Home Gym Equipment: Fulfilling New Year’s Promises

Happy New Year. The first month of every new year brings celebration, friendliness, and most importantly, purchases of products for the holiday and New Year’s resolutions.

One of the most common resolutions is getting in shape. January is the perfect time to introduce today’s trending topic to your portfolio. It’s a home gym kit perfect for indoor use (at least once a year).

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What Is a Home Gym Starter Kit?

Home gym equipment can vary vastly depending on what it offers. You can sell items individually or as a kit to increase your sales. The price, storage, and marketing will differ based on what you plan to sell.

If you’re aiming to target people with a New Year’s resolution and a fitness vision for 2024, you should offer home gym starter kits that won’t deter them with a higher price or advanced exercises.

Usually, home gym starter kits contain equipment such as:

  • Foam rollers,
  • Exercise mat,
  • Dumbbells,
  • Resistance canes,
  • Jump rope,
  • Storage bag,
  • Thermal underwear for winter running.

Seller Focus

If you’re an eCommerce seller in the fitness industry, home gym equipment slots right into your portfolio and mixes well with your other products. You can also sell home gym kits if you’re in the health & wellness niche since a workout is a great way to get in shape and lead a healthier life.

You can also sell this product if you’re a home improvement retailer, as this equipment is specifically aimed at home use.

Best Home Gym Equipment: Pricing Examples

  • Walmart: Sold by ABL World Trade LLC. This home gym kit focuses on pilates. It contains an exercise board, resistance bands, a workout manual, and a gym bag. Price: $59.00.
  • Amazon: Sold by DAMZ. This dumbbell kit allows you to build your muscles by using adjustable weights that you can use as you improve. Dumbbells range from 12.8 lbs to 44 lbs, and you can turn them into a barbell. Price: $79.99.
  • eBay: Sold by BodyBudd. Another home gym kit that focuses on bodyweight workouts instead of using weights. This kit comes with suspension training equipment, which is great for building muscle and improving fitness resistance. Price: $34.99.

Fitness Equipment Market Stats

The fitness equipment market is a rising one. The global pandemic caused a shift in workout habits. As we were forced to exercise at home, many of us got used to it and didn’t return to gyms once they reopened. When you add fitness enthusiasts who want to create a new habit, it’s clear to see why the fitness equipment industry is on the rise.

According to Statista, the gym kit market took quite a dip in 2020, falling to just over $9 billion, compared to $11.7 billion the year before. From that point on, it’s been on a steady rise, and the global market value stood at $12.1 billion in 2023.

Experts believe that the industry can reach a worldwide value of $14.45 billion in 2028.

Total value of the global fitness equipment market

Target AudienceFitness enthusiasts and people looking to get in shape.
Growth PercentageThe interest in home gym kits rose by a whopping 517% in the last three months. (Source: Exploding topics
TrendingThe product is trending on TikTok, gaining over 35 million views.


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