extra mile by implementing a strict vetting process. A process Oberlo didn’t follow. 

SaleHoo offers two key dropshipping products: Salehoo Directory and Salehoo Dropship. With Directory, you gain access to over 8,000 suppliers along with marketing tools. Plus, it works on multiple sales platforms. 

However, you’ll need to upgrade to Salehoo Dropship if you want automated dropshipping support. This product only works through Shopify and gives sellers access to a dropshipping dashboard with one-click importing and automation tools.

SaleHoo has excellent pricing for what you get. Directory is $67 annually or $127 for a lifetime membership. And Dropship starts at $27/month for 500 products or you can upgrade to Premium at $97/month with unlimited products. You can also pay annually for a 17% discount.

If you want a direct alternative to Oberlo, SalesHoo is an excellent choice. Both platforms integrate with Shopify and AliExpress and offer one-click importing. But SalesHoo bests Oberlo in two areas: vetted suppliers and high-quality customer service. Oberlo didn’t offer either of these features. 

Selling PlatformsSalesHoo Directory works with sales platforms outside of Shopify. SalesHoo Dropship only works through Shopify.
AutomationWith SalesHoo Dropship, you get a healthy amount of automation tools.SalesHoo doesn’t allow you to fully automate order fulfillment. 
Customer ServiceThe SalesHoo customer service team is top-notch and has solid availability.Oberlo only offered email support, so there’s nothing negative to say.
Pricing plansSalesHoo’s pricing tiers are affordable, and they offer discounts on annual payments.The basic tier only lets you import 500 products at a time.

Sellvia: Best Oberlo Alternative For Reduced Supplier Risk

Sellvia is a US-based dropshipping alternative to Oberlo. The company has processed 5.9 billion orders to over 250 million shoppers since its launch and offers an excellent supply chain solution that reduces risk. 

You can integrate Sellvia’s services and application into a Shopify or WooCommerce store, or the company offers a full-on store building service where they’ll do everything for you — including branding. For automation, Sellvia offers auto order placement, so when a customer orders, it automatically sends the order to Sellvia for fulfillment.

The program’s ability to auto order items stems from Sellvia’s key feature, which is its fulfillment center. The warehouse is in Irvine, California, and stores all items in their catalog on-site. This means sellers always have products available that are easily picked and shipped.

Speaking of shipping, Sellvia takes care of the entire fulfillment process and uses no-label packaging when sending items. This is a key service for dropshippers keen on keeping origin labels off their packaging.

Sellvia’s base app price starts at $39 per month with a 14-day free trial. Or you can go Pro and gain access to their store building services for $399 per year, also with a 14-day trial. It’s not as good of a deal as Oberlo or DSers, but you won’t find a better reinforced dropship supply chain. 

If you want an Oberlo alternative that can guarantee you’ll be able to fulfill every order, Sellvia is an excellent option to consider.

Selling PlatformsThe Sellvia app works on both WooCommerce and Shopify.If you’re coming from Oberlo, you may not need WooComerce. 
AutomationSellvia offers auto order placement for spitfire fulfillment and shipping.No con here. Oberlo forced you to disable Shopify’s auto order placement feature.
FulfillmentFor North American customers, Sellvia offers fast and discrete fulfillment.Because everything fulfills from the warehouse in Irvine, it can be difficult to ship items globally.
Pricing plansLow-cost for the supply guarantees and unlimited product importing and ordering.The product line is limited based on what you’re paying.

Importify: Best Oberlo Alternative For User-friendliness

Importify may not be the most famous dropshipping application on this list, but the company is making a name for itself. It offers integrations with four top seller platforms and gives users access to over 30 top suppliers from around the world.

From any of these suppliers, you can import any product within seconds and customize the description for your site. The platform offers research tools to help you find the best products at the best price. And its automation features allow you to populate customer addresses on your checkout page and change suppliers with a couple of clicks. 

But like Oberlo, Importify isn’t fully automated. You’ll still need to place the order with the suppliers. However, the platform is extremely user-friendly, so you won’t have to click around a lot when processing everything. 

Price-wise, Importify offers pricing tiers lower than a lot of their competition. However, it’s important to see what’s offered in each tier. The Basic plan runs for $14.95/month but doesn’t include importing from AliExpress and Amazon. And the Premium tier, $27.95/month, doesn’t include semi-automatic order fulfillment. You have to pay $37.95/month for a Gold plan to get that feature.

Overall, Importify has an excellent, easy-to-use platform any dropshipper could consider. But remember, you’ll need to go with the Gold plan to gain access to all of Importify’s key features.

Selling PlatformsImportify adds WooCommerce, Wix, and Jumpseller along with Spotify.Some of their competitors offer more platforms to choose from.
AutomationThe platform has automation features all over that make it easy to run an online store.You have to pay for the highest-priced payment plan to access these features.
InterfaceThe interface is extremely easy to learn and use. It’s perfect for beginners.Oberlo definitely had a learning curve, and there’s no disadvantage to a better interface.
Pricing plansThe three pricing plans are simple, transparent, and all offer 24/7 customer service.Basic plan doesn’t give you access to AliExpress and Amazon products, and the Premium plan doesn’t come with semi-automatic order fulfillment.

AutoDS: Best Oberlo Alternative For Fully Automated Ordering

With over ten million products and 67,000 sellers, AutoDS is one of the most popular dropshipping solutions available. The company offers major suppliers from the US, EU, and China and works on Wix, eBay, and Facebook in addition to Shopify.

The key feature for AutoDS is in its name — auto. The platform allows you to fully or semi-automate your orders and with multiple suppliers. That’s something Oberlo couldn’t do. When a customer orders a product, you can set the system to order it automatically from AliExpress or Amazon and save time on the fulfillment process.

Outside of automation, the platform has a wide range of helpful tools that allow you to handle customer service, find products with high ROIs, and monitor your website’s performance. And it’s all within a well-structured interface.

AutoDS offers a wide range of pricing plans based on the selling platform, features, and number of products you want to use. There are three pricing structures — Import, Starter, and Advanced — and the price varies based on which selling platform you’re using. 

They also have over 20 additional pricing plans based on the amount of products you want to feature on your page. With this pricing, it’s easy to scale with each tier. 

AutoDS is a superb alternative to Oberlo, as it offers global suppliers and advanced automation solutions any dropshipper would love to use.

Selling PlatformsAutoDS works with Shopify, Wix, eBay and Facebook. It doesn’t have WooCommerce, but instead offers both Facebook and eBay integrations.
AutomationAutoDS’s key feature is that it offers full or semi auto ordering for multiple suppliers.Fully automated ordering isn’t for beginner dropshippers. Use this feature with caution.
Pricing plansThey offer a huge selection of pricing plans based on features, selling platform, and number of products.Options are always welcomed as long as the price point is good. For AutoDS, there’s no con here.

Dropified: Best Oberlo Alternative For Integrated Features and Platforms

If you’re moving on from Oberlo and looking for additional seller platform options outside of Shopify, then Dropified could be the best option for you. The application integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, and gearbubblePRO. 

On top of the sellers list, Dropified also features a comprehensive selection of suppliers like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. If you were used to using only AliExpress with Oberlo, you’ll find it here too. 

However, the key feature that makes Dropified a top alternative to Oberlo is its wide range of features. They give the platform a higher learning curve than Oberlo, but once you explore everything Dropified offers, you may not want to go back.

Pricing is the one thing that may be a red flag for some users. They only offer one tier called Retro Monthly, that’s $47/month with unlimited orders and all the platform’s features. You can pay that annually and get two months for free, but there are no other choices. It’s the one area where Oberlo had an advantage.

Dropified can be a nice Oberlo alternative for anyone looking for more options in every area of their business. The platform has more features and offers more selling platforms and suppliers. 

Selling PlatformsDropified offers an eclectic selection of five platforms. Wix sellers will have to look elsewhere, but if you’re coming from Oberlo, it shouldn’t matter.
AutomationThe platform has an automated price multiplier and tracking system.This is one area that’s lacking on Dropified. Oberlo and many other competitors have better automation features.
Pricing plansThey offer one simple, affordable pricing tier you can pay monthly or annually for a discount. Dropified offers a 14-day free trial, but there are no other options. Either pay or don’t use the service.

How to Choose Oberlo Alternatives

Dropshipping opens doors beyond traditional online retail models and is especially helpful for businesses running on a tight budget. If you want to build a site to sell products but don’t have the space to store thousands of items, then it is an excellent alternative. 

To accomplish this goal, you’ll need to connect with a wide range of quality suppliers who also have a solid fulfillment record. It’s the only way you’ll ever make a profit in a dropshipping business model. 

But to connect with these top-tier suppliers, you’ll need the right tools. Oberlo was very popular, but now sellers need to find other options — like the ones we listed above. 

When examining which alternative may work best for you, make sure they feature:

  • Multiple plans
  • Rapid shipping times
  • Quality products
  • Updates and tracking in real-time
  • Easy-to-use interface

What are the best Dropshipping tools for you?

The best dropshipping tools are relative to your needs as a merchant. But here’s an overview of how these top-rated dropshipping tools may work best for your business.

  • DSers integrates with multiple sales platforms outside of Shopify and offers direct access to AliExpress and a wide range of automation tools. It’s the recommended tool from the Oberlo directors who developed a special migration tool to help facilitate the transfer.
  • Spocket is best for sellers who sell from the US or the UK as 80% of their suppliers are located there. This makes for a quick fulfillment process. The platform also has automation tools for repricing and monitoring.
  • Dropshipping on Salehoo only works through Shopify and gives you access to AliExpress. The program has a strict vetting process for suppliers and an excellent customer service record.
  • Sellvia fulfills and ships everything from its warehouse in Irvine, California. The application could be a top choice for vendors who want fast shipping in North America and a highly-reduced supplier risk. 
  • Although Importify doesn’t have as many features as some of the others on this list, it’s reasonable price point and user-friendliness makes it a top Oberlo alternative. 
  • AutoDS does what its name implies, automated dropshipping. You can go full or semi-automated on the platform. Beginners beware. Don’t advance too quickly on the platform as it can ruin your margins.
  • Dropified integrates with a wider range of seller platforms than many of the choices on our list. Plus they offer a huge selection of suppliers from all over the world including AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, and Walmart. 

Based on your needs, any of these dropshipping stools could be a superb option for your online store.


Oberlo delisted their platform from Shopify and is deactivating soon. With this list of the top 7 alternatives for Oberlo, you can prepare your online store for migration or starting fresh somewhere else. 

Before you start on a new dropshipping platform, be sure to take advantage of any free trials and test things out if possible. From there, you can refer to our list to compare and contrast and see which solution will best suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you only list a few items, then you may not need a dropshipping automation tool. But anyone who wants to scale their dropping business will need to use one. Managing inventory and price changes for hundreds to thousands of products is difficult, and you’ll need a tool if you want to stay in business.  Fortunately, the alternatives listed above can all help you to automate your inventory management and avoid over-selling. Just be sure to review the section on How to Choose Oberlo Alternatives before you decide, so you’ll know the best features to look for. 

DSers offers the best free options of our listings above, but there are other alternatives available. Syncee offers 25 products and unlimited orders on their free plan. And if you’re using WooCommerce, DropshipMe has a free plan with 50 AliExpress products from a pool of 50k items.  However, many dropshipping solutions offer a trial version or free plan where you can test and see if a solution is worth the subscription.

Spocket is our top recommendation from our Oberlo alternatives list. However, Syncee and SkuGrid are also solid alternatives for US sellers.  Syncee has over 250 US suppliers with thousands of products. And SkuGrid offers over 500 US suppliers with millions of products. Plus, SkuGrid is a low-cost option with plans under $15/month. You can also look into SaleFreaks and Wholesale2b.

Nothing on our list can beat DSers as an AliExpress alternative for Oberlo. The platform is both low-cost and reliable and offers a free plan that allows sellers to import up to 3000 items. Plus, you can use the tool on multiple sales platforms.  If you don’t want to go with DSers, there are some other alternatives available. SaleHoo works directly with AliExpress and offers supplier vetting with great customer service. Hustle Got Real — yes, their real name — is compatible and adds eight additional US and European suppliers. 

Spocket is the best on our list if you need an Oberlo alternative that’s compatible with WooCommerce. However, the platform works mainly with US/UK suppliers, so some dropshippers may need other options. Syncee, SkuGrid, and DropshipMe are three other alternatives that also work with WooCommerce. Both Syncee and SkuGrid offer free trials, and DropshipMe has a free plan with 50 product imports.


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