OnBuy: A Trending U.K. Marketplace

As eCommerce grows, so does the list of platforms where online retailers can offer their products and reach new customers, globally or within a selected area. New marketplaces start up and go offline all the time, facing fierce competition from the big sites.

Today’s trending topic is a U.K.-based marketplace that’s blowing up. If you’re looking for new sources of revenue, now is the best time to join OnBuy. Let’s check out why.

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OnBuy.com: What Is Different?

OnBuy is a marketplace founded in 2016 that caters to U.K. customers. However, the platform supports international shipping, and retailers from all over the world can post listings. If you’re looking to expand in the United Kingdom, OnBuy is a great place to do so. Now may be the best time to join the platform and establish a presence before it expands to over 140 countries worldwide; plans are in place to do so by the end of 2023.

The platform grew in popularity due to more competitive prices when compared to the same products on Amazon and eBay and according to DataFeedWatch has risen over 24,000% since its inception. However, more popular marketplaces still have a wider reach.

If you’re wondering why you should move away from the likes of Amazon and Walmart, the answer is — you shouldn’t. But, you should definitely add OnBuy to your list of potential revenue streams.

Seller Focus

OnBuy welcomes all online sellers, regardless of the niche they’re in. You don’t have to focus on a particular product category to excel on this platform.

One thing you’ll appreciate is that, unlike Amazon, OnBuy doesn’t sell its own products. You won’t have to worry about competition from the platform itself. We all know some leading platforms like to push their products to the top of the search results.

Pricing Examples

  • Sold by OKBAMI. A floor cleaner speed mop that uses thicker floor wipes that are suitable for any type of floor. The cloths are great for getting rid of difficult-to-remove stains and grime. Price: £29.99 ($37.20).
  • Sold by the UK Retail Store. FujiFilm’s Instax Mini 11 is a portable instant camera that develops a photo in around 90 seconds. It comes in a blush pink color. Price: £69.95 ($86.78).
  • Sold by Speedway E-Store. This product comes from the beauty section. Nivea’s makeup remover consists of four packs of face cleansers that get rid of makeup and double as a face wash product. Price: £9.99 ($12.39).

Ecommerce Market in the U.K.

The trends in the eCommerce market in the United Kingdom closely follow those of the United States. The market size is on a steady rise, with the exception of a slight dip between 2021 and 2022, which was expected due to the pandemic.

According to Statista, the U.K. eCommerce revenue will be around just above $194 billion in 2027, whereas that same number stands at $143.9 billion in 2023.

Total retail ecommerce revenue in the U.K.

CountryThe United Kingdom
Target AudienceOnline retailers looking to sell to U.K.-based buyers
Growth PercentageThe interest in OnBuy went up by 133% in the past year. (Source: Exploding topics


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