Chocolate Bombs are on fire this holiday season

Our readers sell in a variety of industries, so moving out of our comfort zone is essential to keeping everyone informed about top trends. With that in mind, our Webretailer eCommerce trends news is shifting to a food product this week. 

We’re inspecting a holiday season trend that should continue to delight customers through the winter. Traffic for ‘chocolate bombs’ has soared over the past two months and shows no signs of stopping.



Chocolate bombs, hot chocolate bombs, or cocoa bombs are balls of chocolate that melt in a cup after adding hot milk — some producers put marshmallows in the center. They’re available in varying quality, from industrial produced versions — typically on Walmart or Amazon — to high-end individual productions, usually on Etsy. 

Because of this contrast, we’ll look at ways sellers can order them in bulk for resale or produce them for direct sale on a Shopify site or through Etsy.

Resell Chocolate Bombs

A quick search on Amazon shows that the market for Chocolate Bombs isn’t highly saturated. A handful of sellers have been able to acquire a supply of mass-produced chocolate bombs with festive packaging. However, Walmart is a different story, with multiple sellers offering a variety of brands. 

Here are some examples:

  • Amazon – This chocolate bomb comes with marshmallows and in a trio of flavors. Price$9.99 for 3.
  • Walmart – This holiday chocolate bomb pack also comes in a variety of flavors and with marshmallows but adds a few more to the pack. Price$25.99 for 8.

Seller-produced Chocolate Bombs

On the other side, Etsy’s marketplace has dozens of individual chocolate bomb producers selling handmade, high-quality creations. Here are a few listings:

  • TatumsSweets – Handmade chocolate bombs in a 4-pack with multiple flavors. Price$17.20 for 4
  • ChocolatesUnlimited – They also offer a 4-pack of chocolate bombs with three flavors, but it has a higher price point. Price$28.00 for 4

Success Factors

This product is selling on all the top marketplaces — like the ones you see above — and is also available through several large chains like Target, World Market, Williams-Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond and more. 

But don’t let big competition impede an easy sale. But we can look at some contrasts between reselling these items versus producing them yourself. Top Amazon seller Premier Life has 295 reviews with 83% positive, and Walmart pro seller Cheapees has a 4.1 out of 5 rating with 889 reviews. Whereas the top Etsy chocolate bomb seller ChocolatesUnlimited has 18,710 sales, 3,374 reviews, and a 5-star rating. 

Obviously trending to the top here centers on providing a tasty, high-quality product over a simple stocking stuffer or elephant gift.

Seller Focus

For this product, move beyond focusing heavily on the images and copy to sell the item. Though those aspects are important, it’s a higher priority to focus on sourcing a high-quality chocolate bomb that customers will love. 

Alibaba offers several suppliers who can deliver on mass-produced chocolate bombs with custom packaging. Faire also offers wholesale pricing on bulk purchase chocolate bombs. also has a Shopify site set up for bulk order cocoa bombs. 

If you’re looking for solid eCommerce website builders, review Shopify’s top builders list.

Last, there are also a lot of listings for chocolate bomb molds for those looking into producing the product themselves. We recommend some sort of culinary background if you’re going that route. But whichever avenue you choose, be sure to taste-test your product before putting your brand behind it! 😋

Thanks for reading our Webretailer eCommerce Trends. Our aim is to provide insights into hot, trending products and services that online sellers should know about. 


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