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Maximum efficiency and customer service

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A review of Shooting Star by Eleanor,
31 Mar 2004
I've used Shooting Star for nearly two years, and would recommend it to anyone - especially for selling. It's workflow software, so you know exactly what stage each item is at, and what step to take next. Customer support is excellent, and really helpful, even when you do something stupid! Couldn't manage without this tool!


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A review of Auction Wizard 2000 by sball,
30 Mar 2004
I am writing this because I feel this company deserves recognition for the job they do. I have been a customer for 3 years now. The 3-5 times I have had a question, it has been answered via email within a couple hours. Whenever development at the ebay site requires a software update, it is instantly available. This software is easy to learn (with a small investment of time and experimentation), flexible and is what runs my business! I LOVE IT!


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A review of Auction Magic by Racingblonde,
23 Mar 2004
What can I say? Every time I tried to use it, it crashed. "Program not responding" was all I ever saw.

Aggressive Support!

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A review of Auction Sentry by STANTON,
28 Feb 2004
Fast, economical, reliable. I recommend it to everyone.

Easy to use and cost effective

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A review of PowerSnipe by Andy,
24 Feb 2004
The browser-based tool makes sniping very easy — only two clicks away from the item description, and the annual fee works out well for regular snipers.

Great for large volume sellers.

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A review of MarketplaceAdvisor by bmw_golfman,
23 Feb 2004
Auctionworks really gave me the options I need to manage a large inventory. Customizable storefront utilities are improving to allow a fully customized site.

Eccles Software is drifting slowly out to sea

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A review of Cricket Jr Power Sniper by Furshur,
16 Feb 2004
I've had Cricket Jr. for years but rarely use it because it can handle only one snipe at a time. If you try managing multiple instances of the program you will be on thin ice. Sometime around 2000 they announced their desire to write Cricket 4.0 Pro, which they claimed would have superior database capabilities, the best multi-item snipe software and various other upgrades. I was a beta tester for this software and it never worked correctly. Then, the updates stopped coming. Now, Eccles has aband

The best tool I have evaluated so far

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A review of AuctionSage by soundaccents,
10 Feb 2004
I have tryied the free trail on many auction management programs and this is the best I have found so far. Most others I tried for a few hours and there was always some fundamental problem that made my old way seem better. I still don't know if I will buy it or not though. Currently I use paypal auction tools to track the progress of a product (invoiced, paid, shipped) and my some folders in outlook express to organize stuff. I really like that buyers address sometimes show up. But they

Terrific program. I use it every day.

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A review of AuctionSleuth by Belmont69,
4 Feb 2004
Auction Sleuth is listed in the wrong category. Auction Sleuth is a Searching Tool, with a good Sniping engine. But it is designed to be a thorough Searching Tool, and it is the BEST. Auction Sleuth is incredibly easy to set up. The interface is a no-brainer, and it is 100 percent intuitive. The Searches can be set up with extremely complicated criteria, filters, avoid lists, etc. Or they can be very simple. The Searches can be Buy It Now only, or All Items. I own 48 eBay programs, t

Outstanding Program. More features than any other.

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A review of Prospector by Belmont69,
4 Feb 2004
Prospector Pro comes in Standard and Pro version. I purchased the Pro version. eBay software is a hobby of mine, and I have purchased over 40 programs in the 7 years since I first bought Cricket Sniper Jr. in December of 1997. Prospector Pro is listed as a Searching Tool, but it does quite a bit more. You set up a list of items you are interested in, and Prospector Pro finds them and keeps track of them. Setting up the program is simple. The interface is multi-pane, and fairly intui

PC Magazine Editors Review Feb 04

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A review of WhizAnalysis by eBayWhiz,
3 Feb 2004
I personally found this tool to be the most comprehensive on the market. Seems like this is the tool to beat.


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A review of eBay Toolbar by Andy,
27 Jan 2004
First be sure to install the toolbar specific to your country - the link above is to the toolbar page which has links to each of the local toolbar versions. I don't know why they could not have just one version with an option to choose a country in the preferences. The toolbar consists mostly of quick links to eBay pages which are handy but nothing to get excited about. The "Bid Alerts' and 'Watch Alerts' are alarms based on items you have bid on or are watching - they are quite a ha

Overshadowed by eBay's editor kit

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A review of AuctionRelay by Andy,
19 Jan 2004
AuctionRelay's product works well but it requires strong HTML skills to customise the auction information, and eBay's Editor Kit is both more powerful and easy to use. Beware of the enormous animated graphic on the web site - it will take a while to display!

Poor customer service. Bad information

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A review of Zoovy by parrotoypartsrus,
14 Jan 2004
Was told it would cost $100 but was billed for $400. Sales negeleted to tell me I would incurr upcharges for specific needs like accounts on more than one computer although we spoke at length on the subject. Implied my needs could be met for $75 per month. When I spoke to a second sales person after siging up I was told I really needed to spend $150 per month to run 500 plus items and on more than one computer. I cancelled after 2 weeks and requested a refund.

It's time to check out this program!

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A review of The Poster Toaster by flykitty,
4 Jan 2004
This program is very good, and soon it's gonna be great! Developers are hard-working--they listen, they understand, and they genuinely care. You can't ask for a better combination than that!

The very best in auction management!

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A review of Shooting Star by flykitty,
4 Jan 2004
This program is SO easy to use! The grid lays everything out in a chart RED/YELLOW/GREEN, so you know exactly what needs attention and when. Shooting Star has helped me become a better and more organized seller. Shooting Star makes auction management easy, and it makes my customers super-happy too! The timing of the emails keeps buyers informed every step of the way. Support is fantastic, and there is a friendly user forum ready to help. *Shooting Star makes ME look good!* ...and

I love this thing!

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A review of Selling Manager by ktoy,
23 Dec 2003
After selling about 20 items within two weeks I decided I needed an auction manager. I looked at and tried almost a dozen of the best and settled on eBay's selling manager for it's ease of implementation, ease of navigation and use, and it's relatively low cost. Plus it's automatically linked to PayPal so I always know when I've received payment for all my buyers at a single glance. The price is great! Only $4.95 per month. I'm using the FREE and very versitile Turbo Lister to create the auct

Too Buggy

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A review of The Poster Toaster by thejudge22,
5 Dec 2003
Too many bugs, and never posted my auctions seems it's custom tags don't work

A good auction watcher!

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A review of Auction Magic by Andy,
30 Nov 2003
This is a really new product and they have made a good start with it - easy to use, reliable and the wallpaper feature is pretty clever. There are not a lot of features but what there is works well and they seem committed to updating and improving it.

Simple and effective

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A review of Editor Kit by Andy,
30 Nov 2003
It has taken eBay a long time to come up with this - others have been doing it for ages. The listings are attractive, highly configurable, reliable and free - everything you could ask for!

Excellent - Very Comprehensive - Wonderful Support!

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A review of Sold! by jrbeck,
27 Nov 2003
I have used Sold (Auction Trakker) for five years now. The product should be seriously considered for anyone using ebay on a regular basis. The support on the product is excellent. Program updates are usually available within hours of any ebay change. This program is a bargan!
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