CBD Drinks: Stress Down, Profits Up

People are actively looking for ways to cool down and relax without using alcohol. With the development (and higher regulation) of the CBD industry, new products are hitting virtual shelves all the time, and today’s trending product comes from that section of the market. A CBD drink that can help you relax and lift your spirits.

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What Is a CBD Drink?

CBD drinks are a perfect replacement for alcoholic beverages for people who want all the benefits of feeling tipsy without becoming intoxicated. CBD ingredients have no effects on a person’s psyche – they only have a positive effect on stress levels and relaxation.

There are various manufacturers of CBD drinks. They infuse their drinks with CBD and create a variety of flavors. For example, you can find CBD drinks that taste like ginger, pomegranate, grapefruit, mint, and pretty much any other regular drink flavor you can imagine.

Seller Focus

Sellers from different niches can add CBD drinks to their inventory and reap the benefits of the latest trend. For example, beauty and wellness retailers can offer a drink that comes with health benefits and offers a relaxed experience. Additionally, if you’re a CBD seller, adding CBD-infused drinks to your portfolio is a no-brainer, and you’ll reach the target audience in no time.

Finally, if you’re in the soft drink and functional beverages business, you can also find interested customers with ease. 

If you need help finding the drinks you can offer to your clients, check out some of the best product-sourcing tools available on the market to help you out.

Product Pricing


  • Sold by Innoviom. Wowie drinks come in a pack of 12 cans. You can choose between five different flavors. It’s all-natural and non-alcoholic. Price: $49.50
  • Sold by Mountjoy Enterprises. The sparkling water from Mountjoy contains zero sugars and carbs. It’s a hemp-infused drink with natural flavors. It comes in a pack of 16 resealable bottles. Price: $54.99
  • Sold by TRIP CBD. Another low-calorie variant, TRIP’s fizzy drinks contain 15mg of CBD. The pack contains 12 cans. Price: $45

CBD Products’ Statistical Research

Ecommerce sales of CBD products have been on a steady rise since 2019. According to Statista, ecommerce sales in the U.S. alone should go over $6 billion by 2026.

Ecommerce sales of CBD in the US

CountryUnited States
Target AudienceYounger population between 21-35 (both male and female).
Growth PercentageInterest in wellness drinks is up by 193% in the last six months.
TrendingA new trend that’s still picking up steam.


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