Outdoor Projectors: Perfect Offer for Nature Lovers

With the summer in full flight, people have gone out of their hibernation phase and are leaving the comfort of their homes to spend time outdoors. This brings an influx in interest in outdoor-friendly products, such as our today’s trending topic, outdoor projectors.

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Outdoor Projectors Explained

Buyers of outdoor projectors are significantly more picky when it comes to the quality of the product they’re buying. While the core function remains the same (projecting a movie onto a screen), there are elements of outdoor projectors that make them stand out – and you should advertise that.

For example, outdoor projectors need to have a waterproof rating (e.g., IPX-2 or IPX-3) that ensures it’s safe to use them when it’s raining. You should also emphasize battery life (and whether you can recharge it on the go).

Outdoor projectors require at least 500 lumens to provide high-quality imagery and brightness that works outdoors. Note that outdoor gear buyers are well-versed in the technical aspects of the products they’re interested in, so make sure you meet their criteria if you want to sell successfully.

Seller Focus

Online tech retailers are in the right niche to sell outdoor projectors to their customers. If you already have an established customer base and provide similar products, you can enhance your portfolio with this item.

While tech gadgets may not be their forte, outdoor gear sellers can also benefit from a projector in their inventory to complete the shopping experience for their customers. 

Best Outdoor Projectors

  • eBay: Sold by Bhqy202103. A portable projector that uses LCD technology to display a 1080p image. It has 8,000 ANSI lumens and can cast a 300” image. Price: $69.98.
  • Amazon: Sold by SANGBIAO-US. The projector can work on a 100” screen and offers a 1080p image and a brightness of 7,500 lux. It’s compatible with multiple devices. Price: $59.46.
  • Walmart: Sold by JRT. Another 1080p projector, but this one offers 9,500 lumens and a 240” display. It comes with a carrying case and a LED lamp life of 50,000 hours. Price: $106.99.

Other examples:

HOMPOW Projector, Native 1080P Full HD BluetoothPrice: $67.97

VACASSO Projector with 5G WiFi and BluetoothPrice: $169.99

Sovboi Outdoor Projector 4K with WiFi and Bluetooth Price: $279.99

NISOO Projector with WiFi and BluetoothPrice: $89.99

Target Audience

Although male outdoor-goers don’t represent the vast majority, they are more likely to buy accessories for a camping trip. Males aged 30-55 are the ideal target audience for an outdoor projector.

Outdoor Gear Stats

Price is the number one factor for 70% of Americans when buying outdoor gear.

Main influences for purchasing outdoor equipment in the US 2022
TrendingPeak interest in the summer months.
Growth Percentage133% growth in interest worldwide.


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