LED Bedside Tables Are Driving Tech Decor

Electronics is a top selling category on eCommerce markets across the board. With so much revenue coming in, companies are looking for innovative ways to introduce a “techie” element to any product — including furniture. And apparently, customers are buying these products up. 

A hot trending item on our radar fitting this category is the LED bedside table or nightstand. It’s a modern-looking product you would only see in a Sharper Image twenty years ago, but we’re seeing listings across multiple marketplaces. 

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What is a LED Bedside Table or Nightstand?

This week’s trending product has a self-describing name. It functions as a standard piece of furniture that “does more!” The ‘more’ in this case is an integrated LED light that’s available in a variety of styles and with additional features. 

Most models allow you to use the lamp as ambient lighting or as a reading lamp and come with a remote control to adjust settings — dimming, color controls, etc. And beyond the lights, some models come with additional features like charging stations and additional storage. 

They’re a solid addition for tech-lovers who enjoy some added convenience in the bedroom. The table can help you reduce eye strain when reading in bed. And you won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your phone overnight. 

If you have a tech-forward target audience or always wanted to get into the electronics space, there are plenty of suppliers on Alibaba. And here’s a list of top product sourcing tools and services that can also give you access to reputable sellers. 

Sellers have LED bedside tables and nightstands listed on top platforms:

  • Amazon – Sold by Old Captain. This self-assembled LED bedside table offers a  tempered glass desktop with 3-color LED lights. The seller uses the copy to play up the ‘vintage’ look on the rest of the table. And you get a discount if you buy two — every bedroom needs a matching set, after all. Price: $129.99.
  • Etsy – Sold by Dimaka Product. We rarely criticize sellers or platforms, but this is glaring. Many of the products sold on Etsy are being marketed as ‘handmade’ when they’re clearly mass-produced elsewhere. Compare the listing with this one on Alibaba. Unfortunately, this is true for many of the LED bedside tables listed on Etsy, and you can read comments from buyers who found out the hard way. Price: $117.00.
  • WalmartLXing Store is selling an alternate version of the tables above that places the lights at the bottom of the nightstand. It also comes with a remote. Price$112.99.
  • eBay – There are multiple listings for different models on eBay.

Selling LED Bedside Tables Successfully

This product is trending on multiple major platforms, but many sellers are offering the same or similar models across the web. Work with your suppliers or a manufacturer to come up with ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Product sourcing tools like SaleHoo can help you connect with vetted suppliers with access to over 2.5 million products. 

Selling LED Nightstands on major marketplaces

Storage and fulfillment are the key factors to calculate before investing in this trending product. 

The tables are bulky, and you’ll want to order en masse to get a better deal. Amazon and eBay sellers can visit our top tools and services list to create affordable fulfillment and warehousing channels. Sellers on other platforms can find resources from our vetted list of Shipping & Fulfillment Tools & Services

Thanks for reviewing the Webretailer eCommerce Trends. Our aim is to provide insights into hot, trending products and services that online sellers should know about. 


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