Mesh Ballet Flats: Stylish Shoes for Hotter Months

Are you a fan of ballet flats? Their minimalist design and soft soles bring both elegance and comfort to your feet, making it feel like you’re going barefoot with the grace of a ballerina. The only issue with them is it can get quite clammy around your feet in the hotter months (summer isn’t over just yet).

The solution to this problem is a new trending product, mesh ballet flats, which combines the classic ballet look with mesh material.

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What Are Mesh Ballet Flats?

As Vogue’s Alexis Bennett Parker put it, it’s a shoe that perfectly marries comfort with style. The flats use mesh material for the upper part of the shoe, which makes them breathable and lightweight. Depending on the model, they can be see-through or in a solid color.

Mesh allows the air to circulate around your feet, keeping them cooler and dry (while also minimizing the odor). As with the classic ballet flats, you can use the mesh flats for both casual and formal occasions.

As a seller, you’ll enjoy the flats’ flexible design, which will help you take up less space when shipping and storing.

Seller Focus

Fashion retailers are always on the lookout for new, trending items of clothing they can use to spice up their portfolios, and mesh ballet flats are right up their alley. In general, footwear sellers and manufacturers can benefit from the trend and offer their customers a seasonal take on the classic shoe design.

Pricing Examples

  • Amazon: Sold by Hash Bubbie. You can choose a 5-11 shoe size and between 11 different colors. The model has a pointed-toe finish and uses memory foam insoles for better comfort. Price: $25.99.
  • Walmart: Sold by Shoes8teen. It’s a low-end model for those who are shopping on a budget. It uses soft linen and latex footbeds for the shoe’s interior. Only size 11 is available. Price: $16.99.
  • eBay: Sold by CC Archive. Second-hand shoes with no major visible flaws. The upper part is made from synthetic. Price: $29.55.

Online Footwear Market Stats

Long gone are the days when people needed to try on shoes before buying them. The ecommerce footwear market has been on a consistent rise for some time now, and people are increasingly more willing to buy shoes (and ballet flats) online.

According to Statista, the global footwear eCommerce market value is expected to go from $104 billion in 2022 to $157 billion by 2028.

Global footwear ecommerce market size

Target AudienceLadies of all ages
Growth PercentageThe mesh ballet flats trend rose by an incredible 7,200% in the past six months. (Source: Exploding topics
TrendingAs always, TikTok is the perfect place to measure any trend’s success. Mesh ballet flats have over 143 million views on the platform.


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