Barbiecore Fashion: Pink Up Your Portfolio

It’s crazy what a well-marketed movie can do to a single product and entire industries. Thanks to the release of Barbie, doll-inspired fashion is through the roof, which only means one thing – time to jump on the bandwagon and capitalize on the trend.

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Barbiecore Trend Explained

It first started as basically a meme where you’d show up to a Barbie projection in a pink outfit. The meme inspired a new wave in fashion called Barbiecore. Influencers and celebrities would sport individual pieces, whole sets, and makeup routines and even paint their cars to resemble the Barbie aesthetic.

Barbiecore videos on TikTok have already reached over 830 million views. The beauty of the trend is that anything can be Barbiecore so long as it’s got a pink tint to it. Dresses, shirts, shoes, cosmetics, car paint, furniture – you name it, and it’s there.

Zara’s Barbie collection propelled the new fashion trend, and although it’s mostly for the ladies, men are also interested in keeping up with the times and sporting a Ken look. 

Seller Focus

The direct beneficiary of Barbiecore is obviously fashion and clothing retailers. You can focus on women’s outfits, from dresses and heels to swimsuits and earrings. You can also offer men’s clothing that’s in the same style, although it’s likely it won’t fly off the shelf as quickly as the former.

If selling clothes is not your expertise, don’t worry. Barbiecore is more than just a pink dress. Home decor retailers can benefit from the trend by selling Barbie-inspired furniture, kitchen accessories, and various stickers.

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Finally, if you’re in the film and entertainment niche, you can attract fans of the movie and sell prop replicas from the movie, such as skateboards, Barbie fragrances, and car toys.

Product Pricing

  • Amazon: Sold by ZAFUL Online. Barbie-inspired crop top for the ladies that offers 30 different color options (pink obviously included). It’s a one-size polyester top perfect for the summer look. Price: $21.99.
  • eBay: Sold by Mkinoc. A squishy pillow that will bring Barbiecore to your home decor. It features a large Barbie logo at the front. Price: $34.99.
  • Walmart: Sold by Hybrid Apparel. Want to show you’re a fan of the trend? The best way to do it is to sport a Barbiecore collegiate t-shirt made for the ladies. Price: $19.99.

Other examples:

Sweatshirt Come On Let’s Go PartyPrice: $30.99

Glassware x Barbie TumblerPrice: $29.99

Pijama Barbie dollPrice: $23.04

Socks Barbie Pack with 5Price: $9.83

Target Audience

Barbiecore’s target audience is a younger female generation that’s enamored with the movie and likes to follow the latest fashion (and TikTok) trends. If you’re selling dolls and doll accessories, you should market your products to girls and children more, but the fashion trend focuses more on teenagers and young adults.

Statistical ResearchThe value of Barbie’s brand jumped by $113 million in 2023 thanks to the movie and the accompanying fashion trend.
Growth Percentage733% in the last six months
TrendingAn old trend that became viral thanks to the Barbie movie.


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