Bamboo Tumblers: Drink up this trending product

This week’s trending eCommerce product takes us to a somewhat saturated market that has niches left to tap. And you could be the one to tap it. Let’s examine bamboo tumblers and thermoses.


In a market dominated by metal and plastic — often cheap—  bamboo is a solid twist that brings a natural, outdoorsy look into the mix. Tumblers and thermoses are a common-use product — especially in America. And it seems consumers are seeking a distinct look for their cup holders. 

Side Note: It’s important to note the difference between a thermos and a tumbler. Bamboo tumblers feature a glass container with a bamboo lid that seals tightly. Bamboo thermoses have a screw cap top and bamboo on the outer shell of the container. 

If you’re looking for a trending niche this holiday season, check with your suppliers. 


Bamboo Tumbler

This Shopify site features a wide range of tumblers with a bamboo lid. The bamboo lid is 20 mm thick, and each tumbler comes with a stainless steel straw. Besides tumblers, the store also features bamboo stopper lids with a glass storage container and a bamboo lid glass jar.



This thermos has a bamboo shell that encases vacuum insulated stainless steel. It comes in 12 oz (350ml), 17 oz (500ml), or 22 oz (650ml) sizes, and offers a steel infuser / strainer that can hold loose leaf tea. The seller claims the product keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours, and there’s another seal stating the thermoses are made of only non-toxic materials. 

LeafLife also offers fruit infusers with a bamboo shell in a variety of sizes. 

Success Factors

This product sells on top marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and through other marketplace sites similar to EarthEasy

The top Amazon bamboo tumbler and thermos seller, LeafLife, has over 4,600 reviews and holds at a 4.6 out of five rating. However, within every marketplace, you’ll find multiple sellers with these products. 

The key to trending to the top is through branding on quality and then delivering. There are a lot of low rated bamboo tumblers with lots of complaints about the seal not working properly, so be sure to find a supplier with leak-proof products. 

Seller Focus

Sellers in this niche have a heavy focus on high-quality images and infographics — see the link above to LeafLife for a superb example. They also have solid copy that highlights the features of their bamboo products. 

If you’re looking for product photographers, here are two recommendations:

  • Panotora
  • Product Photography Superstar

The direct seller websites we viewed contained lots of subtle, earthy colorization with soft colors like pale blues and greens. Obviously, creating the ‘nature’ vibe is what’s working in this market. 

If you’re looking for solid eCommerce website builders, you can try OC Designs or review Shopify’s top builders list.

Also, many sellers have offers for personalized bamboo tumblers. If you can offer this service, it’s an excellent perk.

Retailers can source bamboo tumbler and thermos products directly from Alibaba and many other top suppliers.

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