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If you hate the fact that your jewelry gets stains after a couple of months of wearing it, you’ll love our pick for today’s trending topic. Tarnish-free accessories are the latest talk of the jewelry town, and we’ll show you how you can sell it online successfully.

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Non-Tarnish Jewelry: What Jewelry Does Not Tarnish?

We’ve all experienced at least one of our favorite jewelry pieces going green, fading, or discoloring completely. People are looking for low-maintenance, durable jewelry that won’t get stains after a while. That’s what makes non-tarnish jewelry trending, with TikTok videos based on this product amassing over 337 million views.

Discoloration is not a sign something’s wrong with your accessories. Tarnishing occurs naturally when many metals come into contact with air, sweat, water, and chemicals found in hair sprays and deodorants.

So, what can you do to get jewelry that doesn’t tarnish? Easy; just use the right material. Cheaper and costume jewelry usually uses brass and similar alloyed metals as they are cheap to produce, but they are more susceptible to being affected by the environment.

The same goes for sterling silver. Although it’s a bit more expensive and you can deep-clean it to remove tarnish from jewelry, it still requires maintenance.

To get jewelry that doesn’t require any extra work, you should buy pieces made from gold, titanium, platinum, and non-plated sterling silver. You don’t even need to go to the expensive end of the scale – stainless steel also doesn’t react to tarnishing chemicals.

Seller Focus

If you’re a jewelry seller, this is the perfect trend for you. You can add tarnish-proof products to your portfolio and benefit from having an already-established relationship with the right audience. Make sure to market the materials used for the jewelry.

TIP: Customers interested specifically in non-tarnish jewelry know what they’re looking for. Gold- and silver-plated accessories that don’t specify base metal are usually not tarnish-free, and potential buyers will avoid your products.

You can also add tarnish-free jewelry to your inventory if you’re a luxury goods retailer. Make sure to source products that are made from non-plated gold and similar high-end metals.

Buyers (predominantly women) from all over the world seek jewelry that won’t change its color after interacting with air and sweat. You can offer worldwide shipping and expand your customer base globally.

Pricing Examples

  • Amazon: Sold by JoyaLove. Although these bracelets are gold-plated, the base material is stainless steel, making them tarnish-proof. You can choose between eight different color styles. Price: $12.99
  • Etsy: Sold by 585FineJewelry. This minimalist necklace will bring a sense of grandeur and elegance to your outfit. It’s made from solid 14K gold. You can choose between 14 and 22 inches in length. Price: $120.80-$176.00, depending on the necklace length
  • eBay: Sold by UrbanFunkUK. Another manufacturer that mixes stainless steel and gold (18K) to get a non-tarnish piece. It comes with a gold heart charm and a black stone pendant. Price: $17.81

Other examples:

IEFSHINY Ankle Bracelets For WomenPrice: $14.99

PNYFIL 8Pcs Emerald Cut Eternity Band 14K Gold RingsPrice: $14.99

YeGieonr Gold Signet RingPrice: $13.99

Elegance 11 designs 14k Real Gold Plated Non-TarnishPrice: $13.99

Online Jewelry Market Stats

The jewelry industry is experiencing an expansion in online sales. People are increasingly buying jewelry online, and global ecommerce sales in 2022 passed $57 billion. According to Statista, the global online jewelry market will reach about $117 billion in 2027.

Global market value of online jewelry

Target AudienceMostly women aged 30+
Growth PercentageInterest in non-tarnish jewelry increased by 456% in the last six months. (Source: Exploding topics
TrendingAn exploding trend in the jewelry industry that’s gained 300+ million views on TikTok.


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