Co-ord Sets: Bring Some Style to Your Portfolio

The world of fashion never sleeps. They (looking at you, Italians) always come up with some new design, fad, or look to keep the industry fresh. Or, they just take something from the past and make it fashionable through social media. As an online retailer, you’d be wise to follow the trends and capitalize.

That’s why this week’s trending topic is all about fashion – a co-ord set for ladies and gentlemen alike.

Co-ord Sets

What Is a Co-ord Set?

A co-ord set, also called a two-piece set, is an outfit with matching prints, colors, and fabrics. It can be a matching shirt and skirt, jogging pants, sweatshirt, etc. While they are more popular with the ladies, men’s co-ord sets are also a popular shopping item.

Co-ord sets come in a variety of designs. They can be streetwear, office outfit, gym clothes, or school uniform. As a retailer, you have an open field of assortment you wish to offer and who you want to target.

Why are co-ord sets popular? They are easy to wear and accessorize. You can have a set for every occasion and not look out of place. The added bonus is the versatility it offers. You can wear it as a set that looks like a single piece of clothing, while you can also mix it up and match one part of the set to create a completely different outfit.

As always, social media have had their hands in the trend. Fashion influencers often talk about co-ord sets, and who doesn’t want to look like Chiara Ferragni? I know I do.

When you look up co-ord sets on TikTok, you’ll find videos have gained an incredible 3 billion views.

Product Examples

If you want to add co-ord sets to your inventory, you need to find a way to source the product. Storing the product won’t be too challenging as it doesn’t require any special conditions. All you need to care about is making sure it doesn’t get damaged.

If you don’t have a preferred product provider, you can look up local wholesale options to avoid shipping issues. If not, Alibaba is always a great place to find products at a fair price.

You can always check out the top marketplaces to see how your competitors promote these sets. Here are some top-selling examples:

  • eBay — Sold by Shelikes. A loungewear set with an oversized t-shirt and trousers that are all about comfort. Made with a polyester blend, the set is great for any casual occasion, travel, and staying at home. Price: $24.92.
  • Amazon — Sold by SHEIN. You get three co-ord sets comprised of tank crop tops and elastic waist shorts. It’s soft and stretchy, making it perfect for a casual summer look. 95% polyester. Price: $49.99. 
  • Walmart — Sold by UerIsty. A stylish co-ord set that consists of a long-sleeve blazer and shorts. It gives you an elegant look for the spring and fall months. You have five color options to choose from. Price: $39.19.

Selling Co-ord Sets Successfully

When you search for a co-ord set on top marketplaces, you’ll find 1,000+ results. It’s not a market that’s easy to break into. The products vary a lot in terms of style and pricing. You can offer sets at competitive prices. With a bit of marketing effort, you can make your sets popular and desirable. Co-ord sets for men are less saturated, so you can start from there.

Selling Co-ord Sets on Top Marketplaces

With a competitive niche like co-ord sets, it’s important to maximize your return on investment and make sure you don’t waste time and money on needless operations. If you want to optimize your results on top marketplaces, you can find dedicated tools and services that will guide you and automate the selling process. Check out the best Amazon and eBay tools on offer.

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