6 Ways eCommerce Can Help You Increase Your Online Sales

It takes more than just having a website and products to sell to have a successful e-commerce store. Without sales, your store isn’t doing what it was meant for; which is to turn in a profit for your business.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take some secret spell to increase your online sales and get your online store working successfully.

In this article, we’ll discuss some ways you can use e-commerce to increase your online sales.

Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

Here are some of the ways you can increase your online sales:

1. Testing e-commerce sales strategies with A/B

Every part of your site, including images, product descriptions, headlines, and overall design, could be tested for ways to improve it.

Watch out for the following two things in particular:

  • Mobile optimization: In 2021, sales on mobile phones and other mobile devices topped $360 billion, which was a 15% increase from the previous year. You need a website that works well and loads quickly to get mobile shoppers.
  • UX experience: Have you ever gone to a website where there were too many popups? Or one that makes it hard to pay? A good user experience is one in which the user can easily visit your website, look around, and make a purchase.

Even if you think your current website content is working well, you can always test it using A/B testing.

Expert Tip

Stop and make a plan before you begin modifying everything on your site to see what works. You won’t know what works and what doesn’t if you alter everything at once. Plan for two weeks between each modification so you have enough information to make an informed decision.
Then, start by putting together one piece at a time. You could assess some areas every two weeks for years and still find ways to improve them.

2. Start a mailing list

Did you know that for every dollar spent on email, $42 is made, which is an amazing 4,200% ROI in?

Email can help you do a lot of things, like boosting online sales, marketing your products, keeping in touch with many of your customers, and ultimately making more sales.

What’s the challenge? You need the people you’re going to email.

An email list is a group of individuals or users who have granted you permission or consent to provide them with relevant information. To build your list, you need to avail people of more than one way to join. For example, you may add a pop-up to your website or a sign-up button at checkout.

Don’t give up if you just have a few names on your list at first. It might take a while to build.

Expert Tip

Only about 3% of marketing emails get a rate of opening of more than 50%. This statistic is shocking, but it also puts the focus on subject lines and how to write clickable ones.
A 2022 Blog survey found that promotional emails and emails with subject lines that make people curious get the highest open rates. By putting a hook at the beginning of your subject line that the user can only read if the email is opened or clicked, your audience is more likely to be interested and want to know more.

3. Trust Signals eCommerce sales strategy

Since the buyers can not see, touch, or even try your product, you would need to get their trust in another way. Customer reviews are a popular and relatively easy way to do this.

Think about it: Have you ever bought something without first reading reviews? Or hesitate when there were no reviews for a product?

No need to worry if you haven’t received any reviews yet. As you are in the process of getting those email list numbers up, think about other ways you can build trust, like showing good images of your products from various angles, giving 3D videos, and even doing product demos.

Expert Tip

With testimonials, you can make your trust signals stronger. Unlike reviews, these are usually about your brand as a whole, not a specific product.
We recommend that you reach out to the customers on your email list, given that this is the place where your most loyal customers reside. Then, to get the most out of them, put the testimonials in different places and on different pages of your website.

4. The Heat Mapping sales strategy for e-commerce

What if you were able to see where buyers spent the most time on your website? Would it really help you give them more useful information when they next stop by your site?

You can use heat mapping to keep an eye on those parts of your site that its visitors really like. Tools like Hotjar combine the information about who scrolls and clicks on your website to give you a complete picture of the things your customers desire to see and buy.

Using social media, you can determine where your visitors are coming from and how long they stay. You can also use social media platforms to market and find out how many people clicked on an offer from your site and how long they remained.

Expert Tip

The best way to use heat maps would be to look at your home page, high-conversion posts, and landing pages, which impact your website’s conversion rate the most.
You could, for example, look at your site’s home page to see if people hover over certain parts or click any of the CTAs. Use this information to make your site better.

5. Exit CTAs 

Customers abandoning their shopping carts can be really frustrating for people who run online stores. Even though not everyone who comes to your website is ready to buy, you still need to engage them.

Remarketing or a quick email reminder can sometimes be all a user needs to return to their cart. 

If customers don’t take action, you can try an exit CTA. That is a call to action to get them to take action before they leave. Some websites show a popup as soon as a customer goes to the site. On the other hand, an exit CTA pops up right before a customer leaves and offers them something tempting, like special deals.

Expert Tip

Software for cart abandonment can help you send emails and keep track of them. Some have options that you can change, while others focus more on trying to make sure the emails are sent.
Most of them have prices that go up and down, so you only need to pay for what you actually use. 

6. Social Media

Are you getting the most out of social media? What if you were able to keep an eye on what individuals say about your company and its products on any of your social media sites?

Where you’ll get a notification every time you’re mentioned, giving you a chance to respond, talk to your followers, and maybe even get them to visit your website.

Utilize this feature if you want to provide great customer service when a buyer has a complaint or just to respond to questions when website visitors ask.

Expert Tip

If you truly want fun, you should interact with even the silliest comments with your unique sense of humor. Your customers will like you, and they might even buy something from you.

Some of these tips can get your sales rolling in quickly, while others are designed for long-term success. Apply them individually or in concert, and make sure to keep refining the process so that you can maximize the strength of each method.


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