Deodorant Stones: Mineral Salt for Odor and Profits

In today’s world, there are endless efforts to keep the world green. We frown upon gas-emitting products and seek natural alternatives to pretty much everything – deodorants included. Today’s trending product is nature’s counterpart to antiperspirants, a deodorant stone that removes bad odors from sweat.

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Crystal Deodorant Stones: Mineral Salt for Odorless You

Crystal deodorants (or deodorant stones) are natural deodorants that contain a mineral salt called Potassium Alum. The product doesn’t contain aluminum or any chemicals that are found in regular deodorant bottles.

The mineral has antimicrobial properties and is mostly used for water purification. However, they also repel bacteria that create the well-known odor. With it, you’ll be able to sweat naturally (as your body should) but without the unwanted byproduct.

If rubbing a stone against your armpits sounds silly to you (it does to me), you’re probably a boomer. Getting in touch with nature is the younger generation’s forte. TikTok videos featuring deodorant stones have amassed an impressive 1.8 billion views.

Seller Focus

The immediate benefactor of the trends is cosmetics sellers. You can offer your customers a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional deodorants and roll-ons. Aside from the beauty industry, the trend can also have an impact on the natural products niche that focuses on eco-friendly alternatives to established goods.

Finally, if you’re a fragrance retailer, you can add deodorant stones to your portfolio and attract a younger target audience.

Salt and Stone Deodorant: Pricing Examples

  • Amazon: Sold by Kaizen8. An all-natural deodorant stone from Thailand that removes body and foot odor. It’s a 4.6-ounce stone. Price: $5.89
  • eBay: Sold by Natural Elephant. A seller that focuses on natural products offers this deodorant stone in their portfolio. The product comes in the form of a stick. Price: $6.99
  • Walmart: Sold by Swanson Health Products. Lafe’s deodorant stone offers 24-hour protection. It’s an aluminum- and cruelty-free product. Price: $12.84

Other examples:

Each & Every Natural AluminumPrice: $20.00

Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone StickPrice: $7.95

SALT & STONE Sensitive Skin Natural DeodorantPrice: $20.00

Pit Pourri All Day-All Over Natural DeodorantPrice: $12.81

Deodorant Market Stats

Experts at Statista expect the global deodorant market to reach $94.33 billion by 2025. If you ask me, that’s a lot of money, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t chip away at the antiperspirant cake with a well-placed deodorant stone.

Size of the global deodorant market 2012-2025

CountryUnited States, Western Europe
Target AudienceYounger population between 18 and 29 (both male and female)
Growth Percentage203% in the last six months
TrendingViral social media trend


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